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Wife tells of previous lover.

You're just collateral damage for my gains...hard truth sweetheart." Jessica didn't meet her eyes and started to walk way.

"What do you want?" Gabriella pleaded again desperately.

"The world and everything it took from me." Jessica answered her back still turned.

"What's a man to gain the world but lose his soul?" Gabriella answered coughing on the dryness of her throat.

"There's water and bread underneath the bed. Tell the Voodoo lady and you'll never eat again." Jessica said and closed the door but the words of the little girl were still echoing in her head.


WILLIAM WRAPPED UP THE LEFTOVERS FROM HIS DINNER, PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE, AND CLOSED THE DOOR. He had just finished sending Jazz the rest of the files, pictures, and evidence he could gather.

He felt bad for the drama he knew he had caused. Although, knowing Connor he was happy to be alive. His grip had seemed to have gotten stronger over the years. William rubbed his neck it wasn't the first, but he hoped it was the last time that Connor's hands were around it.

He was on his way to his bedroom when there was a knock at his door. Who could it be this late? He looked in the peephole and saw no one. He started to walk away when he heard the knock again. He opened his door in frustration and looked out into the hall only to be met with a fist in the face.

He stumbled back as he fell to the ground and heard the door lock and close. Before he could shake his pounding headache loose he felt a gun to his temple and he froze.

"I want you to get up real slow for me and walk yourself over to that chair." William looked up into the somber eyes of a brown skin man with a cowboy hat on. He looked native from the narrow of his nose and his clay like skin.

William got up and walked towards the chair. He didn't react but on the inside he screamed as he saw Jessica. So Ellen was on to him. He knew this couldn't end well. He knew in his heart he wasn't sure whether this was a hit or a hush beating.

He willingly sat down in the chair. The gun in his face was a reminder of what could happen if he tried to save himself.

"We're going to ask you some questions and you're going to tell us some answers." The man spoke. He looked to Jessica to read her expression. He raised an eyebrow as she looked worried. He was starting to wonder was she built to be a product of Ellen. Ellen would never let someone else steal the show. He was shocked that her "prodigy" appeared so out of sorts.

"I'll do my best." William responded and was met with another punch to the face.

"Don't get cute. Has Connor and Marcello been here?" He questioned William.

"Yes they have. We're friends...is that how you know them as well?" William quipped and was met with a punch to the gut.

"You keep testing me and there's a bullet in this chamber with your name on it. What do they know?" He questioned. William thought about his computer and was happy it was locked away with the other files. He had to think quickly though.

"Fine, I told them that Jessica here had ask me to take her case. They asked me if I knew her and I said I did. I explained that to them and that was all. They didn't say why they were inquiring about her. Jessica knows that it's the truth." Jessie looked at her and she looked surprised. William was happy that it seemed she had forgot to share that detail with him.

"Why would you ask him to work your case?" Jessie questioned her with the tone in his voice implying that she was stupid.

"I totally forgot about that. It was before I had even fell underneath Ellen." Jessica said and then cursed.

"Oh, so this is about my ex-wife? She wants me dead? Why, she already took everything in the divorce!" William screamed and stood to his feet in imaginary anger. He was going to play this angle to the best of his ability.

"Hey! Shut up! Jessica is this what our little visit is really about? You didn't tell me-" William took the opportunity to tackle him to the ground.

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