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Stuck behind a tractor is not an excuse for rudeness.

So beautiful with nothing on but a gold necklace, hoop earrings, a gold bracelet and of course her wedding and engagement ring. Amie also seemed so tiny and vulnerable laying there.

"I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest" She says. I reached down and placed my hand on her chest and sure enough I could feel it racing.

"Now I want you to get that envelope on the desk and don't open it until they get in the room. That's when I want you to read it to them." She tells me.

"What does it say?"

"It's a surprise!"

As I wondered about the letter, my attention was drawn to her newly waxed pussy slit and thinking about what was going to happen to it that evening when I heard voices outside and a knock at the door, it was time!. The thought crossed my mind what the staff at the front desk must have thought when they all came though the lobby at once. I went over and opened the door and they all piled in. When they saw Amie helplessly laid out spread eagle on the bed for them their jaws dropped and eyes flew open in surprise. I heard a bunch of comments like, "Daaaamn! Shit, look at her!" "Fuckin' A!" "she be given' it up for us!" and "I can't wait!"

"Hello lovers." She says in her soft southern drawl.

They all greeted her unison and started to peel their clothes off.

Amie says, "Slow down, Bob has to read you guys something before we start."

I fumbled with the envelope and ripped it open, the letter was written on the hotel's stationery. This is what Amie wrote:

First of all hello and I want to tell you how much I am looking forward to this evening. I am presenting myself to you in this way to show you how submissive to all of you I will be tonight. A friend of mine told years ago that if she was with the right man she was always willing to do just about anything. I feel like you all are the right MEN so I will do anything and everything you want me to do with nothing being off limits, I am here to service each and every one of you. I required testing for disease because I want all of you, to fuck me with bare cocks. It is your choice if you want to use a condom but I know most of you want to fuck me bareback and I want lots of bare black cock. I want our lovemaking to be black flesh against white flesh and don't waste your delicious hot semen by spraying it all over me. I beg you to cum deep inside me as much and as often as you desire, that is where a man's semen belongs. I want a piece of every one of you inside me. One of you told me he hoped I didn't use any birth control and turn this evening into a breeding party. At first I thought, not way! But the more I thought of it the hotter I got. I decided to stop taking the pill 2 weeks ago so my fertile womb is truly unprotected from your hot sperm so pump me full!

When I read this I stopped and looked at her in shock, I knew it wasn't true. She had really been careful to make sure she took the pill every day in anticipation of this evening. She gazes at me and smiles and give me a little wink, obviously she just told them this to turn them on. It worked on then like a charm, they were laughing and fist bumping and Edgar exclaimed, "I can't wait to drain my nuts into her fertile pussy"! I then went back to reading the letter:

Like I said, nothing is off limits. Every square inch of me is here for your pleasure. I can take a good hard screwing and like it a little rough so you may and I want you to to fuck me long and hard. I don't care how big the largest cock is tonight, whatever you want I will try and will do it if physically possible. Bob is here just to watch and keep me safe but he will not interfere in any way with what you do to me so long as you stick to the guidelines I have laid out here.

So here I am helplessly spread eagle before you, for you to do what you want to me and I have no power to stop you once we get started and I do want to start the gang bang by you taking me in this way.

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