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Laura is caught by her roommate.

The leader turned back to Carol. "Here I am being selfish again. You're working over my cock, and my assistants here are just watching. Shorty, Butch, why don't you two take my place. I don't want to blow my load too soon." He said with a wink.

The two men dropped their pants and came into Carol's line of sight as the leader stepped back to supervise. Carol audibly gasped as the one called Shorty came into view. "Ah, I see you've discovered why we call him Shorty," he chuckled as Carol focused on the long cock dangling in front of her red lips. The girth wasn't anything overwhelming but the length of his cock was bigger than anything she had ever seen.

"You'd better get to work. Shorty is a big fan of deep throats." The leader announced as he suggestively took a few test swings at the air in front of him with the crop.

Carol went to work sucking on Shorty's huge cock. As she got into the rhythm of things Shorty began to none-too-gently ram his cock all the way down Carol's throat. Despite her gagging and sputtering he held it there till her face started to turn red, then relented just long enough for her to catch her breath before ramming it back down again. Fortunately for Carol, what Shorty had in cock size he lacked in endurance. During one of his lunges deep into her throat he came, spraying his load directly down her throat. He pulled back and Carol fell to the floor choking and coughing.

"Nice work, Shorty. Before we give Butch a go, why don't we move things to the bed." The leader stepped forward, picked Carol up and tossed her to the bed. She lay on her stomach, her head at the foot of the bed so she would see her bound and tormented husband looking on. Shorty and Butch stepped forward to attach ropes to the bottom corners of the bed frame, then secured them to Carol's wrist cuffs which had been unattached from each other by the leader. Her arms were pulled wide apart as they were linked to the ropes, leaving her upper body pressed to the bed and her head hanging off the end.

The leader stepped around the side of the bed. "Holy shit! Take a look at this you guys," he gestured to Carol's panties, which through the work of the vibrator diligently humming away in her snatch had caused them to be soaked through with pussy juice. "Your wife is a real cocksucking slut." He wriggled the soaked panties off her round ass and shapely legs then walked over to Andy. He placed the soaked panties over his head, the wettest part right over Andy's nose. He continued to watch his tortured wife through the leg holes as the egg was removed from his wife's wet pussy.

"Can't have you cumming too soon," the leader taunted. Carol's legs were pulled apart and secured to the chains at the corresponding corners of the bed. She now lay spread-eagle before her captors. Her nipples, still enclosed by the cruel jaws of the clamps were smashed into the bed causing them to twist and pull her tender buds even more.

The leader roughly grabbed onto Carol's long black hair and forced her head back. Then he gave a nod to his companion. Butch stepped forward as he unzipped his fly and Carol quickly got to work. Thankfully for her, Butch wasn't nearly as well endowed as Shorty. However, the stress of having her head forced back and Butch banging into the back of her throat caused Carol to gag and choke as Butch fucked her face. After a few minutes, Butch's cock began to spasm and cum in Carol's mouth. He stepped back contentedly as Carol let the cum dribble out of her mouth and down her chin.

Crack! The sharp snap of the crop landed squarely on Carol's naked ass. Crack! Crack! Crack! Three more blows landed in quick succession. Carol shrieked and strained against her chains. Her ass aflame from the sudden assault.

"What's the matter with you, bitch?!" He railed. "What makes you think it is ever okay to spit out cum? You should be thanking Butch for letting you taste his cum." He dropped the riding crop to the ground. "This calls for a more severe punishment."

He stormed over to his devious bag of tools and pulled out a

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