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He began to pump her mouth again as the door reopened.

It was alive with sensation, and I began a series of little climaxes as soon as I began to stroke it with my fingernail. They built steadily, and I moved my hips under him. He helped, pulling and rolling my nipples with his fingertips, and soon I was bucking wildly again, thrusting my hips against the seatback. I could feel him being squeezed out, as my pussy contracted in pleasure, but it only added to the sensation.

Then a very nice thing happened. His cock began to grow again, filling out the condom as he got aroused by my stimulation of my own body. "Oh, fuck yeah!" he growled. "Cum for me, baby!" He began to thrust again; at first tentatively, like before, then harder. He murmured sexy, nasty things in my ear as I reached for my climax.

"That's it, baby. Cum for me! Be my slut. Be my dirty little slut! Bitch!"

I went into overdrive when he talked to me like that. It just excited me so... I screamed my pleasure out loud as he fucked me, now ramming his cock harder and harder into me. My pussy gushed, and I howled through yet another mind-numbing orgasm. He pounded me relentlessly throughout, calling me nasty names, and I went from one gushing climax to another. I thought my heart would give out!

Finally, he came again. I could feel the poor condom attempting to cover the head of his dick, even as he filled it with another slimy load. When he pulled free of me, the rubber lay just inside my pussy walls, it's precious load oozing out and onto the seatback. I took a deep breath as he rolled from me, and then carefully pulled the overworked condom from my dripping hole. He dropped it out his window and began to pull his jeans back up over his thighs.

"No, don't," I said, eyeing the shiny length of his cock. "Let me clean you first."

He looked askance at me as he was yanking his jeans upward. "No you don't," he said again, but this time he wasn't saying it in that sexy growl. He laughed, "If I let you do that, we'll be here all afternoon!"

I pouted, watching him, and murmured, "Works for me," but he was not to be swayed. He pulled me to him and we kissed, but he refused to give in to my exploring tongue or hands, telling me at last that he and his girlfriend had just had sex when I called.

"That explains your stamina," I told him, "and why she sounded like such a bitch." He laughed and kissed me again.

"No," he said. "She is a bitch."

As Brian drove me back to Panera's to get my car, he asked if he could have my phone number. I refused, telling him I was married. He didn't seem too surprised, but asked if we could meet again.

"One never knows," I said, trying to sound noncommittal, but a week later I was calling him again. I'm getting very well acquainted with the interior of the Ford Explorer!

(2)Showing off Makes a Pair of New Friends

It was my lunch break at the retail store where I work, and I had taken lunch in the mall, as I often do. The little wrought-iron tables offer a great place to hang out and check out the guys, and there were lots of people to look at.

"Hey, Tori," I heard. It was Matt, one of the stockboys from my store. He was walking up to me, and I smiled and told him hello. He's a cutie; only 18 or 19, with a tight young surfer body. He and I had surfed together once or twice, and we even made out once, afterwards, when he offered to let me sit in his car to warm up. I hadn't had much to do with him lately, though he came by my kiosk in the store to flirt almost daily. With him was Benjamin, another of the stockboys. I had only spoken to Ben once, when I asked him to remove some cardboard boxes that I had unpacked, but I'd noticed him around. He seemed to be staring at me an awfully lot.

Matt asked if they could sit with me. I told them there were three empty chairs, and to take their pick. He and his friend sat down, and I went back to watching guys. They mostly just watched me, I noticed. Finally, Matt spoke.

"So, you gettin' any lately?" he asked, clumsily.

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