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A good friend's erotic adventures.

Sometimes he peaks at me or jokingly slaps my bum.

Recently I have found myself putting on a show for him, making sure to wash myself when he's in starting off with my legs on top of the tub bending over giving him a good view of my bum while slowing massaging my legs up and down before soaping up my bum and working my way up my body and slowly massaging my boobs. I know it's wrong but I also know he's mesmerised he can't look away and the fact he's watching me gets me soo hot and every time he leaves I can't help but masturbate.

Everyday my feelings of lust get stronger and stronger until last week they finally erupted and the most amazing thing happened.

It was Friday night and my daddy had just finished work and started running a bath which I assumed was for me as I was going out so I once it was ready I stripped in my room and ran naked to the bathroom ready to jump in when I see my daddy already naked and lying in the bath.

"Oh sorry Daddy, I thought this bath was for me as I'm going out soon and really need to wash my hair."

"Don't worry baby there's plenty of room for both of us, jump in," he said.

Suddenly feeling shy but also very horny I slowly climb in opposite him. I could see his beautiful thick legs and thick cock just lying there and I wanted so much just to jump on him right then.

As I'm sitting opposite him feeling cramped I am finding it difficult to get in a position to wash my hair when he tells me to bring my body forward and rest on him so I have room to lay my head back. So I move myself closer and plant my bum on his thighs with my legs resting on the tub and I am then able to put my year back and wash it. While washing my hair I feel myself getting extremely aroused, I can feel his hard cock touching my side while my daddy is slowing caressing my feet and then I can feel him gently start to suck my toe and it's making me so hot that I forget I have stopped washing my hair until he asks if I need help. He suggests that I lay in between his legs with my back resting on him while he rinse my hair with a jug so I do that and it's feels great having him massage my hair and occasionally my breasts and it's so relaxing and I can feel his cock twitching against my back and it makes me so horny that I automatically reach down and start slowly touching myself. I feel like I'm in a dream until I hear my daddy whisper in my ear that my hair is washed.

I jump and then move myself back into position opposite daddy in the bath tub. I then start to soap myself up rubbing my boobs slowly keeping my eyes shut enjoying the moment and then I put my legs over the tub and make sure my legs are spread apart so he can catch a glimpse of my vagina. I slowly rub my legs up and down and I can see he is fixated on me while gently touching his cock. Once I'm finished I just sit there and we just look at each other for the longest minute and then I say,

"Thanks daddy for letting me join, I will leave you to enjoy your bath in peace now."

"No problem baby but can I get a quick cuddle before you go?" He said.

"Of course", I replied.

I started to move forward and he straightened his legs out so I had no option but to separate my legs and have my knees on the outside of him and sit on his lap and I could feel his hard cock so close to me. He wrapped his arms around my body and I put my arms around his neck while gently grabbing a fistful of his hair. I was higher than him so his face was resting in between my boobs and he started to ever so slowly lick them and kiss them while I started to tighten my grip on his hair and nibble his ear and I have never felt so horny in my life I could feel my juices dripping out of me I was so wet then suddenly he stops and moves his head upwards. I look down at him and we have the most intense eye contact and at that moment I can just feel a bolt of electricity go between us.

He forcefully kisses me on the lips and then he does it again and then the third time he slips in his tongue and we just both let go and enjoy the m

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