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A housewife finally finds herself sexually.

Willows as well. He looked at her startled.

"Congratulations, sir. I hope you know just how special my mother is," she told him.

"I do," he smiled.

"I better go before Jeff gets tired of waiting and leaves me." She left the room and was about to open the front door when her mother called out to her.

"You've made me very happy." She hugged her daughter again.

"When you're happy mother, so am I," was Kasey's reply.

Jeff stood shifted his weight at he stood at the front of the house. Two carriages waited patiently behind him. Turning to the carriage nearest to him, he spoke to Jordan.

"I just left her inside and I'll bet ten pounds she's probably forgotten some silly female paraphernalia,"

"It is in a woman's prerogative to be like that" was Jordan's reply from within the carriage.

"Laura has never been "like that"" muttered Jeff sourly as he gave his pocket watch a glance for the twelfth time.

"Ah yes, Laura, the beauty in the village you've taken a liking to," his friend chuckled. "I thought I would never have lived to see the day you fell for someone. I must admit you caught me by surprise when you told me last night."

"I thought I never would ever since Gwen laughed at my proposal and told me she desired a man, not a boy fresh out of college," Jeff said bitterly.

"So tell me what does this Laura have that makes your heart stir?" Jordan asked quickly changing the subject of his friend's first love.

Jeff expression turned from one of sour to happy.

"She has the face of an angel, the body of a Greek goddess and the mind I will never understand if I live to be a thousand," he smiled.

"Tell me does your Laura have a sister?" laughed Jordan as he watched Jeff's star struck expression.

"No, my dear friend, the mold was broken when she came into this world. Why? Thinking of settling down yourself?" asked Jeff.

"Of course not." was the reply.

"Just the proverbial "roll in the hay"? Laura's not that kind of girl. She's a kindred spirit, you grow old with her, you love her..." Jeff said dreamily.

"Have you considered giving up the life of a banker and joining Shakespeare in London to write sonnets and plays?" Jordan laughed so hard he was close to tears.

"Laugh now my friend. Your day will come when a female enters your mind ever waking minute and finds a permanent place in your heart." Jeff told him.

"Does Laura love you as well?" Jordan asked. The door at the front house opened slowly.

"She loves me. She just doesn't know it yet."

Kasey stood on the top of the stairs watching her brother and his friend at the carriages. Their heads were so close together as they whispered; they looked like they were up to no good.

"I hope you two are not planning anything mischievous," she began as she climbed down the stairs, "I'm sorry for keeping you, but Mrs. Sobers proved to be quite slippery when I tried to catch her." She nodded towards the cat she was holding.

"I swear Kasey you could have left that feline at home." He opened the empty carriage for his sister to enter.

"Mrs. Sobers will be lonely if I left her here," frowned Kasey.

Just then Emma came outside. She paused to sneeze into a well worn handkerchief.

Jeff waited for her to climb in alongside Kasey before closing the door.

"Your allergies are acting up again?" he asked her.

"Yes my lord and it will only get worse, I'm afraid." She sneezed again.

"I'm sorry to hear that." he said.

"We better be off if we are to reach the village by nightfall," the Morgan's groomsman Peter said. He moved his stocky body to the front of the first coach.

"I'll be in the next coach with Jordan. Do you think you can keep yourself busy till we get there?" Jeff asked Kasey.

"I'm not a child Jeff. I can be left on my own you know." She made herself comfortable in her seat. "Besides you are going to be in the coach behind me aren't you?"

Jeff shrugged and placed his hands in his pants pockets. "If you say so, sister dearest."

"Do you think Mrs.

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