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My first attempts at using the gift.

"Fuck me, for Pete's sake! Fuck! Screw me and let me come, my domina, please... Eat me, beat me, fuck me suck, me... Just let me come!" The desperate sob in Anders' voice is so strange to his ears. He'd never, ever begged like this in his life.

He'd never begged and he felt the humiliation wash over him as she backhanded him, hard, leaving his already bloody, stinging cheek red and bruised and his body so turned on that his anger at the pain Gem is causing has turned into a purely undiluted, primal sexual motivation.

"No. Fuck me," Gem commands him as she straddles his face, her knees digging into his shoulders, holding down his arms. "Fuck me with that tongue, white boy. Suck my hard, hard clit and make me come. Keep making me come until I decide you may orgasm. Or not." She kneels above his head, letting him look at her vulva as she gazes at his aching phallus and jumping balls.

She puts a forefinger in his mouth, fucking his mouth with it, and he wets it slowly, sucking it noisily, licking it softly, beggingly. She spits on his cock with perfect aim, her warm saliva sliding down the long, hard shaft, taunting him for it is not as hot as her mouth would be and he needs that heat. He needs it so much he would do anything to get it. He shivers with that small pleasure anyway.

Shuddering, he cannot help but comply as Gem lowers her well-trimmed and very wet crotch firmly onto his face and lightly rubs the tip of his turgid prick with the forefinger she had made him lick and suck.

"If you want this cock ring to come off, you're going to have to earn it," Gem says, grinding her hips so that her cunt is just above his mouth and the tip of his aquiline nose is brushing her clitoris, causing the wetness of her pussy to overflow and drip on his lips.

He begins to suck her frantically, tongue-fucking her for all that he is worth as she begins a rough hand-job on his swollen, bruised and abraded member. "That's it, slave, suck me. Fuck me. Eat me. Lick me faster. Suck me harder. Keep going until I come. Keep going until I say you may stop."

Her juices are in his mouth and the nails of her left hand are digging into his balls as she jerks his cock off with the her right. Her tongue is flicking the tip of his cock and her lips are teasing him, wrapping lightly around the red, red cock head. He could die, if only she would let him come, he could die happy right now.

Anders' hips are thrusting up now, seeking to enter that hot little mouth, but Gem is wise to his tactics, and she raises her head just out of reach and presses her cunt down on his face even harder as her thighs tremble in another orgasmic wave.

Gem's luscious red mouth and flicking tongue stay firmly out of reach of the rest of his throbbing, aching phallus and her fingers are now off his cock. Her right hand is on the flat, hard muscles of his belly and he feels a slick, hard thing poking at his exposed anus. The only thing touching his rock-hard prick now is her maddening tongue, flicking lightly, slowly, stoking his need for release without giving any satisfaction at all. Oh, God, he thinks, she's not going to do that... But she does, with a smile and a casual chuckle that would shame the Marquis de Sade.

Before he can protest or struggle, the two-headed dildo slides violently into his asshole, its entry made easy by the cocktail of cunt-juices and saliva on it. Anders' eyes go wide in shock. He is an ass-virgin no more. But the brutality of the loss of that cherry has turned him on even more than it hurt -- and it truly hurt like hell. Oh, God, I think I'm going to be gay, Anders thinks to himself in dismay as the pleasure of the dildo reaming his ass drives him almost out of his mind. But, my God, it feels so damn good having her fucking wreck my asshole to bits with that dildo while she licks my cockhead...

"Keep fucking me with that tongue, man-s

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