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Emily groaned enjoying the sensation of Tabitha's firm, but gentle fingers against her skin as she sucked leisurely on Tabby's tongue and lips.

Emily's hands began their own slow exploration as one reached down to knead Tabitha's soft butt cheek while the other slipped further up Tabitha's back pulling the tight, black tank up along with it. As she pulled Tabitha tighter against her body her fingers actually touched the side of Tabby's firm, little mounds.

With a groan Emily pushed her friend onto her back on the soft couch cushions as she continued devouring Tabitha's sweet mouth. Tabitha's hands found their way down to the small of Emily's back where they gently caressed the skin. Both girls were now moaning into each others mouths as they struggled for breath afraid to break the kiss as if that would mean the end of this whole experience.

Tabitha's hand continued to go lower until she reached the loose elastic waist band of Emily's cute, little boxers and slid her hand underneath the fabric to squeeze the soft cheek before gently sliding her finger along Emily's crack. Slipping it between her cheeks to tease Emily's asshole eliciting a sweet, high moan from her friend.

As Tabitha teased her ass Emily instinctively spread her legs and slowly began grinding her hips against Tabitha's thighs. Being the good friend she was Tabitha raised her leg slightly bringing her thigh into contact with now soaked crotch of Emily's boxers. Emily didn't need an invitation as she shifted slightly pressing her own thigh against Tabitha's equally wet panties as the girls began to slowly hump each other while their hands continued to clutch at each other as they grunted into each others mouths.

Slowly humping each other to oblivion the girls began to tear at each others clothes trying to remove the impediments to their explorations without breaking away from their embrace. It was impossible.

Reluctantly, Tabitha removed her hand from Emily's boxers and pushed her friend away from her for a second. Emily's whimper as Tabitha slid out from underneath her nearly made her laugh.

"Don't worry," she said as she giggled lightly before kissing Emily's now sweaty forehead, "we aren't done quite yet. Let's just get rid of these god damned clothes." Emily smiled sweetly as she pulled her t-shirt off over her head revealing her cute, young body to her adoring friend in the soft light of the living room. Her nipples were rock hard atop tiny breasts as she slipped her boxers off and threw them on the floor.

Tabitha took no time at all to slip off her tank top and panties. Tiny droplets of sweat streaked down her flat, tan tummy. She reached out towards Emily and pulled her to her as she lay back down on the couch and resumed her previous position. This time there was nothing between them. Flesh pressed against warm flesh.

Their mouths met again, but only briefly as their passion increased Emily's mouth made its way slowly down Tabitha's neck, her tongue and lips leaving a trail of moisture as she kissed and licked the salty skin. A nip or two on Tabitha's shoulder blade elicited a lusty giggle from the recipient before she bent her neck and placed a tender kiss on the top of Emily's head as Emily continued to kiss her way down to Tabitha's small, firm breasts and the brown, hard nipples that rested on top yearning to be caressed by that mouth.

Tabitha groaned as Emily finally reached her sensitive breasts and teasingly kissed the proud, hard nip before moving her head leisurely over to Tabitha's other breast placing little kisses on every little bit of soft skin that lay between. Tabitha's hand had already found its way to the back of Emily's head where it gently played with her soft hair and persuaded her friend to stay where she was needed as she allowed her other hand to gently glide across Emily's back enjoying the feel of her body.

As Emily took Tabitha's hard nipple into her mouth one of her hands found its way to the junction of Tabitha's

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