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What Jonah Up to?

We finally arranged a night to get together when his wife was out of town visiting a relative.

John was coming up to our house after work on Friday night and was going to stay until sometime on Saturday. From that Tuesday on I was on a business trip and due to be back on late Friday afternoon. Later that night I found out that the two of them had gotten a head start on me prior to the weekend on Wednesday night which was the regular night the three of us bowled together in our company league. I'll leave the rest of that story until later on.

When I got home and walked into the living room, John and Sue were already starting to fool around on the couch. He had most of her top unbuttoned and I could see his hand under the top, obviously feeling her tits. They were locked in a deep kiss and barely looked up as I said, "Hello, looks like you couldn't wait, huh?"

I found out later that John had gotten there about 15 minutes before I got home and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other as soon as he walked in the door. I walked over to the couch and reached down her top under her bra to play with the other tit that John wasn't playing with. Sue broke her kiss with him and starting kissing me hotly, shoving her tongue down my throat. She was hot to trot, breathing heavily, and as I looked down I knew why as John had his other hand down the front of her unbuttoned pants playing with her cunt. I asked them to slow down a little and wait for me to take a shower, as I felt dirty from my trip.

John said, "Okay we'll try."

I ran into the bathroom, stripping off my clothes, and showered in record time. I decided just to put my bathrobe on, as I knew my clothes would be coming off soon anyway, and walked back into the living room. It had only been about 10 minutes since I left and it looked like they hadn't slowed down much while I was gone. Sue was kneeling on the floor in only her sexy black bikini panties sucking on John's cock as he played with her tits.

John looked up at me and said, "Sorry, we couldn't wait!"

I really didn't mind of course and felt my rapidly hardening dick start to push out the front of my robe as I watched her giving his cock a bath with her mouth.

I said to them, "Let's move this into the bedroom."

Sue released his cock with a plopping sound and we all went into the bedroom together. Sue told John and I to lie down on the bed and she'd give us a show that we'd never forget. Well, she proceeded to do that as she stood by the foot of the bed and started to dance, rubbing her cunt through the front of her panties, and teasing us as she would start to lower each side of them and then pull them up quickly. John and I were both hard as a rock at this point. His cock was a little longer than mine, but mine was a little thicker as we started to stroke our cocks as we watched the show. Sue then slowly took off her panties and stepped out of them pushing her naked red-haired bush toward us and began to rub her fingers along the lips of her cunt. She stuck one finger up her, then slowly removed it and sucked the juices into her mouth. She repeated this several times, ending up sticking three of her fingers up her.

At this point I said, "I can't take this any longer," and we both grabbed one of her arms and pulled her onto the bed between us.

I leaned over and started to kiss her and pull on the sensitive nipple on her left tit, meanwhile John did the same to her right tit and with his other hand started to rub her clit and dip his finger into her cunt. Sue in the meantime was busy stroking our cocks as she got closer and closer to cumming. Not wanting to waste it on a hand job, I asked her to sit on John's rock-hard cock and that I wanted to fuck her ass at the same time. I wasn't sure she'd agree because she said I was too big and she was very sore after anal sex the few times we did it.

That night there was no argument and she started to sink down on John's pole as I rubbed some K-Y jelly on the head of my dick and rubbed some on her l

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