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Jones is sold to a TV Couple and their station owner.

Molly who was also undressing said, "They're gorgeous Lisa, I can hardly wait to suck them."

I removed her skirt and she now stood in just her white cotton panties white socks and brown leather shoes, she looked so sexy and delectable as I walked behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed them making her moan.

Molly knelt in front of Lisa and hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them over her hips and down her legs, Lisa stepped from them and Molly put them to her nose and sniffed them, she then held them up to Lisa and said, "What a lovely aroma you have."

Now that her panties had been removed I pulled my partly erect cock up into the upright position and then nestled it in the crease of her lovely ass cheeks pulling her back against me as I held her tits and rubbed my finger over her already swollen nipples making her moan as her nipples became fully erect.

Molly pushed Lisa's legs wider apart and kissed her mound. She then pushed a finger up Lisa's hole and felt inside her, pulling her finger out she put it in her mouth and sucked the juices off it.

"Mmmm you taste so sweet Lisa, I know Bob will enjoy the taste when he feasts on your lovely cunt."

Watching Molly perform this act with another female turned me on more; I felt Lisa press her ass back against my cock as it swelled more in anticipation of what lay ahead, it was obvious that she was now enjoying being stripped and being prepared for me to deflower her.

"Is she nice and wet Molly?"

"She is very very wet Bob, let me watch her suck your cock now then I can watch her being deflowered by your big cock."

I walked in front of Lisa as Molly told her to kneel, she did as asked and Molly said, "Have you ever sucked a man's cock before?"

"No never, Bob's is the first one I have ever seen."

Lisa was looking at my tool the purple head swollen with desire.

Molly said, " Do you like how it looks?"

"It looks so big Molly but it makes me feel so excited knowing that I am about to lose my virginity to Bob."

"Put your hand round the shaft and lick the tip then take it in your mouth and suck on it while you move your hand back and forth on the shaft."

Lisa took hold of my shaft making my cock jerk, she seemed surprised never having seen a cock before let alone held one, and now she was about to learn about using her tongue and mouth to service her first cock.

I moaned as she began to lick the head and after licking all over the tip she opened her mouth and took it inside and began to suck on it as she also began to jack my shaft.

"Does it feel good Bob having a sweet little virgin sucking you cock knowing that soon you are going to penetrate her, take her cherry and make her into a woman?"

It feels fantastic Molly she is a quick learner but I think I would like to show her how much more pleasure she can give a man by allowing him to use her mouth like he does her pussy."

"Go for it Bob, let me watch the little slut getting her first face fuck."

I wondered what Lisa was thinking listening to Molly and I as she sucked and slurped on her first cock. I knew that after today Molly and I would share her many times and teach her the things that would make her into a real enjoyable fuck toy for us both.

I reached out and put my hands on either side of her head and held her still. Then I began to push my cock into her mouth a little deeper, pulling back and thrusting deeper with each inward stroke as I began to fuck her sweet face.

Looking down at my cock moving slowly back and forth in Lisa's mouth made such an erotic picture. I pushed my cock deeper wondering if she could manage to take it all into her mouth and feel my tip in her throat. As the tip reached the entrance to her throat I slowed my thrust she began to gag as she felt it trying to gain access to her throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth and allowed her to recover.

"Good girl Lisa, don't worry about gagging on my cock you will soon learn

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