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He told me it wouldn't hurt.

That wasn't what really surprised her it was her being naked.

"Kristen, I didn't know you where here," stuttered Taylor she did nothing to cover herself up.

"Taylor what are you doing here I thought you where in Paris?" asked Kristen still staring at Taylor naked body. For some reason she couldn't tear her eyes away from Taylor amazing body.

"I had to come back, was that you and Sandy downstairs a little bit ago?" asked Taylor sounding intrigued.

"Um... yes it was you heard us," answered Kristen glad they weren't really going at it or she would of heard a lot of screaming and grunting. God they haven't really gone at it in ages thought Kristen to her self.

"Yes but all I heard was Sandy I didn't really hear you at first I thought it was him jacking off but then it sounded like he was having sex. So I assumed it was you too."

"It was but I wasn't..." Kristen couldn't finish the rest she didn't want Taylor to know that they where having troubles in the bed.

"Enjoying yourself I sorted figured that out when you came up here most people I know or maybe it's just me usually stay in bed and cuddle."

"Yes well I didn't orgasm as you could tell,"

"And know you are in dire need of relief right?"

"Yes but Ry... Sandy is in the shower, so I have no way to relieve myself,"

"Ever heard of masturbation,"

"Yes, but I need more,"

"Well I can help if you let me," Taylor patter the bed beside her. Kristen moved towards her Taylor leaned over and kissed Kristen on the lips a deep sensuous kiss that left Kristen breathless. "Taylor..." "Shh" Taylor reached over and unzipped Kristen's sweater. Leaving Kristen with just her bra and pants on, Taylor was still kissing Kristen but she moved down just a little bit until she was nuzzling Kristen's neck. She moved over to Kristen's ear and bit it. Kristen moaned in pleasure. Kristen undid her own bra so Taylor could have better access at her body.

Taylor removed her tongue from Kristen's mouth and kissed every inch of Kristen's face: her eye lids, her cheeks, her nose, and her lovely mouth again for at least a good five minutes. As the two women where busy exploring each other mouths, Taylor's hand went to Kristen's B cup breast and started to squeeze and massage it with her hands.

Kristen broke the kiss so she could take off Taylor's shirt and bra. Taylor's small C cup breast spilled out and Kristen caught one of them with her mouth and started to suck on her breast. But only for a minute Taylor resumed kissing Kristen's face and neck. Taylor's mouth moved down south to Kristen's nipple but just did a little lick then went down to her navel she kissed and licked her way around Kristen's navel. She went down a little bit until Kristen stopped her.

"Taylor what if Sandy walks in?" asked Kristen sounding a little bit scared because she's never done this before she tried once in college but she was to drunk to really start anything.

"It's more fun that way," Taylor replied with a mischievous look on her face.

She moved down to Kristen's feet and started to rub her face on them. Kristen was getting aroused by this feeling she never new oral sex could be this fun. Taylor surprised Kristen by putting her mouth over Kristen's toes and sucked on each one for a little bit. She moved back up to Kristen face where Kristen grabber her and started to kiss Taylor. She could taste her own foot in Taylor's mouth. Taylor sucked on Kristen tongue for a minute then resumed her slow kissing and massaging of Kristen's beautiful body.

Taylor finally stopped torturing Kristen. Kristen was moaning in pleasure she never felt this good not by a man at least. Taylor pushed Kristen on the bed and slowly opened Kristen's legs.


"Shh I'm very good at giving head to another girl.

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