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Secret lovers share a tryst in a store's dressing room.

My own orgasm was filling my hands with a ton of cum, too, and it took everything in me not to shout and give the whole voyeurism thing away. This was so hot I was just hoping I wouldn't ruin a good thing. I was hooked, I wanted more. And the craziest thing of all was I wanted some of that cock, too.

I realized that I was probably losing track of time so I got up from the floor and cleaned up quickly. As I rounded the corner to the kitchen downstairs I almost crashed into Mariah. She had come looking for me to say she was leaving, and boy did she look frazzled. What was she thinking, the lovely slut.

But I grabbed her and pulled her around the corner and laid a kiss on her sex bruised lips, tasting another man's semen in her mouth, still bitter and delicious! I was really aroused by the taste and where it had come from. She was reluctant at first then gave in to my thirst and let me drink in the last it. She felt warm and soft in my arms as I swirled my tongue in her mouth, savoring the flavored sex of another man. A man I liked. A taste I needed more of.

"Wow, honey! Where did that come from?"

She blushed, as if she weren't already sex flushed. She tried to free herself from my hug, but not too seriously.

"It came from my heart, babe," I smiled. "Something's put me in a great mood. You look pretty happy yourself."

"I think Jerome is looking for you," she said and gave me a funny look.

"Yah, I've been looking, too. I gotta go help the crew. What a fucking night!"

We kissed again, my tongue searching out the last lingering molecules of her lover's jism.

"See you at home," she said and left before we would both be meeting my boss together.

That night I brought my IPad to our bed. We used to watch porn together sometimes and I thought it was time to revive the practice. Besides, watching others having sex had reminded me of an all time favorite of mine.

In it a woman slowly and tenderly fucked a very long, erect penis with her hands....squeezing and stroking the shiny purple cock, so obviously aching with pleasure as her manicured fingers moved up and back down. We snuggled and kissed as together we watched her masturbate the faceless man, as his moans and sighs kept building while her hands worked his lengthy erection.

As the sighs got louder and the streams of cum began to shoot out, I whispered to Mariah that this was the thing most erotic to me of all: watching a man shoot his load in ropes of white cream on or in almost anything. She nodded and said it drove her wild, too. Then she laughed and squeezed my cock, which was aching to feel her hands, her mouth, her pussy.

We fucked like we used to when we were first in love. Who knows what she was really thinking about her own secret, but I wanted to nudge her closer to mine. And she seemed as hungry for me as I had ever felt as we made love that night. I knew that I was thrilled at my discovery, only wanting to get another show. How was I going to pull that off?

For days the image of my handsome young boss fucking my wife's face kept me in a half state of arousal, having to relieve myself more than usual and cuming in the biggest way. I have to admit that half the time I was beginning to change the fantasy more and more to me sucking the cock of my boss and licking his juices as he exploded in My face. Yes, it was something to admit to myself and then see what I could do about it.

The fact that I knew he was banging Mariah didn't bother me, it elated me. I was in better spirits at work, him never the wiser to my good moods. I did start to pay more attention to her comings and goings which wasn't easy with my schedule and the Holiday festivities she was involved in. But I just kept hoping for a sign of another rendezvous.

As it turned out, four days before Christmas I got my wish. The first tip off was the stockings again.

"What's the occasion?" I startled her as she was putting on her earrings.

She jumped, but recovered fast, saying she had been given extra

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