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She awoke to find her Master wanting His pet.

Bernard jerked around, pulling his prick from Sarah's mouth with a pop. "Who is it?"

"It's Tyrell, nigga. What are you doing in there?"

"I'm busy. Come back in a little while. "

"You should tell Tyrell to come in," Sarah said to Bernard, her left hand rubbing her clit.

"What? Why?"

"So I can do both of you. "

"At the same time?"

"Sure, if you don't mind... "

Bernard hopped off the bed and quickly opened the door. Tyrell came inside and saw Sarah naked on the bed. "Oh, shit. Are you running a train on this bitch?"

"She ain't a bitch," Bernard said. "Her name's Sarah. "

"Oh, my fault. " Then, to Sarah, Tyrell said, "Hi. My name's Tyrell. "

Sarah got up from the bed and shook his hand. "Hi. I'm Sarah. "

Bernard walked over to Sarah and instructed her to get on her hands-and-knees. She did. He told her to raise her sweet white rump in the air. She did. Bernard spread her ass cheeks with his thumbs and began licking her little brown hole.

"You ever eat ass before Tyrell?" Bernard said suddenly.

Tyrell nodded. "Naw. I ain't into that crazy shit. That stuff's for white people. "

"You ever fuck a chick up the ass?"

"Nope. "

Sarah was getting wet again. Party because she was in the room with two black guys, partly because the words "ass fuck" got her hot as hell; it was safe to say she hoped she would get her butt fucked by Bernard or Tyrell or both.

Bernard was asking Sarah a question.

"What?" Sarah said.

"I said, have you ever been fucked up your butt, baby?"

"No. I masturbate anally, but I've never got fucked up the ass before. "

"You wanna try it?"

"Sure. "

Bernard asked Tyrell to throw him the tube of hand lotion resting on his chest-of-drawers. Tyrell did. Bernard took the tube and squirted a pile of creamy white lotion in the crack of Sarah's ass. He used his two middle fingers to rub it around. He took the tube and squirted another pile of lotion on his rock hard dick. He stroked himself slowly.

Tyrell stood watching, eyes bugging out of his head on springs.

Bernard took his prick and pressed it against Sarah's slick brown ring. His head slid in and Sarah moaned.

"Am I hurting you, baby?" Bernard asked.

"No," Sarah said. "Just go slow. "

Bernard said that he would. He made an effort to work his massive black prick slowly into her little white ass. After a minute or so he was halfway in.

"How does that feel?" he asked Sarah.

"Good," she said.

He kept going. Soon he was three-quarters of the way in (about six inches deep), and Bernard knew it was time to start fucking her. He pushed forward, then withdrew. Forward, then withdrew.

Tyrell had come to the edge of the bed to get a closer look. Yes, Bernard was fucking this white girl's ass. This 19-year-old hot-as-balls white girl's ass.

Sarah was starting to moan. "Oh, that feels so good," she said, grinding her ass against Bernard's cock. Bernard's rhythm had picked up. He was fucking her hard now, deep and hard; all nine inches were going up her ass.

Sarah reached her left hand between her legs and started fingering her clit. She had become a soaking mess. She also noticed that the room was starting to stink like her pussy and her ass; which turned her on even more, of course.

She had a sudden urge to suck a cock while she was getting drilled in her ass. She looked up at Tyrell who had unconsciously begun to pant as he watched her and Bernard.

"Stick your cock in my mouth," she said to Tyrell bluntly.

Tyrell didn't answer. He wasn't sure if she was serious or not.

"What you wait'n for, bro?" Bernard said to his buddy. "Get in on the action. "

Tyrell finally did.

He walked to the edge of the bed to Sarah. He pulled his jeans and boxers to his knees. His cock was already half hard. Sarah snatched it with amazing quickness and stuffed it in her hungry mouth. She sucked on it like there was no tomorrow.

"Yeah," Bernard said. "Suck his cock while I fuck your ass. "

Bernard pounded her tight white ass.

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