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Crossdresser is out for raunchy satisfaction.

..it was interesting. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not a big deal."

"Yeah...no big deal. I just wanted to tell you that I liked it. I like you...a lot."

"Oh. When you say a lot...how much is that Carl?"

"Well Bill, I like you more than a lot actually. You have been a great boss to work for. You are very loving, that much I have seen. You are also very um...I liked...I liked having sex with you. I think I know what May, Anne and Julie see in you."

"Oh. Do you have certain feelings for me then Carl?"

"I think I do. I think that you are a great person Bill. I would like to get to know you even more than I do now."

"Carl, you realize that what happened between us was kind of in the heat of passion. That I am not gay?"

"Yes. I know you prefer women Bill. But what happened between us was so...well...good. I enjoyed it a quite a bit. Do you think that we could...well...do you think that you might be willing to try it with me again?"

I was troubled. I knew that Carl liked me more than I felt I could return. I also knew that even though I was not gay, I had enjoyed our time together that night. I just couldn't imagine doing it again though.

As I hesitated I saw Carl's face change ever so slightly. I could tell that he was getting set to be hurt and I didn't know how to explain my feelings to him. I didn't think that I would go there again, but then on the other hand, I had never thought I would have gone there to begin with.

"Carl, I don't know. I can honestly tell you that I just don't know. I never would have thought that I would have done what we did the other night, let alone contemplate doing it again. I do not want to lead you on either. I can't say that maybe we will. I can't say that we wont' either."

"I understand Bill. You really are trying to be a nice guy and let me down gently. I want to tell you though...the other night...you were wonderful. You really were. Thank you for that time."

As Carl left the room I felt bad. I finished getting dressed with a troubled mind. I just couldn't get over some of the things I had done on this trip. I had fucked and sucked my daughter, I had given a blowjob to a man, and I had let a man give me a blowjob. I had sex with numerous women, at the same time. I had also fucked my daughter in the pussy while another man had fucked her ass.

My thoughts were scattered and I needed some time to think. I set out the zodiac and went for a ride. I went around Pleasant Island, enjoying the view and saw a porpoise that was playing in the wake of the boat.

My attention was drawn to a Coast Guard boat as it swept past me. It was out about five hundred yards and moving quickly through the water. The white hull gleamed, with the red strips on the bow seemingly glowing. It looked pretty sharp out there on the water.

I had about two hours in the zodiac and when I returned to the yacht Jan had a great breakfast ready for us. I put the boat away and went in to eat with the others. I felt right with the world now. Even though I had changed so much in such a short time, I still felt good about it all.

Sitting around the table eating, I couldn't help but notice how much we were getting along like a family. Far more than the strangers that we had started out like. Anne and May were positively glowing as they sat on either side of me.

Julie was sitting next to Anne and her eyes shined with love and peace. Carl was even smiling a bit too. I think our talk had been hard on him...I still had some things to say to him about 'us' too. I had decided that whatever happened from now on would be 'to the emotion and motion of the time'. In other words, I wouldn't push for an encounter with him again, but, if it should happen, I would roll with the flow as long as I was comfortable with it.

Jan had outdone herself with breakfast. It was delicious and filling. After we were done eating, Carl pulled anchor and May set us on course for Glacier Bay.

The sights and sounds around us were not to be forgott

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