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Staci moves forward in submission.

Just because Garva seemed to be a nice sized town didn't mean it would get much traffic coming off the interstate.

She was a tiny thing, long blonde hair and big blue eyes, just like her mama.

She hadn't seen her daddy since he split town when she was five. Mom always said if you want to find your daddy, look for where the poker tables are. You are sure to find him. She hadn't been aiming for Vegas in hopes of finding him even though the thought of it had been held in the back of her head. She was actually headed to LA, bright lights and big city. She wanted to be a star.

Her cell phone quietly beeped that it was not getting a signal. No surprise there. She wondered if it would be wiser to stay with the car or set out. She decided to set out. All of her worldly possessions were inside that car so she carefully rolled up the windows and locked all the doors before she began to stroll down the road toward the city of Garva.

Her car was still in sight behind her when a pickup truck rolled to a stop in front of her on the shoulder. She walked up the side of it cautiously, unsure of whom she would encounter. She lifted her chin long enough to gaze upon the face of a woman.

"Howdy. I'm Amy Scott of Scott's Garage. That your car I passed by?" the woman asked Carmen in the tone of a southern woman of great pride. Amy had long dark hair that was tied back and away from her face in a ponytail that fell down neatly between her shoulder blades to dance across her back. She wore a sleeveless t-shirt in startling white with cut off blue jeans shorts.

Carmen thought it must be the uniform of the desert since she was wearing just about the same thing exact her t-shirt was not quite as white as Amy's. Carmen swung herself up without being asked and set herself down on the passenger side of the truck Amy was driving. "Yep, that's mine. She just died on me. I was hoping you could give me a ride into town. Perhaps a tow truck there could bring her on in and we can figure out what she did to me." Carmen had this uncanny knack of speaking of her car as if it were human and had human feelings and frailties. She didn't bother to mention to her new found friend Amy that she had no funds whatsoever to get the car fixed. One thing at a time had always been her motto.

"Sure, we can do that." Amy glanced quietly at Carmen as she shifted the truck back into gear and rolled it off the shoulder and back out into the pavement that headed into town. Neither Carmen nor Amy was big on small talk so the drive got painfully quiet for awhile. Carmen took the time to take in Amy from the corner of her eye, noting that Amy was a few years older and a few inches taller than the petite Jersey girl. Carmen stretched her back and pushed her body against the truck seat. She didn't do this to be enticing although she knew that it would bring attention to her small pert breasts that were topped with dark nipples that apparently wanted to rip their way right out of her shirt.

"It's hot," Carmen whispered, not really needing to since it being hot was obvious but the quiet stillness was driving her insane.

"Usually is," Amy answered dryly as she shifted the truck into a higher gear, driving on down the scalding highway. Carmen was not known for subtlety and there was definitely something about Amy she found interesting. She slid a bit upon the seat towards Amy at the next curve, the seatbelt straining, holding her back. Amy didn't look or act taken aback rather she turned and gazed into blue eyes with her own big brown ones. "You'll like Garva. It's a friendly town."

With that, Amy took her hand off the shifter and laid it upon the naked flesh of Carmen's thigh. Carmen jumped slightly as if she had been burned, the touch scalding her deep inside her soul. It was electric, as if something buried deep within them both had suddenly come alive with that short moment of contact. Carmen closed her eyes and let her head drift back to rest upon the headrest, allowing herself the luxury of becoming lost in the moment.


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