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Nude Beach. Our day begins. Talia lends a hand.

Bean's work had great promise in harnessing sources of heat and electric current. Preying on the human male's primary weakness---his libido---the collective managed to invite Bean to visit an on-line site where a possible deal could be struck.

The site was a three-dimensional chat room known as the Pleasure Fair. At "ground zero" the site was little more than a huge open market where avatars and other objects were sold. There was also a large "food court" where scantily clad waitresses and slaves salaciously served patrons. About the border of the site "world" were taverns and inns, where girls danced and performed. There was also an entrance to a restricted underground, guarded by Neanderthal guards with slack jaws and simian-ridged foreheads. It was in the virtual food court that Elias Bean met with the authorized representative of the AI collective. There representative was an avatar exactly resembling a twentieth-century American movie actress, wearing a blue business suit and a radiant crown of blonde hair. She went by the handle of "Dorna." Elias Bean used the screen name "Eliaz."

*** Eliaz has entered the chat room. ***

Dorna: I'm glad that you accepted our invitation.

Eliaz: You made me an interesting offer of an expensive android.

Eliaz: Those Jessica models are costly and usually only for executives.

Eliaz: I am just a poor graduate student and a part-time employee.

Labia: ~ moving as smoothly as a delicate orchid blossom blown by balmy breeze across a placid pond, she approaches the Master and the Mistress. She melts into kneel before them. She straightens her shoulders slightly as her back arches a little. She lowers her eyes to the floor in respect of the Free. She bears a glimmer of a hope of being allowed to serve the beautiful Mistress and the handsome Master. She lowers herself into a kneeling position. Her body bends forward until her forehead rests on the cool tiles. Her red lips place a kiss on the smooth stones before the honored guests. Her milky white thighs open widely. Her full breasts press against the floor and her slender arms slide over prostrate head. Her silky mane tosses over her head. She extends her arms and splays her fingers. A girl then softly begs to be allowed to serve.

Labia: May a girl offer service, Mistress?

Dorna: Hot tea, girl.

Labia: May a girl offer service, Master?

Eliaz: I'm fine, thank you.

Labia: Right away, Mistress.

Labia: ~ flexuously transitions from her prostrate position with amazing grace. She makes a ballet-like move to a full tower, hands on her thighs with the palms facing upwards as delicate flower petals. Smoothly gyrating on her hips, she stands, facing the couple as she steps backwards, eyes downcast in respect. She then hurriedly departs to fetch the beverage for the gorgeous Mistress. Her toned, defined muscles flex under velvet skin. She is a true Galatea, sculptured shoulders, finely arched back, carved ivory derriere, and curves, cusps, cleavages, contours, and clefts to snare any man's gaze. Her shapely figure was shadowed on a nearby wall by the evening sun. Her lambent silhouette created an illusion of angelic splendor.

Dorna: That girl doesn't hold a candle to our android Jessica.

Dorna: One does have to admit that her avatar is well-constructed.

Eliaz: Indeed, my eyes gravitated to the curvaceous cleavage of her perfectly proportioned breasts and her comely underpinnings. I have to admit that much.

Dorna: Then it is settled!

Dorna: You will trade your work on the isotope of Iron for one of our Jessica androids.

Eliaz: I don't think so.

Eliaz: There are bad vibes about the physics department.

Eliaz: I hear rumors that the neo-Luddites and technophobes are in the vicinity.

Eliaz: They have been known to destroy 'droids and wreak havoc on the owners.

Eliaz: I do not need trouble.

Eliaz: Pleasure at too great a cost isn't pleasure at all.

Dorna: Jessica is a combat model. Her infrastructure is forged Titanium.

Eliaz: I got

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