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Then she let out a little whimper of contentment.

I gently squeezed the MIL tit that I had fantasized about so often, and I tweaked her pointed little nipple until it became a bullet. She lifted up her head so that I could get my other arm under her, so that she was now facing away from me with her head on my shoulder, both of us on our left sides, spooning...but now I could grab her other tit with my left hand. So I had two warm handfuls of my MIL's wonderful boobies, squeezing and kneading them and pinching her raspberry nipples.

By now I'm starting to get turgid again, though not at full staff. Ellie is softly saying "Mmmmm" and squirming down below more and more. So, I decide to take things up a notch by moving my right hand to her surprisingly firm butt. Her gown has ridden up above the bottom of her buns, so I massage the back of her thighs for a moment, running my thumbs up and down her hamstrings. At this point I started getting worried, because Ellie was starting to make noises that she wasn't trying to hide anymore. Knowing how deeply Liz sleeps after wine and orgasms I wasn't too worried, but still it was a thought: What would happen if Liz DID wake up?

Also, even in the heat of the moment I was thinking about how this happening would affect my future relationship with MIL. I was consoled by the fact that "she started it," but I wondered if she would admit that in the light of day.

I slid my hand up the back of her leg and started massaging Ellie's fine ass. Her response was to angle her butt even further toward me, so much so that her pussy was no longer "protected" by her buns. I moved my hand so that it rested on her bottom just where it intersected with her cunt, and the heat there was amazing. Also, Ellie's scent was now stronger in the room that Liz's had been.

OK, I thought: Time to go for the sweet little MIL hole. The one through which my beautiful wife had entered the world. That was a weird thought, huh? I placed one finger at Ellie's entrance, and it was like someone had poured gravy on it. So slick I could hardly tell when I crossed the barrier into that smoldering woman-place. A second finger soon followed, again with virtually no resistance because of the extreme lubrication coming from my MIL's cunt.

Almost immediately Ellie started trembling and made the sweetest little sounds, like a baby kitten mewing. Her whole body twitched and shuddered, so much so that I was a little worried for her. I held my fingers still and let her thrust back and forth on them at her own tempo. I was amazed at her stamina. She kept fucking my fingers until I got a cramp in my hand from holding them so stiff for her. Finally she stopped, sighed deeply, and, like her daughter after a great cum, fell into a deep comatose sleep.

So here I was, lying in the dark between two women, my wife and her mother, one of whom I had cock-fucked and the other of whom I had finger-fucked, both, apparently, into oblivion. I got little sleep the rest of the night, even on the nice bed, thinking about the implications of what had happened.

I must have finally drifted off, because when I awoke the room was bright with sunlight and both of the girls were up and about, talking in the dressing area of the suite. I thought, "Oh-oh," but as I listened to them speak both of them were chatting cheerily with no hint of recrimination toward me. I got up wearing my boxers and the tee shirt I had slept in. Ellie looked at me and happily said, "Good morning, Sleepyhead. We almost left for breakfast without you."

So now I'm thinking, was the night before all a dream? Or could my MIL really be so casual, so "normal," after being fingered so thoroughly by her daughter's husband. I stumbled back into the bedroom and looked under the top sheet. Sure enough, there were dried, white, creamy stains on the fitted sheet Ellie had lain on. Wow.

For the rest of the trip, both Liz and Ellie were ver

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