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Revelations and surprises, but which is which?

At the start, anyway.

I was amused to see her mound swell slightly while I spanked her, her outer lips pouting, her inner lips puffing up lightly and protruding. There was even a gleam of moisture along her lips but, like I said, I didn't take undue advantage and refrained from poking her in that area.

Her initial screams of pain had quickly dwindled into protests and wriggling, which I considered fair enough. I wasn't spanking her that hard, delivering a lesson rather than a beating. What did surprise me was the note of excitement in her voice as she made her protests. That excitement tended to undercut the effect of her protests. It also made me wonder just how effective a punishment the spanking was.

Satisfied that the lesson had been delivered I swung her back to her feet. Now if you've just pulled down a girl's panties and beaten her bottom you'd expect the first thing she'd do on being released would be to pull up those panties. Not this lady.

She stood there, facing me, hands hovering over her bottom as though wanting to rub it but not quite game. No attempt to cover herself. She was staring at me, a look of shock and excitement on her face. She was flushed and breathing hard, her eyes gleaming with unshed tears.

I stood up and, facing her, I started undoing my trousers.

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"I'm taking off my trousers," I said, pausing for a moment to explain. "If you are still standing in front of me once they are off I am going to remove the rest of your clothes, pick you up, and put you down firmly on my cock. If, on the other hand, you pull up your pants and run to your car, I'll probably let you go."


"Mm. Probably. Too much trouble to pry you out of the car so I don't think I'd bother."

With that I continued to take off my trousers and she continued to watch, her eyes seeming to get bigger and bigger as I proceeded.

At least, with my trousers off she could see I was serious and she was still just standing there, looking at me, flushing harder than ever, mouth slightly open and breathing hard. I moved closer to her and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. I pushed the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, reached around her to unfasten her bra, and pushed that down to join her blouse.

Stepping back for a moment I simply looked her up and down, admiring the sight of her. A very tasty piece of femininity. Then I went down on one knee and moved her pants and panties from knee level to ground level, encouraging her to step out of them.

Pulling her blouse and bra off her wrists I deposited her clothes on the grass by the side of the road. Then I was standing in front of her again, reaching for her.

"Ah, listen," she quickly said. "I don't think. . ."

"I've noticed," I said, breaking into whatever she wanted to say. "Too late now to start."

I pulled her closer to me, hearing her breath catch for a moment when she felt the hard length of me pressing against her. My hands closed over the cheeks of her bottom, holding firmly.

"Hands on my shoulders," I told her, and she placed them there, holding tightly. I lifted her by her bottom, dragging her against my erection, noting that her legs were parting and moving around me.

I lifted her until my erection slipped between her legs and then I started lowering her. I was lucky. I found no need to grope around to hit the right spot, her lips yielding and admitting me at first contact. Just like that my cock was moving into her.

I relaxed my grip on her bottom, letting her weight do the work. She gave a little squeak, hands and legs tightening their grip on me, trying to hold herself up off my cock. Well, not trying to hold herself off it; more trying to control the rate at which she descended onto it.

It didn't really matter of she was helping or hindering, I slid into place with a minimum of fuss, sheathing myself in her with no dramas. While doing that I also took a few steps closer to her car, giving me something of a nice height to place her bottom.

Her bottom hit the

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