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Love of older women with one leg takes Devon to a new place.

Melanie remembered that moment like it was yesterday and though she learned to close her door; she got a thrill thinking some older man might be lingering outside her door or window while she pleasured herself. She threw away Freddie Prinz as the object of her desire, hoping to catch an older man's, like her dad, attention. Her dad was always rather standoffish since that day but she caught him checking her out from time to time. She drew great pleasure from wearing suggestive clothing and occasionally hiking up her top or her skirt when she knew he would be watching her. The new guy on her block was a wonderful substitute for her dad and he was as naughty as she hoped her dad would be with her. She let him play with her chest now as they sat in his living room. Her pussy felt all creamy inside like her first time with her pillow and left her wanting more, so much more. "Man, they are beautiful," I complimented her on them. I pulled her top clear of them and they hung deliciously on my palm and forearm. I leaned forward and kissed her again and she sunk into me again. I kneaded her young breast and enjoyed the feeling of her cool, soft flesh in my hand. Allowing her right one to fall threw my hand, I caught her nipple in my fingers and tweaked it. Melanie moaned in my mouth again and her hands and arms hugged me to her.

"Have you ever had a guy slide his cock between your tits," I asked crudely. I was so turned by this young girl's hot little body and the way she was kissing and hugging back told me I could push on.

"Hunh?" Melanie asked with all the innocence in the world. She looked at me for explanation and smiled.

"Wow," I uttered as I was discovering just how young and na__ve she was. I kissed her hard again and we frenched, Turning slightly toward her, I turned her shoulder in so we were facing each other a little more. I broke my kiss and stared into her eyes. She smiled shyly and giggled.

"You ever touch a guy's cock?" I asked her and watched her eyes for her answer.

Melanie giggled and brought her hand off my chest and threw her head back. Her blonde hair swung in her ponytails. She tried to look cool, but I could tell she was nervous. She nodded a 'yes' but it was a tentative 'yes'. I wondered if it was because she was nervous about my cock and me or she had never touched a cock.

"Really?" I asked to try and ascertain her true answer.

"Yeah," her voice broke and she added, "My boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend used to pull out it out when we were out on a date or sitting on his parent's couch with me and have me play with it." She smiled nervously and giggled as she told her story.

"Really? Where were his parents?" I said as I pictured the lucky pervert sitting watching TV as he got her to tug on his hard-on.

"Oh No, this was after school, they were both working," she said in an almost serious, instructional tone. She glanced down at my lap and I could tell she was gauging my hard-on.

"Did you?" I asked, enjoying this wonderful little question and answer period.

Melanie rolled her eyes and laughed, "oh yeah." From her tone and body gesture, she did it quite often. Her perverted little boyfriend must have gotten himself worked up around her all the time. My mind drew images of her sitting jacking him off as he watched TV.

"Did you like it?" I asked and smiled.

Melanie giggled at the question and her hands fell to her lap and she rubbed her palms up and down her thighs nervously. She paused and answered, "It was alright, but some times my hand would get tired." Melanie giggled as she finished and thought about her ex-boyfriend.

"Wow," I said and smiled at her. I was sitting across from a beautiful young nymphet listening to her sexual exploits. My excitement was almost too much to bear but I wanted to know more. Her young breasts hung free and I reached forward and cupped them both and kneaded them as I kissed her again. Her mouth was so alive and responsive.

"Did you stop?" I asked her as I broke our kiss.

She giggled at my question, I thi

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