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Unjustified sympathy for his choice of co-delegate.

He moaned with need as her finger filled him. When she abruptly released him he felt empty and slumped down next to her. "Slut, you will have a lot more of that tonight and I'll make sure your butt is nice and red with pain before I take you hard with the strap-on. But, I want your hands and mouth continually catering to my pleasure. You are my pet and I need you to be pressed up next to me. Don't let me tell you this again!" she ordered.

Michael hurried to the bathroom to fix up his makeup and hair. He was then dragged along on his heels as Carol rapidly exited the apartment building. It was now nearly 11pm and they were on their way driving fast to Carol's favorite club.

Carol drove Michael out in the Jaguar at predictably fast speeds down towards the waterfront. This time her hands stayed on the wheel and he missed her teasing of his cock. But fearing her explicit orders he pulled against the seat belt to bring himself close to her and ran his hands over her thighs but could only caress her leather boots. Arriving at the club which was in one of the many warehouses that lined the docks, she pulled up to a valet parking station and handed over her car. The valet's eyes nearly popped out of his head seeing her gorgeous bare breasts and naked pussy.

She displayed her partially dressed body proudly with her coat framing her as they walked in through a dimly lit entryway into a cavernous hall. He obediently tried to keep close to her as she paced quickly forward. Loud music filled the space that glowed with psychedelic lighting. In the pale light the crowd of early party goers was already dancing on the floor and busy waitresses walked around carrying drinks. They walked through the dancers to the rear where the large and busy glass bar took up almost the entire wall. He was glad to see that their clothing blended well with the wild outfits of the rest of the crowd. Black leather seemed to rule the place and bare flesh peered out from everywhere. Most women, even the waitresses had their breasts partially displayed, peering out of their bustiers, halters, midriff baring T-shirts, tube tops and corsets. Many men were in leather harnesses or black tank tops with black jeans and even thongs. Spiked and greased hair with pink and red color dyes could be seen all over the place. A lot of people had on metal and leather jewelry reflecting the B&D lifestyle and quite a few had visible body piercings. Well dressed men had scantily clad women hanging on their arms or brushing up against them. He was startled to realize that some of the women he thought he saw were actually men dressed like him in very sexy outfits. The demographics seemed as varied as the clothing with equally as many black and Asian men and women. The thin haze over the room smelt faintly of pot smoke and a few people smoked lit joints.

The large bar was also packed but somehow the people parted to let them through. Bare-chested bartenders, men and women, were busy filling up drink glasses for the thirsty crowd. Carol sat down on one of the bar stools that had been emptied as they came near the bar. She turned the stool around, sitting to face the dance floor. As he pressed up next to her, she commanded him to get them drinks. He went up to the bartender who already had two glasses of vodka ready. Michael gulped down his drink and hurriedly handed her the other. He had not eaten any dinner and the straight vodka definitely made him high and took away any vestigial self consciousness. Standing next to her bar stool, he snuggled up against her with his face pressed to the side of her bare breast and his arm around her waist. She ignored his attentions as she calmly sipped her drink.

She wanted to dance and pulled Michael onto the floor.

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