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Can an athlete mistreat women and get away with it?

"Oh fuck!" Jen shouted, her mouth momentarily disengaging from Chris' pussy. She ground herself into Chris' face, her hips bouncing up and down to work that tongue where she wanted it. The finger of her hand still swirled about Chris' ass, moving faster the more Chris ate her out, the anal muscles clenching and releasing, her ass asking to be fucked.

Ed had finally come out of his orgasm-induced stupor and looking down at the floor, watched as the two sucked on each other. He couldn't believe what he was seeing yet couldn't not look. He heard their moans, watched as their bodies moved against each other, saw Chris' legs splayed open with Jen's head buried between them.

Both Jen and Chris had gone as far as they could go. Each was on the edge of their orgasm, both trying to concentrate on what they were doing while at the same time on what was being done to them. It couldn't last much longer. Something had to give.

That give was Chris. Spurred on by Jen's tongue in her pussy and a slick finger rimming her ass, Chris squealed like she had never done before. Her body jerked and writhed on the floor, her short, sharp pants mingled with long, droning moans. Her legs tensed and flexed against Jen's arms, her hips bouncing into Jen's face.

She couldn't think, didn't hear anything else and felt nothing but wave after wave of sexual energy rip through her prone form. Over and over her back arched as the touch of Jen's finger jolted her, her body quivering in the final stages of her orgasm, unable to move, merely a bystander as she was used.

Ed was shocked to hear and see his sister like this. It was one thing to have fucked her, to hear her cum because of him. But this, this was beyond anything he had heard or seen. His sister howled like a banshee, her womanly moans of ecstasy filling the room.

With a stuttering shudder, Chris came to a complete halt. Her body was spent and exhausted. Her arms fell to the ground, her mouth open, eyes closed, as she fell into a delirious slumber.

When she realized Chris was finished, Jen slowly sat up. Her face was red, her chest heaving, her body sexually charged and ready for more. She looked at Ed, smiled, and crawled her way into his lap.

"I'm not done," she growled at him, her lips smashing into his, her tongue jammed into his mouth without warning. He tasted her and Chris simultaneously, her breasts pressing hard into his chest, her legs straddling his.

Ed disengaged his mouth from hers, telling her, "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not ready."

"Well I am." Jen's voice left no doubt that she wanted her needs fulfilled.

"A great man once said, 'The mind is willing but the body is spongy and weak," Ed told her.

As if she could speed nature's path, Jen rubbed her wet pussy over Ed's flaccid cock, her body all but draped over his.

"Look Jen," Ed said, his mouth again breaking free, "it's not going to happen. Not now at least."

"If not now, when?" she asked, perturbed at his rejection of her. She was sexually charged and frustrated, the worst of both worlds.

"You and Chris did such a good job it's going to be a while."

Jen sat in his lap, her legs spread across his hips, her breasts inches from his face and he was telling her he couldn't satisfy her.

"However," he continued, "if you're really that horny, I can finish what Chris started."

Grabbing his face in her hands, she looked him straight in the eyes and told him, "That's not what I want."

"That's all you're going to get. Take it or leave it," he said. His face was set, his voice flat and uncompromising.

"Dammit!" Jen cursed. She lifted herself off him and flopped down on the couch, one leg perched high on the back of the couch, the other hanging over the front edge. "You better do a good job," she told him.

"Or what? You'll get Chris to do it next time?" Ed teased her as he repositioned himself on the couch. Jen's response was a smack on his head.

"That's right, hit the guy who's going to try and make you happy for a few minut

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