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Chance encounter in a fitting room leads to a happy holiday.

Are you afraid to be naked in a woman's presence?"

"Not at all," Hugo said evenly, but with a strange gleam in his eyes; "there's nothing more beautiful that a man and woman naked in each other presence."

Thinking about fat old Mr. Plunket and his equally fat wife I wondered about that, but with a burst of inspiration I said, "You mean like Adam and Eve?"

"Yes...yes I suppose so," Hugo said doubtfully.

I recalled Gordon preaching about Adam and Eve, and as best I could recall I thought he said that Adam and Eve were sinful because they were naked, and they knew it was sinful and so when God came looking for them they covered themselves with fig leaves. I had read the Adam and Eve story and I never seen it like that, but I thought that because Gordon was theologically trained he knew what he was talking about.

"Isn't it sinful for a man and a woman to be naked in each other's presence," I asked.

Hugo laughed and said, "That's a lot of nonsense and shows just how much your superego is inhibiting you. Now I have no such problem," and too my amazement he proceeded to take his clothes off.

I turned away covering my eyes and saying, "Stop it, you can't do that," but he could do that and did.

"Turn and look at me," Hugo said softly.

"I can't...I can't," I protested.

"You can and will," he said sternly, "turn now and look at me."

I remained still, but he came up behind me and turned me round. Saying, "Now look at me," he took my hands from my eyes, and there he was, stark naked.

I'd thought him a beautiful young man before, but now...now...he was splendid: his wide shoulder, flat stomach, narrow hips and strong legs and...and...I could not say I'd ever really seen Gordon's penis, only felt it when he tried to get it into my vagina, but Hugo's, it was...was like...like...like a lighthouse, that's what came to mind, so long and thick with a large purple head and...and it looked so hard.

"Now you," he said.


"Yes, take your clothes off."

"I can't...I can't," I wailed. I think part of me was afraid of what he might think of my body when he saw it.

"You will," he said, and started to undress me.

I was wearing the cotton dustcoat I always wore when cleaning round the church, and he started to undo the buttons. Suddenly I felt less fearful of him seeing me naked but I was worried about someone coming in and catching us naked."

"Stop it Hugo," I cried out, "Suppose someone comes in."

He stood back for a moment, grinned and held up a key. The room had a lock on it and only Gordon and I had keys to it - it was my "duty" to unlock the door whenever the church or other church buildings were in use. When I'd come in that day I'd left the key in the lock outside, and Hugo had obviously removed it.

He went to the door, put the key in the lock and turned it. "All safe now," he said, and returned to me. "Now, off with your clothes."

He was so gentle as he undid the buttons that I made no more protest. "Let him see me naked," I thought, "and he'll know the worst."

He removed the dustcoat and I stood there in my panties and bra. I thought that would be enough, but Hugo put his arms round me and unclipped my bra and pulled it off. He then tugged down my rather old-fashioned panties and stood back and looked at me.

"Felicity," he murmured, "you're so beautiful."

Me, beautiful? Never had Gordon said anything to me like that, and I didn't really believe Hugo. I'd often heard Gordon preach on the sins of the flesh, and the way he said it made is sound like the human body was the sinful flesh and ugly.

"We'll go to hell for doing this," I howled.

"No," Hugo said, "we're going to heaven and we wont have to wait until we die, I'm going to take you there right now."

He pressed his body against mine and I felt his penis thrust between my legs and he started to slide it along my cleft. His hands closed over my breasts and he whispered, "You have lovely breasts Felicity."

I was so disorientated hardly knew what was happening to me, but the next thing was me laying on the little bed and Hugo kneeling beside

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