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College kids going way beyond what they imagined.

The drum beat guided the males to thrust rhythmically for eight strokes and then step back and circle to the right for eight steps, putting each male in line with a different female. The beat guided them to once again let their bulbous cock heads just penetrate the swollen vaginal lips of this new female, then step back, repenetrate about half way, then rear back and fuck fully for eight strokes. The females loved the feel of the different cock each time-all so wonderfully engorged. The sight of the male circle pressed up against the exposed asses of the female circle, tightening their buttocks, flexing and thrusting in concert was truly a wondrous sight.

Again and again, the drum beat would guide the males to thrust and then shift. At first the shifting was quicker-8 thrusts into one female, 8 thrusts into the next female, until each male had fucked 8 different females. Then the music intensified and each male stayed with the female in front of him for 12 thrusts before shifting, then 16, until the speed of the beat had them pistoning together into the females like a fine-tuned engine. The slapping sound of their pelvises thrusting together added to the percussion of the music, as did the moaning of the females and the grunting of the males.

Females were wildly massaging their sisters' tits, in concert with their own being massaged by the female on either side. As the music became more frantic and wild, the males stayed with the female they were now fucking in earnest and let go of hands to grab the asses of the females they were fucking. They rammed their females with wild abandon to the frenzy of percussion in the air-females started to gasp and scream in ecstasy. Shouts of, "O gawwwddd, o gawwwwd," could be heard over and over from about half the females, while the other half were more inclined to chant, "yes, yes yeeesss...." The males were shouting animal-like grunts. The sound of females wailing in ecstasy as they climaxed, spurred the males on to orgasm-they began shooting their loads into the females-tightening their buttocks and thrusting as deeply as possible, pulling the female's ass back into their pelvis. When they had pumped their last loads of jizz into the female, they leaned over her and rested for a few moments, sliding their hands under the hands of the neighboring females massaging his female's breasts and adding his strength to the action. Enjoying the spraying and dripping of her milk.

When every male was resting on the back of the female he had fucked, the music became tranquil for a few minutes before gradually picking up a steady driving beat again.

The males helped their females stand upright, slipped their cocks out of their sloppy wet cunts and noticed how all the females buttock coatings had been compromised-every ass was a pinkish color and jizz was freely dripping down the inner thighs of all the females. The males pelvises were all that same pinkish color, their slightly relaxed cocks shiny and slick with the female's juices and their own jizz. As the females stood up again, their milky lobes were dripping profusely or spraying freely, their hands all milky and wet. The altar was a milky mess.

As the music began to pick up pace again, the females again joined hands-this time with a more slippery grip, and danced again, letting the jizz drip from their cunts onto the floor.

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