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She then picked up the docket and retreated into the darkness and without saying a single word.

Cane then reached for his gun holstered to his left side. A semi-automatic custom pistol he had been issued on the flight. He got back into the car and waited. Like clockwork the target then began to drive out of the building. The street briefly illuminated her face as she drove past it.

She then roared off and Cane had to follow. He cranked his car into life and set off in hot pursuit. His skilful driving soon put him behind and she was travelling at a high rate of speed but he was more than able to keep up. Cane hit the switch and the electric window slide down quickly and cane proceeded to stick out his left hand which grasped his pistol and aimed at the tires. He took his time and managed to concentrate despite the high rate of speed they were travelling down a deserted back road.

Cane exhaled gently and squeezed the trigger. The bullet went straight and true and struck her left rear tire and her car swung violently to the left and proceeded to flip over three time before landing on the wheels bashed and broken with the horn blaring as Pearce's body had slumped over the steering wheel.

Cane slowly approached the car with his pistol still in hand. He used his free hand to pull Pearce's body back against the seat. She seemed to be heavily injured but alive. Blood sputtered from her mouth as her coughs were filled with blood and her winces laced with pain.

She coughed something Cane couldn't quite hear before used her last once of strength to say "Time to die." She then pulled a pin from a grenade that was hidden in her lap and the distinctive sound to the mechanism releasing and the grenade now about to explode. Cane lunged away from the car as fast as his honed reflexes allowed and barely made it out of the zone of the blast.

Doctor Pearce's once pristine Mercedes E63 AMG had become a smouldering hulk of metal, rubber and plastic. Cane got up of the ground and dusted remnants of the blast off him and made his way to the wreck to say scattered body parts of Pearce in around the flaming car he then got back to his car. He got in and left the scene. He got through a call to headquarters and they arranged for the clean-up.

Cane got to the Munich safe house and got a call through to the general.

"Well Cane seems there is only one person standing in your way, Anna Von Clausewitz. I have arranged a little care package, you'll find it on the bed. Also driving to the location would be easier. It would seem Von Clausewitz has radar posts over Italy and as such would pick up our jet immediately. You need to change vehicles and you'll find keys in a draw at the base of the statue in the hallway of the safe house, good luck James, get that bitch not just for England but the world, over and out."

Cane proceeded to have a shower and clean himself up and readied his mind and body for the final kill. He walked into the bedroom and then proceeded to get dressed; he put on the Kevlar provided to him and checked the weapons on the bed. He was now armed and grabbed the grenade belt and slung it over his shoulders.

He headed to the statue and retrieved the keys, it was for a Ferrari. He gathered the gear and headed to the garage. He flicked the light switch on and fluorescent lights illuminated a black Ferrari 458 Spider. Cane opened the luggage compartment upfront and then placed his gear inside and shut the lid. He then got in and cranked the engine over. It roared into life giving a distinctive Italian V8 growl. Cane hit the switch and the metal roof began to disappear behind him. "I hope they let me keep this one," Cane thought to himself before refocusing on the mission and then opening the garage door and driving out.

Cane joined the Autobahn and made a straight dash to the Italian border.

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