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Megan's bet with Rob takes a twisted turn.


"Races? Motorcycles?" Jennifer asked confused.

"Pony Girls, and Boys." Bill said.

Jennifer was confused. "Pony Girls and Boys, what is a pony girl or boy?"

Bill turned on the TV and then started the DVD player. "This is a Pony race from last year."

Jennifer watched as women dressed in a sort of leather harness and bits were pulling what appeared to be some sort of two wheeled rickshaw type of cart. They walked past the camera, and Jennifer assumed the crowd, with horse tails dangling between their legs. They wore head harness's and some wore blinders like horses.

The first race started and the girls raced around the short track once, with a jockey in the cart being pulled. Jennifer sat in shock watching it with her mouth open in disbelief. She closed her mouth and settled back on the couch. The first race ended and the winner was being petted like a horse as she was introduced to the crowd that was apparently behind the camera. There were cheers for all the girls as they were introduced to the crowd and paraded by again.

"Oh my God, that, that can't be happening." Jennifer said.

"It does, this weekend I was going to watch a training race, to see which competitors will get to race on the big day. This year, it's in New York, next year the race will be here in Georgia." Bill said.

"What do you pay the girls to be humiliated like that?" Jennifer asked.

"Nothing, they aren't humiliated, they are proud to be what they are." Bill said.

Jennifer blinked and watched the second race, more girls, same type of outlandish outfits.

One athletic black woman was featured as the winner, and Jennifer gaped at the harness she was wearing. Her breasts were bared, outlined in hard black leather. The bit was between her teeth, and she stood very tall in knee high boots with a small square heel. She appeared to be very comfortable and looked between the camera and the man petting her. When she looked at the man petting her, Jennifer would have trouble naming the emotion on the woman's face. If anything, it appeared as though the woman loved the man who was petting her.

"That is Slave Monica, and she's the favorite to win the women's race this year." Bill said. "This is her third year racing, last year she lost by a nose. Mistress Elizabeth has switched her to a different tail style, and Monica helped redesign her racing cart which is called a Bike, and thinks that will help her run faster. Her times this year have improved." Bill shrugged "It's hard to tell sometimes."

"Different tail?" Jennifer asked.

"The tails are attached to anal plugs, and there is a minimum required size to compete." Bill said.

Jennifer looked at him and then back at the screen.

The pony boys were next. They wore similar outlandish costumes, but had some sort of ring thing around their cocks.

"The men are usually put into a chastity device, to minimize the amount of erection they can get. They also get the tails though. It's hard to run with a full erection bouncing along with you."

Jennifer watched the men race and shook her head. "You couldn't pay me enough to do that."

Bill shrugged and said "Everybody has to find their own path. There are no rules except those we make for ourselves. They choose to do this, and are free to stop anytime. We cheer them out of pride of their actions. We don't feel that they are doing anything wrong. We enjoy their need to perform, to serve."

"No rules?" Jennifer asked with fear in her voice. "Is that how you convince those people to humiliate themselves, by telling them there are no rules?"

"Jennifer, the second part is just as important, except those we make for ourselves. If we make a rule, it won't be violated. If you don't want to do that, you don't do it. No one in that video was forced, there wasn't any close up's of anyone who didn't agree to it both beforehand, and again after the video was finished and ready to be produced. Each person in that video had to approve of each scene." Bill said with some annoyance.

"I didn't mean anyth

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