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Jen finally says goodbye to her husband that she lost.

That tingling feeling stayed with her, making it feel like there were hundreds of tiny fingers all over her. She kept shifting on her lounge chair, the tingling feeling seeping down to her womanhood, making it throb. Oddly, it didn't feel irritating at all, just sensual & exhilarating. Soon, she was sorely tempted to go back to her room & get rid of her tension but decided in stead to go see this massage therapist. She gathered her things & told George that she was going to see that guy he told her about. George beamed happily & told her to wait for a moment. He made a quick call, telling her that he would tell the guy himself that he had a new client.

Meli sipped on a fruity, tropical drink while George made the call. George came back, grinning from ear to ear. He said that 'Feathered Eagle' would be happy to see her right away. George was kind enough to show her the way. He motioned to another employee, saying that he was going to help the new therapist & that he had the pool area for a few hours. He offered his arm & they set off.

They walked a long ways, almost 10 minutes before they came to a small cottage-type building. George knocked & the door was opened by the man that Meli had seen in the reception area! He smiled & welcomed them in, thanking George for bringing him another client that could benefit from his special services. George nodded & said that he was available to help for the next couple of hours. 'Feathered Eagle' nodded, pleased with hearing that.

The inside of the cottage was simply furnished. There were a couple of doors that led to possibly the treatment room & a bathroom. The native American man that Meli had noticed extended his hand, introducing himself as John. Meli accepted his hand, thanking him for taking her on as a client. He was dressed in loose shorts & nothing else. His long hair was braided down his back.

John opened one of the doors & showed them in. The room was done in soothing colors of all different shades of blue, purple & pink, the walls the pink of a desert sunset. An adjustable chair sat in the middle of the room. Meli looked at it a little hesitantly at the straps. John explained that when he worked on a client, that it was sometimes wise to restrain them for their own safety as well as his. He moved the chair so that it was reclining completely, like a table & had her lay down, on her tummy. Still in her string bikini, she lay down, deciding to take a chance.

John started massaging her neck & shoulders gently. With the 'special' cream still making her skin tingle, Meli let out a bubbly giggle. John made a concerned sound as his fingers probed her upper back, bringing more giggles. Meli tried with all the will she had to stifle them but they kept on escaping from her mouth. John glanced at George & said that maybe it was time for the treatment to start. John shook his head, telling Meli that she had a lot of stress to get rid of & it could take a while to get it all out.

He had her turn over, helping her get into position. He talked to her as he put her wrists & ankles into the restraints, telling her that she would find this treatment most pleasant & more than likely, come back for more this week. John left for a moment & the next thing she knew, soft music was coming in through hidden speakers. John told her to just relax & listen to the music & enjoy the treatment.

Adjusting the chair so that Meli's legs were apart, her arms out to her sides & tilted up so that she was more or less on her back, he told George to get the cart. With that, John covered Meli's eyes with a blindfold, telling her that it would help her relax. Meli was suddenly plunged into darkness. This somehow made the tingling sensation increase a bit, making it feel like millions of tiny fingers were crawling over her. John readjusted the arms on her chair, bringing them almost over her head.

Pulling up a stool near her feet, John explained that there was a lot of stress in her feet.

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