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A bride's awakening.


"Okay but what does that have to do with the lack of a knife wound?"

"It has healed, completely. I have augmented your telomeres and healing factor," Sterling said.

"So if I get hurt I will heal quicker."

"Yes Master, very quick in fact," she replied.

"How quick," I asked narrowing my eyes.

"Um," she hesitated unsure how I would react.

"Just spit it out already."

"Almost instantly Master, I have access to quite a bit of current media influence."

"So something you saw on TV inspired you to... no fucking way!"

"Yeah... I'm sorry..." she began and then saw my smile. "OH, Master is pleased at this turn of events! I did well then?"

"You did very well," I said looking more closely at the image now.

"No Sir there are no internal weapons, sorry."

"Pity, still not getting sick or tired or holy crap... how long will I live?"

"Indeterminate, it is impossible to predict your termination date."

"Barring acts of violence and that sort of thing, how long?"

"I really don't know. Indefinite I suppose."

The shock washed over me. The little A.I. that could had tinkered with my cells and added indefinite to my longevity, holy shit! I looked at my reflection with a new sense of awe and wondered what else she had done.

"Show me and don't leave anything out," I told her.

"The list is extensive and most are very subtle..." she began but saw the gleam in my eye and just smiled and started at the top.

It was like waking from a deep dream severing my connection with Sterling. I shook my head and reorientated after the long hours spent with her. I checked the time and almost fell over. Two minutes! All that time and only two minutes had passed. What the hell man! I stood up and headed for the swimming pool. I needed to clear my head and something physical would be the perfect thing right now.

I stripped down and dove into the water and began to do laps. It was the little things now that I noticed the movement of my arms as they cut into the water, the turning of my head as I took in a breath and the kicking motion of my legs and feet. Man when you break him down is just an organic machine and this machine had gotten an overhaul. As my body cut through the water I received a notice that the girls had sent me an email.

"Jon, the surgeries went off without a single hitch. We are all healing up and in a couple of weeks we will catch up with you and 'show' you how much we are missing you. Thanks for the shopping allowance we are sure you are going to love the new wardrobes we have picked out. Don't work too hard and keep your cock in your pants... oh hell who are we kidding, have fun and we'll call soon once we can move around without wincing so much. Love you bunches Carol, Colleen and Veronika!!!!"

Reply to the Girls...

"You just rest and heal up. Try not to buy the whole damn city... LOL. Wish me luck my first official day is on Monday where I jump into this new job. I admit I am nervous but will make you and mom proud. Can't wait to hug each and every one of you and also can't wait to see how the new boobs feel. Love you guys, Jon."

Well it appears that is one worry I can cross off my list. Surgery can be tricky to begin with but elective is always a nail biter. New tits for me to play with, yeah me! I wonder how they will take to Melody. My sex life was growing complicated but oh what complications! If mom decided to get her passport and visit I could keep 'busy' most of the week and have the weekends off I supposed. Then I had that delightful visual of mom with her arms tied above her head and that tight ass of her wrapped around me. GRRR now I was excited and trapped in the pool without a release.

Then it struck me. I have never pushed the range on this mental thing Nyarlathotep gave me. Could it reach Melody all the way upstairs? I swam to the shallow end of the pool, sat down and closed my eyes. As the Black Pharaoh suggested I thought about what I wanted her to do. I imagined a tickling between her legs growing to a heat and that heat needing to be extinguished.

I opened my eyes and waited

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