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Surprises exchanged on young couples' anniversary.

With nearly half of Matthew's cock shaft in her mouth, there was no longer room for both of her hands to jack him. She took away one hand, and, on a whim, reached down to grab his nut sack. She slowly and gently squeezed his balls. Matthew's eyes popped open at the sudden and unexpected new sensation, but he was loving it. Maria rolled his balls between her fingers and palm as she continued to suck and jack and swallow. She could feel his cock head getting bigger and bigger in her throat, and his balls getting tighter in her hand. She knew from experience that he was getting close to orgasm. Her mouth was already full of saliva and precum, and she let it run out the corners of her mouth, down the sides of the shaft, to pool in obscene puddles on his thighs. The slickness in her throat enabled Matthew's throbbing, bobbing cock to slip yet further down into her gullet, until she could almost feel his pubic hairs tickling her lips. She swallowed and gurgled and slurped, making whatever motions she could think of with her tongue and lips and cheeks. She only had room for one finger and her thumb on his shaft, which she continued to twist back and forth while squeezing his balls.

This was the end for Matthew. The combination of the sensations from both her hands, her lips, her tongue, and her tight, gulping throat, pushed him over the edge. His hips bucked, shoving his cock all the way into her mouth, and his balls against her chin. His ejaculation forced a huge jolt of cum into her throat, but since she was already involuntarily swallowing on a regular basis, she was able to take most of it down into her stomach with no gagging at all. Some of the cum pooled up in her mouth and leaked out at the corners, running down on his balls and pubic hair. As his hips continued to buck, Maria moved her head up and down in time with it, keeping his cock shaft between her lips and his cock head deep in her throat. The peristalsis of her swallowing motions continued to massage and stimulate him, milking him of every last drop of cum.

Finally, Matthew was spent, and his hips stopped bucking. He relaxed down onto the bed with a huge sigh of satisfaction. Maria opened her mouth and let his softening cock slide out from between her puffy, swollen lips. She swallowed hard, three times, to empty her mouth of the reservoir of cum and saliva. She wiped her chin and looked at Matthew.

"That was awesome, Mom! You are an incredible cocksucker!"

"Don't talk to your mother like that!" Maria said crossly. But secretly, she felt proud; proud of her ability to make her young son's body cum, and proud of her power over him. Ashamed of herself, certainly, but proud at the same time. She stood up, straightened her skirt, and picked up her bra and blouse. "Now you shower and get dressed. We leave for Mass in one hour."

Later that morning, Maria and Matthew sat side by side at 11 o'clock Mass. Matthew was smiling and praying, the perfect little angel. Maria felt a confused jumble of emotions: satisfaction that she had gotten Matthew to Mass, guilt at how she had done it, and pride that she had performed a creditable blowjob and exerted control over him. And of course fear that she was losing her own soul in the process.

But there was more. She also felt a tingling in her loins, a longing in her being. An emptiness deep in her nether regions. She hadn't felt anything like that in a long, long time, and wasn't exactly sure what it was.


Maria spent another fitful night unable to sleep. She had come to terms with the fact that she had been giving Matthew handjobs on a regular basis, and had even stopped going to confession over them. Father Flanagan always gave her a hard time anyway. But this... this was more than she could handle on her own. She would have to go to confession tomorrow.

Maria was in the church promptly at 1 pm, and watched Father Flanagan, his vestments flowing piously around him, walk down the aisle of the church and enter the center compartment of the confessional.

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