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Housing Benefits Officer from the City Council. This is my card.'

I opened the door, 'Come in, Dear, I am Terry.' I put out my hand to her and she took it and shook my hand. I held onto it and looked searchingly into her eyes. They were hazel. She looked back and didn't take her hand back. The signals were passed between us in that moment. Damn it! I had not lost it, I could still do it!

I took my hand back from her now sweaty palm, or was it mine?. I asked her to sit and she did, primly trying hard to tuck a too short skirt in around her shapely thighs. I moved a seat to sit right opposite to her (cos of me eyesight yer know!) and said, 'Why your visit Miss Harper?'

I was studying her, she had opened her jacket to reveal a white shirt and a pinkish bra beneath, just a restraining bra, see through almost. She must have seen my gaze because she pulled her jacket together a bit, but when she reached down to her brief case much to my joy it opened even further.

'I have to ask you a lot of questions Terry, please call me June if you wish me to use your christian name. Some of my questions maybe you will think very personal, but, I am sorry I do have to have the answers.'

'Fire away, June. Be as personal as you like!'

Her face coloured as she became aware that I was staring at her nipples which had erected somewhat because I was thinking she may have clocked John Thomas, who was getting my horny messages to him loud and clear and was growing in sympathy with the Housing Ladies thimble-like nipples.

'Does anyone else live in this house with you, such as lodgers or children?'

'No, no one.'

'Have you worked, been paid a salary since you last declared to us?'

'No. You said you were wearing knickers, what colour are they, do they match your bra?'

'I ask the questions, Mr. Wilkinson, not you!' They are pink too.'

'That's nice. I can see your bra. You might be kidding me as to the colour of your knickers. Are they knickers or panties. What's the difference, June?'

'Please, Terry, stop what you are doing. You do not know what you are doing to me with your very naughty chatter. Can you put something over your lap, what I can see is distracting.'

'You asked me if I had someone living here with me and I told you no. I was lying to you, there is this fellow here, his name is John Thomas, you want me to bring him out so you can see him, June?'

She lay back in her seat with her eyes closed muttering, 'oh! No, no, no , no!' Her knees came apart to reveal her pink panties. Pink panties with a wet patch highlighting her pussy.

'June Harper, you want JohnT don't you?'

She sat up, not bothering to close her legs and looked into my eyes. 'I have wanted you since I spoke to you on the phone. Your voice was so sexy, it made me wet listening to you. I came here for sex with you. Actually I am finished work and this interview is scheduled in my tomorrows work load. Yes I want your cock, Terry. I have not had sex for 4 years and I have been feeling so horny of late.'

'Hang on let me make a phone call just so as I can warn Alice not to disturb us. Horny old bitch will be over here and scratching your eyes out if I don't..' I tuned away from her to the phone and rang Alice. 'Hell! She is still out!'

'Are you cohabiting with her?'

'Woweeee! What does that mean?'

'Are you living together as husband and wife, Terry?'

'Omigod! No! Me living with old Alice? You have to be joking you do.'

'Having sex then?'

'Yes to that........... her daughter too! Just doing my duty, think they come for the bum sex really, they both love John Thomas here.' Her eyes were on my cock so I shook him at her, ' Isn't he nice? ' Her mouth was open. her tongue dripping saliva. I continued, ' Yes, they love this fellow right up their posterior channels. What about you, are you partial to anal gymnastics too, June?'

'Oh! Terry! What do I say to that? You dirty lovely old man! My ex-husband used to do it that way to me.

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