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Professor begins a study of dommes and their female clients.

He too seemed to sense the slight hesitation in Corinne's body language; they were always so in tuned to each other's thoughts. He leaned over her bent frame and she could feel his rock hard cock poking at her ass through his jeans. He reached around her bent body and grabbed her dangling tits and cupped them fully as they were the perfect size for his powerful hands. He slowly rubbed her nipples through the gaps in between his index fingers and middle fingers. He put his head close to hers, but still stared into her eyes through the mirror.

"I promise to make you feel amazing, but in order to do that, I need to make sure you are properly subdued," sighed Harry.

Corinne's breath was fogging up the mirror as she meekly nodded her head. Harry immediately popped back up to his standing position and removed the bulging object in his back pocket - a leather belt. He grabbed both of Corinne's wrists and brought her hands behind her back, propping her up as he did so. He tied her wrists together with the belt as he gently kissed her back and neck. When she was properly bound, he turned her around so she could face him in all her naked glory. Corinne's pussy was dripping wet in anticipation of what he was going to do to her next. Taking her by the shoulders, he slowly lowered her until her naked ass made contact with the cold surface of the bench making her jump a bit.

Harry held her down and went to his knees as he spread her legs apart. Kneeling in front of her soaking pussy, Harry leaned in and flicked her clit once with his tongue. Corinne jumped again and gave a little squeak. Then he dove in.

Corinne felt a surge of power flood out of Harry's mouth with an animalistic aggression that only came from instinctual desire. Harry licked Corinne's pussy up and down, back and forth, side to side, along the valley, and across the folds of her pussy lips. His tongue swirled along her sensitive skin as if it was driving around a traffic circle. He buried his face into her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth and held it between his teeth as his tongue all-out assaulted it.

Corinne could do nothing but close her eyes, lift her pelvis, and grind her pussy deeper and deeper into Harry's mouth. He lifted her legs up and stuck his tongue up her pussy as far as it could go then withdrew it and used her juices and his saliva to wet her asshole.

His anal assault on her lasted almost as long as the vaginal one. If Corinne had been able to control her facial expressions, she would have laughed because Harry knew exactly where her soft targets were and there was none more sensitive and susceptible than her back door. He continued prodding and circling her most sensitive area until Corinne's body started to buck in that all too familiar fashion. Her legs began to vibrate the plastic bench now coated with her liquids. The feeling welled up inside of her and burst into what felt like a million tiny pieces knocking on the walls of her pussy from within. Corinne could not keep herself from screaming as her back arched and her body convulsed. She had to use her tied hands to steady her body against the mirror behind the bench or she would have fallen and begun to writhe on the floor.

The whole time Corinne knew Harry was watching her. She knew it was one of his greatest pleasures to sit back and watch an orgasm rip through her body; sit back and admire his work as she turned into a rag doll in front of him. She also knew he had a fondness for giving her no time to recover before trying again. She quickly folded her wide open and still tingling legs together to prevent him from seizing the moment and starting in on her pussy again. Corinne wanted the chance to regain her composure.

Corinne opened her eyes and as expected Harry was grinning back at her.

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