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Raven learns more about his new partner.

I couldn't believe it, she was fucking herself on my cock. I was there purely as something for her to fuck, and I loved it.

I brought my open palm down across her arse with a crack, hoping she'd be into it. As soon as I did it, she stopped dead and turned her head to look at me.

"What was that?" she asked.

I thought I'd totally ruined it now, just as it was getting really good.

"Sorry, heat of the moment thing, I..."

She cut me off.

"If you're going to spank me while we fuck, at least do it properly. I want you to make it hurt. I want you to leave hand prints to remind me how hard you fucked me. Now, try again."

I will admit, I was a little surprised, but as I'd find out this was the tip of the iceberg with Claire. So, doing as I was asked, I brought my hand down on her arse again with a loud crack. In seconds there was red hand on her cheek, glowing red.

"Fuck yes, punish me for being such a dirty bitch." She screamed. "Do it again, keep doing it while I fuck myself on your thick, hard cock. Punish me until I fuck myself to your liking."

She started rocking back and forwards gently, waiting for me to punish her the way she wanted. It took me a moment to register what was happening, but only a moment. I spanked her again, which made her let out a short cry before it turned into a satisfied groan. She picked her pace up, becoming more forceful as I kept spanking her, turning her are cheek a bright crimson red, the cries and groans growing louder each time. Before long I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock, her thrusts back becoming more forceful as her breathing became more ragged. With one last push back, she impaled herself as she came.

Her arms gave way and she lay face down, still on her knees, arse in the air and breathing short and sharp, softly moaning to herself. I took a step back, my cock retreating from her tight, wet hole. I heard her let out a half-hearted protest, but only momentarily. I dropped to my own knees behind her and leant in to taste her pussy once again. After she'd came twice, it was different than before, but more addictive. I ran my tongue up from her clit to her opening before pressing my tongue in to her as far as I could reach.

All I heard was a sharp intake of breath. No words, no sounds, just drawing in air. I carried on with my tongue, working over her clit, occasionally pressing my lips over it and sucking on it slightly, which made Claire's legs shake, so I'd do it without any warning, just to keep her on edge. Once I heard her start to make soft moaning noises again, I figured I'd change it up once more.

I started to run my tongue from her clit to her opening again, but this time I kept going until my tongue was at the edge of her arsehole. I could feel her body tense up as I got closer, so I stopped and started back at her clit, over and over again, getting closer to her arsehole each time until I had my tongue working it's way around her anal opening. Eventually, I focused my tongue solely on her arse, my fingers having found their way into her pussy.

As I used my tongue to put pressure on her tight hole, I felt it resist against the invasion. Just as I felt it give way and my tongue work it's way in, I heard Claire saying she's glad that she's not the only dirty fucker. I couldn't help but grin, but kept on pleasuring her arse and working my fingers in her pussy as she came again and this time, I could feel her tight arse contracting against my tongue as she came.

"That was incredible!" she exclaimed. She turned to sit on the couch, sweeping her red hair back from her face. "You can do that any time you want."

"Maybe I will, but you'll have to earn it first." I replied, winking as I did so.

"Is that so? And how, pray tell, would I earn it?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"I'll let you figure that one out, and if I'm impressed enough I'll do it again."

"Or I could just bend over in front of you, take my panties off

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