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Another day in the office: All you need is a desk!

"Lori, this is the last time I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass, and I'm gonna fuck it good, understand?"

"Ye- yes, mister."

"And I don't want to hear any more of this 'please be gentle' shit, OK?"

"But mister, I'm scared. It's so fucking big. I don't think it's gonna fit!"

"Lori, I paid for your skinny little ass and I'm gonna fuck it. My cock is already in the hole, and if you're not a nice girl, I'm gonna shove it in hard and really hurt you. Understood?"

"Y-yes, mister." Again, that weak little frightened voice, while her eyes said "DO IT!"

"So are you ready for my cock?"

"Oh mister, I don't know. I mean - OHMYGOD!"

Lori shrieked as I pushed in. I could tell that Stacey had prepared well. Her ass was full of lube, and there wasn't that crushing tightness we'd experienced in some of our earlier anal encounters. While I pretended to be brutal, in actual fact I was being quite restrained -- at least at first. My thrusts were slow and steady, stretching her tunnel a little wider, a little deeper each time, always pulling back to stimulate the entrance before pushing back a little harder.

But Lori squealed and begged. "Oh mister. No. No it hurts, mister. It -- oh fuck, it -- it hurts. I'm so tight and you're -- oh -- so -- so fucking BIG. Oh Jesus, mister. No, please. Don't hurt me. I'm only so little, so tight. Oh shit. Ohmygod!"

"Let me see you play with your clit, you little slut."

Dutifully, Lori stroked her clit. Interspersed with her moans, there were squeals of genuine pleasure.

"Now stick two fingers in your cunt. Now!"

Lori obeyed, still strumming her clit with the other hand. The tightness increased for me, and I could feel her slender fingers through the thin membrane. My thrusts were getting more urgent. I was going to cum soon -- very soon. And I guessed that Stacey was too.

"Lori, I'm gonna -- gonna fill your ass -- with cream -- any moment. You need to say thanks. You need to thank me -- thank me - for fucking your tight -- dirty -- little ass."

As she got more excited, closer to coming, the trembling, begging Lori was being replaced by the real ass-fucking whore in the room, my own dear slutty angel Stacey.

"Thank you. Thank you -- mister. Thank you for -- for sticking your -- your big -- your HUGE cock -- right up -- right up my tight -- tight little -- teenage ass. Right up! Right up my ass, mister. Your big, big cock. So big. So BIIIG! Right -- right up my tight -- tight little -- ASSSS!! OH! Ohmygod! OhmyGOD!!!"

I wasn't sure whether my throbbing cock triggered Stacey's orgasm, or whether the ripples in her ass did the trick on me again. Whatever it was, we both came, really noisily, really spectacularly. Stacey's fingers were moving like crazy, strumming her clit, finger-fucking her pussy with desperate abandon. Her pussy lips rippled, just the way I loved them to, as I watched from the best vantage point in the world -- with my dick balls-deep in her ass and her ankles around my ears. It was the dirty, nasty side of paradise.

The blood was pounding in my ears, my dick was pumping like a steam-hammer, and the whole room was spinning for a while. Finally, I lowered Stacey's legs on either side of me and lay down over her to kiss her. She turned her head aside. I was confused.

"Stacey? What's wrong?"

"Hey mister, who's this Stacey? I'm Lori, remember? And mister -- mister, thanks for fucking my ass so good. It, like, felt good after you'd opened me up." She kissed me lightly on the lips, and I got the message. She's a nasty whore, and she doesn't kiss the john -- or only on her terms.

So I pulled out, making her cry out again, as I was still pretty hard from the Viagra.

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