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Sara's confession leads to his total erotic surrender!

And she shocked me to the core when she shrugged and said she didn't feel like it. For a minute I was terrified - had it gone away? - but when I asked her carefully about the last time and my cock, I could tell it was still active. But her phrasing struck me - she said, "Well yeah, last time you brought me to the room to blow you, right?" And when I told her that's also why she was here now, she said, "Oh!" got on her knees, and went to work. I still don't fully understand it, and I can't order people around directly. But if I tell them what I'm doing, they go along with it, no matter how strange.

I spent some more time experimenting with Nancy to see if I could improve her technique. It was incredibly awkward and unsexy since I couldn't tell her directly, but after some experimentation I figured out a way to guide her. It got a lot more pleasurable - I was able to stop her from using her teeth, and it ended with her taking all of my cock, her throat bulging and working as I unloaded everything into her stomach. I sent her back to her boyfriend with some new skills and my cum on her breath.

The high of that second blowjob lasted until I was halfway home, and then what I'd done hit me and I had to just sit down. I'm not sure why this struck me as worse as everything else, but somehow it did. Instead of just taking the BJ as-is, I'd used her like an animated doll, solely for my pleasure. I'd made her choke on my cock and swallow my cum, I'd told her exactly what to do to me, just because it turned me on more. And for a bit, I felt like I was drowning in guilt.

I'm not proud of the justifications I used to continue my actions. I told myself that it didn't matter if I was making her cheat with me - I literally couldn't make her boyfriend jealous, so it's not like I'd break them up or anything. Hell, I could have sex with her in front of him and he'd probably ignore it (I ignored the twitch of my cock at that thought). I was probably even doing him a favor, I was sure he'd get more out of her mouth after my instructions, and he might even enjoy knowing about it - didn't all guys like to think about two girls having sex? He'd maybe even thank me.

Armed with the above armor, I continued home and put my doubts out of my mind.

* * *

The second time with Nancy that week taught me something else. It didn't seem so at the time, but it was a darker thing than just using Nancy as a sex object. It taught me about possessiveness, about ownership, and that was a path that would lead me into more sin than anything else I've ever done.

I'd thought it was going to be the day I would finally get Amanda. I was going to catch her before school - I knew she always got in early - because we had practice right after. In preparation I'd refrained from masturbating at all for two days, and I felt like I was going to burst. But I wanted to save it all for her.

So of course, she was absent. Her aunt was sick or something and she had gone to help her mother.

I was desperate to cum, and after my anticipation the past few days the thought of using my hand seemed also unbearable. I was debating trying to track Amanda down - I was a bit crazy - when I saw my salvation. Nancy's mom dropped her off, and I pounced. I dragged her into the nearest closet, pushed her to her knees, and raped her mouth. There's no other word for it - I didn't tell her why she was there, or what to do. I just grabbed her head and fucked her. She didn't struggle, of course, and I didn't last long - I was on the edge, and a minute later I unloaded two days of pent up cum down her throat. It almost made her pass out with how long I took, and she spent a couple of minutes coughing up my cum after. But I wasn't paying attention to that. It might have taken the edge off, but blowing my load into Nancy's stomach had just taken the edge off. I was still hard, and I knew I could come. And checking my phone, we had time. So Nancy got to blow me again.

This time I made her do the work while I leaned back and enjoyed.

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