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On the lake with the McCallums.

I knew she was desperate when her second hand came to the rescue.

"Please, please, please Daddy. It look so fucking yummy, I want to taste it. I know you need a good cocksucking!" Pamela was virgin in many ways, and I knew her mother would have to be there when her fianc__ fucked her first. I looked towards her and all three women were silently watching. Princess showed no objection. I turned my head to see Max mouthing cunt and ass of the maids while they were bent over giving Peter and Lance their second blowjobs. My mothers hot mouth was smacking and then it 'popped' off of Duke's knob.

"She knows she has to wait to have sex honey, so just let her blow her fathers tasty fucking cock" she whispered. "I remember when I first ate you, better than your father's milk. I should warn the little minx that she can choke on all of that cum."

Pammy was jerking my cock and I was ready to cum. I smiled my consent and then heard her mother.

"Suck your Dad's cock baby, empty his fucking nuts for him." Pammy was on me that instant barely getting my huge cock in her mouth. She quickly became frustrated for she couldn't even get the crown in. She tried too hard.

"Watch me darling, watch how I eat your big cousin's cock" mother gurgled with his huge cockhead in her mouth. And then she smoothly lowered her face taking what she could comfortably. She sucked calmly and breathed from her nose as the women of the house had learned to do with Duke and me. She slurped her way up to the crown, opened her mouth wide for her young girl audience, and began swabbing and lapping at the cockhead. When her mouth filled with spittle, she plunged her head down the shaft soaking his cock with her warm wet mouth. Pammy would try to match my mothers instruction, but soon my cum-hungry mother was gagging herself again trying to swallow Dukes full length. Pammy meanwhile used her hand and tongue, licking every inch of my cock in frantic pace. She jacked with one hand and raped her virgin pussy with the other.

"Ulpp, ulp, ohh". "Gulp, aghh, Unngh". "Ulpp, uhhng". Duke's cock had exploded in mother's throat. She had to swallow as she choked, her head snapping with each contraction of his cock. She was getting her bellyful of hot thick goo.

It was so lewd that my cock exploded. No sooner had my sweetie fit the knob behind her teeth, I lodge a thick wad that stuck in her throat. Her body jerked and I knew that it caught her off guard. I jerked my cock to free her mouth, but her trapped face was dragged along with it. The second wad was even heavier as I pent this cum up for hours. It hit her throat and forced the prior load down, I felt her swallow with momentary relief. But now this wad was stuck and she recoiled back. She tried to wrench her mouth free and bit the shit out of my dick.

It only expanded in lust, keeping her locked, and my next two wads filled her mouth 'till it ran from the corners and bubbled around her lips. My thick cream now covered her windpipe and cum escaped through her nose. She somehow controlled the load and instinctively shoved my cock to the back of her throat so she could breath around the shaft. It took her three more explosions to figure it out. The expanding of my dick trapped her so, directly after it expanded, on the reload, she snatched her mouth free of my cock. "Plop", it came. "Ahhh, hucuk, aghuk, ulmp" she caught her breath. She stayed there coughing, unable to fight against three to five long ropes of cum that covered her nose, face and cheeks.

"Ahhgn, ulmp, aghh".

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