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When she was first placed here, no longer independent, it was too big of an adjustment to suddenly swallow all of that at once and to find herself living in an unfamiliar place with strangers that she didn't know, like or trust.

Five years older than her, she wished Robert had lived longer. She wished he was here with her now to care for her and to protect her, as he had done during the years when they were together. Oh, how she loved him. He was her best friend. If he was here with her now, they could look out the window and at the view together and hold hands, while smiling at one another with the secret of what they used to do by the lake.

If it was up to her, she would have been married on these grounds, but her mother insisted that they have a church wedding. If it was up to her, she would have eloped with Robert before he shipped out to war. She thought she'd never see him again. She was so happy when he returned home safe and sound and in one piece.

Like a dream, it seemed like yesterday when they first met and sometimes it seemed as if it never happened, it was so very long ago. When she met him, she never thought her life would turn out the way that it had become now. Certainly, once she found him, she couldn't imagine her life without him. Then, with him leaving for so long and finally coming home from war after defeating the Germans and the Japanese, she thought their time together would never end. Now alone and still missing him, she dreaded every minute of her life without him. Something she thought would never happen, some days she forgets to remember him by not thinking about him.

'Robert? Robert who?'

If it wasn't for his picture on her nightstand, she feared she'd forget him altogether. Yet, her view never allows her to forget him because he never forgets her. He's there. He's always there, especially when she needs him to be there. There he is again.

He returns to her every night to stand and wave at her by the lake; it's his time to visit with her. She still kisses his photo goodnight on those days when she remembers who he is. It's the medication they force her to take that makes her forget him. Those pills fog her mind and make her lazy and tired. She's better off without them and hides them in her mouth, whenever she can, to spit them out later, once the nurse leaves her room.

She hates forsaking the control of her life to a staff of strangers. No longer can she eat what she wants or go where she wants, whenever she wants. She misses driving her car to go shopping at the supermarket or the mall and she misses visiting her old friends. The fact that her friends never came here to visit her made her wonder if they were still alive or if they were locked away somewhere else, too, as she was locked away here. She wished she had a friend who was locked away with her; they could reminisce about the old neighborhood and gossip about people they used to know. It was horrible to be so mistreated and as a good mother and a caring grandmother, she certainly deserved better than being imprisoned here, she felt.

"I miss my grandchildren. I miss my cat," sometimes thinking that she was alone, she surprised herself by saying that out loud and was even more surprised when Dorothy answered.

"I'm sure your grandchildren will visit you, soon, Ruth, Honey. And I miss my dog, a Golden Retriever named, Molly."

When they first left her here, she wondered and worried what would happen to her house and her possessions.

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