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Unfulfilled mother / Distant son. Tension established.

Pinching her nipples to hardness she cupped her bare breasts and held them forward, offering them to him.

Ludlow reached forward, placing his hands upon her magnificent pair at last. He palmed her full breasts, squeezed them and gently pinched her nipples, now as hard as a pair of acorns. Jenny smiled as he felt her up. He closed his eyes and placed his mouth on a nipple to lick and suck, then kissed his way across her breasts to her other nipple to again suck, lick and suck. Ludlow hummed as he sucked her tits; Jenny sighed out of sheer bliss at the terrific sensations his mouth delivered to her nipples.

After sucking her nipples quite generously he finally broke free to reach for his glass and took a drink, taking an ice cube into his mouth. Then he replaced the glass to the coffee table and with the ice cube in his mouth he played it upon her nipples. Jenny sat up straight and arched her back at the intense sensations of wet warmth and slick, cold hardness the ice in his mouth delivered to her pointy nipples. They seemed to grow even longer in his mouth as he moved his lips back and forth between the hard little nubbins of flesh.

Jenny's hand fell to his lap and brushed across his cock, by now straining at the fabric of his trousers. The ice in his mouth was melted now. As he nibbled and sucked harder at her stiff nipples Ludlow idly wondered if it were possible for a woman to orgasm through stimulating her nipples alone. Jenny's fingers fumbled at his belt, undid his trousers. Without releasing his mouth from her tits he lifted his ass to allow her to pull his trousers down. They fell about his ankles and he kicked them free, continuing to suck and kiss her breasts all the while.

Unrestrained, his cock stood straight up. The air of the room felt cool and fresh on the hot skin of his red-hot member. Jenny's fingers fluttered up and down his length, playing and stroking lightly as he continued to suck her nipples, to amuse them with his teeth. She trailed her fingernails across his balls in a tantalizing, tickling manner and then went back to slowly stroking his dick up and down, up and down.

"Would you care for a blowjob?" she asked, quite innocuously. To hear such words coming from her lips caused his cock to twitch in anticipation; quite nearly a mini-orgasm. In saying it Jenny was as casual as a hostess offering a canap__ to a guest at a party.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; I just had one for lunch.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; I'm trying to quit.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; my doctor said they're bad for me. But seeing as it's Boxing Day, what the hell!

A thin stream of pre-come leaked out the end of his dick. Jenny expertly spread the wetness over his cockhead and around the rim as she continued to lightly finger his dick. "Mmmmm . . ." he moaned, sucking her nipple like a baby. It was all he could muster to say. Did she expect him to say? Did she truly think he would decline?

Jenny released his penis from her hand and leaned forward, drowning him in the pillowy sea of her cleavage as she reached for the little bell on the coffee table. She rang the little bell: ding-a-ling-a-ling! On the screen Ludlow glimpsed the two women clamped in a tight sixty-niner; the one who looked like Liz on the bottom. The camera gave a good view of Liz's tongue working the other girl's clit while her fingers went rapidly in and out of the girl's wet hole. Ludlow looked over to the door as Gabrielle appeared.


With her chin Jenny indicated Ludlow's cock, poking rock solid straight up from his lap.

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