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Was it my boyfriend or not?

Of course, once that started, other things started, then others, then others...

Daddy looked over at my cum-coated body and noted "Still wearing it all, good girl."

"Of course, Daddy, your rules," I smiled sweetly at him.

Once all pretense fell away, Daddy started setting rules for me: no clothes in the house-ever. Clothes were to be kept in the garage and put on in the garage. I was not allowed to wear any sort of underwear ever again, even while wearing skirts. I wasn't allowed to buy my own clothes, so all I had to wear were the miniskirts and spaghetti strap tops Daddy bought me, no bras and no underwear.

"You gonna be ready for school soon?" Daddy asked me.

"Yes, Daddy, I'm ready."

"Hey! Alex! You gonna be ready soon?" He yelled up the stairs.

"Yeah, I'm ready!"

"Alright guys, let's go!"

In the garage Daddy picked out my clothes for the day: a plaid miniskirt that barely covered my ass and would definitely show a lot if it rode up on me even a little, and a matching plaid spaghetti strap that left my ample cleavage exposed and my nipples poking straight through on this cold morning. The cum on my face and tits had already dried by now, so now I just had a few shiny parts on my skin. Daddy and Alex picked their usual attire, Alex picking one of his tank tops to show off his muscles and drive me crazy.

I always got the passenger seat due to another of Daddy's rules: when Daddy is driving, I am sucking. If I do not get him to finish before we reach whatever destination it may be, (even if it's just around the corner) I will either have to wear it on my face or he will fuck me until he cums inside.

Once the car started I leaned over and carefully undid his pants with my teeth, something that turned on my daddy very much. His thick 8inch cock was already trying to break its way free so I had an easy time of it. He sprang out of the pants and struck me across the cheek before I could get my mouth around him. Daddy moaned as my lips encircled his cock head and I slowly bobbed up and down on the head, my tongue snaking around. As I took him deeper his foot went heavier on the peddle and he started speeding. Eventually I struck an even pace, bobbing up and down, softly running my teeth along the shaft, licking everywhere I go.

Leaning over, my ass was exposed to the window. Alex reached around to my pussy and found the sweet spot, immediately attacking it, rubbing it to and fro, making my toes curl and my pussy start to flood. I lost my rhythm on my Daddy's cock and started to moan myself, coming close to an orgasm just from my brother's fingers.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at our high school parking lot, and Daddy hadn't cum.

"Please not the face, Daddy, school is so embarrassing when I have white globs all over my face," I pleaded.

Daddy looked sideways at me "I'm almost tempted to do that just because you asked me not to. However I'll concede. Get over here."

Thankful, I waited until Daddy put his seat back and then straddled him, his cock delving deep into my already moist pussy. The windows weren't tinted at all, so anyone who looked our way would be able to see what I was doing to my Daddy, but no one was around. Sometimes a security guard would circle around for a while, watching, but he never tried to stop us.

It didn't take long for Daddy to cum since I had been blowing him right before, but it still came in huge gushing waves, leaking out of my pussy and smearing on my thighs. Daddy was a big cummer, and I'll be leaking a lot more as I start walking.

As I climbed off Daddy I got into the back seat to take care of another rule: I have to please my brother almost as much as I have to please Daddy.

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