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The end...the beginning...coming full circle.

The more we talked, the more difficult it was keeping that spark under control. I admit many of these fantasies often involved my love of oral sex, both giving and receiving.

I just never have understood a woman who didn't love to give head! It holds such power for me, being able to bring a man to peak, cool him down and then bring him back again until he begs for release.

The other day, after a particularly erotic phone conversation, Jay came to visit that evening. He walked in the door and our eyes met, sending shockwaves through my body. I knew what was on his mind just by the look on his face. Without saying a word, he walked over to the couch, took my hand and pulled me to my feet, close to his body. He tilted my chin up so I was gazing into his eyes and kissed me. The kiss was soft and tentative at first. We explored each others mouths before I nibbled his bottom lip. Our kisses became urgent, wanting so much more.

After years of wondering what he would taste like, I was not disappointed. He reminded me of warm toffee melting in my mouth.

I was shaking with anticipation and honestly, I was a little afraid. We had discussed in length about what might happen to our friendship if we moved into forbidden waters. We were both aware that we would never make it as "couple" since we had such different needs and wants in a spouse. I think we were both nervous about losing our confidante after so many years. All those fears just floated away with that one kiss.

I started to nuzzle his neck, licking and nibbling his earlobe, whispering all the things I wanted him to do to me. He leaned his back against the wall to keep his shaking legs from giving way as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, breathing in his scent, kissing and licking his chest, biting at his nipples as they hardened in the cool air. I slid down to my knees, following the path of his dark hair, down farther, dipping my tongue into his belly button. His moans were soft whimpers as I put my hand on his zipper. His cock was already hard and straining for release. I gazed up into his eyes to make sure we should continue, changing our relationship from friends to lovers. He answered by peeling off his remaining clothes.

I took a moment to admire his body, drinking him in with my eyes. This was the first time I had ever seen him nude and I wanted to make sure I took the time to enjoy it. His cock was around 8 inches long, thick and hard as a rock. I rubbed his cock all over my face, feeling the heat radiating from his body. His smell reminded me of soft leather with a hint of cologne. I started to caress his hard member, stroking his smooth skin, using the drip of precum to make his head slippery. His prick jumped as I traced his bulging veins down to his balls. I ran my fingernails over his sack so lightly he started to tremble. I continued to stroke his cock with one hand while gently squeezing his balls with the other. Hearing the moan low and deep in his throat, knowing it felt so good, was an incredible turn on for me. His balls began to harden at my touch. Slowly I ran my tongue over the head of his cock; pressing the sensitive ridge. His skin felt silky soft and scorching hot. I sucked softly at first, sliding up and down his shaft, pausing now and then to suck each ball into my mouth. He pushed into me and his cock slid down my throat, past the point of resistance until my face was buried in his hair. My tongue worked his shaft as I met his movements with long, deep strokes into my throat.

As his strokes became faster and more urgent, I slowed things down.

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