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A nerd is suduced into lesbianism through hypnosis.

There was a large cylindrical vat of some kind, made of silvery metal, that stood about six-feet-tall. A couple of consoles flanked the vat, with all sorts of complex readings displayed in holographic text, and curved graphs seemed to track the progress of something in the vat. Finally, there was a large square table that looked something like a tray, and was illuminated in a soft turquoise glow. The cylindrical vat had metallic tubes coming out of it, that swept around and connected to the odd table. Covering the bottom of the tray was a viscous light grey liquid of some kind, that glimmered, and caught the light.

"I thought you were my Chief Engineer, not my mad scientist," he said to Dana light heartedly.

She cackled manically, and cried out, "It's alive!"

Once the laughter had died down, Dana strode over to the Engineering Podium, and leaned over one of her consoles. She tapped away at the keyboard, until she nodded with satisfaction a few seconds later.

She pressed a button, and then nodded towards Alyssa, saying, "Whenever you're ready!"

Alyssa grinned, turning towards the tray, and John noticed what looked to be a holographic shape floating over the table-like apparatus. They watched spellbound as the blonde girl reached out her hand, and made a gentle upwards motion. The liquid began to spiral upwards, under her careful direction, moving sluggishly beneath the holographic image of a tube. The liquid had a bizarre icy structure to it, and it reminded John more of half-melted slush than any form of water.

Moving her guiding hand slowly, Alyssa sheared off a large piece of the crystalline liquid, and carefully moulded it into a perfect replica of the holographic tube. She then floated it over to John, and dropped it into his hand. He was surprised to find it slightly warm to the touch, rather than cool, as he had been expecting.

"Alright, I'm intrigued," he said with a grin. "What is it?"

"That, my handsome man," Dana said jovially, "is a reinforced Maliri and Etherite crystal compound, formed into an XR 75 railgun barrel."

John smiled at her, and said good naturedly, "Something tells me you're itching to go into more detail."

Dana nodded at him eagerly, and slapped her hand down on the red button on one of her engineering consoles. The lights went out on the other side of the Engineering Lab, and a second later a bewilderingly complex chemical formula was displayed in scientific notation.

"That's the formula for this crystalline gel," she said proudly, nodding towards the light grey liquid in the large tray. "I took the reinforced crystal formula that the Maliri use for their crystal armour, then mixed it with Etherite crystals to form a new compound. It's a lot more robust than the base Maliri version."

Calara looking impressed, and asked enthusiastically, "Could we replace the armour on the Invictus with this compound? Replate ourselves in crystal armour, like the Maliri do with their ships?"

Dana looked chagrined as she replied, "Yes, but it would take forever using the manufacturing equipment I have here. If we could get full access to that Maliri shipyard, they must have some kind of large scale crystal cultivation facility to grow their armour plating. With Alyssa's help, and a few tons of Etherite crystals, I could cook us up a special batch of super crystal and we'd be in business."

Calara nodded, and asked curiously, "How about the properties of this super crystal? How does it compare to our triple forged Alyssium plating?"

Dana replied enthusiastically, "That's a very good question! The Maliri crystal is about six times more resilient than standard Titanium plating, and by adding Etherite crystals to the mix, it makes it even tougher and psychically responsive."

The Latina grinned and said, "That all sounds wonderful, but I sense a big but coming along."

Dana glanced at her pert posterior with a raised eyebrow, before continuing with a smile, "Yes, that's right.

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