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Wife submits to high school studs in front of husband.

He told Tom that he was aware that we had been lovers 30 years ago and that he would not stand in our way if we wanted to renew our arrangement, but that he loved me and wouldn't want it to go beyond sex between us. He was pretty blunt; but then he invited Tom to spend the night if he wanted and even told him we had spare toothbrushes for guests.

I squeezed both guys hands, kissed tgg and told him I loved him; I excused myself and went back to take a shower. I was okay either way, as long as tgg was comfortable. Either way, I would be clean. I took a few extra minutes in the shower and trimmed my pubes just in case.

I could hear the boys watching a baseball game on TV. Tgg woke me when he came to bed; he told me that Tom was in the guest room and that he would understand if I went visiting. I kissed him, cuddled up with him and thanked him for taking care of me before I went back to sleep.

I did get up to go to the bathroom later; and I did go down the hall to Tom, who did not wake up when I climbed into bed with him, naked.

About dawn I woke with a mouth on my breast. I ran my hand over his mostly bald head and said, "Good morning."

"You taste as good as you did 30 years ago."

I hugged him as my nipples hardened and areolas crinkled. I couldn't reach his cock, so I just enjoyed his gentle mouth, tongue and lips on my breast.

Tom asked me to raise my legs straight up in the air, and he slid his body so that he was on his side with his cock nestled against my vagina. He ran his right hand over my Mons, caressing my neatly groomed pubes and said, "I've always loved the way you keep your pubic hair so short. I'm glad you don't shave it all off. Making love to you is making love to a woman rather than a pre-pubescent girl."

I lowered my legs so they were draped over his, as he lay on his side and parted them slightly to give him better access. His hand kept exploring and his fingers spread my labia. He said, "You're very dry down here."

"I don't produce love honey like I once did. There is a jar of coconut oil in the drawer beside you that works well as lubrication. A little goes a long way."

He dipped his middle finger in the thick oil then ran his finger between my labia and into my vagina. He moved it around inside and then he rubbed a little on the tip of his 7" circumcised, beautifully formed cock and slid it into me; fully inserted with one thrust. He began gently sliding in and out of me as he brought his hand back up to my breasts. His finger was still slippery with coconut oil and he slid it sensuously over my nipples. I thought they had been hard before; oh, the sensation!

His slippery finger went back down; he massaged my clitoral hood and then began gently flicking my clit with that slippery finger. I started humping his cock, meeting his thrusts as if we had not had a 30 year hiatus.

He just fucked me; it was like time stood still and we were both just enjoying the moment and the feeling of our bodies moving together. I don't know how long we went on like this, but it wasn't long enough; I think it could have gone on forever.

Tom's 7" got harder in me as we fucked and I could tell by his breathing and his motions that he wanted to cum. I said, "Why don't you get on top and bring us off? I'm sure I will come with you."

He got on his knees over me, I opened my legs and he slid right back in, fully imbedded, pubes to pubes, tickling my cervix. "OH TOM, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME."

Tom was pounding me as hard and as fast as he could and I was meeting him thrust for thrust when I heard tgg open the door, look in, and close the door again; he decided that this was not the time to announce breakfast.

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