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Hank catches Faith while drunk and on vacation with Mark.

As our tongues met in a delicious wet duel my hand firmly gripped her amazing ass, pulling her crotch tight against my confined cock. The other hand bringing a moan from deep within her body as it tweaked her diamond-hard nipple through the dress.

After what seemed an eternity we broke from our kiss, looking deep into my eyes Ash smiled and licked her lips, a playful look that I knew well stealing over her features. Soon her luscious lips were leaving a trail of kisses across my neck as they made their way to my ear. I felt her warm breath in my ear at the same instant her petite hand reached between our bodies to lightly stoke my penis through my trousers, the feeling making me moan in appreciation. The music continued to pound as my hand slipped from her ass around to her crotch, my finger deftly sneaking under the hem of her dress to stroke her through the soaked g-string enclosing her treasure.

Eventually the reality of where we were crept into my consciousness, by this stage Ash and I were both breathing heavily and were attracting quite a few jealous glances by those around us. Bring my head close to her ear to be heard amidst the dim I told her we should go before lightly sucking on her earlobe to leave my horney girl in not doubt as to what I would do to her the moment we were alone. With one last tantalizing stoke of my cock Ash turned and gripping my hand almost dragged me to the exit. Once on the street the cool air felt incredibly refreshing after the press of bodies inside. I was not given a chance to savor the taste of fresh air however, as Ash continued to pull me unrelentingly around to the rear of the club where we had parked earlier in the evening.

Seeing the car sitting patiently under a broken streetlight, other cars walling it in on both sides, a wicked idea entered my mind. As we reached it I took control of our rapid journey to guide Ash to the passenger side door. Pressing her steaming body against the cool glass I once again thrust my hardness against her ass as my mouth placed passionate kisses upon the smooth skin of her neck. With a deep-throated moan of passion that filled the empty car park Ashley wiggled her hips against me, her dress riding up those creamy thighs to expose her lacy black thong to the night. With this amazing view before my eyes I could wait no longer, stepping back I swiftly dropped my pants, freeing my rock hard member to the open air. Before my beautiful friend knew what I was doing I had pulled aside her soaked underwear and plunged my cock into that exquisite bald pussy to the hilt. The sudden intrusion made Ash's eyes grow wide in the faint light, her mouth opening in a silent scream as her body was rocked by a swift orgasm. The feeling of her quivering love tunnel around the length of my rod was indescribable; it was all I could do to stop myself from cuming with her.

As she recovered I began to move inside her, starting slowly but rapidly building in speed till I was pounding my length into her pussy, my balls slapping against her clit with every thrust. My hands found her shaking breasts and released them from captivity, their soft weight filling my palms as the sounds of our joining filled the space between cars. Ash was almost delirious with pleasure as she rested her head upon her arms as they held her steady against the car. All she could do was moan in time with my thrusts as her ass shook with the impact of my hips.

Suddenly our coupling was interrupted by the sound of voices nearby, some partygoers were returning for their car! Thinking fast I reluctantly withdrew from Ash's nirvana and reached into my discarded trousers for the car keys.

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