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Brother's love.

She opened her mouth as widely as the hood would allow and gulped the air greedily. Sweat burst from her body and she knew that her entire body was now slick with the dripping wetness she could feel the air on her body - but, Angela continued driving her as if she were oblivious to what she doing to her. Or perhaps more cognizant than Diana knew.

On and on and higher and higher she was driven. Feeling her muscles contracting for another orgasm, she tried tearing at her bonds. She could not effectively move though she did manage to make the cross swing slightly. John reached out and stopped its movement immediately. She screamed - but the sound was deadened by the tight leather until it became a mere whisper in the solitude of the underground room. A sound that barely made it to the padded walls where it died. Angela heard it and smiled.

Feeling Angela's tongue back off a bit, she simply drifted and waited for what would happen next. Trying to describe this feeling later was difficult. She knew that it was a good thing that she was securely bound for there was no way she could stand or even sit without some assistance. The feelings were so overwhelming that she knew her mind - trapped in this all- consuming passion - would simply not allow her body to react. On another level she was aware not only had her physical abilities been taken from her but that her passion would not even allow speaking or smiling. She was adrift with thoughts that were unfamiliar to her - though not unpleasant. She was quickly becoming attenuated to her own body's expression.

The feeling that this sex she was experiencing was damned by the world came back to her in a flood. The idea that a woman should be performing cunnilingus on her - with much more skill than any male lover ever exhibited - was, in many ways, disgusting. But, coupled with this disgust was a feeling of defiance and heightened sensitivity because of the forbidden nature of the activity. She took this thought and tried to examine it, as her orgasmic cycle returned again...

"That's enough, Angela. Let her down easy."

Angela slowed her motions until she allowed Diana to simply rest - secure in her physical bondage and the shackles that held her mind and consciousness as securely as the leather and metal encasing her.

"I am not through with you yet, Angela. But, I think we will let her rest a little."

Angela merely looked at the ground. She too had thoughts consuming her mind and her own speech at this point would be impossible. Trapped in the glow of lust, she merely acquiesced to his command and stared at the ground in front of her. On one level she was aware of John removing the bonds holding Diana, but on another she was not. Her mind was completely engrossed in the feelings of lust precipitated by both her bondage and her own needs and desires.

When John moved a simple wooden chair with arms into position alongside her, she still not think much about it. Feeling the movement to her left, she allowed her eyes to ponder what was happening. John had released Diana from both the cross and the hood and was directing her to sit on the chair. Taking lengths of rope, he bound her legs securely to the chair's legs. Her arms to the arms of the chair and then retrieved a massive belt to hold her in a sitting position.

She heard him say, "Diana, I want you to relax a little now. Angela is going to perform fellatio on me. I want you to watch how she does this and my own reaction. We are nearly done with teaching the primary and will moving on the secondary - though just as important - organs of sexual desire and fulfilment soon. I want you to have some first hand experience. If you understand, nod?"

Diana nodded, and John backed away and removed his clothes.

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