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Her boyfriend made me use her for my first time bi.

With shocking motions he shot his load into her throat, grabbing her head and pulling her into his bucking crotch. After the release Eva slowly pulled her head back, still sucking on the cock not breaking the vacuum seal. She made sure she got every last drop of seed from his nuts. The phallus came out with a loud plop. She grinned at her guests mouthing a 'thank you'.

On her knees she moved to her next guest. The young writer who had discussed his bestselling debut novel also lost his trouser and his marbles to the very talented Eva. The crane camera floated to the next seat giving the viewers a crispy clear detailed account of the proceedings. A cameraman stepped closer and provided additional viewing pleasure with a shot from the side.

The image on screen was now alternating between a full view of the actions at the writer's seat and a split screen showing all four guest seats. There were small hidden cameras underneath the table directed directly at the seats. The upper left part showed the delicious butt of Eva, still clad in her very tight fitting designer jeans. Including very clear Visible Panty Lines. To the right of it was the shrunk shrimp of the professor, still out in the open in his lap, and glistening of Eva's saliva and the remnants of the owner's spunk. The lower right window clearly showed the guest opposite the professor also had his tool outside his trousers. He played with it impudently.

The last window in the lower left corner, underneath the view of Eva's delectable butt, revealed the guest next to him and opposite the young writer. She had her hands hidden under her skirt, probably sopping a finger in her slit, or diddling her clit, or both. The new state secretary for public healthcare clearly squirmed in her seat, giving in to the general atmosphere and trying to release some tensions.

As the writer reached the tipping point of his orgasm Eva firmly grabbed the root of his shaft, got it out of her throat and with a big smile pointed the sperm shooter directly at her opened mouth. Only a few jerks were enough to make the young stud shoot his load. The first two shots ended deep down in the back of Eva's mouth, the last stream landed right on her forehead and in her blonde hair. Most of the spunk dribbled down between her eyes over her nose. Smacking her lips she licked with her tongue at a the seed stream leaking down on her upper lip.

Eva got up and French kissed the writer, giving him a taste of his own sperm. She went to the state secretary at the other side of the table. Puling the hands from underneath her skirt Eva put her female guest's fingers into her own mouth, apparently enjoying the taste. With a wicked smile she gently pulled her victim to her feet. The girls kissing each other during a prolonged minute. One of the camera's zoomed in to the smashed faces. Both girls were definitely not opposed to some serious sisterly making out. Meanwhile Eva turned her guests around and pushed the state secretary onto the table. Sitting down in the seat she pushed the secretary's skirt up to her middle and out of the way. The crane had swept to the other side as well and was now capturing the new victim's panties in full view. Eva pulled the white knickers down exposing a nicely close cropped bush. The rusty triangle pointed right down at the redhead's slit. Eva held the creamy thighs spread open, allowing the camera and herself an unobstructed clear view of the glistening snatch.

Homing in to the love triangle Eva feasted herself on the dripping treasure of her guest. They both purred like kittens in heat, one enjoying her meal and the other losing herself in unrestricted sexual bliss. Eva did not only possess some skilled blowjob techniques with a gusto for dirty deep throating, she also knew how to eat out a woman and bring her to a sexual height, and make her feel very loved and hot and pouring out juices from her love box. The secretary screamed from delight, falling backwards on the table as she reached an orgasm.


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