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Gary’s detention turns sexual.

After I placing my torn dress and undershift in a neat pile by the bank, I slid into the cool water, appreciating how it felt on my body as I did so. I twisted my just-past-shoulder length brown hair in a bun in hopes of saving it from the moisture and slid deeper into the water until it covered the tips of my breasts. It felt nice and I began to splash the water around me upon my limbs to rinse away the dirt and grime of the day.

I heard a splash not too far from me and looked over my shoulder to see a white horse standing on the edge, lapping water with a pink tongue.

Intrigued, I swirled around until I could see full view and blinked in stock to note a protrusion spiraling from its forehead - a horn! A unicorn? Impossible! I knew them only in nursery rhymes and bedtime stories my mother would tell me as a young girl. To see one with my own eyes was almost surrealistic and I remained frozen, locked in place as the large purple eyes of the beast locked upon mine. It almost seemed as if it were studying me, as if it were trying to believe I also was real. It snorted and shook its flowing snowy mane, stepping deeper into the water. When it was quite near, it lowered its nose and sniffed at the skin upon my right arm, the arm closest to him. I could see it was male and I began to lift my hand out of the water to see if he would let me pat him, but the action startled the creature and he began to retreat.

"Hold!" I cried out, not willing to let the only opportunity to be near a unicorn pass me by. The unicorn did stop as if understanding, coming back so that I could raise my hand to touch his muzzle. I knew that if I had not been pure, he would have bolted and he must have known I was as he let me touch and rub his chin, playing with the tiny beard that grew underneath. I suppose I tickled him as he shook his head playfully and I cringed when water droplets went flying. I stood and followed as the unicorn exited the water, letting me touch his withers and then neck. I stroked the softness of his fur, enjoying the touch and he let out a sigh almost human-like as if he enjoyed it as well. I soon found myself leaning against his strong shoulder, completely engulfed in the beauty of the creature. His hide under my nose smelled of hot brass, not an unpleasant scent, but instead quite enjoyable. I felt disappointment when the beast began to walk away but he stopped to look back at me as if to say, 'come' and so I followed him a few paces until he stood beside a small rock, just large enough for me to climb upon. He looked again at me expectantly, horn scraping the back of his spine, clearly indicating he wanted me to mount him. I climbed upon the rock, not minding that I was still naked since it was just he and I, and slid onto his back. The position was not uncomfortable, but being unused to riding a horse, or in this case, unicorn, it felt strange to have myself straddled across in such a way that my muscles pulled in new directions.

When he began to walk slowly through the forest, it took me a short while to get used to the swaying but, for some reason, it soon began to feel normal.

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