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She didn't expect her captors to be exceptional chefs.

ersationally, "will you be touching my nasty little slut in the future?"

"No, Sir!" Troy croaks.

"Good!" you say returning his gag to his mouth. "That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but just to make sure that you never think of touching ANY man's property in the future..."

You strike down hard on his penis again, and again, and again, and again, and again... and again. Over the next 10 minutes I count 18 strikes, one for each year of his life. He is almost unconscious when you have the men throw him face first on the bed and you give him 20 of your best on his bare ass before allowing your friend to rape him.

The room is silent except for his weeping and mine. Troy lies there cradling his tortured cock, mewling pitifully. You wait for him to recover himself a little and then you tell the men who had dragged me away when I tried to rush to comfort him, to hold me in the centre of the room. You begin my punishment.

You tell me that you will give me 41 strikes across my nipples and 20 on my ass when you're through punishing my breasts. Although there is no point in begging, I do. I promise you to do anything that it will take to appease you. I apologize for my conduct and admit that I am a nasty whore. I scream for help, hoping that someone will hear me and come to my aid.

You tease my nipples to a puffy hardness by pulling on them and suckling them deeply into your mouth. You look into my eyes and promise me quietly, "this will hurt slut."

You smile slightly, and continue, "but not as much as you hurt me when you go whoring your filthy body around with other men. You should have known better! Troy is young enough to be your son! Our son! If you want a baby why don't you let me put one in your womb? I would never have thought that you were a cougar, Helen. Come on, love, stick your chest out; you know that it's going to happen so just get it over with."

You surprise me with your first blow! I scream and you move calmly toward the bed, turn Troy over and squeezing his jaws, open his mouth and retrieve my bra and thong. You force them into my mouth roughly.

"You don't mind trading saliva with Troy do you, bitch?"

I groan and grunt and scream as you whip my nipples repeatedly. They become numb with the pain and refuse to stand up, but you keep bringing them back to reluctant life in order to punish them further. I wet myself and slump in the hands of your assistants. As with Troy, they right me every time I flounder so that I must take my punishment on my feet.

I have screamed myself voiceless long before my 41st strike and I pray for death.

You take my left nipple into your mouth, and I thrust the right one at you as well, begging you to cool it with your saliva.

"Are you going to be a good slut and give me your ass without a fuss?" you ask jokingly. "I really don't want my friends to have to hold your buttocks open, but if they have to, they will."

I look at you, knowing that it is futile to try to escape my fate.

I climb onto the bed on my knees and crouch forward with my face in the sheets next to Troy's prone body. My hands reach behind reluctantly, but I grasp my two fleshy bubbles and hold them apart as wide as I can, giving you a look at my quivering ass hole at the bottom of my deep cleft and my trembling pussy lips just in front of that.

I hear you invite the men to take a look at me. They make lewd remarks that shame me beyond belief.

"Relax now, you filthy bitch. Keep your face there, you'll soon have all your holes filled. Do you think that you can take five white men at once? None of us is as large as you seem to want perhaps, but we're not too bad, and we'll do our best to plow your holes out for you, cunt. You'll make people think that you're starved for attention if you're going to try to take on an 18-year old cub behind my back. Are you insane, woman? Do you want people to think that I'm not taking care of my business?"

I don't know how, but I survive the 20 blows to my fleshy ass.

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