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Yunan inclined his head, acknowledging her words and actions.

"That was very graciously said, Sophia. Thank you." Once more his hand waved towards the couch next to his. "Will you sit and dine with us? We should be honoured."

His courtesy was not forced, it was part of him - part of his essence.

Sophia nodded, closing her eyes in assent; sitting demurely where he indicated. One by one, Yunan introduced her to their dining companions. The first was a tall man, with a shaven head and a full grey beard. His expression was grave with dark, hidden eyes.

"This is Mordh Kauras - he is - how might I describe you Kauras? He is - let me say -a smuggler." The bald man blinked but said nothing, inclining his head to Sophia. "The lady with him is a very good friend, I think."

Kauras cleared his throat, "This is Limma." The young woman blushed as he spoke her name, but said nothing. Despite the flowing silks of her robes, her young body was curved and voluptuous, echoing the thick, tangled curls of her jet-black hair. Her mouth glistened with syrup from nibbled sweatmeats as she licked sticky fingers, her large black eyes accentuated by the khol she wore.

Her gaze flickered over Sophia, judging whether of not she would be a rival to her companion's attentions, but soon decided she faced no threat since Sophia's obvious pregnancy put her out of bounds.

Yunan gestured to the man seated on his right.

"This other gentleman is a countryman of mine named Ikton and his companion is his sister, Herea. This is the Lady Sophia, recently rescued from a dreadful ordeal of which we would rather not talk." He turned to smile at Sophia, "How are you now, Lady?"

"My body is much eased by the kindness of your daughter, my Lord. My mind..."she stopped, looking him full in the face, "....my mind returns."

He smiled, offering her a platter laden with stuffed figs. "Indeed, my Lady - I can often find a long journey leaves me most disoriented - do try one of these." He nodded encouragingly as she took one from the plate, holding it carefully in both hands as she nibbled the delicacy.

The smuggler, Kauras, was gazing at Penelope with an openly interested expression, much to the annoyance of his companion. Penelope was deep in conversation with Herea, the two women sharing points of significant amusement.

"I see your daughter is here, Kallikrates. I thought she was sent away, since..."

Yunan smoothly picked up the unfinished sentence without missing a beat. "She returned some days ago. I missed her so; it seemed a greater hardship to be without her." He turned to Sophia, his gaze level and meaningful, "So, Lady Sophia, my daughter tells me you remember your last visit here?"

For a moment, Sophia hid behind closed eyes but then opened them to face him.

"I remember being here, yes - not everything, but enough to know what occurred."

A momentary spasm, like a cloud flickered across his face, but it passed almost unnoticed. "Then we shall exchange reminiscences - later perhaps...?"

"If it pleases, you, my Lord."

Without faltering he became once more the genial host, calling to the servant holding the wine carafe.

"Where are my manners? Wine for the Lady. You will try some of the local produce?"

Sophia could not remember the last time she drank anything other than water or fruit juice.

"Nothing too strong, I fear I have no head for it these days." A sudden thought came to her. "I believe you are fond of a fresh white grape." She named a local wine from her father's land.

Yunan sipped from his own goblet thoughtfully.

"Indeed, yes. It was a favourite of mine, although in recent years, there has been a change in quality, a loss of spirit or flavour. They say a great tragedy befell the family that owned the land. They had no heart for the grape or the craft any more." He looked at her curiously. "How came you to remember that?"

"It was the story of Penelope, told to a small child many, many years ago that I remembered. You had a glass of the wine in your hand as you told the tale."

Yunan did not respond, instead lo

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