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Sister gives him a birthday he'll never forget.

You aren't a virgin, are you? You've had sex before?" She asked him.

He nodded. "Yeah, a few times. You remember Melanie Daniels who lives down the street? She's let me fuck her a couple of times, she says I'm pretty good."

Victoria did remember Melanie Daniels, a leggy, slender black girl with a pair of cupcake tits and a booty that wouldn't quit. "Hmm, she's older than you and in college. You did good, lover."

Jeremy puffed up his chest a little. "Yeah, I -- I kinda like women a bit older than myself."

"We know more about fucking," Victoria chuckled. "Does it bother you Jeremy -- hearing me say fuck, hearing me talk this way?"

"Hell, NO!" Jeremy shouted. "I think it's sexy, I think you're sexy!"

"That's nice to hear, darling," Victoria purred. "A woman needs to hear that often, I wish you could teach your father that lesson."

She saw him wince a bit at the mention of his father and decided to defuse the situation. "Don't worry about your father. I give him all the sex he can handle, unfortunately, the reverse isn't true. I'm not denying him anything, but I'm a fucking horny slut who needs all the sex I can get and maybe more besides. You're just taking some of the pressure off of your father." She knew that she was rationalizing, but she hoped he bought it.

He did buy it. "Yeah, that kinda makes sense. I'm close to home, you won't have to go out looking for action and you can't get into any trouble. Dad won't find out and it will keep your marriage together."

Victoria smiled at him. "Yes, that's it exactly. You remind me a bit of your dad, I bet he looked a lot like you when he was younger."

"I really don't know," Jeremy smiled. "God, I'm so horny -- can we get started?"

"The impatience of youth," Victoria chuckled at her stepson. "Let's go inside, we don't want a nosy neighbor catching us fucking. We'll do it in our bed -- your father's and mine -- that will make it extra kinky for me."

"God, you really are a fucking slut," Jeremy laughed as she walked ahead and into the house.

"Now you're catching on," Victoria smiled as she looked back at the handsome young man. It had been quite some time since she'd had a piece of cock that young -- in fact, back when she wasn't much older than Jeremy himself. Still, if he could attract a fine piece of tail like Melanie Daniels and keep her coming back, he must have something to say for himself in the sack. She would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that fuck session, she bet it was hot!

She moved up the stairs to her bedroom, Jeremy nipping close at her heels. Not wanting to waste any time, she got out of the bikini, opting to keep her heels on. She knew that men liked them and she had caught him admiring her legs several times. It was a fun, kicky thing to do to start things off.

"Wow," He grinned from ear-to-ear. "I mean, just ... wow."

"That's nice to hear Jeremy, but right now, I'm more interested in actions," Victoria said in a demanding tone. "I want you to get over here and prove you have what it takes to handle a woman like me."

"I'm sure as hell going to try," Jeremy said, joining her on the bed. He took a long, admiring gaze at the woman he thought was magnificent and knew that he had to get down to business. Opportunities with someone as amazing as Victoria weren't going to come along every day, so he knew to buckle down. There was only one problem, he wasn't really sure where to start.

Jeremy saw that he had nothing to lose by asking, so he said "Is there any particular area you'd like me to pay a lot of attention to?"

Victoria was thrilled by that.

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