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Went to fulfill a fantasy & things got out of control. :-)

"Well, my dear friend, I had a premonition about today," Maja said softly. "It was so perfect. Did you two know each other before?"

"Yes, and No. We had seen each other during our morning jogging in Tivoli, but had never actually spoken to each other, other than the simple greeting between fellow joggers. I found out today that Brane was just as interested in actually getting to know me as I was to be introduced to him. It was like the bursting of a dam for both of us - we both were strongly interested in the other, but neither felt bold enough to open the floodgates. You gave us that opportunity and I'll love you for it forever!"

"Alenka, you have always been my dearest friend and Brane has also been very close." Maja, realizing the innuendo, giggled and blushed. "I sincerely hope the two of you can find happiness with each other. Nothing would make me happier!"

"I have a lot to learn about being a lover and wife and mother, but I intend to achieve all that and make Brane - if he's the right man, and I have a very strong feeling he is - a very, very happy lover and husband and father. Do you think he is that interested in me?"

"Unquestionably! Alenka, did you see the way he looked at you as he was leaving? He did NOT want to leave! The chemistry between you two is absolute MAGIC! Uuuuhh, I'm getting wet just thinking about it," Maja whispered.

"OK, OK! We'd better get going. I'll drop you off on my way back to the office," Alenka laughed merrily, pushing her chair back and standing. Maja stood and leaning over Dani, gently picked up her sleeping babe, wrapping him tenderly in her arms.

As they got to Alenka's car, Alenka said, "You know, I hope you don't think this is weird, but when you were feeding Dani I felt he was nursing on me. It was a wonderful feeling!"

"I don't think that's weird at all, and, you are right about that. It is wonderful! But, you will experience that for yourself and once you do, you will want to experience it again and again. I'm sure!"

Back in her office, Alenka's thoughts were whirling. To bring order into her mind, she forced herself to concentrate on her job, something familiar to her and which she knew she could control. A brief moment of fear flashed through her as she realized how strongly she had been affected by the events of the day. Emotionally, she felt totally charged up.

Katja Muser, a middle-aged, attractive woman and Alenka's personal assistant, came in to her office and remarked, "Alenka, what did you do over lunch? You look fantastic! As if you had been making hot, passionate love the whole time," Katja said excitedly.

"And what do you know about making 'hot, passionate love', my dear?" Alenka laughed. "Well, you actually are close. I met a man, a very exciting man, a gorgeous man! And, we're going to see each other again tomorrow morning!" Her voice crescendoed.

Katja blinked, astonished. "Prima! Fantasti__! To je vrlo dobr!" ("Wonderful! Fantastic! That's very good!").

"Pa da! Seveda!" ("But yes! Naturally!") Alenka responded, "Najbol__e! Za mene!" ("The best! To me!").

"But, don't you have to work tomorrow morning?" Katje asked.

"Oh, sure, but we're going jogging together in Tivoli. You know I do that every morning. I've seen him there before. Actually, quite often. Actually, now that I think of it, almost every day. Hmmm! Well, anyway, we had not actually been introduced before today."

"That's so great!" Katje said. "I've been a little worried about you - not having someone to care for and to be cared for. It's a big part of a full and satisfying life."

"You're right about that! And, I'm pretty excited about him!"

"That's easy to see! You look horny!" Katje laughed merrily.

"Mind your tongue!" Alenka squeeled. "Well, to be honest, I think I am!" she said, laughing again and blushing.

"It's what makes the world go round, my dear!" Katje said, nodding positively.

"God, we better get to work," Alenka said as she picked up

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