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A love story.

Oh my God, he's gorgeous, she thought to herself.

"Uh y-yes" she stuttered, "Give me a second to get dressed and I'll show you the poolhouse and where you need to get started" she said. "Ok, great" he said smiling. A few moments later she emerged wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. "Might as well go for a dip while I'm at the pool" she said coyly.

As he began his work the heat of the day became more and more unbearable, Lindy would take dips in the pool, always making sure to emerge from the cool water as wet and seductively as possible. "You look thirsty" she yelled over to Kyle. "Yeah it's pretty hot out today" he said. "I'll be right back then" she ran into the house giggling.

After a few minutes when she did not return, Kyle decided to go investigate. As he got closer to the sliding glass door, he noticed the very same bikini that Lindy was wearing was now in a crumpled pile on the floor. Not thinking to much about that, he stepped inside the huge house. "Hello?" "In here!" yelled Lindy. As Kyle went around the corner to the kitchen he saw Lindy standing there, completely naked.

"I made you something to drink" she said, smiling. "You know it's not the drink I want" said Kyle. "I have no idea what you're talking about" she said. "Oh I think you do, I know what you've been trying to do out there". As she watched him near her, her body began trembling with anticipation. He grabbed her, kissing her violently, leaving her almost breathless.

Immediately her nipples became rock hard as the top of her mound could feel his throbbing cock inside his jeans, begging to be set free. Finally releasing his grip on her, he shoved her against the kitchen wall with such force she dropped the glass of water she was holding. His muscles were so strong, he was unlike anyone Lindy had ever seem before. He made her pussy throb and ache to be fucked with the force of 10 men. Using his body to hold her up against the wall, he reached down and ripped his zipper, sliding his dirty jeans down around his ankles, exposing his massive cock.

He wasted no time. Within seconds he was inside her, driving his rock hard rod deep into her pussy. Their bodies slammed together violently. Her long, seductive legs wrapped around him, her feet digging into his ass cheeks, encouraging him to fuck her to the hilt. His long, labored breaths covered her ears and sent chills down her spine. His muscles in his ass were moving with the speed of light as he pumped her, harder and deeper.

Her body slid up and down the cold kitchen wall. "I know what you've wanted you little rich bitch" he said in a violent tone. "Daddy didn't give you enough attention, so now you get it from any cock that will rise for you". Lindy found herself getting more and more turned on with his insult. Just then he slid his hands behind her, pulling her away from the wall. With his cock still in her, he walked over to the couch, falling on top of her. Staring into her eyes as he hovered over her.

His cock ripping and tearing her in every direction. She moaned loudly, begging him to fuck her harder. "Oh you want it harder?' With that, he slid his wet cock out of her and slammed it into her ass. "Oh my fucking god!!!!!!!!" she screamed. She had never been fucked up the ass, so this was a pain she had never felt, but didn't want to stop. As he lifted her legs up to his shoulders, her ass began to open wider. Her screams turned him on. He liked that he was hurting her. "Rub your pussy you little bitch" he commanded.

Her shaky hand slid between her legs as he spread them wider for a better view.

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