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I can't get my sister-in-law out of my head.

Trapped on the table, my arms pulled back behind me, I was held motionless, unable to resist her touch, and that's just how I loved it. If you're not a lesbian, you can still enjoy a woman's touch if you have no choice, no ability to resist. There's no guilt, no second-guessing yourself.

My nipples hardened under the attention, and that drew even more attention. Lily stroked them and squeezed them and gently pulled them. She toyed with the fullness of my breasts, ran her oiled hands up and down them, lifting them, weighing them, pushing them together to make cleavage.

Opening my eyes, I could see that she was fascinated with them. She had so little to play with on her own that I thought that she must be curious what a curvy woman's breasts felt like.

Jeannie would occasionally let me down to ease the pressure on my back, then would reapply it, pulling my body back up into an arch. The forces pushed my pubic mound into the table, forcing me to spread my legs to ease the pressure on my lower back. It felt exquisite, and went on for several minutes.

Jeannie said something in Chinese to Lily, and the smaller woman stepped away. I moaned in pleasured protest.

"We'll work your lower body now," Jeannie consoled me as she released my arms. She spun on my back and moved down my body. I could feel the silky roughness of her pubic hair down my spine as she moved, and an ever so slight trail of dampness. Lily moved around to my feet and climbed onto the table, once again forcing herself between my thighs.

Massage oil fell upon my bottom and down the crack, flowing across my most private of places. Soft hands stroked my cheeks, then wandered inward. I gasped as a finger gently stroked and probed my anus. Two more hands began softly rubbing my clit, playing with my vaginal opening.

"Ohhhhhh," I gasped. Four hands worked my core, slick with oil and my own secretions. Face down, with my legs trapped wide by Lily's knees and my back pressed under Jeannie's hips, I couldn't move or writhe or buck. I could only accept their ministrations. I gripped the sheets on the table, unable to do anything else.

My masseuses were quiet and focused, concentrating on my pleasure. The only sounds were my own muted whimpers and gasps, and occasional wet sounds of oiled hands on oiled flesh. Fingers entered both of my openings, causing my upper body to spasm and thrash even as my lower body was held motionless. Palms slid up and down my crack, across my lips, even underneath, moving up and down my mound. I stretched my hands behind me, touching Jeannie's legs, feeling their softness.

Up and down, in and out. I was so slick that every move was silky smooth, giving me nothing but pleasure. Sensations built up rapidly and strongly. "Ohhhhhh," I breathed. "That's fantastic. You're driving me crazy!"

The pleasure flowed up my body, filling my brain. I found myself reaching my capacity, my body stiffening. I wished I could move, wished I could position myself to get the exact sensation I needed to get over the top, but I couldn't. I could only take what they were doing. I released my tentative touch on Jeannie and grabbed my breasts, pinching my still-slick nipples to help myself.

"Unnnnnnh! That's it! That's it!" They were driving me to climax. My brain and my pussy exploded in pleasure simultaneously, and it was almost painful to climax when I couldn't buck my hips. Frantically, I gripped my nipples and squeezed hard as the pleasure washed over me. I spasmed beneath them once, twice, three times in my throes.

The girls stopped. I was breathing like I'd just run a sprint. Each of them stretched out and lay beside me, Jeannie on my left and Lily on my right, enveloping me in their warmth. They stroked my back and buns, and kissed my neck. Jeannie nibbled on my ear as I rested and recovered.

After a few moments to let me settle down, Jeannie said, "Did you like that?"

"It was amazing."

"Now we'll do your front."

The two Chinese women stood, and Jeannie ordered me to turn over.

This is when I feel most vulnerable.

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