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After work there is play for pay.

That's true too guys! So I got me a fuckin' fantastic idea. Let's see how it works out?"

He clipped a dog leash to Conrad's collar and then did the same to Barbie's collar. He pointed to the door.

"Walk! Both of you!"

They both walked out the door and down the hallway with Rod chuckling as he held their leashes. He instructed each of them and they walked out of the door and into the yard. He pointed to the barn. They walked to the barn wondering what the hell he was up to?

Inside of the barn he unclipped Barbie's collar and pointed to a ladder.

"You first! Up the ladder and wait for us there!" He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back slightly before releasing her again. "And climb up nice an' slow Barbie! I wanna see that fine tight ass as ya go up!"

Barbie grabbed the ladder and began to climb as Rod stood under and smiled looking up her dress. He glanced at Conrad who was also looking up her dress and noted the bulge in his pants crotch.

"You're next computer geek! Climb up!"

Conrad said nothing but began to climb up and stopped on the landing beside Barbie as Rod flowed him still holding the leash. They were both surprised by the loft. On one side were some weights and a punching bag. In the middle was what appeared to be a boxing or wrestling ring complete with a raised mat and ropes and turn-buckled posts. And to the other side were a small table and chairs, a fridge, a counter with a microwave, sink, and some cabinets, and along the wall a large four-posted bed with two small lamps on end tables on each side of the big bed.

They took in the scene and looked at him questioningly.

"Back when I raised horses and such I had a farm hand who stayed up here mostly. He was practicin' to be a prizefighter. Never got far boxin' and such, but he loved the sport. Anyhow that don't matter one bit. The thing is I got to thinkin' 'bout you two and this little wild struggle between ya and I got an idea."

He pointed to the ring.

"Go on both of you. Go to the ring and see them two stools there? Each of ya have a seat opposite each other."

They both looked nervous and confused as they silently entered the ring and he unclipped their collars and pointed to the stools. They walked to their respective places and sat down. Rod smiled and entered the ring. He stood in the middle for a moment and then approached Barbie and tossed a 'Crown Royal' bag on the floor beside her stool. He turned and did the same for Conrad.

He walked back over to the middle of the ring and pulled out a hot pink ball gag and placed it on the matt floor. Then he approached Conrad and told him to stand in that corner and wait for instructions. Conrad stood and Rod removed the small wooden stool. He did the same with Barbie before moving outside of the ring and to a small table with a single folding stool behind it and a small bell on the table.

"Conrad wanted to fuck you Barbie and you didn't want Conrad to fuck you. He fixed your computer so you felt obliged to accept the date. Even gave his ass a blowjob. But he wanted more and you feel like ya gave enough already. Now Conrad you think Barbie's a bit of a tease and a slut and that she should put out for you after you did her a favor. So you hoped to take advantage of her by isolating her and forcing her to do what you wanted. Didn't work so good, but you gave it a shot and got your dick sucked. I almost helped you to really nail her before moving on to punishing you. But then I thought about some of the circumstances and what ifs? So here we are!"

They still looked confused.

"Oh this ain't boxing and there's no hitting allowed although I won't count spanking a butt as hitting. But basically no rough blows between you two! Otherwise I'll step in hard and quick!"

Barbie looked at Conrad and then back to Rod.

"Here's what I want you two to do.

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