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Cousin Jeff makes a visit.

Once his knees were secured, the doctor wrapped a thick belt around Gareth's waist and affixed it to a chain that was attached the beam at the top of the apparatus. The doctor pulled the chain and Gareth's ass went into the air. All three men laughed as he blushed in humiliation.

The doctor pulled the chain forward and Gareth's body slid back up the table. Davenport and Marshall lifted him so that his ribcage rested on top of the cube. They pulled his arms down bound his arms and hands to the top of the table on either side of it. A strap went over the top of his back, another over his lower back, and a three-and-a-half foot bar was placed between them to hold his legs apart.

The effective result was the Gareth was basically on his hands and knees bent over the cube with his ass high in the air and his legs spread, which of course spread his ass cheeks. But that wasn't enough for the doctor. He reached under the table and pulled out a strange metal contraption. It looked like a framework sculpture of someone's ass, but where the crack would be, there was only empty space. It was made of several curved metal bars, each with the diameter of a number two pencil. Dr. Clancy slipped this contraption over Gareth's ass and the flexible metal bars molded to the shape of his cheeks. Then using a set of small cranks on either side of it, he slowly craned Gareth's ass cheeks apart, exposing his quivering pink hole. Gareth gasped when he realized that this thing could hold his ass open indefinitely.

Finally, the doctor reached forward and pulled Gareth's sheathed cock backwards so that it stuck out between his legs. Gareth moaned as the doctor attached a loop in the sheath's material to a small hook he'd pulled from the beam at the top the harness. He watched Dr. Clancy walk back to the computer and turned the Polishing Pump back on. He felt another push and realized that he had control of his muscles once more. He could also speak.

"Let me go!" he moaned.

Davenport ran a finger lightly down Gareth's ass crack, pausing to flick his fingertip over his tightly puckered anus. "Oh, but you didn't say 'please'."

The doctor readjusted The Capacitor so that it was back on the setting from his previous milking, the one where he could speak, but only to express pleasure. He also wouldn't be able to cum until he was given explicit permission. When he was finished, he told Marshall to retrieve a large white jar from the shelf at the back of the room.

Marshall handed the jar to his uncle with a puzzled expression on his face.

The doctor explained. "This, my friends, is a jar of silicon fibers that are made from the same material in the Polishing Pump." He opened the jar and in front of Gareth so he could see the contents. Inside were hundreds of small, silicon 'worms'. Dr. Clancy lifted one out.

"Harmless, right?" he teased. "But watch what happens when it comes into contact with Nerve Attack lubricant." He dropped it into a petri dish of the lube. After a few seconds, it began to pulse and wriggle. Over the next several seconds, the wriggling became more aggressive. Gareth's eyes widened and he shook his head frantically, pleading with his eyes for release. "The cells of this silicon have been infused with a strong electromagnetic compound. This compound reacts to the lubricant much as your nerves do, in a sense bringing the 'worms' to life."

The doctor reached back into the jar and pulled out a 'worm' with a one-inch diameter. It was nearly six inches long and hung like a limp noodle in his fingers. He dangled it in front Gareth's eyes. "Can you guess where this is going?"

Gareth wanted to scream, but only more helpless moans escaped him. He felt a lubricated finger on his asshole. The finger swirled around the opening, lightly petting the sensitive ring of muscle. It was Davenport.

"Mmmmmmhhhh," Gareth moaned as the doctor picked up another tube of that special lube and slipped behind him.

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