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It's time to talk to you about the mysterious sounds I hear.

She missed laying in bed watching him work at his large table, plotting out their course and keeping them on track. She remembered the way the muscles in his legs moved as he walked around the table. They way his breeches hugged his thighs and how his shirt stretched across his back. She also missed sharing his large bed with him. She allowed herself a small smile as she recalled her initial horror at having to do so.

She shifted uncomfortably as other memories drifted into her mind. The night of his unsuccessful seduction and then the night that she had finally seduced him. The hours they had spent in bed together, making love and the times they had snuck up on deck and enjoyed the moonlight. The night of her birthday party...had they danced about the deck only last night? It seemed an eternity. A tear slipped down her cheek and she swiped at it angrily. He was not worth her tears. She would put him out of her mind and get on with her life. She rolled over again and eventually drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

After a couple of days of familiarizing themselves with Williamsburg and the surrounding farming options, Forrester had finally come up with a reasonable and mostly true reason for going back to the ship so that he could report to Drake. He'd written his mother a letter telling her that he was staying in America. He was going to give it to Drake to take back to England. And since he doubted that Virginia would want to see him, he didn't have to worry about her coming along.

"Miss...um...Virginia, I've written a letter to me mum that I was hoping Cap'in Stratford would take back to England for me. Do you have any letters you'd like to send? If so, I can take them with me."

Virginia thought she should write to Violet and let her know that she had arrived safely. She would love the twist in the tale that Drake Stratford turned out to be the captain of the ship. However, she was afraid that he would read the letter and maybe not deliver it. "I think I'll write a letter later and take it to one of the other ships. Thank you for asking though."

"I can take your letter to another ship if you like. It's no bother."

"Are you sure, Forrester?"

"Yes miss. Um, I mean, Virginia." He stopped, momentarily flustered, and a blush rose on his cheeks. He was having a hard time keeping his stories straight and remembering what lies he had told and what truths, and now he had the added burden of remembering to call her Virginia. He was used to using his muscles, not his brains. "I just don't think the harbor is a particularly safe place for a lady by herself, no matter what the time of day. But I'm used to harbors and sailors, so if you have a letter I can take it with me."

"All right, if you can wait a few minutes." She sat down and tried to tell Violet the whole story of being caught stealing food, and discovering that Drake Stratford was the captain and how he had tricked and used her and now she was stuck in this strange town where everything was different. She was certain that the letter was going to make even Violet's hair curl when she read it. She also asked to let her know what was happening in regards to her disappearance especially where Charles was concerned. She folded the letter and put it in an envelope which she addressed to Violet.

"Here you go Forrester. I do appreciate you doing this for me."

"Not a problem...Virginia." He left the hotel and headed for the harbor where Drake was anxiously awaiting him.

"She hardly mentions you Cap'in. I can see that she's not happy and I think she wishes she was back home in England. She has this letter that she wants to send. I told her that I would send it on another ship and not give it to you. I don't think she trusts you to not read it, sir."

Drake took the letter from him and recognized the name of Virginia's flirtatious friend. Thankfully there wasn't a letter to Charles. He would find Violet and deliver the letter personally. Maybe he could find out a little more about Virginia, if Violet was willing to talk.

"So, Forrester, w

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