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Winding you up for the day gives us both a treat.

She could hear his breathing become shallow and she felt the pulse of his cock lodged deep inside her.

"Oh...fuck me, Master," she cried as he pounded her, viciously and brutally. He sped up even more, pounded her harder. In response she pressed harder against him. The sensation was incredible. No matter how much she loved swallowing his come, she loved it when he filled her pussy so much more. She could feel her orgasm rushing towards her.

"Come for me, Pet," he said, sensing she was close.

Two more strokes and she was thrashing and writing against the kitchen counter as she lost all control. He continued to ram her throughout her orgasm, and she felt his cock swell and then explode as he came in four long spurts in her hot cunt. She felt the warmth of her Master's come fill her, a welcome sensation. He withdrew, and she felt the emptiness as he left her. She was suddenly aware that fluid from him and from her was running down her leg. She grabbed a bunch of paper towels off the counter and hurriedly cleaned herself up. Master was watching her, a satisfied smile on his face.

"You're a damn good fuck, pet."

"Thank you Master." she blushed a little. He laughed.

"Go and have a shower and do your makeup. I'll give you half an hour."

"Thank you, Master." she disposed of the paper towels and went to the bathroom. She showered quickly and did her makeup just how Master liked it. She presented herself to him twenty minutes later.

"Early, even," he said, looking up from his newspaper with a smile. "Come and sit by me. I'll finish reading this paper and we'll go."

"Yes, Master," she replied, and sat obediently at his feet.

She watched him read, watched his reactions to articles he read, surveyed his body. His pants moulded to the shape of his body, skimming over the large bulge of his cock. Master's cock never seemed to be anything other than erect and at attention.

Eventually he finished reading and stood. "Now, pet, I managed to get a personal friend of mine to do your tattoo. Let's go." He attached the lead to her collar and led her out the front door. He loaded her into the car. As they drove, her stomach twisted in knots. She was nervous, no matter how Master had put it. She had never had a tattoo before, she didn't know what to expect. That was the worst part. She knew she sounded stupid, even in her own head. She dealt with pain on a daily basis.

He pulled up to the tattoo parlour and stopped the car. He turned around to look at her. "It's time."

She sighed. He opened the door and she stepped out. He led her to the front door and pushed it open. A bell went off somewhere inside. A gorgeous woman with bright red-dyed hair came around the counter and greeted them. Master's personal friend was a woman?

"Hi, Sir. And this must be your slave?"

"Yes, she is." Master sounded proud to own her. She decided to try extra hard to keep him proud of her

The tattooist looked at Master, and he nodded at her.

"My name is Rose," the tattooist introduced herself. She nodded. Master tapped her sharply. "Nice to meet you," she said to Rose dumbly.

Rose didn't ask her name. She just nodded, and said to Master, "I'll get this drawn up." She moved over to the bench and started to draw up the tattoo.

"You wait here, I'm going to speak to Rose," Master instructed her. He detached the lead and tucked it into his pocket, then went to speak to Rose.

She watched them - they chatted easily as Rose drew up the tattoo. She wondered what was or what had been between them, but she knew it was none of her business.

"Pet," Master called to her finally, "Come and see this."

She trotted over and inspected the tattoo draw-up. It was beautiful - the outline of a raven with the initials of her Master inside.


"Yes, pet?"

"If I may ask, why the raven?"

He smiled, a knowing smile, but did not answer.

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