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Chef Carla learns about new body tastes with Diana.

My fingers slid into my hot wet pussy imaging they were his fingers, two or three of them at a time, in my hot wet pussy begging for him to fuck me. I heard a knock at the door and knowing it was him, answered the door naked, all wet from the shower, my pussy unshaven, because I had been to wrapped up in playing with myself.

He was not very happy that I wasn't ready since he was so horny so I got a smack on my hot ass and was ordered back into the shower to shave my pussy while he watched. He asked me to fondle myself and told me how fucking hot I was when my fingers slid into my pussy. I leaned out of the shower and fondled his hard on through his pants and he let out a moan as he slipped his big hard cock out of his pants and made me wrap my wet hand around his hard cock. I suggested to him that maybe he should wait for me in the family room before he came and he agreed.

He went into the family room and I quickly finished shaving and slipped into my thong. He again told me how fucking hot I was and told me to stand in front of him. He slipped my thong off, petting my freshly shaven pussy telling me how much it turned him on. He then pulled me onto his lap and made me bend over his knee and told me I was going to get a spanking for being such a dirty girl. He smacked my ass several times. I told him how turned on I was by the spanking and that he was making my pussy very wet. I tried to move so I could kneel on the floor and suck his hard cock that I could feel pressing into my side, but he held me in place on his lap and shoved his fingers into my hot wet pussy. He asked me if I liked three fingers shoved into my pussy, but I was so hot all I could do was moan my approval. He slid his fingers in and out of my pussy for a few minutes until I was begging for his hard cock to slide into me and fuck me hard. He told me not yet and told me to kneel on the floor and suck his big hard cock in my hot wet mouth.

I slid onto the floor and leaned over and kissed him on the mouth sliding my tongue into his mouth. I worked my way down his chest and abdomen with small wet kisses until I came to his hard cock. I slid my tongue up his hard shaft and then slid just the tip into my hot wet mouth running my tongue around the head of his hard on. I then went down to suck his balls into my mouth, before sliding his whole shaft into my mouth. He moaned and told me how good I was and how much he loved the blowjobs I gave him. I slid his big hard cock in out of my wet mouth until I could feel he was going to cum. I pulled my hot wet mouth off his cock before he came, because I wanted his big hard cock in my pussy.

I climbed onto his lap and began rubbing my pussy lips over his cock. I slid my finger into my pussy and stuck it in his mouth and let him suck on it and taste me. I tried to slide his hard cock into my pussy, but he wouldn't let me. He picked me up and threw me onto the sofa. He spread my legs apart and kneeled on the floor in front of me. He again shoved three fingers into my hot wet pussy, sliding them in and out, asking me if I liked it as I moaned in approval. He then stuck them in my mouth for me to taste myself before he knelt in front of me licking my clit with his tongue. His tongue then slid into my pussy, sliding in and out before he went back to work on my clit, and his fingers slid into my pussy fucking me hard. I was going to come if he continued, so I begged him to fuck me with his hard cock. He withdrew his fingers from my pussy and made me stand up and bend over as he slid his hard cock into me from behind fucking me hard. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and he fucked me harder and harder until I came. He still continued to fuck me until I came again and again.

I fell onto the sofa with him on top of me before he pulled out his cock and asked me to suck it and let him cum in my mouth and on my tits.

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