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She learns to love herself with a hairbrush.

She just needed to work up to accepting the idea.

"Miss Pulliam will be right here the whole time." Annie still hadn't budged. "The treatment will require that your underwear be removed, just for a few minutes. You can remove them, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it."

She seemed to come to a decision, and with no further delay, Annie began to take off her panties. Slowly, with her legs together, she pushed them down her tanned, tennis-player legs. Just a hint of fur was visible, nestled in between the tops of her thighs.

The doctor thought he might get dizzy and fall down. Something was spinning inside him, and he thought that watching this cute young girl push her panties down those gorgeous legs might make it spin off its axis and knock him out

"O...OK, good girl. Now we need to take the sample, but naturally you'll be too dry to begin with. We can't use lubricant, because it will contaminate the natural fluid that we want. So, I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but this is how the process goes. You'll have to stimulate the area, to get the flow started."

She blushed, and hung her head to hide it, allowing her long hair to fall forward. She made no move to comply.

"You can do it, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it. Usually patients prefer to do it themselves, but we can do whatever you are most comfortable with. I know this seems unorthodox." Still no movement, just more blushing. Legs tightly shut.

"Tell you what, Annie. Just lay yourself back here like this." He took her shoulders in his hands and gently reclined her down towards a horizontal position on the table. Her lovely face came back into view, reddish, lip trembling a little. "Just lay back, close your eyes, forget we're here, think about your boyfriend, or a movie star or rock star you think is really sexy. There was a time when you felt totally comfortable with a guy, and you wanted to show him what you were feeling. Maybe you are remembering that moment right now. You can recall how that felt, can't you, how secure and loved you felt, and recalling that makes it easier to feel it now." The doctor had read a book on hypnotism; he was no expert, but he was good enough to relax innocent young girls.

Annie closed her eyes, and after a few moments, began to relax a little. Her hands, which had been nervously grasping at the table edges, now rested on her stomach. After another few moments, she exhaled a big breath, eyes still closed, and her hands began to rub her tummy, and up to the undersides of her breasts, pushing her shirt up to the bottom edge of her bra in the process.

"Good. Good. All relaxed now. Your guy is with you, and he is gentle, and he loves you so much. He is going to show you, show you how much he loves you. You can feel him touch you." Annie's right hand slipped down to her groin, and her thighs parted ever so slightly. "He will touch you exactly how you like it best."

Eyes still closed, Annie parted her legs a little more, and moved her hand down to her pussy, still held close between incredible thighs. The hand rested there, not doing anything helpful.

"You don't know how you like it? You're not sure? OK, let me take your hand, and let's try a little movement like this." The doctor gently grasped the hesitating hand, laid his index finger atop hers, and began very gently to stroke her pussy lips with it, gently, gently. A stroke, a stroke, then a gentle press inward, then a stroke.

While he was doing this, Miss Pulliam bent down and pulled back a curtain that was hiding a space underneath the examination table, and quietly knelt within it. Pulling the curtain closed about her except for just a little space, she reached out and parted the front of the doctor's gown, and began pulling at his belt. In moments she had his pants down, without making a sound.

Under the doctor's practiced guidance, under their shared rubbing of her pussy, the girl began to respond a little, to spread her legs just a bit, he

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