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"Any lingering after effects of Cathy's presence in your mind?" I asked, after we stopped kissing.

Concentrating for a few seconds, she said, "It's strange. It seems like I can remember everything she physically did and sensed, after waking up post-meteorite until now. Everything she did at work, making love to us, it's all a parallel track to what I did while inside you. But I can't remember the internal stuff, the thoughts and emotions. I guess she thought those would be too alien or might influence my personality, and erased them. Which makes me wonder how much my memories and Paige's surviving memories have affected her personality. I guess now that she's in a female body again, I have to shift back to using that pronoun."


It was another two hours before Nancy and I were allowed back into Cathy's room, with only an hour left in visiting hours. We had gone down to the cafeteria to get something to eat, then came back to the ICU and Zack escorted us into her room again. All of the bandages were removed and her eyes were open, having been fully repaired. She mentally transmitted, 'I have to warn you, one of the doctors hid a recording device in here, suspecting that we know more than we've said. Aloud, we will need to avoid discussing the nanites and be sure to call me Paige. I have already warned Zack.' Zack had dashed downstairs, getting something to eat for himself and something to sneak upstairs for Cathy, before the cafeteria closed.

Except for where Paige's hair had been shaved for cranial surgery, Cathy looked like she hadn't been injured at all. Not a single bruise remained. Even the recent surgical scars were gone.

Aloud, in a voice that had Paige's tone but Cathy's cadence, she said, "They are keeping me overnight for 'observation'. First stop after I leave here is a hairdresser, if they don't have one here at the hospital. I think I want to keep a short style." Telepathically, she added, 'That will make it easier for Zack to see me as a different person.'

Taking my hand again so I could hear their thoughts, Nancy said, 'It's strange. When I was in Dan's body, my mind instinctively knew you weren't me, but now I have to keep reminding myself that you're not Paige. If I have a hard time, Zack has to be feeling mixed up.' Aloud, they said, "I think you'll look cute with short hair."

I thought, 'I agree. Zack is going to look at you and remember Paige. Even with a new haircut. That can be both good and bad, if you're trying to form a relationship with him.'

Cathy answered, 'He is in emotional shock right now, caught between mourning Paige and dealing with a fantasy that Paige is still present inside me. He barely held it together earlier to make the decision to let me swap bodies, for the baby's sake. Where this situation differs is that when I was in Nancy's body, I could promise you both that it was temporary, that I would return Nancy to her body. That has now happened, four months ahead of schedule, because of this tragedy. Conversely, taking over Paige's body is permanent, with no possibility of Paige returning. What I fear is that Zack will come to associate me with losing her, without remembering that I occupied a shell that was empty of her personality.'

I asked, 'What can we do to help him adapt? Nancy and I are probably the only people who have come close to experiencing what he's going through, looking at a familiar face but knowing that it's really someone else inside.'

Cathy said, 'I hope it will become easier as his telepathy develops.

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