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Lust and jealousy make for hot, orgasmic sex.

He lifted the arm that circled her enough to brush the soft strands of blonde hair back from where they had fallen across her face.

"Hey you."

Lisa brought her hand up from where it had rested on little Dan's tummy and touched his face.

"Hey you." She stretched for another kiss. "Gosh we all fell asleep. But after all, it is nearly two in the morning. Let's go to bed."

Dan nodded, reluctant though he was to move. They untangled and got up, careful not to jostle Dan-Dan.

"I'll put him to bed," Dan whispered happily and he gently rocked his sleeping son in his arms.

"Okay. Meet you in the bedroom." Lisa walked ahead. Dan noted happily the movement of her body. Even wrapped up in a near ankle length robe she was as sexy as those dreams had remembered her.

Dan laid the little boy on his bed, covering him with his favorite Chicago Cubs blanket, now a good deal more worn than it was when he had first seen it in a photo Lisa had sent him for last Christmas. He stood there for what seemed like hours, drinking in the sight of his son. His son. As he had every day since he received notice of Dan-Dan's birth he said a short prayer giving thanks. Then he turned and went down the hall to the other bedroom.

The bedroom door was nearly closed. Lights flickered through the opening. Dan pushed the door open and stopped.

Lisa was lying on the bed. Her thick, warm housecoat was gone and in its place was the sheer white nightie she had worn when she had sent him pictures last year. In fact, she had taken up one of the provocative poses she had used then, a pose that had burned itself into his memory in the long months that had remained of the deployment.

As she had before, Lisa was on her side, one foot propped against her calf. This time though there was no need to imagine, because the nightgown was open completely, framing her bare breasts and displaying the neat blonde triangle between her legs. Once again she crooked her finger at him. But this time she was really here and her could really hear her as she spoke in a low sultry voice.

"C'm here big boy."

It took Dan about 2 seconds to drop his own robe and reach the bed. There was a moment of gleeful tussle and struggle, as his already stirring cock had poked itself through the opening of his boxers and it took Lisa a few extra seconds and some delicious touching to get his shorts off.

Lisa must have decided that as long as she was down there she might as well enjoy it because as Dan tumbled onto the bed she shed her nightie and took his cock in her mouth. Dan gave a gasp as her lips slid all the way down his now raging shaft until her nose toughed his groin. She held him there, the suction strengthening as she started bobbing her head.

"You MINX!" moaned Dan. He ran his fingers through his wife's hair as she continued to blow him. It felt wonderful. Each time she drew back her tongue teased his slit, already oozing a little with pre-cum. When she went back down that tongue caressed the bottom of his cock all the way down and wiggled against it. She tickled his balls and he responded by thrusting up with his hips, burying his cock down her throat.

That was nearly a night ending mistake. Lisa gagged, choked and it took a couple minutes of back pounding and a rush for a glass of water for her to recover. The two lovers looked at each other for a moment, then snickers started and before long the pair was holding each other in nearly helpless, if extremely quiet, laughter.

"Oh God. Honey I'm so sorry." sputtered Dan.

"No, it was me." Lisa corrected him. "I'm just out of practice. After all, it's been a very long time since we had the opportunity to do this." She giggled. "The last time was when I drove you back to the Post on your last day of leave before reporting for deployment."

Dan pulled Lisa back into his arms.

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