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The demon just smiled and kept at his task. Plying the whip as only a master could, he peeled the flesh from her breasts, agonizing inch by agonizing inch.

And not just her breast. This time the demon struck up and down the front of her body. He would give her breasts a few hits then drop lower, striking her chest and across her cum swollen belly. Hot fire inside, hot fire outside. Bit by bit he beat the tattered robe off her.

Paige noticed something strange in her agony, every blow across her stomach sent pain yes, but also seemed to push the warmth she felt in her stomach outward. It worked its way down. Was her belly growing smaller with each blow? In the midst of her pain a small part of Paige started to feel something different. What she was not sure.

The demon paused. He set the whip down and approached. Paige breathing in great pain racked gasps looked up at the moment's rest and saw the demon with a hard-on. One hell of a whipping induced hard-on.

"Nothing like a good beating to get the blood flowing." He gave his cock a stroke. "In more ways than one."

Reaching down he grabbed each breast, giving them a squeeze. Paige cursed him. The demon just smiled and Paige screamed as he sunk his claws into the bloody flesh. He moved up close and let his hard cock settle between her breasts. He flexed his hips and let his cock slide around on her chest until it was streaked red with her blood.

He pushed her tits together, surrounding his cock with the bloody flesh. He began slowly to stroke back and forth, fucking the warm wet red pit between the over-sized breasts.

To Paige it felt like someone was taking a steel file to her injured tits. The demon's cock rubbed across the cuts causing them to sting worse than before. Blood oozed out of the cuts, painting the demon's cock bright red. His cock was long and he used it's entire length to fuck her tits. He'd pull back so the head would just disappear, then push forward until it nearly hit her in the face.

The vine around her neck had been pulling her back all this time. She'd had to strain backwards to get enough relief to breath. Most of the time the brutal whipping had her neck pressed forward. It cut off her air and when Paige did get a chance to breath, it was in great gasps.

Suddenly the pressure around her neck released and her head lurched forward, just as the demon's cock came out of the valley of her breasts. Her eyes shot wide as her mouth found itself filled with the head of the demon's cock.

Ahhhh, that's my girl," the demon said and patted her on top of the head. "Finally getting into things, are we?"

Paige pulled back and spit the salty blood covered cock from her mouth.

"When my sisters get home," she hissed. "You're going to pay for this..."

The demon just smiled at her threat and went back to fucking her between the bloody breasts.

Curious how in the middle of big outrages, the mind can focus on the little things. Each time the demon pushed forward, his balls would slap against Paige's chest. Blood from between her breasts collected there and splashed when his balls hit. The blood was slowly dripping down her chest.

Paige felt one hot drop making its way slowly down her body. Her mind seemed to focus in on just that one hot drop. It rolled slowly down her nearly normal sized stomach and then pooling for a moment in her belly button. Her belly button filled with blood, then the now larger drop oozed out and move further down.

The slow moving blood found a path between the tatters of her robe and Paige felt it creep slowly nearer and nearer the top of her crotch. Even with the pain of the demon's cock fucking her between the breasts, the sting of her other wounds and the agony of muscles stretched from sharp biting bonds, her mind focused on that one hot drop of blood as it made its way into her crotch.

She felt it like a lover's finger and to her amazement, pleasure at the anticipation started bubbling up.

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