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She goes from nervous anticipation to sexual fulfillment.

I trimmed my pubic hair, but was surprised to see the number of men who were bare.

A bare pussy struck me as exceedingly erotic, but no hair above a penis seemed a touch odd.

I remained on my site for the afternoon, reading a book and sipping a beer. I kept my khaki short pants on, but did remove my shoes, socks and shirt. My chest was broad and I did have some chest hair that my wife had enjoyed running her fingers through.

The afternoon sun was beading down and the pool was looking better and better as each minute passed by. Enough was enough and I went inside my tent and slipped off my pants and underwear. I grabbed a towel and stepped into my water shoes, trying to convince myself that with them on, I wasn't nude.

That didn't work, but walking with my towel in front of me helped.

People were friendly and either said hello or nodded. The courtesy at the pool was the same, with hellos and how are you. The only person conscious of their nudity was me, but that somewhat disappeared as I laid down my towel and slipped into the water.

The female form is so sexy and I tried not to be overt as my eyes rolled from one to the other. Checking out the females was one thing, but I was surprised at the amount of time I spent looking at the guy's parts.

They were all soft, but ranged from tiny to fairly long and thick. Most were circumcised, but some were natural and my eyes were reluctant to move away from them.

After a short swim, I lazed on the lounger, enjoying the sun on all parts of my body.

"Excuse me," the lady on the next chair said.

I turned my head to her. "Hi."

"Is this your first time here?" she asked.

"Yes. It's my first time at any camp like this," I replied.

She smiled. "Would you like a bit of advice?"

I thought she was going to admonish me for checking out the people and was prepared to get exceedingly embarrassed.

"I'm a big believer in sun blockers and some parts of the body are more sensitive than others," and she looked down at my penis.

I flushed red and she must have noticed that I didn't have any suntan lotion with me. She offered lotion and I took it from her, rubbing some on my chest, legs and arms. I placed a quarter sized amount on my palm and rubbed it over my balls and penis.

The lotion was cool at first, but heated and melted quickly. I felt the first sign of blood entering my penis and quickly removed my hand and thought of something that I disliked the most. Luckily the flow stopped and I handed the bottle back to the lady.

She smiled and opened the book she had been reading.

I barbequed a few hot dogs and didn't even think about the fact that I was completely nude. It was beginning to cloud up and the bottoms of some clouds ranged from light to dark gray.

It was still early and I planned a walk around the site and to the Misty Falls. This time, I wasn't self-conscious and even stopped to chat with some of the passerbys. Alexa strolled by and I did notice that was shaven and had lovely soft lips.

Guys are visual animals and I wondered if women were as well, but just had the sense not to admit it.

I crossed over a wooden bridge and the creek below was filled from the waterfall. The waterfall was about fifty feet high and a small rainbow stretched over the top. The water was cold and after a few steps the water's surface was touching my ball sac. It was refreshing and I bent my knees until the water reached my belly button.

A shivering chill rushed over me and that was my cue to step out of the water. I looked down and my sac was crinkled tight and my penis looked to be no more than an inch. My wife said my six and half inches was perfect and was amazed that it could go from so small to so big. Hearing her say - big, was great for my ego.

I laughed. My ego shrunk to the same size as my penis.

Walking and sunshine helped my penis return to its normal size, which didn't seem that big.

I was headed towards a large unit when I felt the first drop of water on my shoulder.

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