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Crossing the line with the sister-in-law.

There was only two ways they could have gone. Left towards the elevators, or right towards a bunch of side rooms and small halls. If they took an elevator, I would never be able to find them, so I turned right and hurried down the hall.

All of the rooms I passed were either dark or locked, and I was beginning to think my imagination was playing with my penis when I turned a corner and saw faint light coming from a partially opened door. Looking around, I slowly poked my head inside. The conference room itself was still dark, but at the far end of the room light was filtering in from another door. I carefully closed the first one behind me and crept forward. The second door was open about three inches, and led into a small lounge. It seemed my eyes were determined to leave my head that night and I had to shake my head and look away before looking back.

The two women were locked in an embrace as they kissed each other deeply. I could hear the sounds of slurping as their tongues attacked one another. It was every man's fantasy come to life right before my eyes. I swallowed hard and grabbed my twitching cock through my pants as I watched the scene unfold.

They continued to kiss for several more minutes as their hands roamed each others' backs and asses, and briefly across the front to fondle tits. It was simply an amazing sight to my ever increasingly opened eyes.

Tara was the first to make a move. She broke the kiss and grabbed the bottom of the other woman's shirt. In one shift pull, Tara yanked it over her head and exposed the other woman's lean torso and small, bra-clad breasts. Tara steered the woman around and pushed her backwards as she undid the bra and tossed it away. When they bumped into a sofa, they both giggled and Tara went to work on the woman's pants. When they were undone and pushed to her knees, Tara helped her sit down. I had an almost perfect side view of the couple.

Pulling the pants off of her, Tara grabbed hold of the thong panties. She lifted her hips and allowed Tara to pull those off as well before watching Tara stand. My cock was aching as I mimicked Tara's stare and took in the sexiness of the slim woman who was now dressed only her high heels. She smiled up at Tara with dreamy eyes and spread her legs, invitingly exposing her shaved cunt. I had always loved the sight of a nice cunt, and I had to admit that this woman's tight slit was one of the most delicious I have ever seen. Tara sighed in admiration of the beauty before her as well, and dropped to her knees between the open legs.

Tara leaned in and kissed the woman's lips again, and the two lingered in a sloppy make-out for several moments before she moved downward. I was rubbing myself through my pants with more pressure now, doing my best to remain quiet, but unable to stop myself as Tara sucked on the small tits and perfect nipples. The woman moaned and let her arms go limp at her sides as Tara took total control. She was obviously in a hurry to move to a specific area as she paid far less attention to those tits than I would have, and kissed her way down the flat stomach and down one thigh.

The woman's moans became louder as I watched Tara lick and nip at the her inner thighs. She looked up into the woman's eyes and smiled, before lowering her head. I had to stop my hand or I would have cum in my pants as Tara's mouth sucked around the woman's delicious looking cunt. The woman's legs swung around Tara's shoulder's, tightening her thighs around the head that was pleasuring her.

It occurred to me then, as I slowly rubbed myself again, that there was no way these two could not have done this before. They had not spoken a word since I was there, yet moved so smoothly and naturally together. I wondered how many of other woman at the office she was sleeping with.

My thoughts were pushed away as I was captured by the scene before me.

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