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Saturday- Day three of vacation

Yet I doubt we could be that patient, so eager we are to see each other. Staring into your eyes my hands cup your breasts; I want to read your face as I gently knead and caress them. Would you react at my palms gently stroke your nipples? Perhaps you'd bite your lip and look up at me with sexy yearning as I twist them just a bit.

But soon enough you would be naked before me and pulling my clothes off with the same desire I feel for you. Once we are finally naked I want to kiss you like crazy, squeezing your body to me as tightly as I possibly can, as if trying to make our bodies one. Feel how hard my cock is? That is the effect you've had on me. Do you want it in you? Then tell me. Tell me you want my cock inside of you, inside your sopping, tight pussy. Tell me you want me to fuck you slow. Tell me you can't wait anymore and you want -- need -- to come on my dick. Tell me.

I want you on top of me. Please, look me in the eye as you straddle me and take my cock in your hand. I want to watch the look on your face as you rub the head of my dick up and down your slit. And once you've teased me, once neither of us can stand not being linked in this most intimate way, I want to hear your soft, sweet sigh as you slowly, deliciously lower yourself onto me. Don't take it all at once, move as slowly as you possibly can. After only a couple of inches pull back up so that only the tip of my cock is in you, and then slowly slink back down until finally your lips are pressed firmly against me.

You are sitting straight up on me and your hands are on my chest for balance. My hands are on your hips as I feel you begin to gently rotate and grind on me. We fit together so well, you and I. Do you like the way my pubic bone feels on your clit? Do you like the pressure on your little nub as you squeeze your cunt around my hard cock? Because it feels so good, baby. So fucking good.

Kiss me again. Let me suck on your tongue while you fuck me, while my hands grasp your ass pulling you hard against me, while your tits mash into my chest. You can feel me pushing my hips up at you as my arms wrap around you, holding you tightly to me. You break our kiss so that you can moan freely while we fuck, allowing me to whisper encouragement in your ear. What a hot fuck you are, my dear. Your cunt feels so perfect around my dick and you are riding me so fucking good. I could come right now, you're driving me so wild. But I want to feel you come on me. Ride me good, baby, make yourself come on my cock. I will wait as long as you need. Because, lover, I want you to fuck me now... and then I'm going to fuck you.

Hold my hands as you get close. Weave your fingers in mine and squeeze them as hard as you wish when your orgasm hits you. Do you lose control when you come? Do you make sure anyone who can hear knows that you're getting fucked and you're coming hard? Do you twitch and jerk before you collapse, spent and happy, on top of me?

I will hold your head gently in my hands, my fingers in your hair, as I gently kiss your face and draw you back to earth. Your smile in afterglow is so pretty and fetching, I am tempted to just relax and soak it in. But I have work yet to do.

Rolling you over, still inside of you, I am ready. As much as I want to ride you good and slow I am far too worked up by your sexy display. Drawing out of you as much as I can, I will roll my hips and grind against the walls of you soaking cunt as I fuck back into you. I am only barely in control as my cock begins to move in you faster. Wrap your legs around me and fuck your hips back up at me. Try to wrest control of our lovemaking. It's a sexy naughty game we're playing, but the end of the game is near.

Tell me, darling, where do you want my come? Do you want to feel me spurt inside of you, to feel my cock subtly expand as I thrust madly into your pussy? Or do you want to watch me, have me pull out and shoot my come onto you? Or maybe you want my cock

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