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A reworking of School for Scandal

I was anxious to avoid delay in reaching a place of privacy, so I continued rapidly walking in the same direction. The man caught up with me, and made me a proposal I found interesting.

"Do you want a blow job?"

That question caused me to stop and let him catch up with me. In Japan, I had reveled in a variety of sexual activities, including being sucked off, but this was only with josans, which is a Japanese word meaning girls or young women, and all of them were prostitutes. I certainly preferred having my hard cock stroked by a pair of lips rather than my own hand, which was the alternative that night, and there was not even a remote chance of any other options appearing. Had it been a woman making that offer, I would have accepted her proposal without a moment's hesitation, and I could see little or no difference between that hypothetical female and the man whose mouth was available. He even had a rather feminine appearance, with long blonde hair and a hairless face with a fair complexion. Long hair on men was quite unusual back then.

"Sure," I answered. "Do you have a place to go?"

"Right down here." He waved in the direction of a row of vehicles parked in an alley and started walking toward them.

After a couple of steps, he turned and waited for me, and I was already walking briskly after him. Looking back, I realize that was rather risky behavior on my part, but I was not concerned then. I was much younger, bigger and stronger than the man who said he wanted to suck me off, and I had every confidence in my ability to take care of myself if need be. And, as I said, I was also very horny and needed a sexual outlet.

As he unlocked the door to a van, the man introduced himself as "Arne," which gave me something to call him. Seeing no reason to be secretive, I told him my name was George. When the door swung open, the light inside the van came on, and I looked inside and saw some pillows and a small mattress on the floor, but no other person. I followed him in and lay flat on my back on the mattress, the way I had always done when I knew a mouth was about to be pleasuring my cock. Until then, there had been no difference between getting sucked off by this man or by a josan, except the latter would have looked much better to me. Nothing against Arne, but women have always been more visually interesting to me than men.

I slipped a pillow under my head and lay there while he knelt on a pillow beside me and leaned over to unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip my pants. When he started to pull down them and my jockey shorts, I raised my ass to help him. With my clothing out of the way, Arne took hold of my cock, which was still hard and ready from the films I had been watching, and held it in his hand for a few seconds. This was before the advent of AIDS, and I had never been concerned with the possibility of an STD being passed on by oral contact.

"Mmmm, nice big cock," he murmured, and leaned over to let it glide between his lips.

That was the end of any conversation for a while, because his mouth was otherwise occupied, and I had nothing I thought needed to be said. Arne sucked slowly, and took most of my cock into his mouth with every stroke he made. As his head bobbed up and down, I could feel his tongue laving my shaft, while his lips applied the perfect amount of pressure. I closed my eyes and also murmured happily as I gave myself completely over to the pleasure of the moment, just being sure to refrain from placing my hands on the head of the man who was giving me so much fun.

After a few minutes of slow sucking, Arne took my cock out of his mouth and licked the head and under the ridge. "This is great," he said. "I hope you don't cum too soon."

"Just take it easy, and I'll try not to cum for a while. I got pretty turned on by that movie, though."

Our privacy wasn't as good as my hotel room would have been, but it was good enough.

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