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Nurse Fiona had taken on the daily routine of the evening sponge bath as according to Maria the younger ones were likely to abuse my big dick. Little did Maria know... Fiona cranked up the flirting, teasing me about another woman's lipstick being on her cock, grabbing my shaft at the base and waggling it about as she sternly admonished me. Feeling only the pulsing of my throbbing cock in her fingers, she'd soon grin and slap my knob playfully before jacking me off. The way she quickly and effortlessly got me to orgasm puzzled me.

This went on for several nights, Fiona washing my privates and quickly relieving the load in my balls. After some nights it seemed she was taking more time jacking me than washing me and I didn't mind one bit. The daily routine had now settled to Kate visiting mornings, Kaye in the afternoon, some colleagues and friends, with the odd rich lover showing her face during the day.

Maria did the sponge bath one morning and she seemed surprised at my lack of shame at getting fully erect in the process. Can't help it is all I said, after which Maria finished washing me but ignored my throbbing dick. The blush on her face suggested that while she may have been a seasoned nurse she was most likely a neglected woman as well. Now I should point out that at no point did I initiate any naughty behaviour, not that I was complaining about what I was to endure...

Fiona continued her evening ritual of sponge bath and jacking me off, the loving way she stroked my shaft suggesting she'd be up for more if the opportunity arose. Maria kept up her professional front, keeping a distance but the smile on her face was far from innocent.

In the third week I was moving around by wheelchair, with Fiona taking charge of my travels around the hospital. One of my favourite vantage points was the lobby on my floor, floor to ceiling windows allowing a good view to the harbour in the distance. It also allowed a good view of the nurses coming and going from their break and changing rooms. With the sunlight streaming in, their uniforms became partly transparent and you could see who was wearing what underwear. I'd wheel myself out to the lobby, sit and pretend to read a book in the sun as the nurses walked in and out. It surprised me to see many of the older nurses wearing skimpy underwear, with some looking as though they went naked underneath, could have been a thong or flesh coloured mind you.

Fiona caught me at 'perv central' as she jokingly referred to the lobby and promptly wheeled me away, admonishing me playfully again at perving on other nurses. She'd flirted with me from day one and now she was telling me I'd need no other nurse but her. Under her breath she muttered something about the cast coming off my wrist and hand the next day, and not a moment too soon according to her.

The next night I found out why Fiona had commented about my hand, as she brazenly put my hand between her thighs, letting me feel her naked pussy. As soon as I overcame the momentary shock, my fingers stroked her engorged lips, probing into her juicy slot and as she stroked my cock I finger fucked her. With two fingers up her fanny and my thumb flicking her clit, Fiona stood still, her hand clamped around my dick as she came quietly, just shuddering lightly as her cunt drenched my fingers.

Her glazed over smile, now stroking my dick fiercely, nipples making themselves obvious....mmmm....an older woman in heat! With my fingers still in her hole she bent over and sucked on my dick, stuffing as much as she could into her hungry mouth, slurping and sucking in a somewhat frantic fashion. I gathered she wanted me to coat her tonsils in cum and blasted a load down her throat. She never spilled a drop!

She soon regained her composure, finished her wash up routine and left me lying in bed with a big smile...and fanny juice coated fingers that I could smell until the next morning.

Progress was such that by the fourth week I w

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