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Submissive and dominant roles are assumed for a weekend.

"Oooohhhhh yes," Tammy mewed, her hips rolling atop the pillows. "Put it in me, Jay. Put your cock in my pussy. Fuck me, Jay. Fuck my pussy."

The position he had put her in, with her ass raised up by the pillows, allowed him to line his cock up with her cunt while remaining nearly erect upon his knees. This provided all three men with unobstructed views of Tammy as she squirmed upon the mattress, her hips rolling, her chest heaving with heavy breaths.

Jay slid forward more and she felt his cock brush her pussy, felt its tip play up and down along her slit before pushing at her hole. With deliberate slowness Jay pushed into her, pushed his stiff cock into her dripping cunt centimeter by centimeter until the entire length was buried deep inside of her. During his slow penetration he stared down at Tammy's enraptured face, watched her bite her lip, watched her tongue flickering out. Her eyes closed with the same slow pace as his invading cock filled her.

"Cock after cock," he sighed, knowing there was no need to clarify. "Cock after cock, Baby."

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Tammy panted when at last his whole cock was in her, the head of it brushing against her inner walls, his pelvis grinding into hers. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssssssss. Ooohhhhhhhh God yeesssss."

As soon as his cock was completely buried inside her, Jay began a withdrawal of the same slow deliberateness that he had penetrated her. He pulled himself back until only the head of his cock remained encased within her clenching pussy muscles. Upon the mattress Tammy's body quivered with her heightened excitement, the teetering orgasm in her loins causing anticipatory spasms to shoot along her nerves.

"Cock after cock, Baby," Jay sighed as he pushed forward once more at the same crawling pace. "Cock after cock in your wet pussy."

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Tammy moaned, her hips pushing back at him. "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssssssss."

This time when Jay was completely stuffed into her wet cunt he ground his hips at her, pressed himself deeper as she responded by gyrating her own hips. With her eyes closed she didn't see him reaching forward, didn't see his hands reaching for the bodysuit covering her chest or the sharp knife he held. The sound of the material being ripped, the tearing echo of it being torn open filled the room. This sound coupled with a sudden rush of air swooshing over Tammy's soft breasts and hard nipples. Her tits rolled free from their confines, the flesh quivering upon her chest as Jay first cut then ripped the bodysuit down the center.

"Uuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!" Tammy moaned with excited surprise, her eyes popping open.

The cool air brushing across her sweat coated tits felt good, the loss of the scratching material on her sensitive nipples relieving. But neither of these sensations were allowed to last very long. While her eyes had been closed, her body enraptured by the feel of Jay feeding her his stiff cock with such slow speed, Ted and Vic had both positioned themselves on either side of her, their legs pressing against the bed's edge. Seconds after her breasts were released from the confining hold of the bodysuit both men reached out and cupped a mound of quivering flesh.

The feel of two men fondling her tits, their hands cupping and squeezing her aching flesh, coupled with her husband's rigid cock buried within her throbbing cunt, her pussy muscles clenching at the hard pole, their hips grinding into one another, made her orgasm explode. Tammy's body rose from the mattress, her back arching as she crammed her tits into the men's hands, pushed her pussy at Jay's cock. Her head rolled onto its top, her mouth dropping open, her eyes closing tightly.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned. "Oooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddddd!"

Even as the waves of the orgasm shot through Tammy's body, erotic blasts of passion-filled explosions crashing along her nerves, Ted and Vic leaned down

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