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Judy continues to be humiliated in public

run this morning?"

"I was...going home."

Damn. She shut down again. What the hell? "We're hours from home. Why didn't you take the car?"

"Would it have worked?"

He stands at the counter and hangs his head. He picks up the beer and swallows the rest. The bottle hits the countertop and he starts to turn. Alcohol. It loosened both tongues and inhibitions.

They'd just eaten so he would need her to drink a couple more bottles. Opening them, he sets another in front of her. Now, how best to get her to keep drinking?

"Hey. I brought the Underworld trilogy. Wanna watch and laugh at all the crazy werewolf stuff?"

A movement of her shoulders, a non-committal shrug. Emmett sets up the player then takes her hand and leads her to the couch. As the opening credits roll, she drinks more of the beer.

He pulls her against him as they watch the movie, getting her another beer when she finishes hers. When he pulls her back over, she feels looser, more relaxed. Then, with the amount of alcohol she's had, comes the inevitable run to the bathroom. He pauses the movie until she returns.

The film comes to the point where Selene, the death dealer, is trying to wake Viktor, an elder vampire. He murmurs in her ear as he wraps his arm around her. "You keep going to wolf in your sleep. You seemed better after we went out for a run yesterday. Maybe we need to let your wolf out more. Were you asleep when you left this morning?"

It comes out as a strangled wail. "I tried to kill you this morning!"

"Did you think I would hurt you?"

"You said Ariel would kill me if she thought I was a threat. Randall would do it, if he thought so. Is that why we're here?"

He ignores the question, asking one of his own. "Is that what your nightmares have been about? Have you dreamed of killing me?"

"No. Yes. No. Um." He waits. "There was one night when you woke me. I remember seeing dead wolves. Wolves with their throats ripped open, blood. I smelled it. I saw grey fur."

"Lyssa. Mate. Something's going on in your head. Something's gotten confused. I want to see if we can work through it. You've gotten so angry all of a sudden, arguing, getting into fights. It isn't you. Can you tell me what you're feeling? What you're thinking? You've come out with these comments lately, about everyone wanting you to be a werewolf, about being all the werewolf you can be. What does that mean?"

"You all want me to fight, to kill. That's how you do things."

"You've taken so well to being a werewolf, Lys. Sometimes we forget you weren't born one. You've been sparring, learning how to fight. And you've already killed another werewolf."

Lyssa shoves away from Emmett and wails, "I didn't mean to! He was, he was going to rape me and kill me and I just wanted to stop him."

Emmett lowers his voice a bit, trying to sound calm, trying not to let things get out of hand. "OK. We know that but you weren't, well, you didn't really seem to be having any trouble with that. And it's... It was your right to kill the other wolf so we all thought... Randall set out his punishment as he would have with anyone else. He treated you as any other wolf in the pack with fighting skills."

"But, he wasn't trying to kill me. I hesitated when he asked me, told me. You saw it. You, of all people, should have known that I couldn't do it. And the other one? I think I was still in shock, just trying to heal, working on Jo's party. I didn't have time to think about it."

"That's why I talked to Randall. That's why I asked to take your place."

"But you never even talked to me about it. You just did it."

"You didn't want to."

"I had to try and you know it!"


"What did Erich say?"

Emmett is taken aback by the abrupt turn in conversation, "Erich?"

"About the fight."

"Oh. That. Yeah, they were kindof disappointed."

"Sure. They wanted to see a spectacle. It wasn't any fun cuz it ended so quick."

Lyssa huffs. Emmett grabs a couple more beers and hands her another. "Alright. Can you explain to me why you got so mad? Why you insisted on doing it even when you didn't want to?"

She exhales,

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