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Is Dottie's husband everything he seems to be?

hat champagne makes a girl's nipples hard?"

"Huh?" Cindy sputtered. She saw Eric stare at her ample chest and looked down. Sure enough, her erect nipples were very noticeable through her thin T-shirt. "Well, we all have them, you know. What's the big attraction?"

"I've never seen them for real," Eric replied with a sly grin. "That's what makes them so intriguing. Want to show me your tits?"

Cindy blushed. "Marilyn's right. You are a perverted pig! I haven't had that much to drink, you know."

Gary felt a shock, like lightning, go through him when he heard their exchange. "She didn't say she wouldn't show him, just that she wasn't that drunk yet," he thought to himself. Eric had the nerve to ask right in front of Marilyn, too. I should speak up, but instead, I'm getting a hard on just listening to them tease each other.

The edgy moment passed quickly. Marilyn asked for a refill and Eric busied himself with pouring another round for everybody.

"We need some snacks to go with all this booze," Marilyn stated and rose to go to Eric's boat.

"I'll help," Cindy volunteered as she followed Marilyn into the cabin.

Marilyn spoke when they were below, in the cabin. "That Eric. He's such a tease. Pay no attention to his drunken rants."

"I've known Eric longer than you have, Marilyn. I'm used to his crude remarks. He's an incurable sex maniac, but I love that in a man. Sometimes, I wish Gary wasn't so straight all the time."

Marilyn glanced over at Cindy. "Maybe we need to work on that. Work on both of them, as a matter of fact."

"What do you mean?"

Marilyn shrugged, thinking. "I know. We'll both give Gary all the attention this weekend. Get him all aroused. See if we can help him break out of his accountant's shell. Eric will go nuts if he's not the center of attention and he'll get aroused too. After we get them both hot and bothered, then we'll decide what to do about it. What do you think?"

"You are one devious, twisted broad," Cindy responded. "I love how your mind works. Let's figure out how to proceed. I'd love to see Eric stewing in his own juice for a change, and see Gary so excited he won't be able to hide the woody in his shorts."

Marilyn and Cindy spent the next few minutes plotting as they prepared some cheeses and dips on two large trays.

"Here you go, boys," Marilyn exclaimed. "We think you need some nourishment to counteract all the booze you've consumed.

Cindy sat close to Gary and sliced off a portion of sharp cheddar. "Here you go, honey," she cooed as she offered the tidbit. Gary accepted the cheese and nodded before sipping his drink.

"Gary, you need to try my ranch dip," Marilyn said as she moved to his other side and fed Gary a tortilla chip covered with creamy dip. "Now, wasn't that just delicious?" she murmured close to his ear.

Eric sat with wide eyes. "Hey, what about me?" he asked nobody in particular.

Marilyn glanced at Eric. "Help yourself, you can reach it can't you?"

Muttering, Eric cut off a chunk of cheese and began to chew. "Huh," he grunted.

Cindy pressed her left tit into Gary's arm so that he could feel her softness. "Want some more?" she asked coyly.

Gary nodded, wondering what she meant. Cindy put some Brie on a cracker and fed it to him as she stroked his back. "Now, wasn't that just delicious?"

Not to be outdone, Marilyn leaned against Gary from the other side and picked up his glass. "Here, sip more champagne. It'll make you feel so good," she whispered as her hand stroked his neck.

The two girls continued to shower Gary with nibbles and attention. Eric sat back dumfounded and watched Cindy and Marilyn wait on Gary hand and foot, ignoring him most of the time. Gary was also abashed, but he soon grew to enjoy all the female attention. Laughing, he fed Marilyn a bite of cheese and filled both girls' glasses with another round.

Finally, Eric had enough. "I'm going for a walk down the dock," he announced and stomped off.

Cindy looked at Marilyn, behind Gary's back, and grinned. "I think Eric is jealous," she whispered.

"Serves him right," Marilyn replied quietly.

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