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Cuckolding of a boyfriend.

My full 34D breasts were big but in an undersized sports bra they really fill it up.

My hiked up jogger shorts start getting wet and I snap back to reality, "I came to enjoy the water, not to masturbate." I slip off my top revealing my sweaty breasts with erect nipples. I slide off my joggers shorts and show off my shaved pussy with my swollen pussy lips.

I run into the water feeling the cool mountain water spray all over my naked body. "Oh! That's cold!" I say with a big grin and a cute giggle. I float on my back for five minutes, close my eyes, and take in the serenity of my current atmosphere.

I walk back to the beach and sit down. The horny feeling returns and my hands restart my nipple tickling. I circle my nipples and pinch them forcefully. I take a fistful of boob and begin to suck it while rubbing the other one. "I think I'm wet enough now," I giggle.

I slide my hands down to my pussy and brisk my fingers on the outer edge of my pussy. "Mmmm, you are very good with your hands!" I giggle again to myself. I stick my fingers into my pussy, rubbing the inside of my vaginal walls. I pinch my clit and shove fingers deeper into my vagina. I moan as my ecstasy takes over.

Suddenly I hear: "Tiffany! Tiffany! Wake up this instant! This is behavior not suitable for class." I wake up with my hand in my skirt. My name is Tiffany. I am in high school and I go to an all-girl school. I am very horny for my age and I tend to be caught with my hand in my skirt.

Anyways Ms. Reynolds, or what I love to call her Ms. "Horny for me," says, "Ms. Arnold, I will see you after class."

I utter my breath, "Okay, Miss 'Horny for me.'" The class bursts into laughter and Ms. Reynolds just rolls with the joke.

"Okay class," she says flattening out her black mini skirt and sitting on her desk, which is in front of me, "Miss Arnold, please read for us at..."

The bell rings and the rest of the class rushes out for the end of the school day. I attempt to run out but Miss Reynolds pulls me back by my pigtail. "Ow! Miss Reynolds you know that really hurt!" I say in cutest, girly voice with my pair of puppy dog eyes.

"Miss Arnold, I do not appreciate you masturbating during my class. I especially do not prohibit..." She rubs my naked pussy from under my plaid skirt. "...You not wearing underwear, but Tiff I am very attracted to you."

"How about we loosen up and close up shop Miss 'Horny for me?'" I say sitting on the desk with one leg up, revealing my naked pussy. She locks the door and closes all the blinds. She undoes her collared shirt and removes her bra to reveal her 36DD breasts that even outclassed mine.

"What naughty dream were you dreaming, Miss Arnold?" she says as she undoes her stocking and unzips her skirt. "My student has learned a lot from me," she hints to the fact that she doesn't wear underwear (and I did learn that from her). She sits on her desk, crosses her legs, undoes her hair, and takes off her glasses. "Miss Arnold, welcome to detention, please remove your top."

I remove my top as she wishes. "I forgot my bra today; I guess that's why I was so horny." I place my pussy on my desk and I hear it make a "squish" sound as it hits the desk. "Oh, I guess I'm ready, Miss."

"Miss Tiffany, that wouldn't be punishment then," she says and uncrosses her legs. "Please begin the foreplay." I sit my wet pussy on her tummy, she giggles as my love juices touch her stomach. I twist her nipples and suck one her luscious breasts.

She lifts my skirt up and tickles my clit. "Hey, this is supposed to be my punishment." I continue with my boob massage and kiss my way down to her pussy. I slide my fingers down her sides feeling her goose bumps trigger.

"Alright pass me your pussy, Miss Tiffany.

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