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He fucks around, gets caught and pays the price.

Dean gestured at the covers. "I want to see you too, Mom."

She complied instantly, throwing the covers off the bed and lying there naked for him. She thrilled at the way his eyes ran over her naked form, taking in her hairy pussy, flared hips and big pendulous breasts. Her nipples hardened as her son looked at her.

* * *

Dean stared at his nude mom, his cock still hurting from being so hard. God, his mom was even more gorgeous than he remembered from last night. Her tits were so huge, her nipples big brown circles topped with hard, thick teats. And her pussy was mass of thick dark hair between her smooth hips. "Oh God, Mom," he moaned with desire.

He moved toward her, his cock jutting out in front of him. She reached up and wrapped her fingers lovingly around his shaft, stroking up and down his length. He almost came there and then at the feel of her fingers encircling him. "Oh, Dean, I love this," she said. "I could play with it all day." She pumped his foreskin back and forth gently, her eyes watching with wonder as his engorged purple cockhead appeared then disappeared within its skin covering. "So beautiful," she whispered.

Dean watched her big tits as she jacked him. The way they moved heavily on his mom's chest looked so erotic. He felt a drop of precum escape from his cock. It ran down under the head then over his mom's fingers, lubricating his shaft and her hand as she softly stroked him.

She looked into his eyes. "Did you like shooting your cum all over me last night?"

He nodded. "It felt so great."

She smiled. "It felt great for me too, sweetheart. Tell me what you liked about it."

He didn't need to think. "Your body, Mom. It's so amazing."

She sat up in bed, her heavy tits wobbling then settling. "You liked my tits, didn't you?"

"Oh God, yeah." He watched them. They were so huge, so fantastic.

She pulled him forward slightly so that the head of his cock touched one of her nipples. He felt the hard teat press into his cockhead. She continued to wank him against her tit. "How does that feel?"

"Great," Dean managed to say. His breath was shallower now, his mind fixed on his mom's lovely tits and the sight of his cock being jerked off against her nipple. He couldn't last long like this. His mom was too erotic, too sexy. But he didn't want to cum yet and have this experience end.

* * *

Beth felt desire like never before. The sight of her son's cock against her breast, the feel of it in her hands...it was too much for her. Her body felt like someone had pulled a switch and sent electric tingles over every inch of her skin and along every nerve deep inside her. She felt hot wetness between her legs, her pussy crying out to be filled with this gorgeous specimen of manhood. 'I want to take him," Beth told herself, 'I want to take my son inside my body.' The thought made her feel so dirty but at the same time so turned on.

"I've got to have it inside me," she told Dean.

He swallowed thickly then nodded, his eyes flickering toward her hairy pussy.

"This way," Beth said. She let go of his cock then turned over on the bed on all fours so that her bottom faced him. She lewdly pushed her arse out toward her son, knowing that he could see her most secret place, that he was looking at her open pussy and the hairy crack of her bum. She felt so wet at the thought of Dean looking at her anus.

She felt his hands on her hips then his cock nudging at her pussy. He felt so big. She pushed back with her hips and he was inside her. She cried out at the size of him filling her. Her pussy gripped him and she felt that feeling of being desired again. "Oh God, Dean," she moaned. "It feels so good." She pushed her hips back to meet him at every stroke, taking him into her as deep as she could. "Oh God, what a cock!" she almost screamed.

* * *

Dean watched his shaft thrusting in and out of his mom.

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