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Helping the maid of honor blow off steam.

Leaning back, I sat on the edge of the desk in front of her. She placed my left foot on the right arm of her chair and my right foot on the left arm of her chair...in essence, spreading me completely open to her.

"Lean back a little and let me enjoy the sites." she said, sitting back in her chair, as if to contemplate what her hands and fingers had become so well acquainted with. Looking down at my breasts(titties) I could see that she had left her indelible marks. Marks that would be there for days to come; her handi-work. The smile on her face told me she knew this and liked the idea. Reaching up, her fingers possessively circled the red 'hickies' her teeth had left around both areolas. "Hmmmm, John might not like those. What will you tell him when he sees them?" she asked.

"Everything." I said, simply.

"Everything?" she queried.

"You know very well I have no secrets from John. And he knows about 'us'. If he asks, I will tell him all. He knows me well, Laura......he knows my demons, too." I stated in explanation.

She smiled. "Ah, yes.....the demons that fill you with the need to be used and manipulated into doing things you normally couldn't? That make you want to give up control to someone else, to be taken as they wish? The demons that make you want to be our slut...his and mine?"

Blushing at the verbalization, I knew she was right. "Yes."

Her fingers continued down my stomach and over my trimmed pubis. "Open up that sexy little snatch wide for me." She said as the thumb and index finger of one hand spread wide the thick outer lips that covered my clit. With the long fingernails of her other hand she gently scratched over my clit. She knew what mixture of pain/pleasure this caused me, creating an inner battle not to squirm on her desk, as she tortured my already sensitive button, making it unbearable to touch for several minutes afterward. Yet she continued for what seemed like hours before moving on to her next whim.

With a hand on each side of my pussy, she spread open my outer lips, my inner lips and the actual opening of my pussy.....in this position she spread me open as wide as was humanly possible. The feeling was sensual to begin with, being spread so completely open to Laura. But as she continued to stretch and spread me open for her pleasure, my pain mounted. I whimpered less softly than intended.

"Ssshhhh...." shushing me, she leaned down and she licked upward with the flat of her tongue. From my opening to my clit, several times. Her lips covered my opening and I felt her tongue and lips begin to work on me, French kissing my opening as if it were my mouth. Through the jumble of pleasure/pain messages assaulting my brain, this only served to bring me closer to the orgasm I wanted so much.

Looking directly into my eyes, she sucked gently on my tender clit. Then as I watched her, she caught my thin inner lips between her teeth and pulled them outward. "Impossible" my mind said, yet I watched as she continued to pull my inner lips outward. Gritting my teeth between my tightly closed lips, I concentrated on not making a sound. Not a moan, nor a groan....but both were caught deep within me fighting to get out. I was caught treading that very fine line of exquisite pleasure resulting from intrinsic pain. I gave in to the sensations...all of that she was inflicting, closing my eyes to enjoy what she was doing to me, only to have it end quickly.

"Open your eyes, sweetie. I like you to watch everything I do to you. Right now, I'm having fun making you squirm." she said as her hands let go of my pussy and one finger began to play just inside my pussy....again making it 'slosh' as she wanted it to. "You taste so sweet, my pet." leaning down to tease me as she tasted me over again. "You need to be fucked, don't you?" she said, working a finger into my pussy, copious wetness making it easy for her. "You're much too tight.....is John fucking you regularly?" she laughed, "He tells Cal you want it daily. If he was getting you that often you'd be 'loosy goosy', Hon."

I laughed at

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