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Big sister's friend shows him how it's done.

I heard the moan from my own mouth interrupted by her exclamation.

"Oh my god, Tyrese, you're so heavy, you're driving me through the floor. Get off."

I did no such thing; instead, I gritted my teeth and started humping the pleasantly soft woman flesh beneath me, picking up tempo when I heard her giggle.

"Tyrese, what are you doing, that's not funny, stop it."

I continued the steady humping as she giggled nervously while trying to push me off of her enticing body.

I moved from humping to grinding and she made a mighty but unsuccessful upward heave which momentarily winded her, leaving her at the mercy of my simulated sex charge.

"Tyrese, what's got into you?" she asked, now with more concern than nervousness in her voice.

Just then the lights came on, and I heard her say:

"Thank you lord."

I found that outburst funny and started to laugh. She laughed too. I looked down and saw that the towel was no longer around her; it had slipped away and was bundled up on the ground several inches from her waist on the left side. My mom was completely naked under me, her beautiful round boobs spread out and leaning a little towards each side with prominent chocolate nips sticking up in the middle of large dark areolas. Rising up a little I was able to see her smooth shaven vulva and the dark thick, neatly trimmed little triangular mat of wooly hair above it. I remained where I was, lost in a daze as I stared at the brown loveliness. She gave a weak little smile and said jokingly:

"Come on you heavy brute, get off before you kill me."

I disregarded her plea and just remained there pressing down against her effort to rise.

"You're pressing the wind out of me Tyrese, get up."

Once again she was giggling girlishly and nervously, a lost and fearful look in her eyes as she looked up into mine, and I felt she was feeling something that she was trying hard to deny.

"I can't get up mom."


"I can't get up."

"Why, oh my god baby, are you hurt?"

"No I'm alright."

"So, why can't you get up?"

"I don't want to mom," I said.

I rose up onto my hands and lifted my hips off her, looking down below my waist. Her eyes followed mine to my cock standing out long and hard.

"Oh my, you're in a fine state. Well, I've seen it, so no need bothering to hide it. Come on get up, it's alright. I understand."

"I can't get up mom, you're too beautiful, I've gotta do this"

"Tyrese, what are you talking about, got to do what?"

"You mom" I said and nudged her crotch firmly with my cock.

"Tyrese, what do you mean, what are you doing. Oh lord no."

I pulled my hips back a little then forged forward banging the head of my hard cock against the fleshy, shaved, pussy lips, but failed to part them. I did it two more times. With each stab she let out little painful sounds. I felt a little give in the lips that had become wet. I pushed forward and felt my cock make definite headway into her passage, but I didn't want to go in further just yet. I slid down quickly and buried my face between her thighs, mashing it down hard on the delicate mound, rubbing my nose and lips around on the freshly bathed pussy. The mixture of bath gel scent and hot pussy odour drove me crazy.

"No Tyrese, don't do that." she cried out anxiously.

I disregarded her weak plea and continued to rub my face in her hot, wet sweetness. She pushed my head away but I put it back and licked determinedly at the fleshy lips. I heard her gave a little moan and I quickly found her clit and latched on to it with my lips and tongue, sucking fervently. I felt her hands caress my head briefly then those same hands switched to pushing my head away with intentional force.

"Stop, stop Tyrese this is wrong."

She tried to get up but I pushed her back down without much effort - which was a good sign - I crawled forward and brought my cock to rest lengthwise against her wet coochie.

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