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You take me deeper still into the sissy life.

Every bra, pantie, dress, shoe and accessory. He was stripping and dressing and stripping and dressing again.

In the midst of this, Nancy leaned over and whispered, "have you pegged him yet?"

"I actually haven't thought about it. I don't own a harness. I'm really not into it. Would you like to have a go at him? How's it going with Carl?"

"Carl is an absolute slut for it now. I've got him jumping through hoops with the hope that I'll strap it on and __!*@ him nightly. "

"Dani is so out there right now he's jumping through hoops of his own invention."

"Let me *____$ him."

"Ok, I'm actually going to do something else to him this weekend. Maybe we can work that out."

"It's a deal. Actually I was going to ask if I could hang with you all as Carl is going to his mother's out of town for some legal stuff."

"We'll go to Chip's."


"Chip, I need you this weekend. I need your stud services."

"Huh??? What the hell's going on. Are you and Dani doing ok?"

"Yeah, we're passable. Nancy knows now. And I'm sure, but not 100%, that she'll tell Carl. But, I need to punish Dani. He's been stealing my birth control pill for months. We haven't had sex for months. I don't like the way he's snuck around on this. And here's how it's going to go. I am going to cuckold him. With you. We've had sex, but no one is to know. This time, it's not anal, you get to do old fashion penis in vagina. I'm sure it will be a pleasant change of pace for you. And Dani is going to sit there and watch. For the second act, Nancy is going to peg him. I'm hoping to totally humiliate him otherwise I'd peg him. Having Nancy do it, she's much bigger and taller than him and experienced, I'm pretty sure he's going to feel totally used. If I do it, it'll turn into our typical lovemaking. I'm going to use the anal toy on him. It will have him begging to be made into a slut."

Chip was silent on the phone.

"Chip? Are you still with us?"

"Ok, sure. This sex on demand stuff is tough. Saturday?"

"You can do it. Fuck me buddy."

Wendy hung up and thought 2 things. She was going to get that anal toy up Chip's unsuspecting butt and two, she wasn't on birth control. She was going to get Chip worked up and coming while she rode him like a pony and then she'd turn to Dani and say, "hey, I'm not on birth control because some ass stole my pills. How do you feel about that?" If she played it right, Chip would be filling her with his un-controlled cum and maybe she'd have his baby. Her age was right, she wanted a child. Chip was handsome and unattached. And mostly, Dani wasn't going to give her one now. Heck, as a woman, maybe he'd be useful raising a child. She'd have to look into the meds they were giving Dani and see if anything would trigger lactation. Why ruin her new boobs?


Saturday night came and Nancy popped in the front door without even knocking. She had an oversize purse with her and had brought a large frosty bottle of vodka.

"Anyone wanna party? Let's go dig that Chip guy up."

Wendy came in with a little black dress with a thong that basically covered nothing and each time she reached up or leaned over or just moved quickly, a tantalizing glimpse of butt cheek showed.

Dani had followed Wendy's lead and had a slightly longer little black dress with a bikini bottom that covered his groin attachment and not much else. If she moved right a tantalizing glimpse of butt cheek showed.

"Aren't you two cute" said Nancy.

"Let's go." said Wendy. "I want to relax at Chips."


At Chip's Nancy set up the bar and laid out 4 large shot glasses.

"One for you, one for you, one for you and one for me. And a second for Dani."

Shots were done. A second and third was done for Dani.

Then, Wendy showed Chip how they served them at a bar she'd worked at when she was younger. She'd put the shot glass between her boobs, squeeze them together and pour it into his mouth.

It wasn't long before Chip and Dani were very tipsy and the woman were controlling the show.

"I think we should have Chip and Dani get naked!" said Nancy.

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