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Mistress Fanchon raises some heck!

She said it wasn't till 3:00PM but I told her I wanted to see her outfit on her now. She went and got dressed and came out wearing a white top with a blue skirt, one of her normal tennis outfits. The skirts are not real long because they don't want them to interfere with their game. Next I popped in a tape of the last match Priya played and told her to watch it. She asked why and then I explained the whole story to her. She was going to play today without any tennis under shorts on.

She thought I was crazy. "These skirts are way too small to try to play without any shorts," she said. I told her if we could see her shorts in any of the videos we shot of her, then she wouldn't have to do it but, if we couldn't, then she would have to keep her promise. She finally agreed because she knew with her running around and swinging the racket, her skirt was bound to rise up and show her shorts underneath.

Well, we watched the first match on video and not once did her shorts show. She didn't think that was good enough and wanted to see another match. I took out the next tape and we watched some more. Each match had about an hours worth of playing on the tape. Again, she could see nothing. She still didn't want to do it.

I told her I would play one more tape, and then we had to go. I would fast forward all the tapes to the parts that showed her. Again, none of them showed her shorts. I knew I was going to win this argument because she normally put up a good fight but always gave in at the end. Well, after watching the videos, she didn't have a good reason to turn down my request. Plus, she had made the promise and I had proved that no one could see anything. She just didn't know I had cut a few strokes out of each tape.

She finally relented and I moved over to her and pulled down her tennis shorts and the undies she had on under them. When I stood up, I couldn't believe what was about to happen. Five years ago you couldn't get my wife into a short dress. Now I had her going out to play tennis in a short tennis skirt and had talked her into wearing nothing underneath!

We got all our stuff together and went out to the car. We both got in and I noticed when Priya sat down, the skirt just barely covered her pussy. She still didn't think it was such a good idea, but I was not turning back. I didn't even bring her shorts because I didn't want her to change her mind before the match started. I placed my hand on her legs and slowly moved it up to her cunt. It was on fire. She was very wet and her juices were starting to run down her legs. I could tell, she was scared, but she was also excited, by the reaction I got from her cunt.

We pulled into the tennis club parking lot about 2:30. The girl she was about to play was there and a couple of other people were playing on one of the other courts, but no one else was around at the time. This made Priya feel a little better. She got out of the car and got her stuff, gave me that look like she didn't want to do it, then walked over and talked to Sue, the girlfriend she was playing today.

Sue and Priya were evenly matched. They had played together in college. Now they just played for fun. You could tell Priya was walking very carefully. They started to warm up and at first Priya wouldn't swing very hard. Then Sue made a comment that if Priya was going to play like that, she might as well go home. Priya looked around and nobody else was there but me, so she started swinging as she normally would.

I watched her closely, seeing if I could tell that she had nothing on underneath. So far, so good. I couldn't tell anything was abnormal. Sue finally said she was ready to start and they started their first game. A couple of points into the game, the older guys I invited arrived and they came up and sat with me in the stands. At first, Priya didn't know they were there. She played her usual game but Sue beat her by a couple of points.

They traded sides for the next game.

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