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Daddys' little girl turns him into her slave.

Damn girl just oozed sex whether she was trying or not. Gah, this is my point! She needs to stop it!

"I just, don't... whatever!" I said, again getting exasperated. "Let's move your shit, okay?"

I got up and walked out the door. She followed and, for the moment, we were all business. I wanted to get this done and over with, and get the fuck out of there. She had a tiny $15 U-Haul, filled with boxes and little bits of furniture.

I grabbed a big box. "Can you pile another one on top please?" I asked her. She grabbed a smallish one and placed it on the big box I was already holding. It was still light. "I can handle about one or two more," I told her.

"Hmm, showing off are we?" she teased me, making eye contact with me and giggling before placing another box on. I don't think she saw my eye roll.

She grabbed a couple garbage bags full of stuff and followed up behind me. The walk to the apartment was long. She parked in the far lot, for one, and we had to go up four flights. Thank goodness I had started working out. I didn't get as tired as I used to when I was out of shape.

"I'll say it again," she said to break the silence. "I am impressed. You're barely breaking a sweat. Good to know we will have a strong man around the house in case one of us girls needs something fixed." She slowly descended into a little girl voice as she said that. It was so damn cute and sexy. And annoying. I sighed, angrily.

"Well, I am breaking a sweat," I informed her. "It's hot out here. And maybe I wouldn't break a sweat if you parked any closer than the fucking East parking lot."

"Somebody got up on the wrong side of bed this morning," she said as we reached the second flight of stairs. "Did my roomie not go down on you long enough last night?"

I froze at that statement. What. The. FUCK?

"What?" I groaned, my voice cracking, losing that resolve I'd had since she showed up.

"I mean, not that I'd blame her," she continued. "I'm pretty sure my jaw would cramp on that big thing two minutes into it." I couldn't see her, since she was obstructed by a pile of boxes. But damn, in my mind, I could imagine the face she was making.

It was her damn "sexy hunger" face. That "daring" face. I fucking knew it. It had to have been.

I said nothing. No reaction. Just made my way into the apartment and to her bedroom. I began to drop the boxes and...

"Owww!" I wailed.

The boxes landed on my hard cock head as I put them down. Fell right on top of it and nearly broke the damn thing in half! Great, she got me hard with that shit. Wonderful.

I immediately crumbled to the floor in shocked pain as one of lighter boxes tumbled from the top and fell onto the floor. That HURT. Spraining your dick HURTS!

"Shit!" I cursed, my hands going to my crotch, but trying to hide my deflating hardness.

"Oh my god, what happened?"

I was ready to respond, but doing so would also give away the information that she got me hard. I wasn't in the mood to even disclose this injury... to her!

"The... fuck... box and it... God, FUCK!"

She half-laughed with her mouth wide open as she looked at my crotch and pieced together what happened. "Oh-oh-oh sweetie, I'm sorry. That couldn't have felt good."

"You THINK!?" I was more in shock and embarrassed as this injury than hurt, but it was a strange pain I'd never felt before. Like getting kicked in the nuts, but different.

Suddenly, like it was instinct, and without any fanfare, the fucking girl grabbed my cock, still tenting my shorts, and began to rub it.

Oh my fucking GOD!

She angled her big eyes up at me, looking at me from behind her glasses, biting her pink lip.

"Are you okay?" she asked with a pouty voice, looking down at it then back up at me.

I stayed still, in shock. To be honest, Beth had never even given me a handjob. In fact, it was the first time a girl ever touched my dick with her hand.

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