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Sara's confession leads to his total erotic surrender!

Get something for yourself and wait on the couch."

He obeyed.

After her shower she wriggled into a pair of skin tight jeans and put on a v-neck t-shirt with no bra. Together with 4" pumps she looked decidedly slutty. Her big firm tits were on full display with her large dark areolas and pert nipples visible through the shirt. She would enjoy the attention that would inevitably be turned her way. Even more than that she would enjoy flaunting her sexuality and power to her pathetic and powerless husband. Around her neck was a delicate gold chain with the key to Todd's cock cage.

After she finished her breakfast she made him drive her to the Jaguar dealership to pick up her new car. They drove her old car which was being traded in - a nice enough Mercedes but not what she wanted anymore. He signed the papers for the purchase loan - with payments to come from the joint account - while she flirted with the salesman. She could have paid cash easily but this way she made sure none of the payments came out of her cash stash.

The salesman hardly took his eyes off of her and didn't think twice about giving her the keys even though Todd was paying. She strode ahead and left him scurrying to catch-up as they left the dealership.

Then she drove directly to the adult store where she had purchased Todd's cage. It seemed bigger than other similar stores he had been into and as they walked in he noticed a sign not only stating "adults only" but highlighting the possibility of "full nudity". Inside it was very large with a series of zones specializing in all kinds of adult attire, toys, fetishes, etc. Donna walked directly to the hot wife zone and asked the clerk at the desk for Christy.

"She is with a customer right now. May I ask your name?"

"Yes it is Donna. She helped me when I was here a couple weeks ago and I appreciated her advice. I was hoping I could talk to her again."

"Yes. Of course I'll let her know you are here." Replied the woman without so much as an acknowledgement of Todd.

A few moments later Christy came out of a side room with another lady and several products which she gave to the clerk to ring up.

They chatted for a moment and Todd heard the customer say. "Thanks so much Christy this really has been a great help with his training."

"Your welcome." Purred the statuesque brunette with the full figure variety of tattoos and piercings. Then she came over to Donna.

"Hi, do you remember me Christy?"

"Yes, of course I do Donna. You bought a cock cage for your cuckold a short-time ago. How did it work out? It fit I hope. And is he responding properly?"

"Yes. He is doing ok, but there has been some minor disobedience so I think I am ready to adjust his training some."

"Tsk, tsk. Well I can help with that. What kind of problems are you having."

"Well he has mostly fallen into line but he challenged me the other day in front of a man."

"Oh my, I do hope you put him in his place immediately."

"Yes I did. He sat there like a good little boy and watched suck this man's cock."

"Good. 'You have a natural instinct' is what I think I told you last time Donna." They laughed and Christy touched her shoulder in a familiar way which Todd would even be afraid to do now without permission. "So what can I help with today?"

"Well I was hoping you could run me through the steps that you described last time."

"Oh yes, I was probably talking about the seminar I had just attended that was put on by Mistress Irena. I have been cuckolding my husband for a few years now and I have found her training advice to be most helpful."

"That's it you talked about the three preliminary elements that start his training."

"That's right. So the first is to establish and consolidate control over your cuckold. Make sure your authority permeates his life. He should be performing errands and chores around the house. And as long his body is not displeasing to you he should be naked and caged at home."

"Yes, I am doing that. but I think it is time to add some accessories to my toolkit?"

"Ok come with m

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