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The Garden: no way out, a maze & a new friend.

"I think it's kinda hot, actually."

Mike smile at her, and the green returned. He didn't let himself go so far that scales and claws and fangs appeared, but his body became a deep emerald, save for his silvery "underside." His hair got shorter but didn't disappear entirely, and the spines filled out but didn't reach the awesome length they'd been earlier.

Gabriela's heart beat faster and faster. She was about to have sex with a mythical beast. The stuff of legends. That his transformation was modest and that he wasn't actually a dragon mattered not at all. She'd still feel as though she'd joined an elite club. Done what few other women could claim to have done. She wouldn't even let it bother her that one of the other women who belonged to that small sorority was her daughter.

She dropped to her knees and ran her hands up his strong thighs and over his sculpted abs. The smooth feel of his skin surprised her. She knew that there were no scales awaiting her. Not currently. But her body had expected to feel them all the same.

He stared down at her and tucked a lock of her hair behind one of her ears.

That took her breath away. It was such a small little gesture. But it was the first time his hands had touched her since she'd pushed him back into the chair.

"My father is a fool," he said.

Her heart nearly stopped.

"Any man who would leave you deserves to be alone for the rest of eternity."

"You don't have to say that," she heard herself say, as if from a distance. His words and hers alike echoed in her mind, growing fainter and fainter with each repetition.

"It's true," he said.

"Your mother is a beautiful woman," Gabriela said. "Not to mention his sister. That's a special bond, as you're no doubt discovering."

"Patty is special," he said. "Because she's Patty. Not because we share a father." He licked his lips. His tongue wasn't quite forked, but it wasn't quite shaped like a man's either. There were two modest little nubbins on the end of it. She could only imagine what he could do with those. "Part of what makes her so special, aside from who she is inside, is how sexy she is. And she gets that from you."

Gabriela didn't know whether to swoon or to cry bullshit. His words were simply too good to be true. She could feel herself falling under his spell, and it scared her.

But it excited her too. More than a little.

"My mother looks like the modeling industry's patron goddess. But you? You look more like a fertility goddess. Like a real woman, rather than a department store mannequin with eyes. It's House Moody that gave Patty her delicious curves, not my father."

"Shut up," Gabriela said.

She gasped and covered her mouth.

"I...I'm sorry," he said. His hand returned to his side.

"No, no, I'm sorry," she said. "It's just that...Mike, if you turn out to be a fake, I'm going to kill you, bring you back to life, then kill you again."

He chuckled nervously then let out a sigh of relief. "I get that you're worried about her. I would be too, in your shoes. If you weren't, I'd consider that a red flag."

"Kid, you are smooth."

Leaning forward, he kissed her on the forehead. "What I am," he whispered, "is in love."

Gabriela rose to her feet. She decided she didn't have the patience for foreplay. She needed to get off. Badly. If the boy felt cheated because he wasn't going to get the blowjob she'd implicitly promised him, that was just too damn bad. Seeing as he was Mister Perfect, he obviously wouldn't hold it against her.

As she straddled his hips, she guided his rough hands up to her heavy breasts. His silver eyes said they wanted to be there, but apparently he thought he had to wait for a written invitation. Once in place, though, they weren't shy. He fondled her breasts and teased her puffy nipples the way her own son would have.

While Mike played with her girls, Gabriela slowly settled down onto his stiff, green pole.

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