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Casting call!

But what I did notice is I got weak and my cock got really hard! I stood and watch her dance with Mark and then Big John cut in and wrapped his big arms around her. I was trying to get my erection to go down as Big John started to dance a faster dance with Cindy!

Big John spun her around twice slowly until Cindy caught on to his dance method and the next time he spun her she twirled fast enough to make the skirt on her dress really lift during the spin! This time her panties came into full view! Well he spun her four times so they all got a really good view of the lower half of Cindy in her very sheer panties! I could clearly see her full bush and crack of her ass as she spun. I pinched my dick to make it subside, grabbed the beers and took them outside. When I appeared I could see the guys smirking and Tyron adjusting his, what appeared to be, a rather large dick.

We drank some more and partied a few more hours and the guys were tripping over each other to get Cindy alone. I laughed inwardly because now they envied me!Cindy went into the house to get more snacks, quit wobbly, so Phil steadied her and went with her. Terry started complementing me on what a great catch she was and others chimed in also. Terry told me a bout the great job that he thought he had her at the mill and what great pay came with it. I thanked him and said it was great to see him again. They were going on and on about the mill until I realized Cindy still hadn't gotten back with the snacks. I said I was gonna get some more wood for the fire and walked off around the house. As I rounded the corner I quickly moved to the dining room window where I could see the kitchen clearly. I was stunned! There was Phil kissing Cindy and feeling her C cup tits! And worst of all she was kissing him back and letting him feel her tits!

Then she wrapped her arms around his neck returning his kiss with real passion! This encouraged him to the point that he moved his hand down to the bottom of her dress and reached under it lifting the skirt and feeling her pussy! Again I was weak with a raging erection! I had to stop this! I ran to the shed where to firewood was and grabbed some and made it back to the others. They laughed and asked if I had to chop the wood. I laughed also and called to Cindy about the snacks. A moment later they both came out of the house. I looked at my watch and it was only 8:40. We'd been drinking since 1:00. I told them that we were about out of beer and they whined and said it's too early to end the BBQ. They suggested I run to the store and I could probably make it there before they closed. I told them I don't think I should drive but then Cindy said she wanted to party more, so I said I'd try and get there in time.

I got to my SUV and took off. Pulled out to the road and went 1/4 mile up the road where there was a trail that went behind the woods behind my place. As I pulled up the trail I stopped the car, got a flashlight and started back to my place. As i cut off the trail and through the woods I was careful not to make any noise. When I could see the backyard lights I quietly got to the edge of woods 20 feet from the patio. Cindy was already standing in Phil's arms and he was feeling her ass under her dress. He kissed her and she resisted but got right into it. As he felt her ass he took one hand and raised her dress high up her back showing off her sexy ass to the other four guys! With the hand he had in her panties he started working her panties down over her ass cheeks and down her thighs as far as he could reach without breaking the kiss.

Tyron got up to lend a hand and pulled her panties the rest of the way down.

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