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Benefits from the Council Tax Lady.

His hand slid over the silky skin covering her belly, slipped under the elastic waist of her pants, and delved deeper, moving under her panties and into the mat of hair blanketing her pussy. He pushed his hand down between her legs and slid a finger into her damp opening.

"Yessssss, Bobby!!! Oh, yessssss!!!" April groaned. Her hips rose. She needed that so much! She was on fire, quaking with need. Intense sensations induced by the young man's caresses billowed through her. When his finger moved inside her it felt so wonderful she couldn't help but respond with frantic twisting and nearly incoherent moans of joy. He captured a nipple between his lips and lashed it with his tongue.

"Please!!! Oh!! Bobby!!! Pleasssseeeee!!! Take me!! Take meeeeee!!!" April begged. "I...I can't wait!!!!"

When he heard April's plaintive entreaty, Bobby peeled her skin-tight pants down her legs, then he got out of his jeans. He knelt on the sofa between her legs, and thrust his rigid cock into her, feeling her delightful warmth engulf him as his erection slid into her.

"Yessssss!!! That's it, Bobby!!! Put it in!!! Oh, God!!! Put it in!!! Yesssssss!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!!" April wailed. She grabbed his ass and pulled on him, urging him deeper into her.

Bobby slid his throbbing pole into April and could feel it spread her open. "Oh God, April!" he groaned, "You're so tight!"

April was ecstatic! Bobby was huge! He was filling better than she'd been filled in quite a while! Her hips moved upward, gyrating, and rushes of wonder raced through her. Release blossomed and bright lights began flashing behind her tightly closed eyelids.

"Bobby!! Bobby!! Oh, God!!! Bobby!!!" April cried. She clutched the young man frantically while her body strained against his. "Fuck me, Bobby!!! Oh!!! Oh yes!!! I'm comminnnnnnggggg!!!! Agggghhhhh!!! Bobby!!! Bobby!!! Oh, Bobby!!! I'm commminnnngggggg!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

April's wild cries, coupled with the frantic writhing of her body, triggered Bobby's release. "Ahhhhhhh!!! Take it!!! Take it!!! I'm there!!!!" he bawled as gobs of his sticky white fluid blasted from his pulsating rod, filling April's clutching vagina to overflowing. Their bodies struggled a while longer, drawing every last bit of pleasure they could from their joining, then, spent at last, they relaxed in each other's arms. Exhausted, sated, and supremely satisfied, they snuggled together, happy and contented.

"Why don't we go into your bedroom?" Bobby suggested after his ability to speak returned.

"Yeah," April replied languidly, "I guess that would be better, wouldn't it?" She giggled. "Fucking on the sofa is fun, but it is a lot more fun in bed."

Inside her bedroom, they fell into April's bed. Bobby pushed himself up on his elbow and surveyed his companion's nude body. He was quite pleased with what he saw. Her breasts were medium size and beautifully shaped, the nipples - when she was aroused - were large and protuberant. Her waist was trim, her belly surprisingly flat, and her hips curved wonderfully to her well-shaped legs. He smiled and shifted position on the bed.

The next thing April knew, Bobby was between her legs, eating her! It felt incredibly good! She didn't know where he learned how, but he sure knew how to eat pussy! Her body twisted as the young man's tongue probed her labia, delved inside her pussy, then caressed her clit.

April realized that, the way he was lying while he ate her, Bobby's erect penis was close to her face. She took it in her hand, tugged on it gently to get him to move closer, then she pulled it to her lips. She planned to give him the same thrills he was giving her!

Bobby was enjoying his oral foray into April's vagina.

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