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Royce has a dream and makes amends.

"Oh, man!" Ryan said at the tight grip that now held his cock.

"You okay?" Suzy asked as she gently massaged Penny's cheeks, and stared, fascinated, at her boyfriend's hard cock impaled in the expanded little hole.

"Yeah," Penny said from the pillow. "I like the stretched feeling, like you said about my fingers."

"You ready for more?" Ryan asked.

"Actually, let's just do that a few times," she answered. "I kind of like the feeling when it popped inside of me. Fuck just your head in and out."

With Suzy holding his cock, he eased his head out, and then with his girlfriend keeping him on target, he rocked forward, again. It went in much easier the second time, and then easier, yet, the third time, as Penny was able to relax more, and her little hole got used to the size.

As he gradually picked up the speed of his shallow fucking, Penny said, contentedly, "Oh, yeah! I was right; I do like my ass getting fucked!"

"Let us know when you want more," Suzy said, now stroking Ryan's cock, as well as guiding it.

"Spit it up, again, and let's do it," Penny replied.

With the head still inside Penny's tight ass hole, Suzy spit on Ryan's cock, and spread it around. Then, she had him back out, and she put her face into Penny's ass crack, and tongued the little hole, leaving a good pool of spit behind.
Suzy lined Ryan up, and he leaned forward into the now-familiar head-only position.

"Ready?" Suzy asked.

"Yeah," Penny said. "Start pushing, and don't stop unless I tell you to. I want to feel your hard cock all the way up my ass, balls deep!"

Ryan pushed his hips forward, and as Suzy watched, mesmerized, his cock stretched his step-sister's ass hole open, and his hard cock disappeared inside of her.

Penny let out a squeak of pain as the fattest part of his dick spread her wide open, but then she let out an, "Ahhh!" as he finally got all the way inside of her, with his hips and balls pressed hard against her ass.

"You want me to just hold it there for a minute?" Ryan asked her.

"Yeah. Let me get used to it," she answered.

"Does it hurt?" Suzy asked.

"It's that stretch-pain thing that actually feels good, you know?" she said, as she wiggled her butt a little. "I like it, though." She rocked her hips a bit, then asked Ryan, "How about you? How's my ass feel clamped around you're cock?"

"Your gorgeous little ass is the tightest thing my cock has ever known, Sis!" he said, moving it in and out about a half inch. "I couldn't even squeeze it this hard with my hand, I don't think!"

Suzy reached under Penny, and rubbed her fingers around in her wet pussy lips. "You ready to get your ass fucked?" she said.

"Yeah. But let's start slow," she said. "All the way out and all they in a few times, okay?"

Ryan slowly withdrew his cock from his step-sister's ass, enjoying the incredible tightness all the way. When the head popped out, and her little ass hole closed up, Suzy leaned over, and kissed the puckered opening, flicking her tongue around it, and wetting it with more spit.

She moved her face away, guided Ryan's cock back in place, and he rocked forward.

It entered much easier this time, but still gripped his cock like a vise, all the way until his balls were against her ass.

Penny moaned her pleasure at being stretched and filled, and then, as Suzy pushed two fingers up her cunt, she let out an, "Oh, yeah!"

As Ryan pulled back out of her ass, Suzy also withdrew her fingers from her cunt.

When Ryan shoved his cock up Penny's ass, again, Suzy shoved her fingers as deep into her cunt as she could, mashing her fist against her wet pussy lips, and grinding it around.

After three more slow ins and outs of cock and fingers, Penny finally said, "Okay, I'm ready. You two start fucking me like you mean it!"

Neither of them needed to be told twice.

Ryan held his step-sister's hips, and began fucking her ass with long, deep strokes, that left only his cock-head inside her on one end, and his balls against her ass cheeks on the other.

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