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"I guess it's settled then?" asked Darla with a wicked grin on her face. "You're all going on the honeymoon together? God! I'm envious. But maybe you can ALL make it up to me when you get back?" she asked hopefully, while also eyeing the young Marine.

"Count on it," said Don and Sherri together. Robbie just smiled shyly. But he did begin to look at Darla with lecherous eyes as he contemplated the possibilities. He hadn't noticed before, but she was obviously as beautiful as his mother...And besides, he'd never fucked a black girl before and he realized that he had another adventure to look forward to before he had to return to the drab regimentation of the Marine base.

"Well, that being the case, I guess we'd better get a move on if we're going to catch our flight," said Don. "I took the liberty of making reservations for three, since I was pretty sure that no self respecting Marine would be able to resist the wiles of a woman as beautiful and sexy as your mother...Even if she IS your mother. And it seems we were right, so what do you say we get going? Darla, it was great, and I'm really looking forward to our "home cumming" party when we get back."

"As I said, I'll drink to that," replied Darla as the other three got up to leave. She got up too and gave each of the "honeymooners" a tongue swirling kiss that was intended to make sure they didn't forget their promise and slipped away from the happy 3-some.


As they settled into the large, comfortable, first class seats aboard the jumbo jet, Robbie asked where they were headed. Don replied that they were going to an island off the coast of New England where he had a large, old beach home that he had inherited from his parents.

"I think you'll like it Robbie. It's really beautiful this time of year and there aren't any nosy neighbors close enough to bother us, so we can be as free and uninhibited as we want. If we feel like fucking on the beach under the moonlight or in broad daylight, we can...It's that secluded. Of course, we don't get very good television reception, but I have a porno tape library that you wouldn't believe and a stereo system that'll blow you away. I doubt that any of us will get bored, but we can always go into town and find something or 'someone' to amuse us if we want to."

"Oh, Don, you're hopeless," laughed Sherri. As if you thought Robbie and I weren't enough to keep you entertained. I doubt very much that any of us will be 'bored' for the next couple of weeks. We may never want to come back even."

Robbie was more than a little nervous about the situation he found himself in now. He knew that he loved his mother passionately, and could hardly keep his hands off of her. He wanted to fuck her again - right then and right there in this huge plane cruising thirty thousand feet over the dark countryside below. "Wouldn't THAT be a way to join the 'Mile High Club'," he thought. But, unfortunately the plane was pretty crowded, even here in first class, and that cute flight attendant couldn't keep her eyes off of him...Or the uniform, he wasn't sure which. Of course, the male flight attendant wasn't much better. He couldn't seem to make up his mind who he wanted of ogle the most; Robbie or the gorgeous woman he was obviously traveling with.

Pulling his thoughts back to the immediate future, he again experienced a mix of excitement, curiosity and apprehension. He had had sex with other men a few times and had enjoyed the experiences tremendously. But that had been with guys his own age, school chums and Marine Corp buddies. It had never amounted to much more than mutual masturbation and an occasional blow job. He liked sucking another man's cock and getting sucked in return...But anything more than that, he wasn't too sure about. The fantasy was fine, but he didn't know if he would enjoy the actual experience of fucking another man, or even more scary, being fucked in the ass himself.

"Oh, well," he thought as the plane droned through the night.

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