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She is taught the true meaning of respect.

"So why was Emily there? Martin brought Brea there to propose."

"He did, did he?" Tracy found it absurdly funny. "Finally got around to it? He'd procrastinated long enough. I was getting impatient, but Brea was content to give him however long he needed."

"Brea knew?" Fox struggled with this. Martin was so sure that she didn't know.

Tracy raised an eyebrow. "I keep my sister free of my scheming, but she loved him too much for me not to let that one slide. Brea knew that Martin had a thing for big-breasted women, especially brunettes. She caught him eying Emily plenty of times, but she didn't mind that much. She even invited Emily along for a threesome with Martin, to fulfill his unspoken fantasy! Can you believe it?"

The thought of Martin having a threesome with Brea and Emily almost blew Fox's mind. She knew enough of Martin to know he would've gone crazy over that. "I believe that would've made Martin's year."

"I'll say!" Tracy laughed lightly. "Still might happen, if I could get some answers about them."

"You will," Fox said sincerely. "I will look into your sister and friend. As soon as I know something I can at least put your concerns to rest."

Tracy smiled, but her eyes understood the answer for what it was. "I know about secrecy, Fox. Like how that can't be your real name. I also see how the soldiers react to you, so you must have some clout here. I don't want to cause any trouble for your people. I just want to know what happened to Emily and Brea. Are they still even alive?"

"And I will get you that answer at least," Fox admitted. "As soon as I have it myself."

While Tracy wanted more than that, she understood that this was all she was going to get for now. She was about to say something when her hazel eyes turned to the door. Fox didn't need to; she heard the pair of footsteps as they approached. They weren't military types...these footsteps were feminine and wearing expensive shoes.

"Hey, is this where we look for information on people caught in the quarantine?"

"It might as well be." Suppressing a sigh, Fox turned around and addressed them. She studied them, quickly speculating the two girls to be no older than twenty-two years. "What can I do for you two?"

The blonde one folded her arms, as though she didn't really want to be here. The redhead was more forthcoming. "Some of our sorority sisters were on a trip in the mountains, yet we haven't heard from them. As soon as the news broke about a quarantine in that area we rushed here. One of the hospital people sent us to this room."

"The news?" Fox asked, immediately berating herself for it. Of course the news would've been covering the quarantine.

The blonde rolled her hazel eyes. "The news, duh! Not often that an obscure part of the United States gets quarantined by the military."

"Grace!" the redhead rebuked. Fox quickly started sizing the two girls up. The redhead was 5'7" tall, slim body with natural A-cups, her red hair was much lighter color than Emily's. Her freckled face had a playful look to it.

The blonde, identified as Grace, was slightly shorter at 5'4" but had more shapely figure. Her cup size had to be a B-cup, more substantial than the redhead's but far from Tracy's much larger breasts. Still, both girls were young, beautiful, and judging by their clothes came from money.

Grace raised her hands in frustration. "Yeah, yeah...Elle I'll behave. It was a long drive, and I'm tired."

Tracy kept her smile polite. "I can sympathize. It took me hours to get here after I learned my sister was overdue."

"You must be missing out on some party," Grace commented, eyeing Tracy's provocative dress. The young blonde looked at Fox. "Who's she?"

"Same as we all are," Tracy said, surprising Fox. Tracy gave her a knowing look before continuing. "We are all searching for people here. Go ahead and take some of the seats; there's plenty of room."

"Thanks!" Elle chirped happily, taking a seat clos

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