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Discipline of a young lawyer.

Well, my dad helped me fix up the bike so it turned out pretty good, but the lesson was learned and I rarely went out over the edge again. My parents noticed the change in the way I acted too and I am sure they were very thankful for that. They no longer had to walk on pins and needles around me.

How did I control my temper in the years that ensued? I plotted my revenge. If someone had wronged me I would think for hours on end how I would get even with them. How I would make them pay for what they had done. With the plotting my temper would cool and I never actually got to the point of exacting my revenge. The bomb was diffused and life moved on.

I knew that was not going to happen this time. While I lay in the hospital I started plotting my revenge. I would fix Roger good and I would fix Nancy too. I would make them pay.

It didn't take me long to determine what I was going to do. Now, all I had to do was put the people in place to help me and get out of the hospital so I could make it happen.

I called Jim Burton, the manager of the Rolling Hills Estates health club that we owned. He came up to the hospital to see me and I asked him to poke around and find out everything he could about Roger on the QT. When I asked him to do that he got a very funny look on his face.

"John, I already know some things about Roger, but I will look into his activities further," he said.

"What is it you know Jim?" I asked.

"Well, his name never has come out, but I am certain he is the reason for several marriage breakups among members of our club," he shared.

"Well Jim, he is the reason I am here and he is the reason my marriage is in a shambles too," I groaned.

"I understand John," he replied, "And I will do everything I can to get you specifics on him."

"Thanks Jim, and until I tell you, just keep all of this under your hat, ok?" I asked.

"Sure," he said, "Get better quick boss."

When Jim got back to me he told me that rumor had it that Nancy and Roger had been having an affair for the last two months. He was her personal trainer and those around the club had heard him coming on to her a number of times and she never told him to stop. All of the ladies liked Roger because he was a first class hunk, and most of them were speculating that he and Nancy were getting it on.

Jim told me that Roger fucked Sue Johnson, Mary Jo Lewis, Jane Baldwin, Sally Doral and others. Three of the marriages were ruined and ended in divorce. One lady had a nervous breakdown because of him and numerous marriages were in trouble.

I told him to lay low on that information until I told him when to move. Then Jim was going to fire Roger for sexual harassment of members. It would be quick and easy with no repercussions to the club.

When I got out of the hospital I went home and saw my wife. She begged me, "Please John, can't we talk about this?"

I told her, "I am not going to discuss this with you at this time Nancy. I am going to move out for a while, but eventually I will be back."

I packed some bags and got ready to leave.

"Nancy," I said, "I am going to move into the condo. Please do not come there and do not call me there."

After I moved into our downtown condo I made all the necessary contacts to execute my plan and waited until my body was healed.

Nancy did not listen to me and called me every day while I was there. Eventually I started to take the calls but always just told her that she needs to wait for me to work through the problem that she had created. I refused to meet her or discuss what had happened and certainly not what I was going to do.

Then it was time to execute my revenge.

I told Jim to have Roger stay late at the club on that Friday night. He was to meet a new client that needed a personal trainer. It was a natural way to get him there alone.

At 9:30 p.

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