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"Ah! Alexandria, sorry to get you out of bed but a letter arrived from the light raiders that concerns you."

I sat down next to my father and he handed me a letter that said:

" To Lucifer, I request that you attend a summit to discuss the release of Alexandria Orion. I'm sure that we can come to some arrangement. If you would be so good as to meet me at the gate tomorrow at noon? Many thanks. Lord Gabriel "
I finished reading the letter and handed it back.

"What do you think we should do?" I asked.

"That's why I called for you. It's up to you. What do you want to do? Keep in mind that if you do go back, they'd be keeping a closer eye on you. Also, we wouldn't be able to make any contact with you. It would be very dangerous. Again, its up to you."

I thought about it for a few minutes. "It would be a good opportunity to see what they're doing and I am friends with the princess. Getting in isn't a problem and they're still looking elsewhere for me. They don't suspect that I'm the shadow raider princess. As long as you use a decoy to keep them off my tail."

There was a long silence then John said, "With all due respect, we don't think that this is a good idea, putting the princess in harm's way. Is there another way, my lord?"

Alexander answered, "Unfortunately not. They want her back. If they attack us here, we'll be sitting ducks. We have no way of defending ourselves. At least this way we can get information on them and keep them away from us until we can build up our numbers.

"Anyway, they don't know what are princess looks like, so we can use this to our advantage."

I smiled at Alexander, glad he was backing me.

"I don't like the situation myself, but Alexander is right. Before we do this, we should deal with William to make sure that he doesn't escape and warn them. Alexander, John, Michael-would you bring William up here please?" my father said.

They bowed and left the room. "Father, could I talk to you privately please?" I asked.

He nodded and motioned for everyone else to leave the room.

"What's wrong, Alexandria?".he sounded concerned

"I don't know how to explain this with out sounding crazy, but here goes. I've been seeing things that have already happened. I saw you and mother walking towards a building lined with torches and Alexander spoke to you about a baptism? And also something that Alexander never told you-he helped mum escape from the castle during the attack. He held them off until mum could get away. He saved my life. What I don't understand is how I can see these things. It's like a film in my head."

I waited for my father to say that I was completely crazy and should be locked up. "When did the first one happen?" he asked.

"A few weeks ago, before we rescued you," I said.

"I need to explain a few things to you. The reason you see these things is because your grandfather had what we call premonitions. Visions of the past or the future. We weren't sure whether or not you had this ability or not."

There was a disturbance outside the door. "We'll continue this discussion later."

He gave me a kiss on the forehead. The doors burst open and Alexander, Michael and John entered, dragging William between them. He was kicking and screaming the house down, begging them not to take him to my father. They threw him at my father's feet. Almost instantly he became a sobbing wreck.

Damien stood next to me just in case William tried anything.

"Stand up, William, and face me like a man!"

William slowly stood up in front of my father.

"Do you know why you've been locked up, William?" My father stared at him, his expression stony and neutral.

William was silent. Damien sat next to me just in case William tried anything.

"Answer me!" my father said, in a tone that made every one in the room shake with fear.

"Be-because I-I tried t-to k-kill y-your d-daughter." William finally stuttered out.

"Well, well, so you do have a brain after all. Why did you try to kill her?"

"Because if she lives, the light raiders will die and I can't allow that." William said.

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