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Couple has fun while house hunting.


'Shirley, I'd hire you tomorrow, but it's not up to me. If you're serious, you need to fuck someone higher up the food chain.'

'You mean, like Devlin?'

'For example.'

There was a sudden bright light and both Shirley and Cyrus shielded their eyes. 'Sorry!' called out the lighting guy and pointed the spotlight somewhere else. Cyrus went back to staring at the monitor making mental notes and Shirley's phoned buzzed. There was a message and she tapped it open. It said: 'Come to the office immediately. Gladys Dribbel.'

Shirley frowned.

What did Gladys want with her? Then it occurred to her that someone using Gladys's account might be sending her a message. Someone who needed to be discreet. Someone like the owner of this studio. Shirley smiled and tapped out, 'On my way.' She had just pressed SEND when a woman's shriek nearly burst an eardrum.

'Zee-rus! What is THAT?'

Shirley looked up to see a quivering forefinger with a blood-red lacquered fingernail pointing right at her. Behind the forefinger stood Lola in her dragon gown and her black hair seemed to crackle in fury. It was time to go.

'All right, Lola. Calm down,' said Cyrus as Shirley went to the pile of her clothes.

'I will not calm down!' cried Lola, throwing her hands in the air. 'How dare this pimple-chested nobody touch my bed! I refuse to be fucked on it!'


'I come here without even being fetched and what do I find? A Barbie doll using MY bed for a fuck party!'

'This is a porn film studio,' said Cyrus. 'What do you expect?'

'I expect ... professionalism.'

Shirley had finished dressing and she stepped up to Cyrus, pointing to her phone.

'Cyrus, I have to-'

'How dare you talk when I'm talking!' shrieked Lola. 'Get out! Get your skinny bones out of my studio! Go! Vamonos! I never want to see you again!'

Shirley turned and almost ran out. Cyrus watched her close the door behind her. He put his hands on his hips and stared at the floor. Lola looked over at the bed.

'Change it!' she said. 'And get that towel out of my sight! I feel pregnant just looking at it!'


'And where's that prick I'm supposed to fuck?'

'He's getting a cup of tea.'

'Tea? TEA? He should be here!'

'Lola, how many times has Roger had to wait for you?'

'He's the man! He's supposed to wait for me!'

Thankfully, Roger chose that moment to enter. He wandered in, hands in the pockets of his white bathrobe and seeming to be lost in his own thoughts.

'Okay, crew!' called out Cyrus, hoping to end the argument. 'Positions, everyone! We'll be filming in five!'

'Not until you change the bed,' said Lola.

'Lola, if we change the sheets, the film won't match the earlier footage.'

'I didn't say change the sheets. I said change the bed.'

'Change the whole bed?'

'You understand English? This is good.'

'Forget it! We're not changing the damn bed, Lola. We're filming in five and that's final.'

'Five what?' said Roger.

There was a pause. Cyrus and Lola exchanged a glance.

'Five minutes,' said Cyrus.

'Oh,' said Roger. 'Oh yeah. So it's not code for something?'

'No, Roger.'


'Maybe the great actor needs more than five minutes to find his "motivacion"?' said Lola, looking pointedly at Roger's groin area.

In response, Roger shrugged off his bathrobe. His cock was hanging downwards, but already sizable. Roger took it in his hand and it began to grow and stiffen as he waggled it from side to side. He smiled.

'Pretty impressive, considering what I've gone through,' he said.

Lola opened her mouth, but Cyrus said quickly, 'I'm sure Lola didn't mean any harm.'

'I'm not talking about Lola,' said Roger. 'I'm talking about Dolores.'

'Dolores? From the office?'

'She was here earlier, boss,' said the cameraman. 'I saw her talking to Roger while we were ... you know.'

Cyrus went pale.

'Shit! What did she want?' he said.

'She was asking about a medical file,' said Roger, still waggling his penis. 'Apparently, someone here has the AIDS virus.'

His cock was now fully erect.

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