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Sex on the Beach isn't just a drink!

Diana floated up from her deep sleep as the sunlight crept in through cracks in the heavy curtains. Her eyes remained closed as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun across her cheek, her mind drifted back to the previous night, she'd spent the evening in a bar with her friends, those that were single had all left with guys as one point or another until it was just her and Jessica left. Jessica's other half was apparently also away so the pair of them had sat until closing time, bemoaning the sexless night that awaited each of them at home. Diana remembered getting in, a little drunk, and then hadn't she watched TV with Pete? Then the realisation of what she'd almost done washed over her. She felt guilty at first, then she smiled to herself, it'd been a near miss. Then the recollection of Pete's erection pressed between her bare buttocks surfaced. She'd been a little shocked at its size, certainly bigger than his brother's, but Andrew really knew what he was doing. Diana clamped her legs together around her hand as she thought of the fuck she'd be getting tomorrow night, if Pete weren't there she'd drag Andrew to the floor as soon as he got in and ravish him. As it was she'd have to settle for pushing him up the stair to their bedroom and riding him there. She was certain that Pete must hear them when they had sex, she was always fairly vocal. sometimes she exaggerated a little, the idea of Pete laying downstairs hearing her moans and possibly getting off to them always got her wetter. She had to admit that she was perhaps a bit of an exhibitionist.

Pete was still asleep behind Diana, his steady breathing warm on the back of her head. All that thinking about sex had turned her on again, she decided it was about time to do something about it and went to slide off the couch, but Pete's arm draped across her abdomen made it difficult to move. She tried to gently lift his arm off her but as she took hold of his wrist he pulled her in tighter against his body and held her there.

"Pete," she said, thinking he must be awake and be uncharacteristically mischievous . But he didn't reply. "Pete," she tried again, louder this time but still with no response. This is ridiculous, she thought to herself, I need to go take care of myself. "Pete! Get off me," she raised her voice and smacked his hip with her palm. Pete mumbled something before his mouth fell open and a soft snore began.

Diana didn't know what to do, her pussy ached to be attended to, her red thong was soaked through and although she was trying to ignore it Pete's cock was pressed even harder between her arse cheeks. 'Fine,' she decided in defiance of decency, 'I'll do it here'. Her free hand quickly made it's way to her wet underwear and she probed with her fingers through the sodden material, pressing it between her lips. It felt so good to be doing it, to have some kind of stimulation there, she imagined Andrew was sliding his fingers over her crotch, his cock straining in his own underwear until she reached out to free it before taking it in her hand and massaging it. Her fingers pushed her thong to one side and slipped easily through her short pubic hair to her labia. She teased briefly before penetrating herself in a single slick movement. She managed to catch the gasp before she let it out but was sure Pete wouldn't have heard anyway. With her index and middle finger curled up and pushing back and forth between her wet velvety walls her thumb clumsily diddled her clit, moistened it slipped back and forth sending minor waves of pleasure quaking through her body.

Diana loved that she was finally getting what had been building in her mind and crotch for hours now, she loved to masturbate, on her days off, when she had the house to herself she would spend hours laying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide as she gently and slowly brought herself off over and over again.

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