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Kidnapping, war, and slavery are only the beginning.

Collins asked looking at the boys over his thick glasses.

The boys still didn't say anything but just nodded.

"Good then you two better quit fighting. You are going to be brothers for the rest of your lives. You'll always be family," Mr. Collins went on.

"Yes your father is right boys. Now both of you go clean yourselves up. You are a mess. I'll bring some icepacks for your eyes."

The twins both headed up stairs and took turns washing their faces and grabbed some tissues for their bloody noses. They didn't talk. It was an uncomfortable silence and then they headed off to their own rooms.

Mrs. Collins brought each one an icepack and warned them once again not to be fighting.

Darren laid on his bed still finding it hard to believe he fought with his brother. He didn't really hate his brother. He loved him more than anything or anyone in the world. He only wished Marc knew that. Guilt washed over Darren as he lay on his bed. He would have to go apologize to his brother and hoped Marc would forgive him.

Marc sat on his bed covering his huge black eye with the icepack. How only hoped his black eye would go away before school started. He wondered if Darren felt bad about their fight. Marc felt so awful that he had hurt his brother the way he did. Why would he have even told him such ugly and nasty things? He had to apologize; the sooner the better.

The next day the twins' parents were at work as always and Marc was already packing more clothes and school supplies. He heard a knock on the door and saw his twin standing there looking so somber. Darren's right eye was so a dark blue color. Marc almost laughed but remembered his own eye as dark blue as his brothers.

"Hey uh look sorry about yesterday," Darren began to apologize. He kept his eyes down trying not to look embarrassed.

Marc shrugged, "Hey that's alright. I'm sorry too. We've never gotten that violent have we?"

Darren looked up at his twin. He laughed but stopped smiling quickly since his mouth hurt after Marc punched it. "Owww fuck I can't even laugh. Shit!"

Marc tried to laugh as well. "Yeah me either. Hurts too damn much."

Darren's sad eyes were glued to his twin. Marc walked closer to his brother and put his arms around him giving him a nice brotherly hug. Darren was surprised at first but gave in embracing his brother.

"I love you man," Marc said softly.

Darren held his brother tightly. He knew Marc was always so nice and polite and he only wished he could be that way. "I-I love you too bro." Darren responded patting his brother's back.

They both smiled at each other and looked at each other in silence.

"So you leaving this weekend already huh?" Darren blurted out trying to break the silence.

Marc nodded. "Uh yeah I'm packing up right now. Do you wanna come in?"

Darren walked in his brother's room. Yes they were both definitely opposites. Marc's room was so clean and neat while Darren always had a huge mess. Posters of The Verve and Blur hung from Marc's room while Darren's wall was covered with Nine Inch Nails and Marylin Manson posters.

"I wish my room could be this clean," Darren said as he sat on his brother's bed.

Marc started to fold his shirts and pack them neatly in his huge suitcase. "Well if you cleaned up a bit bro it could be like this."

Darren laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling. His whole face still hurt but he was glad he and his twin had forgiven each other. "Marc? Uh I didn't mean any of the things I said. I swear."

Marc stopped packing and went over to sit on the bed. He looked down at his brother trying to look into his eyes. He saw the damage he'd done to his poor brother's eye. "I didn't mean anything either bro. You know I was just pissed off because I'm jealous of you."

Darren raised himself up staring at his twin. "Jealous? Of me? Why?"

Marc shrugged, "Well for starters, you get to go out with some really sexy girls."

Darren chuckled. "You can get those girls too bro but you have to look like me."


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