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My First Challenge Story, Challenged by Genus_Unknown.

Then I was back to business. I held her bottom to me as I dry humped her. Then in a quick motion I turned her against the wall, that's more conventional. The video was at an angle so it was recording Sue's front view obstructed partly by me. At this time I lifted the front of her skirt and felt her mound. Yes, she had cropped her hair really short for me and she was wet through the 100% cotton panties. The wetness instead of wicking as in a polyester or silk actually spreads all over. That's my taste. We were still kissing passionately with moans and groans and she had closed her eyes. As I said we get blind in our passionate times. As I rubbed her under, with a swift and hurried move I unzipped my pants. Sue responded by thrusting further to continue feeling as the back of my hand rubbed through her panties. I could sense that she is going to have a mini-orgasm. With the buttons and belt still one, I pulled down my underwear and held my penis. I could sense the pre-cum wet my fingers as I thrust forward into her. I just made a short circular movement of my penis against her panties. I must have hit the spot she gasped and convulsed a bit. I started humping her She put her head on my shoulders as I gripped her bottom into me.

My thrust grew harder and faster and she came once more and collapsed on my shoulders. And slowly we came to our senses. I almost came but had to hold back. I released the grip on her bottoms and my hands now were rubbing the shoulder. We were now looking into each others eyes as we slowly gyrated against each other. Her skirt fell except for the front part that was held up by my penis. It must be making an erotic sight in the video. It is time to play the second part.

Reluctantly she moved to the long sofa and sat in a corner. Once again I placed the video at an angle so it would capture her front more. I didn't bother to put my hard on back. Wet and glistening, Sue did not take her eyes away. I adjusted the focus and satisfied, I hit the record button again. I sat next to her. She gently held my penis and didn't do anything. I stroked her hair and took a loving deep look into her face. That's when we spoke 'how are you?' We spoke softly and caringly. I told her that she looks great now, the new job must be good. As we spoke my hands wandered and was soon rubbing near her color bone. My lips brushed her cheek and slowly her hands started moving on my penis. And my finger started unbuttoning her top. After the second I noticed her black bra and bent down to kiss her neck. More buttons came off and the video can now see the bra and her exposed half of breasts. All the buttons were off and my hands were now moving down. Once in a while I will thrust my hip into emptiness. And she would tactically respond by rubbing the head of my penis with her bare knee.

I start to suck her nipples through her bra. The other hand is now pulling the skirt above. She was lost in her world the hands had stopped massaging but started to pull my penis towards her. The skirt had now ridden well above and I can see her panties. It was pink floral with a nice lace and my finger started rubbing her slit over the panties. Now I can't let my humping the air. I kneel down on the floor and she moved to the edge. I make a palm as though to slap and hold her pussy such that the base of my palm is rubbing her most sensitive area. She grinds into my hand and tries to reach my penis. Now I move into her. We are too hot for anything. With a single move, my belt and buttons are off. The pant and underwear are now at my knees and I start humping her. My both hands are now squeezing her tits. Deftly I put aside her bra strap exposing her beautiful breasts. They are round and soft with a slight bounce that radiates all over her chest.

I think she too had lost it and with her fingers she parts the panties.

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