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Hunter and friend Noah entertain Olivia's friends.

I worried about inadequate light, but when they turned out the bedside lamps, they opened the curtains so the street light did a pretty good job of lighting the room. They didn't seem to use the ceiling light where I was - in the center of the room which was at the foot of their queen sized bed. It was warm and I hoped they would sleep without covers, but they were both under the sheet, and I could hear them talking but it was too faint to make out the words. Then hugging and kissing, but I was beginning to think this was really stupid because I was not going to see anything with them under the covers.

I was sort of surprised when my dad went under the covers and I could see he spread mom's legs apart. Then the real surprise, she turned on the bedside light and pulled a book out of the headboard. And started reading it aloud. I decided that I needed to set up a recorder, and maybe a videocam. By getting my ear near the crack by the light, I could hear her voice enough - but couldn't watch. But there was nothing to see because dad was under the covers, and I assume he was kissing and licking her cunt. She was reading some kind of sexual fantasy, and then another, and the stories were sexy but what was really sexy was the way her voice would change when dad did something she really liked. I found the book later and it was called My Secret Garden, a book that was supposedly fantasies that women told to the author, who was some kind of female sexpert who gave lectures to married women on how to please their husbands (and themselves).

I was getting bored when suddenly mom set the book aside and threw off the sheet, twisted around and suddenly my parents were 69, both naked on the bed. My mom looked way better naked than she did with her clothes on, and she looked good in clothes.

She kept her cunt right in dad's face as she pulled his cock to her mouth, and it seemed like she had a finger in his asshole. She was pushing her pussy against his face, and I was surprised by the huge amount of pubic hair she had. I guess she plucked eyebrows and such, but didn't shave or alter her pubic region. My dad seemed to have some fingers in her while he was licking and sucking. She had sucked in his entire cock, which was already stiff. My mom knew how to "deep throat"! Where did she learn that?!

Dad said "nuf" and she stopped, and propped herself up on her hands and knees, but her pussy was facing away from me now so I didn't see it, or see my dad enter her and start pumping. But he didn't finish, instead he stopped and lay back on the bed, while mom swung her leg over him and grabbed his cock, and inserted it. My angle didn't allow me to see any details, and she was facing away from me now- so I couldn't see her expression, but it was obvious that she soon was having an orgasm- she was rubbing back and forth, not up and down, and my dad's hand was hidden by her body- he may have been doing something to her. Anyway she made a sort of groan and arched her back and started to fall backwards, but dad had her arms and kept her from falling. He started to turn her over, but she said something and they just stayed in that position for at least a minute. Then she started slowly again, then faster, and had another orgasm almost identical to the first. Then a third, but she slumped forward after that one and allowed dad to roll her over and start fucking in missionary position.

Before he finished, she had another orgasm but this one was all gasping, her face read as a beet, and her legs up around dad's body. When he finished, he seemed to just lay there for half a minute, then rolled off to his side of the bed, but kept his cock in her.

They started kissing again and hugging.

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