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Will a random coincidence change Jordan's rules?

Tom stood up and walked over to her bedside cabinet. "It's about time we played with your last Christmas present", he laughed. "You've had it for long enough". Last year, as a joke she thought, he has given her a vibrator with a remote control. There was a little bottle of lubricant to go with it. She wriggled, not sure how pleasurable it would be but excited all the same. "I've also brought you another present", Tom called out. She could hear him opening his bag in the hallway. "Now, open up". He pushed something against her lips and she let him slide the ball gag into her mouth and buckle it behind her head. They had only used this once before, but nonetheless she recognised it's shape and taste.

With one hand he stroked her buttocks, whilst drawing something across her thigh with the other. "Do you know what this is Jen?".

"No" she mumbled into the gag.

She felt his arm reach out and heard a swishing sound. "Can you guess?" Her throat felt a little drier and the muscles in her limbs tightened - not much but noticeably. She hadn't expected this. "It's a cane. Today you are in serious trouble". She shook her head but half-heartedly. He knew that this wasn't a real rejection. She squealed as he slapped her ass with his open palm, first one side, then the other. She could feel his hardness as he straddled her and the spanking began to sting a little more. In between blows she could feel a cool liquid being massaged gently into her anus. She shook her head harder now, but the spanks continued and her own wetness was making her lose control. Slowly the smooth vibrator slid into her and she screamed into her gag. His fingers brushed her clitoris and saliva worked its way down her chin. "You can't come yet I'm afraid".

He stepped off the bed and kissed her cheek. She was already unbearably turned on, a warm glow in her buttocks and hotter between her legs. The plastic device felt huge inside her. "I'm leaving the cane here on the floor for now", said Tom. "I won't be long. I invited someone over, I'm just going to meet her at the tube".

Jen writhed in mock horror as she heard the bedroom door close behind him. He wouldn't? No, it was a stupid thought. But her heart began to race a little when she heard the front door closing too. Apart from anything she was now alone in the house, bound and gagged and with a large vibrator buried to the hilt inside her. The possibilities for disaster were endless. What was he up to? No, she trusted him. It wasn't real fear.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before she heard the key in the front door. There was just the sound of him going up to the sitting room, but then the sound of women's high-heeled shoes following him up the wooden staircase. No voices but unmistakably there were two people. Now Jen was genuinely afraid. What if this person was to find her like this? She could hear voices above, hushed but in conversation. Then laughter. Tom must be mad. She made her first real attempt to escape from the ties around her wrists, but it was futile as she knew it would be.

Suddenly she shrieked. There was a humming sound that she recognised immediately and a pulsing from the vibrator. The shock hit her hard. OK, he was clever if he could operate the remote control secretly, but it was such a risk! She knew about his fantasies, but never believed that he would go this far. The laughter continued from upstairs. Who was the woman? Inexplicably the wetness returned. The vibrator hummed, she bit into the gag and began to work herself into the pillow beneath her. She wanted him. How long would he let this continue?

Just as suddenly the humming and pulsing ceased and she could hear steps on the staircase again.

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