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The Joy of . . . Money!

Instead, she closed her eyes and gave out the smallest sigh.

Encouraged, Ben started moving his thumbs in wider circles. She let out a little moan and her hips started moving along with his hands.

Ben could feel his cock stiffening in his pants as her ass rubbed against him.

She moaned again and Ben started sliding one hand up under her shirt, and another under the waistband of her pants. He leaned his head down to her ear and whispered: "is this okay?"

His left hand moved under her bra and cupped her breast, his other hand slip between her legs. She leaned into his hands and breathed out a long "yes".

She could feel his hard cock behind her and kept grinding back into him as his fingers rubbed her clit. He could feel her wetness soaking through her panties.

Their breathing was getting louder together until she opened her eyes and dropped the blanket. He took his hands away and she turned around. She grabbed his head and pulled him into a long, deep kiss. Then she pulled back again and said: "I need more".

Ben wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up onto his hips. He carried her to the side of the truck and pushed her up against the door. He buried his face in her neck, kissing her and making his way down to her chest. She leaned her head back, giving him more room, and locking her hands in his hair.

She moaned again then suddenly pushed him away. Ben dropped her and stepped back, confused at the sudden change.

Lily kept looking at him, but reached back and opened the back door of the truck. "Get in."

Ben hopped in the back and Lily was right behind him. She shut the door, then immediately climbed onto Ben in the middle seat, straddling him.

He immediately pulled her in and kissed her, hard, like he'd never kiss anyone again. His hands immediately went to her ass and pulled her in tighter. Then he pushed his hands up under her sweater, her skin burning against his cold fingers.

She came up for air but he just went down to her neck and tasted her skin there again, moving lower and lower.

Lily let out a low moan, and when he got to the collar of her sweater she unzipped it then pulled it off. He dove into her cleavage, kissing and nibbling at the soft, plush skin.

She reached down and unzipped his jacket and he leaned back again to let her open it.

They both stopped for a second, watching each other as they caught their breath. She ran her hands down his chest, admiring the firm muscles beneath. She went all the way down to the crotch of his jeans and gave him a quick squeeze - if possible, she thought he might be even harder now.

Lily leaned in to kiss him again but kept her body away so she could undo his belt, then the button and zipper on his pants. Ben pushed his hips out so she could wrestle his cock out of his jeans more easily.

She got it out and when she wrapped her hand around it for the first time Ben let out a small moan that made Lily smile.

She paused for a moment, trying to figure out how to do this in the confines of the back seat. Then, her hand still on his penis, she got off of his lap and moved around until she was on all fours on the seat beside him.

The cold air gave Ben a shock for just a moment until her hot, wet tongue licked the head.

She licked just the tip again, then swirled it all the way around his head then suddenly took the whole length of it into her mouth right down to his jeans. Ben gasped then moaned.

He gathered up her hair in his hand then watched as her head bobbed up and down, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat every time she went down.

Soon he could feel his cum building, and he didn't want to blow yet, so he took her head in his other hand and pulled her up for a kiss.

Then he put his other hand between her legs - the heat was incredible, and Ben thought he could almost feel her wetness through her jeans. As he rubbed her slowly, her hands squeezed his shoulders and her hips started moving with his fingers again.

That's when he moved to the button on her pants and, lightning

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