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After the events in London, Lucy Pinder gets a gig.

ause he would 'know'!

I also wanted to say who it would be, and this proved difficult. I didn't want a friend or acquaintance -- anyone who could bring things back to our doorstep in any way. Demolishing my last line of defence, George helpfully offered to help me search the internet. I wasn't too computer literate, but it wasn't rocket science, and I soon found myself trawling through a website full of prospects (most of whom I wouldn't want to be anywhere near). That's where Tamsin came in. She is my best friend -- of the ilk that you can share serious secrets with, and it wasn't long before I had her looking at these websites with me.

Tamsin is unbelievable! A drop-dead gorgeous girl with a figure I'd kill for, long blonde hair and a sunny personality. Without even noticing it herself, she was a man magnet. Which made it all the more odd that she could never seem to find a permanent partner. She'd dated constantly through school, and the years since, but never for any length of time. When I'd asked her why she couldn't seem to land a guy, she just said that none of them suited her, and that she was searching for that one, special person, but that there didn't seem to be many of her 'type' around. I knew she'd tried lots of different things - clubs, concerts, dancing - in fact, she'd actually used dating sites before, and that's what allowed me the benefit of her perceived wisdom that the best sites weren't free and should come personally recommended.

We sort of strayed a little, I guess, because we were soon looking at some of the dating sites that she had used previously. It wasn't long before we'd agreed on a nice-looking guy just a year younger than me. He was a computer engineer, who worked on intensive projects for weeks on end before getting leave. That sodded up his social life, which was the reason he wanted to short-circuit the normal process and meet someone quickly.

To cut a long story short, I entered into correspondence with Mike, as he was called, and found that he was taking a realistic view of the whole exercise. If it worked, fine -- if not, then he hoped to have fun along the way. This assuaged any guilt I felt about having my own motives, particularly as he was clearly such a nice guy.

But so was Ted Bundy -- so Tamsin and I had arranged a situation similar to the one of this evening. She had been there, watching from the periphery, as we met and talked. Later in the evening, I'd felt confident enough to introduce her to him, and she'd accompanied us both back to his hotel room, where he'd had a suite with a separate bedroom. In the morning, Tamsin and I had left together -- part of our pact to maintain security. Mike hadn't expressed any thoughts of having us both -- if he had, he'd have been sorely disappointed but, in any event, there were no complaints!

The evening with Mike had been a great success -- particularly with George, when I had crawled in beside him the next morning and slowly whispered each detail of my seduction and ravagement throughout the previous night. It had done our sex life a power of good for several months, and I was quite satisfied with how things had worked out -- until George wanted me to do it again!

I guess I'd hoped it would be a one-off, and I tried everything to persuade George we should leave it at that. He agreed, but I could see it eating away at him, and I felt guilty. Cue a discussion with my best friend, and I capitulated!

In fact, the second time was easier. That had been two months back and, now, here I was again!

"Beth? Hi, I'm Graham." He stood smiling down at me, more handsome than his photo credited. "Have you waited long?"

I smiled up at him "Not really, I've only been here a minute or two."

He laughed. "Great, I'm glad I didn't keep a lady waiting. Would you like a drink?"

As he departed to get me a Vodka, I glanced across at Tamsin. One eye on Graham, she surreptitiously gave me the thumbs up. Clearly, he met with her approval!

Graham turned out to be everything his correspondence had led us to believe.

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