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Archeologist in 1950s Mali finds fetish masters.

Like a laser beam at the speed of light, Lynn is on the bed. She is straddling me but facing away and over my legs. She wants doggie style. Mom takes her place in a chair. Kathy sits on her lap and tries to kiss mom, but she doesn't respond to the kiss or anything else. Kathy decides to play with her breasts and kiss her anyways.

I have moved around and behind Lynn. I sink my cock into her slippery pussy. She wasn't kidding, she needs this. I immediately move to full speed. I am fucking her as rapidly as possible. I can't get the long strokes, but the speed will get her off in no time. She is sweating, breathing hard, moaning loudly, and meeting my thrusts as often as possible. Her moaning is rising in pitch. She is going to blow up quickly. I might be able to help time it with her. My own need is quickly growing.

Damn, my first shot of cum is like a gun. A blob of cum splashing her insides. I quickly follow with four more ropes of cum and two dribbles. Lynn burned up leaving only the husk of her body. She topples over with minimal breathing. Eyes are open, there is a pulse, she is limp and void of energy. Her face is still red, but her breathing is sounding better.

As I check for a pulse, she softly says, "What, can't a girl be completely satisfied?"

Pat puts her hands on the bed but is still standing up. She then widens the stance of her legs and arms, she is now closer to the bed and her butt points up to the edge of the bed. I grab her hand and lead her to the wall. I put her hands on the wall. Then I slowly have her move her feet away from the wall while she still leans forward, forcing her to bend at the waist.

I now have a good angle and her breasts will swing wildly. I notice that mom is now a willing participant with Kathy. Lynn might be asleep. I push my cock up into Pat and she moans deeply. I start my jackhammer of a cock at full speed again. Out of the side of my vision, Vic is cleaning out the cum from Lynn. I love these women.

Pat is grunting with each thrust into her sweet pussy. My hands are holding her waist for leverage and I see her breasts rolling in circles. She is doing well at controlling her breathing. I am thrusting hard and fast. She is working harder at her breathing. Finally, she screams a loud guttural scream of anguish.

Her tits stop moving and she says, "Fuck, I wanted to feel you cum in me!" Ok, she is mad.

I pull out, hug her, and apologize, "I am sorry. I will try to save you some."

Kathy gets up from mom, Pat takes a seat next to mom and they comfort each other. Vic is sitting in the other chair alone now. Kathy gets up on the bed, on her back. She brings her knees back past her hips and to her ribs. This forces her rear end to curl up. Her pussy is pointing straight up. Now she opens her legs so there is clear and easy access to her hole.

I have never fucked a woman like this. It doesn't look comfortable, but I can't imagine a position that gives me a better angle for penetration. All action has stopped, and eyes are on Kathy and her unusual position. I am tall enough I don't have to stand up, but she adjusts to my height. She takes the maximum length of my cock as I slide in to test the angle.

Like the others, I move to my maximum speed. In this position, I can use more of my cock forcing an "UG!" with each thrust. She is trying to talk but it's unintelligible. She feels so good with the extra length and she is a red-hot furnace. I pump and pump and without warning she orgasms. Kathy lets out a long drawn out wail of pure pleasure. She then rolls over, jumps out of bed, reaches for me and gives me a powerful hug. That was exactly that last thing I expected out of her.
While all of that was going on, Vic sneaks up on to the bed, on her back, knees bend and spread wide in missionary.

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