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The girl that brightened up his day.

I'll catch up soon."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she whispered to herself. "I already bought my ticket too." They had been planning on seeing a movie that she had been dying to see for weeks now. "I'm already showered and everything too... Fuck it I can go alone."

Marie went into her room and reapplied her make up with her classic dark red lipstick. She wore a tight black dress with her nicest sandals. Ever since she had begun fucking for money, her wardrobe almost consisted entirely of slutty clothes.

Marie stepped out into the living room where Wyatt was working on his paper again. "Hey Wyatt, I'm gonna step out for a bit. Do you want me to order you guys a pizza or something."

"No thanks I got it." He turned to face her. "Wow, you look amazing."

"Thank you" she responded. "It was really all I had left in my closet."

"Big night out?" he asked.

She exhaled deeply and responded "No." before dropping her keys on the counter and leaning on it. "My boyfriend and I were gonna see a movie together but he had to work. I already bought my stupid ticket too."

"Yikes, I'm sorry."

"Hey, do you want to come? I will pay! And I can drive us there too!"

"Sorry Marie, I really need to finish this up ASAP."

"Oh, right. The paper. Well I guess I will just go alone then."

"Why not bring Laurence?"

"He seems a little worn out." She giggled.

"Oh yeah?" You really gave it to him good huh?" he asked

"Yeah and he certainly returned the favor." she said blushing.

"Really?" he asked in utter shock. "That's impressive considering he is a virgin. Or, was, for that matter."

"Yes... he was amazing."

"Can't be better than me, right?" he asked

Marie stayed silent.

"Right?" he asked, sounding slightly worried now.

"Well I don't want to choose between brothers Wyatt. Besides, he took his time and I showed him what to do for him to make me cum twice. You were on a quick study break and I thought it had to be..."

"You came twice?! Nu uh, there is no way my brother is a better fuck than I am."

"I didn't say he was Wy-"

"When is your movie?"

"At 8:00pm why?"

"Come here I'm cashing in again on my all expenses paid weekend. And I'm gonna show you that I'm better than that loser?"

"Oh, alright." she giggled. "Remember though, I don't have a lot of time."

She straddled him on the couch and the two made out for a while before he began to fuck her standing up. She bounced high above his waist on to his hard cock. "Fuck, big cock really runs in your family."

Marie came once this way and once again while he had her bent over the counter. She then got onto her knees and suck him off until he came in her mouth. Happily swallowing his load, he began to brag. "See, pretty good right? I was just going easy earlier caus-"

"Shit!" She cut him off. "It's 7:45pm. I'm gonna miss the beginning! I'll see you later!" She adjusted her dress and stormed out the door.

She arrived at the movie theater at 8:10pm and attempted to scan her e-ticket. "Oh, I'm sorry miss, but the movie just began and we don't allow guests to enter to theater after the film is rolling in order to provide our guests with the best experience."

"What? Really? But it's probably still in the credits! It just started ten minutes ago!"

"No the credits start at 7:50pm and the film begins at 8:00pm. All our listed times are exact."

Bummed, Marie asked "Can I at least get my money back?"

"I can either exchange the ticket arcade credit or for another movie, but it has to be for tonight."

Marie looked up at the screen to find an assortment of terrible movies to pick from. "I guess I will take the arcade credit then..."

Marie found herself in the arcade, angrily shooting at zombies as they swarmed her. "GAME OVER" dripped down the screen in blood as one zombie chucked his sledge hammer.

"What?! Can they really do that? That's so fucking stupid!" she exclaimed before tossing the gun-controller at the machine.

A voice called from afar, "Yeah, you show that machine!"

Marie quickly turned her head.

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