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Jonathan continues his reign.

I was finally heading back down when I got a text from mom.

Mom: Where should we eat?

I thought hard about the question. I wanted to take her someplace we could be alone. I made sure to pick a faraway place from home. Somewhere no one would notice us. The food didn't matter. Our privacy did.

Me: It's a surprise. I got a place.

I wondered how far I could push her as of now. I decided to try anyways.

Me: Could you dress up for me?

She didn't respond right away. I thought that was asking for a bit much even from me. I felt regret slip in as the seconds passed without a response.

Mom: It's a date then. :)

She responded. My heart nearly sank. Now I had to wonder what she would look like when I picked her up. Of course, she couldn't possibly feel the same way about me. But that didn't matter. I need to tell her tonight exactly what I was feeling.

Around 7PM I texted her to come out. It was truly amazing seeing mom dressed up. The first thing I noticed was her white mini skirt with black stockings and heels. She wore a sleeveless, low cut button up top that showed a tiny bit of her enormous cleavage. I got out of the car to help her in. She noticed me staring and couldn't help but laugh as she extended her hand out to me. "Aren't you going to get my door?" she asked.

"Yes of course. Sorry!" I opened the door for her and just before she ducked inside the car, I could see her large ass really testing the strength of the skirt's fabric. She had a thick figure with a small waist. In my entire life, either in person or online, I have never seen someone with her figure. Through the stretching, I could clearly see her black lacy underwear. It took all the fibers of my being to not reach out and grab her ass. It was so tempting as if she were daring me to do something.

While we were driving, I once again confidently placed my hand on hers. This time she wasn't quiet. She accepted it and kept the small talk going as if it were all normal. We arrived 40 minutes later to the restaurant. We were practically in a different city. I didn't know if the place was good or not, all I did know was that it was spacious and not busy. Honestly, the quality of food didn't matter. I just wanted to be alone with her.

We kept talking about school and what I would do in the future. She seemed like a different woman with me when we were alone. She wasn't as quiet. The best way I could describe it was she seemed alive. During the middle of her sentence, I leaned in and kissed her lips. She didn't pull away but she didn't kiss back either. She was surprised. "Honey, what was that for?" she asked concerned.

"I love you, mom."

"I thought we talked about that. You'll find a girl for yourself one day."

"You're not understanding," I moved in closer and put my hand around her waist, "You're the only one that I want." I kissed her passionately. She sat there somewhat in disbelief while I kissed her.

"This isn't right," she finally said pushing slightly away from me.

"Why not? Don't you feel the same way about me?" I asked knowing all her feelings were not innocent. She couldn't answer the question.

"Even if I have feelings that I shouldn't be having, I'm your mother." She was blushing so much it was showing through the light amount of makeup she put on.

"We can talk about it later. We should get going for the movie." I stood up and exited the booth while I helped her out. I quickly placed my arm around her waist. I held her closely next to me. My hand rested just below her oversized breast. I could feel the weight of one breast on top of my thumb. We walked up to the counter to pay. The hostess was a young woman. I could tell she was staring at where my hand was.

"You two look very good together," she commented while processing our payment.

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