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New adventures await on the honeymoon.

That semester Judy found herself having some very explicit feelings for Michelle. She thought, no big deal, it's just a girl-crush. But she suspected it went beyond that. As an experiment she masturbated while imagining Michelle licking her. Michelle would know exactly what to do with her lips and tongue on Judy's clitoris. The experiment was successful, and then Judy lay in her bed considering the results.

I guess I'm not a lesbian but maybe I'm somewhat bisexual. Didn't Kinsey said that most people are to some degree? Perhaps some female lovers could be worked into her life. Yet she knew that wouldn't be enough. There's no way around it, I'd like to be fucked hard by a man.

The only man she knew beyond her classroom acquaintances was Michelle's boyfriend Paul. He did seem like someone she could deal with. Almost inevitably she speculated about how she could get him for herself. Would that destroy her friendship with Michelle? Probably, but then Paul had worked out a deal with two girls at once. Maybe it would be possible to secretly work herself in as the third one. Maybe she could join the paper and have some room for romantic maneuvering while there. It wasn't the ideal that she wanted, of course, but maybe it would be okay for a while. After all, this was only college and she was still young. As Michelle had stated, have fun and worry about the future later.

Judy knew, or perhaps feared, that this wasn't a real plan or even an aspiration but merely a fantasy. The logistics of it seemed daunting. Then in November came the news that an old flame of Andrea's - an ex-fianc__ if that could be believed - had won her back and she had abruptly dumped Paul. Judy wondered how this would change whatever her own prospects were for the coming year.


This was the condition of Judy's life as she sat in the student center on that December afternoon. She was listless and at loose ends but she didn't want to go home just yet. Michelle and Paul were not on campus but she had not received an invitation to go to Long Island City. Those two are probably out there now having some exam-period sex in her bed or on her living room couch. She tried to imagine the scene and felt a sense of resentment and excitement at the same time. Maybe I should get off my slothful ass and get a job and an apartment for myself. Some effort in that direction might give her some new leverage in getting her life going.

On an impulse she got up, got her possessions together and went across the way to Wagner Hall, a classroom building that was very quiet right now. She went up to the ladies' room on the third floor and stood in front of a mirror assessing herself. She thought of something she had blurted out to Michelle a few weeks earlier, "I wish I was as pretty as you are."

Michelle had scoffed, "Ok, I don't stop clocks, but I'm just your basic Irish-Polish mutt."

Michelle perhaps had been going for some false modesty, what is now called humble bragging. She was taller, about five-seven to Judy's five-three. Her straight brown hair was always cut neatly down to her shoulders, and she usually had bangs. Judy's reddish-brown hair always seemed to be unruly and she never could figure out the best way to style what she had.

Still looking in the mirror, she opened her coat and considered her own body as it appeared under her sweater and skirt. Well, I'm definitely not slender and willowy - very round is a phrase that would be appropriate. Did guys notice her as she went about on campus? Sometimes she tried to keep track of that, and she didn't notice any heads turning in her direction.

Michelle's body looked athletic; she ice skated in the winter and played tennis in the summer. Judy had no aptitude for those activities, but she could ride a bicycle and she was considering getting her first one since junior high school.

Michelle also had steel-rimmed glasses, and in imitation of her Judy h

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