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A guy finds himself in a live TV show with celebrities.

I won't bore you with details, but I became convinced she either wanted or was having an affair with our neighbor. I began to plot and scheme about how I was going to catch them. I would not be a cuckold.

I'm not sure who was more surprised when it finally happened, me or her. After secretly monitoring her activities, I was convinced she had planned a tryst one particular day. I worked at the time nearly 90 miles away and she knew that once gone to work, I was not likely to appear any time soon. What she did not plan for was that I would leave as though going to work, and hide out nearby, only to return well before expected. I found a place for breakfast and after an appropriate 90 minute wait, called the house, ostensibly to ask some inane question, while in reality setting the stage for my unexpectedly early return. I told her I was at work; I bitched about the terrible traffic; and complained about idiot drivers I had contended with. I figured she would now be at ease. I waited a bit over 30 minutes and figured the time had come.

I parked around the corner and snuck through a neighbor's yard toward my house. When I got to the side of the house, I could hear muffled talking, laughing, and giggling coming from the downstairs spare bedroom. Yet, I was confused when I looked into the driveways of my and my next-door neighbors homes and did not see my neighbor's car as I was sure I would. I tried to glance through the window but the curtain was pulled tightly. When I tried to enter the back/basement door, which I had left unlocked, I found it locked and chained.

Unable to contain myself, I marched to the front door. Fearing I would find that too chained, I was shocked to find it both unlocked and unchained. My thoughts reeled -- anger, confusion, uncertainty and curiosity warred for supremacy. Finally, I could contain myself no more and barged into the house and stalked down the half flight of stairs into the basement.

I was surprised all right -- as were my fully clothed and thoroughly stoned wife and my neighbor's 19 year old son Ron. My wife looked at me with partially glazed eyes, confused for a moment at my presence then proceeded to launch into uncontrollable giggles and Larry handed me his pipe and said, "Want to get stoned?"

The adrenaline rush I was feeling had my pulse pounding and my blood flowing, my body tensed for almost anything but what I had found. Combined with a sense of relief, I felt a sense of euphoria as though I were sky high on speed or coke. I flopped onto the side of the bed, took the pipe and inhaled the powerful and sweet herbaceous smoke, held it, exhaled, and inhaled again. My wife sat beside me to my left and took the pipe, inhaled, then passed it to Ron who had sat upon the side of the bed to her left.

I had always found marijuana to be particularly sexually stimulating. Having already been thinking of sex, it was not long before I felt aroused beyond belief or control. To this day, I am unsure whether I had simply forgotten in my drugged condition that Larry was there, I did not care, or intended something to happen. If it was the latter, I was not disappointed.

I placed my arm around my wife's waste and nuzzled her ear and the nape of her neck with my tongue. She placed her warm hand on my thigh and began to teasingly stroke my thigh, moving higher with each stroke. I turned my body to her and began to caress her body with my free right hand. I could feel her breathing quicken and when I reached her breast, her nipple was hard and erect. My wife's hand was grasping my manhood through my clothing.

When I reached my hand between her legs I became aware again of Ron as I realized our two hands were seeking the same treasure between her thighs. I looked over and my wife's other hand was needing his crotch as she simultaneously kneaded mine.

I whispered into

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