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A Parson's wife finds God in love.

In the process of lifting her leg, I purposely eased her legs farther apart. As I expected there was no resistance at all from Sue; she wanted to be seen and I was more than willing to watch. So, as I worked on her foot with my oiled hands, I had an excellent backside view of her taint and pussy.

From this vantage point, it looked like Sue was clean shaven, but I knew from past experience that she probably wasn't. I'd have to wait to confirm that. But I could see her lips protruding and indeed there was moisture pooled there. I couldn't tell if it was because of the excess oil or bodily fluids. It didn't matter; I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Sue seemed to enjoy the foot massage; she was moaning lightly as I worked on her arch and then between her toes.

"Are you ok?' I asked, "Too hard?"

She replied "No, it's perfect. You're doing just fine."

When I switched legs I was once again treated to that great view, albeit it from just a slightly different angle.

I released her foot and gently returned it back to the table. It was time to work on her legs. Starting with her right leg, I applied a thin coating of oil from her ankle to her butt. I moved to her side and began using a push/pull move on her ankle; pulling towards me with one hand and pushing away with the other. I continued this up her leg to her thigh. Her spread legs helped in a couple of ways. One, there was plenty of room for me to push far into and around her inner thigh and, two, I could clearly see how close my upper hand was to her vagina. I purposely massaged as close as I could without making any contact. Perhaps I'd 'accidentally' brush up against her later, but for the moment it was all about the massage. Ok, it was also about teasing.

I moved around to the other side of the table and repeated the procedure up her leg. This time I swear that I could feel the heat coming off of her as I got in close. Sue had been moaning off and on throughout this part of the massage; it almost sounded like a steady hum. When I stopped working on her thigh she stopped the moaning and let out a big exhale.

I moved to the foot of the table and began sweeping up her right leg. I put both hands around her ankle and, keeping a firm and even pressure, continued back up towards her ass. As I'd done before, as I got closer to her butt I moved the hand on the inside of her leg over next to the outside hand and continued the sweep up, stopping just as I reached her cheek. And, as I'd done before, I let that inside hand linger a bit longer on each sweep. But the last repetition I was once again very close to touching her lips.

Sue flinched as I brushed past her. I imagine that the area around her pussy was getting very sensitive. And it wasn't a stretch of my imagination to guess that she would have liked more contact than I was giving her.

I moved over to the other leg and did the same sweeping moves. By now Sue knew what was coming and every time my inside hand headed towards her taint, she tried to lift her ass off of the table a bit. I wasn't having any of that; I firmly pushed her back down onto the table.

Finally, after my last sweep almost grazed her, I decided to give her ass some attention. I kept my hands on her right cheek and dug them in. Sue's ass was full but firm, with plenty of muscles to work on. I worked on that cheek for a moment and then let my fingers graze over her crack and repeated, with both hands, on her left cheek. Finally, I let one hand brush back over her crack and, with a hand on each cheek, I pushed and pulled, up, down, and side to side. When I pushed each ass cheek to the outside, her little rosebud was exposed and her lips were spread open. If I had any doubt that I was getting her aroused, I knew then that was I was doing was working. Even if I was deaf and couldn't hear her soft breathy moans, I could see that her lips were puffy and moist. I could have been the massage oil, but I was pretty sure that she had supplied some of her own lubrication.

I stoppe

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