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Max and Sue plunge deeper into the world of Kink

Even though Mike had seen what she had done and knew what was coming he still jumped back in surprise as her high heel shot between his legs with frightening speed and accuracy. Lisa then leaned forward towards Mike and pulled his head into her chest, rubbing her breasts across his face through the blouse she wore. Mike lifted his hands to the side of her full tits, squeezing them as he rubbed his face around her cleavage, wishing that it was her bare breasts he was sampling, although he would no doubt get his chance at that soon enough.

Lisa drew back from Mike's busy hands, the song building up to a climax as she reached down and began unbuttoning the front of her trousers, standing just out of the two guys reach. Lisa shot Stuart a seductive smile and bent forward, giving them an excellent view down the front of her blouse as she peeled off her pants. She straightened up, standing before them in her knotted blouse and a skimpy g-string. Lisa paused for a few seconds letting the two men take in the spectacular sight of her lace covered crotch and long legs before she bent her knees, thrust her hips and rocked back into her sexy strutting dance. As she turned away from them both boys gasped in awe at the sight of her fabulous ass, perfectly framed by the tiny g-string she wore. Mike had thought they'd got lucky with Cindy's lovely ass, but Lisa's dancers body was something out of this world!

Lisa strutted forward and turned away from them, bending forward to look back between her long legs, the position displaying her ass to breathtaking effect. She shot Stuart an enticing look, licking her top lip slowly and seductively as she reached up and patted the cheek of her ass invitingly. Stuart didn't need to be told twice, he leant forward and slapped her offered ass a couple times and then gave one buttock a hungry squeeze.

As Lisa moved away from Stuart the song changed to the next track, this one was a heavier rock song by Metallica. Lisa swaying in front of them as she took in the song transition, then moved forward and straddled Mike's lap. Lisa began to grind her hips down onto Mike's lap, his hands sliding up her thighs to cup her perfect ass as he g-string clad pussy rubbed against his throbbing crotch. Lisa smiled down at Mike and then slowly reached up between her breasts to where her blouse was knotted. Without stopped her humping on his lap she untied the blouse and pulled it open wide, displayed her large C-cup tits. Mike moaned at the mouthwatering sight, humping up off the couch against her as she rode him. His hands slid up from their position on her ass to cup and squeeze her firm tits, enjoying the way they filled his hands.

Before he could get too frisky Lisa drew back off his lap, pushing his eager hands away from her tits as the topless brunette danced away from him. Lisa quickly made her way in front of Stuart, turning her back to him as she sat on his lap, her spectacular ass pressing into his groin. Stuart groaned as Lisa leant back and pressed her body against him, she took hold of his hands and lifted them to her tits which he eager began to squeeze and knead. The gorgeous lap dancer let him grope her huge breasts for a few moment longer before she slid down his body towards the floor. Lisa went to her knees with her head resting back in Stuart's lap before she spun around so that her face was pressed into his crotch. Stuart moaned in surprise, not sure what to do, this was certainly the most intimate lap dance he'd ever had, most strippers barely let him touch their tits.

Lisa shook her head around, rubbing her face in Stuart's lap. She then pressed her lips against the outline of Stuart's hard cock, kissing him through his pants. With one finger she traced the line of his cock against his zipper, and then she was gone, back up in the center of the room, dancing in time with the music. She then hooked her thumbs inside the band of her g-string and pulled it out from her body, teasing the two guys with a brief flash of her pussy.

"You want me to go all the way?" she asked them over

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