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Thank goodness the top of the sundress hid them. Or at least I thought it did. I tried covering up with the jacket.

"Um, Phillip can you turn the AC up a bit. It's freezing in here."

As he looked at me his eyes about bulged out of his head. "Sure, sure no problem. I am sorry. It just gets hot with all this protective gear on."

Awkward small talk about family and kids ensues. He finally breaks away from the conversation to look at my driving report. "Hummm I see that you don't have a record. No tickets?"

"No sir. This will be my first."

"I wish there was something I could do but I am not sure. You know my history. I am trying to make a good impression."

I innocently place my hand on his. "I understand"

"Ya know, you might be able to persuade me."

"I'm sorry I don't understand."

"I can't help but notice how delicious your breasts look in that dress."

Grabbing the sides of my jacket I obstruct his view. Shit what kind of view was I giving him anyway? I slowly open the jacket to see what he is referring to. Oh lord. The top of my dress had slipped down and was barely covering my chest. The material was barely being held in place by my large nipples. Okay how do I recover from this awkward situation? "Um Phillip, I am so sorry about that."

"Sarah, please just let me see them. I have been wondering for years what those marvelous tits look like."

"You are my friend's husband. Hasn't the family been through enough with your history?"

"Sarah please just one look and I will let you off with a warning. You know fines are doubled in a school zone right?"

"I can't"

"Just one look. No one will ever know. A quick flash that's all. Haven't you ever dreamed of a situation like this?"

"Sure everyone fantasizes about cops but not your nephew in law."

"Okay. I tried. Let me look up the fine rate. Shit Sarah its $416 and a court appearance since you are going 25 MPH over the speed limit in a school zone. Are you sure? Just one little peak. That's all I am asking."

"Shit Phillip are you serious? $416 and court? Is that mandatory?"


My eyes scan his car. Nervously looking for what I don't know.

"Sarah, you don't have to worry. We are a small town. We don't have cameras or microphones yet. You know no-one will ever know. Please show me those amazing tits of yours. Just one look and I will let you off with a warning."

Cautiously, slowly, I grab the top of my sundress pulling the top down exposing my breasts. God it feels so liberating. Closing my eyes and breathing in deeply as I am lost in the moment. I almost forgot where I was. Shit. Snapping back to reality I pulled my dress up. Flustered I just sat there. Stunned by what I had just done.

"They are as luscious as I imagined. Hummm I need more" just then his hand went down my dress grabbing on to one of my tits. His whole hand squeezing my breast and then he grabbed my nipple with his finger and began tweaking it. Oh shit what was he doing to me? Turning towards me he pulled my dress all the way down and began playing with both my tits. His big hands squeezing and pull at my nipples. God it felt so fucking good. I just say back, biting my lip. It was so erotic and so wrong. I didn't know what to do. Here was this cop molesting my breasts. I had dreamed of this for so long. But it was my friend's husband. He was such a dirty boy. We all knew his history. Fuck, it felt so good. His hands were all over me. My god he is good at this. Oh shit, he's not doing that. Next thing I know my hands are up above my head and cuffed to the door handle. How the hell did that happen? Fuck this was getting hot. My senses were exploding as he moved his hand down to my pussy. Surely not. This is not happening. What do I do? Struggling with the cuffs I try to break free.

"Sarah just relax. Your panties are soaked. You know you want this."

"Oh god Philip we can't be doing this.

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