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Encounter leads to hot kitchen sex between cousins.

She could turn that fucker on to high and cum in two seconds flat. Later. Tonight. After dinner. At the table she planned to work up a dirty fantasy invoking her and grandpa Georgie and use it to make herself cum five or six times.

Dried off, she tossed the towel into the dirty hamper and strolled naked over to the vanity counter to blow dry her hair. She really did hate wearing clothes and as she brushed out her long black hair, using the heat to curl it perfectly in all the right spots, she enjoyed the way her titties with the nipples pointing hard sway with her movements. They jiggled and bounced in unison that she loved to watch. Even when she was fucking some cock she loved to watch them bounce.

Then there was her fat ass. Most girls hated their fleshy cheeks. She loved hers. It gave as much bounce and jiggle as her tits. In looked awesome, as she fuck that it looked like her body was a vibrating fuck machine. Hell her jugs were so big that she could and did suck on them. It drove her lovers crazy watching her touch and lick at her own nipples.

Finished with her hair, she applied a little bit of make-up. Later after her nap she'd slip on a light sundress for dinner. Her mother always insisted on family dinners even though she was drunk. Well, a functional drunk slipping on a cocktail and charging the credit cards. Kitten rather be slipping on a cock and licking a pussy. But hey, each their own.

Satisfied with her hair and makeup she curled up on her bed laying the cool sheets over her bare naked body and closed her eyes.

George waited 15 more minutes after hearing the telltale sounds of Kitten crawling into bed before he got out of his chair with his cock straining against his pants and quietly opening her door. He shut it silently behind him. Waited a moment, making sure he hadn't woken her, and then climbed the stairs to her attic style room. As he reached to top step he saw the white thong bottom discard on the floor follows by the tiny top. Fuck.

How did she fit her juicy knockers into that top? Then he smiled remembering her tits spilled out and the small material just barely covered her nipples.

At the landing he found her sleeping in her queen size bed, the sheets tangled --oh yyyyyyyeeeeesssss-- around her naked body. She looked like a sleeping Snow White unlike the Disney princess she looked like a fuck toy waiting to be use. Laying on her side her ass was fully exposed and begging for him to come fuck it. Slowly he approached a little afraid she would reject his advance but deep down he knew she wanted it as much as he did. She pranced around this house like a show pony wanting him to look.

Carefully he sat on the bed and when she didn't stir he let his hand slim down from her shoulder brushing ever so slightly staring from her shoulder. The sheet covered the swell of her breast that he flicked away the thin material. Her milky white tit popped out as the dark brown nipple scrunched up exposed to the cooler air. He slimed his hand down squeezing and giving the tit a shake. The flesh jiggled as the nipple pointed up at him.

Unable to help himself and fascinated that her boob was so big that it overflowed from his hand and that it practically lifted up pass her mouth, he lowered his head and took the nipple into his mouth and sucked. Oh God. She tasted like strawberries. His tongue rolled over the taunt nibble as his teeth gave a slight bit.

"Ooooo. Nice. More." Kit rolled over to her back still asleep thrusting the breast more into his mouth. George squeezed harder flicking the nub with his tongue before pinching it between his lips and sucking hard that Kit woke up.

"Grandpa Georgie!!" She gasped coming up to her elbow.

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