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He was cool about it though. He undressed totally and tore open the condom wrapper. I took the rubber and put it on for him. He pushed me down on the floor, spread my legs, pressed his sheathed cock against my covered pussy, and began to hump me, his cock sliding back and forth over my slit, rubbing my aroused clit. I wanted him inside me but managed not to say that out loud. I really wanted to wait until prom night before fucking him.

After a short while he stopped humping me. I asked, "Why did you stop? I was so close. Your cock was going to make me cum rubbing my pussy like that."

"I just need to calm a bit and then I can do it again and make you cum. I was about to cum myself and wanted this to last. It feels so good laying on you like this with only your panties separating my cock from you wet pussy. It's almost like fucking. It will be so good when we really do fuck on prom night."

"Yes Leif."

He sucked my nipples and marked my breasts with his teeth, giving me several love bites. He put his hand down my panties and fingered me. He said "You're really wet Ellen."

"Yes, please make me cum. I need to cum."

So he mounted me again and rubbed his cock up and down through my slit. I felt it rub my swollen clit repeatedly as it slid back and forth, its girth sinking partly into my wet open pussy. As my orgasm washed over me I wanted to scream but Leif put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. He groaned and I felt his cock twitching and throbbing as he filled the reservoir of the rubber with his cum. It was a thin rubber and I could actually feel the cum as if he had really cum in my pussy. I hoped the rubber hadn't broken.

He lay on top of me for a while, kissing me as we both came down from our orgasmic high. Then he got up and started dressing. I said, "What's your hurry? I could go again."

"Yes I bet you could. I can't though. That was number six for me and I can't do any more. My cock is actually sore. I'll have to give it a break before prom night. You want it to be in good shape for then don't you?"

"Yes, okay I guess. Goodnight then."

One more kiss and he was out the door. I went upstairs to bed without getting dressed. I noticed my panties were soaked but it was from my own cum. Thankfully, the condom hadn't broken.


The next night Leif picked me up for another date but we didn't have any sort of sex that night. We went to Brault's bowling alley, bowled, and played video games. I guess Leif's cock really was too sore because on the way home, I offered him a blowjob but he said "Thank you, not tonight. I want to wait until prom night like you said."

There were only three more nights! Oh my God! The anticipation was driving me crazy. I wondered if not being a virgin anymore would somehow change me into a completely different person, a woman, no longer a girl. If so, I was ready for that to happen. I was finished with girlish ways. I was feeling very womanly. I didn't share any of these thoughts with Leif. I figured a guy wouldn't understand these feelings.

Of course neither one of us could wait three more days to have sex again. For the next three nights we drove out to that remote spot on Lake Michigan where I had gone to the beach party with Tommy. We took a blanket with us and made love a few times in sixty-nine and a few times with him humping me and sliding his condom-covered cock along the top of my slit until we both climaxed. We were hormone-driven horny teenagers and there was no such thing as too much sex.


Dear Diary, This brings us to prom night. I'm getting ready for Leif to come pick me up. I'm putting on the red dress he bought for me. I went to the beauty parlor today and got a permanent so my long brown hair is in ringlets now. I'm wearing a little extra makeup: lipstick, blush, and blue eyeliner. I hope it's not too much.

I looked in the mirror and decided it was too much.

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