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After a daring encounter, he shares her at an office party

He was immediately turned on but said nothing, knowing Kim had a boyfriend. Steve had to break the news to Kim that Rob was way too drunk to go out and he too was somewhat buzzing and they wanted to stay in and watch a movie and just chill out. Kim agreed, since the idea of getting drunk sounded good to her.

The three of them sat down on the couch and put in a movie. None of them were really paying attention to it, but instead were talking of their experiences over the past year. By about 10:30pm Kim was like the other two and very well drunk. She began telling Rob how her and her boyfriend made love almost everyday and she told Rob that she "gave good head." Steve just sat on the end of the couch admiring Kim. He couldn't believe that she was turning him on this much, but her dress and now her talk of giving head was really turning Steve on. After a few more minutes Rob turned to Steve and said,

"So do you think Kim is as good as she says at giving head?"

Rob chuckled and said, "I dunno man!"

Kim looked at both of them very drunk and replied, "You two are just jealous that I've never blown either of you!"

Steve just grinned at her and said "well how do we know that you are that good then?"

Kim smiled and said "Take my word for it." Then she flicked her tongue out at Steve.

Just then Steve grinned at her and said, " I want proof" and pulled his massive cock out of his pants.

Kim smiled and looked at Steve and said "Your crazy!"

Rob just sat on the other side of the couch amazed at Steve.

Steve then said "No, I'm horny!" and pulled Kim's body down toward his penis.

At first Kim just smiled and tried to think of her loving boyfriend who she would have to go home and call in the morning. Then she looked at how big Rob's cock was and realized how turned on she was by it. It was right there in front of her face, but she couldn't do anything because she had a boyfriend who she loved....

Kim couldn't resist and she found herself allowing her tongue to slip over Rob's head, first very lightly then with a little more pressure. She could feel the cock throbbing in her mouth and she took it deep for the first time. Rob laid back and enjoyed as Kim's lips pressed around his throbbing penis. Steve just sat there in a drunken shock not being able to believe what he was watching.

Kim continued to go to work on Rob's cock. She sucked away and slid her tongue up and down his shaft and licked his head all over. Rob just enjoyed the feeling and ran his hands through Kim's hair and grabbed at her tits. As Kim continued to suck away Rob let his load go deep into Kim's mouth. She swallowed every drop of it down sat up and smiled at Rob.

Rob reached over and kissed Kim and slid his tongue into her mouth. The two continued frenching and then Rob pulled Kim's shirt up and over her head.

Kim smiled and said "Oh my turn?"

Rob smiled and started kissing at Kim's breasts. Kim reached back and unhooked her bra so that Rob could begin sucking on her tits. After a minute of this Rob stopped looked at Steve and said, "Get on this man!"

At this point Steve reached over and took one of Kim's tits into his mouth. The two boys began sucking away on Kim's tits, licking away and nibbling on them. Rob began to slide his fingers up between Kim's legs and as the boys sucked on her tits, Kim could feel Rob's fingers begin to finger her. Kim was so wet and she was enjoying the feeling of having two guys going to work on her.

Then Rob stopped and looked at Kim and said, "I think Steve needs to get some too."

Kim looked over and smiled at Steve as she began undoing his pants.

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