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Alyssa's morning.

Flirt Cafe. Devil's Dancehall. Sinful. Beaches & Pools. They followed this last one. A young couple approached, smiled at them, walked past. "Well, they were wearing clothes," Caleb murmured. Disappointed. "There's only certain parts of the resort that are clothing-optional," Joey said. "We aren't there...yet."

The path split again. Another sign post:

<-- Saints Sinners -->

"Well it's the moment of truth, guys," said Brie. "Which way do we go?"

"Come on, we made it this far, we're not chickening out now," said Kyle. They turned right and continued down the path, butterflies swarming. A sharp bend, pink azaleas bursting all around them. The path opened up suddenly into a carpet of deep green grass. Bright blue water shone up from an enormous lagoon before them. Water cascaded down from sculpted rocks and plunged into the pool with a dull roar. Pool chairs circled the lagoon like eyelashes, bedecked in a rainbow mascara of beach towels and discarded clothing. Mostly-naked bathers frolicked in the water or lounged beside the pool. A beach ball landed softly on the grass near Joey's feet, and a young woman came bounding after it, seemingly unconcerned with her own bareness. She winked at him before grabbing the ball and scampering away, her bronzed behind bobbing back and forth.

"This is so...cool!"

"Yeah. Do we want to stay here, or keep going down to the beach?"

"Let's keep going," said Angela. "I want to see what the beach is like."

They walked across the lawn to where the path ran down a gentle slope. As they followed it, the path slowly turned from stone to dirt and then to sand. The vast ocean loomed ahead, patches of blue and green and every shade in between. Palm trees clustered like bristles on a hairbrush. The sun's heat poured over their bare shoulders and arms. A wooden sign announced their arrival at Sinner's Cove. Below, a smaller sign like an afterthought: Beach Rules: This space intentionally left blank. Someone with a sense of humor. They kicked off their flip-flops and headed onto the beach. Glistening white sand like silk between their toes. The beach was less crowded than the pool area, but there were several groups of people scattered across the strip of sand, which stretched around to their left and came to an abrupt halt at a cluster of rocks about two hundred yards away. Lush tropical bushes and palm trees lined the top edge of the beach, ensuring privacy and creating an intimate, cozy feel. The gorgeous waters of the Caribbean stretched into the horizon. Small waves crested offshore and nestled with a soft whisper against the pristine sand.

"Well, here we are," said Joey. "I guess we should find a place and settle down." He was nervous. Was this such a good idea?

Friendly smiles, waves, head nods as they made their way across the sand. Roaming eyes. Some of the beachgoers were still in swim suits or parts of swimsuits, but most were completely bare. The friends had never seen so many young naked people before. The sight was exhilarating. It felt great, natural. If all these people are comfortable being naked, then why shouldn't we be?

"How about here?" said Joey.

They nodded their agreement. "This looks good to me," said Kyle, throwing down his towel. The others followed suit. They were standing in a semi-circle over their towels, not sure what to do next. Caleb broke the ice with a gasp.

"What?" said Angela.

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