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Wife was out of station; husband found housewives.

We continued to watch the match and once it was over Leroy made his excuses and left.


From that day my wife wore skirts around the house more often but especially on Saturdays when Leroy was due to visit. His eyes seemed to be glued to her as she was serving us food and as she was walking around the dining room. I noticed that when she turned her back to us his eyes followed to her rear. My wife seemed to stare at Leroy's big black arms and broad chest when she thought he was not looking.

The way she sat next to Leroy after dinner in the living room seemed to change too over time; rather than simply sit still she seemed to adjust her position constantly. This had the effect of moving her skirt so as to reveal more of her leg and even her slim pale brown thigh. I occasionally thought I saw glimpses of her black underwear as she adjusted herself on the couch.

A particularly hot afternoon, I noticed that Priya was stiller on the coach than she has been in some time. I stood to get more drinks when I saw that Priya's leg was up on the couch and Leroy's black hand was gently stroking her thigh. The contrast of his black hand against her pale brown skin was startling.

When I returned after fetching more beers his hand seemed to be higher than the last time I saw it, almost underneath her dress. Priya's eyes were closed and she appeared to be breathing heavier than normal. We continued to watch the television until the program had finished. Leroy then made his excuses and left. I noticed that afterwards, Priya's face seemed very red.


Priya seemed to be more relaxed than normal. It became part of the weekend routine that after dinner, Leroy would massage her leg. I noticed that she seemed to be happier and had a spring in her step. She seemed to smile more often especially on Saturdays when Leroy would come for dinner after drinks in the pub.

We were watching television one day when I noticed that there was a low humming in the room. I stared around and realised it was not a hum but more of a moan. I glanced towards the couch and could see Leroy's arm disappearing underneath Priya's skirt, her leg up on the couch. Rather than the gentle massage hand motion that I had become accustomed to seeing,

Leroy's arm seemed to be moving in an aggressive manner. His hand was not visible underneath the pleats of the skirt. The effect on Priya was startling. Her face was redder than I'd seen before and her breathing seemed laboured. I asked if everything was ok whereupon Priya opened her eyes and nodded before closing them. Leroy grinned at me and then made a comment regarding the match which shifted my attention back to the screen.

I continued watching the match and the moaning continued. The closing credits were soon to play when I noticed Priya begin to shake and then let out a sigh. She then leaned back on the couch with her eyes closed. I looked at Leroy and his right hand seemed to move from underneath Priya's skirt back towards his beer bottle. He smiled, finished his beer, then made his excuses and left.


Watching television whilst there is moaning in the background can be difficult to become accustomed to but this became our routine for the next few weeks. That is I noticed the loan moan was replaced by a slurping. I glanced at Leroy and his left hand was on the armrest of the couch with his right hand holding his beer. Priya was not in her usual seating position, however.

I rose in my chair slightly to see what was going on over at the other couch when I noticed the mass of black hair covering Leroy's lower stomach and movement. Leroy seemed to tense and then said "suck it" underneath his breath.

I returned to my seating position and continued to watch the television. The 'slurp slurp slurp' sound also continued.

Occasionally Leroy would mutter something along the lines of "you like that black cock don't you?" and "take that dick." Leroy moved the beer to his left hand and also occasionally stroked the hair covering his crotch.

As the closing credits began, Leroy let ou

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