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Mom & Son continue their affair.

"It's all right, sweetheart, we were just talking about showing our ladies off and it seems our host has done some of that himself."

"Oh?" Catherine uttered, peering up again and still blushing.

"Nice tits," Carter said to her, still as cool as.

"Thank you," she answered, looking down at herself and fiddling nervously with the front of her blouse before looking up again.

"May I?" Carter said to Ash as he motioned with his hand, and Ash nodded while Catherine's eyes widened and she sucked in a breath as the guy slipped his hand down her blouse and felt her left breast.

Catherine started panting immediately as he squeezed it and rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Awesome," the guy said, grinning over at Ash.

He then released Catherine's tit as suddenly as he had groped it and collected the last of the things from breakfast.

"There's a sandy beach and a good spot for swimming on the property. It's very private, only you might see old Reg and his son, Toby, working on the grounds.

"Don't take too much notice of Toby - he's a little bit backward - just a big kid and very friendly, though difficult to get a word out of.

"And I have a boat if you feel like having a look at the village. It's a nice little cruise - only about fifteen minutes. Anytime you want, just let me know."

"Thanks," Ash said as he left the room.

Catherine was still in shock at being felt up like that. The sensation had gone directly to her belly and tingled between her legs.

"I can't believe he just did that," she said to her husband. "Oh my god!"

"Well, let's go and see about this sandy beach and see if that old guy wants a look too," Ash said with a grin. "It's warm enough for a swim."

Catherine changed into a bikini and sundress. She strolled around the gardens with her husband and then across the lawn to the edge of the water and a small beach of sand with the ripples of crystal clear water lapping gently ashore.

She took off her sundress and laid out on a towel. There were a few boats on the lake and in the distance there was some water skiing. The beach was totally secluded from the road, being behind the house and otherwise surrounded by trees. After a while one of the gardeners appeared. He was a tall, well-built man of perhaps mid-twenties. He was actually quite gorgeous, Catherine thought.

"That must be Toby," Ash suggested.

He was watering plants in the garden and frequently looking over. He had a huge smile on his face.

Ash took the tanning lotion and rubbed some into Catherine's shoulders.

"Do you want to take your top off?" he whispered into her neck.

The big guy was close enough to hear if he'd spoken out loud. There was still a big stupid grin pasted on his face and he was constantly looking over.

"Go on, sweetheart - let him have a look."

"Okay," Catherine uttered softly, and she pulled the string behind her back and behind her neck and pulled her bikini top from beneath her body. She then got up onto her knees feeling her face heat with redness as the man looked at her breasts.

Reg adjusted his binoculars from the kitchen window and focused on the blonde woman's tits. She had her arms raised as she fixed a hair band that had slipped. Then she bent to her hands and knees to straighten her towel with her tits wobbling about beneath her body.

Reg checked his boy and saw that he had stopped work and stood looking directly at her as well. He swung back to the woman and found her lying on her back with her tits flattening on her chest and her nipples erect.

Ash waved and the big guy's grin broadened and he waved back.

"Well, you certainly got his attention, sweetheart."

"Is he still looking?"

"Yeah, he sure is!"

Toby went back to watering but stayed close and continued to stare at Catherine. When Ash went in for a swim he came even closer and Catherine smiled at him, which caused him to go with the full face grin again and to wave.

He was obviously harmless and although he was blatantly staring

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