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The Bermuda Triangle episode.

Tina caresses her body, sliding her hands down her back slowly. She reaches her butt cheeks and spreads them while kissing the top of her butt. She licks her tailbone then slowly lowers her mouth to her ass and slides her tongue inside. Quick, dart like motions that look like she's stabbing her butt with a small dick.

At this point I lose my mind and I start stroking my dick like I was a sex-starved teenager again. My dick feels so hot in my hand as drops of pre-cum start dripping out. I'm dreaming about having my tongue in Tina's butt while she's tongue fucking my wife's butt.

Tina starts using her finger to fuck Angela's pussy while she licks her butt. Angela starts to moan even louder as the sweet smell of sex starts coming through the door. By now I'm so horny I don't care if I cum all upside the wall. I start pounding my meat like there's no tomorrow.

Just as I'm thinking it can't get any better then this, Tina take's her tongue out of Angela's butt long enough to say, Don't just stand there watching, you might as well come help. I'm floored. Apparently my jacking off and grunting had alerted them to my presence. But instead of stopping, I had been invited to join in. I didn't hesitate to burst through the door and head for the bed.

As I approached the bed, Angela turned around and panted, high honey. I just mumbled, high as a kite, and proceeded to undress and join them on the bed.

I knelt down behind Tina and immediately began to burry my face between her legs. She arched her back and presented her ass to me as if she could read my mind. I licked her cheeks in circles, making smaller and smaller circles teasing her on my way to my target. The smell of dripping wet pussy and hot ass just turned me on even more, making my dick pulsate with my heartbeat.

Having reached the hole of my choosing, I licked the outside of her butt, making her push back with anticipation. Not wanting to rush the moment, moved lower, dragging my tongue from the bottom of her pussy back up to her butt hole. Her pussy tasted so warm and sweet. I used the excess lubrication to help my tongue slowly slide inside her tight hole making her moan loudly.

Angela must have been getting close to cumming cause she started moaning even louder and the bed began to bounce as she thrust and gyrated to the rhythm of Tina's tongue and fingers.

Taking a page from Tina's own book, I started fingering her pussy as I licked her butt. I started with my middle finger, slowly sliding it in and out of the dripping wet pussy. I added a second finger as I felt Tina get more turned on. As I slid my fingers into her pussy, I used my thumb to rub her clit. Back and forth, back and forth with my thumb as my tongue continued to stab and stab her butt hole.

Angela, not being able to take it anymore, started to squeal as Tina slid her fingers inside her pussy faster and faster. Sensing Angela was about to cum, Tina took her other hand and started rubbing Angela's clit at a feverish pace. Angela began to pant Oh God, Oh God, and let out a long yessssss as her body began to twitch. Her pussy lips clamping down on Tina's fingers.

The act of Angela cumming, and my assault on her clit and asshole, sent Tina into orgasmic fits of her own. As my tongue slid in her crack, I felt her rim tighten. Her pussy lips grabbed at my fingers like a hungry child. Her clit pulsated under my thumb. I was in heaven.

Angela having finished her first cum, turned around and slid on her back under Tina until she reached my throbbing dick. Just as Tina's pussy was beginning to relax and let go of my fingers, Angela slid her tongue from the head of my dick down the shaft until she reached my balls. She sucked on my balls and all I could do was moan into Tina's butt. The combination of my moaning and Tina just having had an orgasm sent her right back into another one.

Angela licked her way back up to the head of my dick.

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