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Cum seeped out of my cock and onto my chest and stomach. My cock was soft and not giving me the pleasure that I was feeling deep in my bowels.

"I'm having an orgasm in my pussy. AHHHH!! YES! I want a real cock Mistress. I want to feel a man cumming inside. I want to suck his juice from his cock. OHHHH! My...god.." My body shook uncontrollably until Debra finally fell on top of me in a pile of sweat and cum. She grabbed my face and we kissed until our bodies calmed down.

"Holy shit that was wild and hot." Debra stated as she gently pulled her cock out of my ass. She then jumped off the bed, stepped over to the nightstand, and pulled out a bottle of cream.

As she spread the cool cream on my gaping hole she said, "This will help get you back to normal and keep you from burning. Was that the best orgasm ever?"

"Oh yes Mistress, you are so right, I am a cock slut. Thank you for opening me up and making me confess my desires." Debra came around to the top of the bed and kissed me on the lips as she unlocked the hand cuffs.

We went back into the shower and cleaned up. When we were done I asked Debra, "I hope I could still be your pool boy?"

Debra embraced me, "Of course silly. You think that this changes anything? No sweetheart I want you around for a long time. Don is gone, again, for the rest of the week. Finish your job as fast as you can and come over so we can play some more. I have a lot more to teach you." With that she kissed me on the head and walked back to the pool where I left my stupid boy clothes.

I finished my six hour a day job in half the time. I was at Debra's house by noon each day. Debra taught me how to deep throat her seven inch dildo without gagging. I was accustomed to being fucked, and wanted more each time. My oral skills on Debra's pussy seemed to be pretty good by the sounds of her orgasm. But the week came to an end and Don would be back from his business trip.

Debra sensed my melancholy mood on our last day together. We lay in bed spooning, with Debra behind me firmly embedded in my ass. I was slowly grinding my ass back against her cock trying to enjoy every last second I could. "What's that matter baby?" Debra whispered in my ear.

"Our week is over, Don will be back tomorrow and I won't be able to come and play. I don't want to think about not getting fucked, eating your pussy, or being able to dress up." I was almost in tears.

"Is that all that's bothering you. No worries my little slut." As she said this she tweaked my nipples and shoved her cock deeper in my ass, causing me to just about have another orgasm.

"Don comes and goes all the time. He will be here for a couple of days, and then off he goes again for days at a time. You just give me a call on the days you aren't cleaning our pool and I will let you know if you can come over. I want you just as much as you want me. I love fucking my little tranny slut."

The following week I stopped by Debra and Don's place to do my routine pool check. Debra was home walking around in absolutely nothing. "I was expecting you today Brandy. Don is not here so I thought you can hurry with the pool chores and scurry your tight little ass up to my bathroom and get ready for some play time."

I was elated, "Yes Mistress. Thank you. I will be done here in no time." I quickly cleaned the pool and tested the chemical balance. Within the hour I was scurrying up the stairs, pulling my shirt and shorts off as I fumbled my way to the bathroom. Debra was on the phone, talking, and walking around the bedroom when I cleared the door. She was wearing a see through neglig__e that in no-way was designed to conceal anything. Debra waved me through to the bathroom, and held her hand over the receiver as she told me to go ahead and get started in the shower without her.

I knew the routine as I gave myself an enema and ran the shaver over my body to remove any possible stubble.

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