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It might not even be a spacetime continuum as we know it at all. Isn't that exciting, professor? Only twenty-three hours and seventeen minutes."

"And getting closer all the time," remarked Colonel Musashi. "I can barely wait, professor. Who here won't be celebrating the occasion?"

"Am I the only one here who thinks we are about to commit suicide on a futile whim?" said the professor in despair.

"I rather think you are," said Second Officer Nkomo. "Come on, professor. We've wasted too much time in this futile discussion. Let's join everyone else."

At this stage there were relatively few people left in the auditorium and most of those were in the process of leaving. Professor Penrose quite clearly did not have everyone's attention.

"What new information does Mission Control have that wasn't available before the endeavour began to suggest that it's possible to enter the Anomaly and later return to the Solar System? What critical piece of information have I simply not been aware of before now? How have the best minds in the Solar System been so ignorant of what we hitherto believed to be a fundamental characteristic of the Anomaly?"

"Shall we discuss this privately, professor?" said Chief Science Officer Dr. Chang with an indulgent smile as she approached the scientist's isolated figure.

"What was that all about?" Paul asked Beatrice. "Isn't the professor right?"

"Evidently not," said Beatrice.

"I'm sure he is," said Paul. "I always believed that the objective of this mission was to rendezvous with the Anomaly and after a period of investigation to return home to the ecliptic plane. I don't believe anyone ever said that we'd be entering the Anomaly. I thought that nothing that entered the Anomaly ever re-emerged again."

"Are you sure?" questioned Beatrice. "I can't believe the captain and all the officers would ever agree to authorise suicide. Wouldn't the Interplanetary Union be rather foolish to send an expensive space ship and everyone on it into the Anomaly if it didn't think that by doing so it would fulfil the mission and relay the results of the research back home?"

"You're right," said Paul. "It would be very foolish."

Paul and Beatrice were among the last to join everyone else now enjoying nibbles and wine. There was a clear divide between the puzzled and disconcerted scientists and the rather more cheerful senior officers. The military contingent stood amongst themselves where Colonel Vashti was much more amenable company now that she wasn't giving a long dull speech. The military were generally less agitated than the scientists although it was the senior officers who were the most cheerful. It was a strange kind of party. It scarcely be described as celebratory. The scientists' discontent was apparent, but the reassurances from those of high rank and sheer professionalism carried huge weight. It was a party where Paul felt even less comfortable than usual, but where Beatrice was clearly in her element.

As the couple circulated, it was Beatrice who led the conversation and this was primarily with those scientists that appeared to be the most unhappy. Although she professed ignorance as to the actual science, she was intent on reassuring everyone she spoke to that everything would be fine.

"I have absolute faith in our captain," Beatrice said.

"Professor Wasilewski wouldn't authorise the mission if he wasn't confident of its success and safety," she said to another group of scientists.

"Isn't this exactly what you wanted the Intrepid to do," she remarked to some others.

Paul noticed that Beatrice was doing exactly the same as all the other senior officers.

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