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Dr. Lockhart and Kenzie have a rough start to the semester.


"MARTIN! REALLY!" she hissed, her eyes wide at his words.

"Yes, Jane, and I'll lie there for a few minutes just gazing at you, but then I won't be able to keep my hands off you. We'll do it again, and again, and in the morning when you take a shower I'll come and join you. I want to watch the water stream down all over you. We'll wash each other all over and..."

He stopped as a couple of guys walked past the table. Then he spoke to her again.

"I think we should go to your room soon. Go to the toilet in a few minutes, Jane. Take off your knickers there and put them in your handbag. In exactly ten minutes' time I'll meet you at the lift. I'll give your phone three rings, then stop as I'm leaving the table as a signal..."

"Wouldn't it be a bit more discreet if we went up separately?" she asked.

"Yes. But I don't know how much longer I can keep my hands off your lovely ripe tits and those gorgeous thighs, Jane. Unless someone else gets in the lift I want to fondle and grope you there..."

Her heart was pounding as she pushed her chair back from the table. He spoke quickly and softly.

"See you in ten minutes. Go slowly and talk briefly to just one or at the most two people. Then go to the toilet and spend the rest of the time there till you get my signal."

Her face was still flushed and he glanced furtively at the subtle swaying of her ample breasts as she walked past him, then resumed his casual glancing around the bar.

That jerk Andrew came past the table. His speech was more slurred now.

"Don't fancy yours, mate! Pity you couldn't find someone younger to come with you. I mean Joan or Jane, whatever... she must have been quite a looker in her time, especially given those big tits, but she's a bit past her sell-by date now, eh? No, you should try to get someone younger to come with you so you can get shagged-up every night..."

Martin was tempted to stand up and punch him. Okay, his own morals weren't beyond reproach, and he took most opportunities for sex that came his way. But he hated Andrew's sexist and disparaging comments about Jane. Instead he forced himself to smile politely.

"Yeah, I take your point. Maybe next time..."

"You should, mate, you should. Get yourself someone like my secretary Sharon..."

The pratt walked away again.

Martin's anger subsided and he found himself having to stifle a grin. If the moron only knew how hot Jane was! Sure, she was in her late fifties and past her prime. But he had never known such intense sexual chemistry, such powerful desire or satisfaction as he found with her. He finished his drink slowly and darted his gaze down at his watch then slipped his mobile from his pocket. Hers was the last number he had rung, so it was easy to redial. He let it ring three times then cut the connection. He got up and walked from the bar.

She was waiting by the lift. He followed her inside. He felt a tremor of disappointment, then excitement, as a forty-something woman from the conference also stepped towards the lift. She was a little unsteady on her feet, and he pressed the hold button. She smiled and stepped inside and stood with her back to Jane and him. His heart was hammering in his chest.

He cautiously slipped his hand behind Jane and stroked her bum cheek through her skirt. He gave it a few gentle squeezes. Then he removed his hand again. The other woman got out at the first floor.

As soon as the lift door closed he swung Jane round to face him and kissed her on the mouth. He cupped her ample breasts and kneaded them through her blouse. They felt very firm through her bra. He slid one finger up her skirt, over her stockingtop and the bare skin of her thigh.

Reaching higher he found that she had indeed removed her panties -- his finger encountered silky, moist pubes and pouting lips.

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