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A storm blows in and the atmosphere is charged.

Susie was first to move from the bed, crouching to place her ear up against the wall. She was quickly followed by Hayley who didn't want to miss out, the pair of blonde beauties stark naked and still glowing from their earlier lovemaking. Susie felt Hayley drape herself over her back, purring as a rogue hand slid between her spread legs. In no time Hayley was rubbing her cousin's clit eagerly as they listened to Jill being given the spanking of her life.

* * *

Next door, his hand wringing with dull pain, finally Dan relented. The seemingly ceaseless punishment had ended, allowing his younger sister to catch her breath. She hunched her pussy against his leg and cried out with release as he let her ride out a second climax in peace. Seeing her squirm on his lap like that, Dan sighed with lust. Touching her flesh and watching her cum not once but twice had understandably made him feel as horny as hell. As he allowed Jill to come down from her high, he felt his cock slowly inflating, the blood pulsing to the throbbing purple tip.

When Jill showed no sign of moving off and away, he knew he just had to have her and that she wanted him. Smoothing apart her stocking-clad legs so as to gain unrestricted access to her gaping pussy, he plunged two thick fingers straight into her cunt without any warning or preparation. Jill moaned at the intrusion, but it was a moan borne of pure lust. She'd been dying to be penetrated all day, aching for the contact.

As Dan busily worked his fingers in and out of her dripping snatch, rapidly she regained the pre-orgasmic plateau of moments earlier. "Oh, oh, oh, that feels so good, ahhhh, yessssss," she hissed. "My clit, rub my clit," she begged.

Dan located the little love button with ease. He'd have been blind not to, so swollen and sensitive was it. His fingers squelched on impact, causing Jill to shriek loudly. Working her up into a rare state, slowly he withdrew the sopping wet digits. The action was met by the accompaniment of Jill's pleading objections as she squirmed on his lap. He silenced her by slipping two gooey fingers into her mouth and twisting. When she had sucked them clean and thanked him in hushed tones, he stood, lifting her slender body and tossing it onto the bed unceremoniously.

Don't leave me, she begged inside her head, too breathless to voice the plea. But Dan wasn't done by a long straw. Legs akimbo, she watched him undress, idly rubbing her clit to maintain the feelings inside. She drank in the sight of her older brother's powerfully built frame, paying special attention to the thick, muscular arm that had powered his punishing hand into the rumps of all three females that day. Dan turned away from the bed and took down his trousers, then lowered his boxer shorts to reveal an arse that was strong and muscular.

Yet the best was yet to come as he turned slowly around, fully naked at last. Her jaw dropped, eyes as wide as ping-pong balls. Her finger even ceased its dalliance with her engorged clit. Her legs began to come together, driven perhaps by an instinct for self-preservation. "OH...MY...LORD," she breathed, barely audible, eyes riveted to his crotch. "It...it's...it's huge!" she revealed. "It's as thick as my arm!"

* * *

In the next door bedroom, Susie and Hayley issued a simultaneous gasp. Susie raised her forearm in demonstration. "Oh I want some of that," Hayley mumbled under her breath, stroking her cousin's wrist.

"Mmm, so do I," Susie confessed without a hint of guilt.

Both girls giggled throatily. "You are one filthy bitch," Hayley whispered. "Your own father!"

"Look who's talking," Susie replied in mock exasperation.

"Shush," Hayley ordered, waving her hand. "I think he's going to put it in her."

* * *

Separated by just six inches of cavity wall, Jill reached out a tentative little hand to wrap around her brother's massive cock.

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