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He invites the neighbor in for Asian cuisine and more.

I took a couple of steps away from Roxie to give her some space and she looked at me questioningly.

"I don't want to encroach on your ability to attract dance partners. I'm just watching what is going on." I answered her expression.

There was a group of younger fellows about the center of the bar and a couple of them kept checking Roxie out. From their actions, I surmised that this group of arrogant little bastards was not too far removed from the frat house. Two of them were talking animatedly while leering at Roxie. The more gregarious of the two started to wander towards our corner.

"Hey babe lets get out there and show everyone how to have fun!" He said with that predatory look in his eye and a smirk on his face.

I could tell this fine specimen was destined for mediocrity, but truly believed he was "the thang".

I was relieved when Roxie told the young man that she just wanted to relax for a while. She gave me a sideward's glance and we both smiled amusedly.

Roxie said "Move a little closer. I think I would rather have you protect me from our future captains of commerce. than have to get blunt with them later."

We smiled at each other and tried to have a little small talk over the din of the club. After about a half hour, we started to make occasional trips to join the masses in celebration of the evening. The third set of the night was just ending and some of the crowd was getting quite wound up, especially the frat house boys. Sensing that we had reached a point where well wishers were going to try to impose their hopes and wills on us, I asked Roxie if she would like to take a walk along the boardwalk. We were at a beachfront club. She accepted and we welcomed the cool salty air and let the constant rhythm of the surf calm and soothe us.

As we walked Roxie told me that she was separated from her husband because he had cheated on her. She was very upset about it because she had never broken her vows, and their sex life had taken a serious downturn over the last year and a half. Roxie's husband claimed that it wasn't an affair, but just a one night stand while he was in a drunken stupor. She apparently did not believe him and there seemed to be coldness about her as Roxie related the events as told by her husband, Rick. She had filed for divorce and this was her first night out alone since the breakup. As she concluded her tale, she looked up at me and asked quietly if I would hold her. We melded together and I inhaled the clean fresh scent of her hair, and tried to keep myself calm. It was a losing struggle. We continued our walk for the next hour making small talk and reveling in our intimate embraces. Towards the end of the walk we kissed four different times with increasing passion each time. This was turning out to be a night I had hoped for since my girlfriend dumped me. I was looking forward to the start of a new relationship with Roxie and my spirits were rising. We reached the front of the club and presented our tickets to the valets. I was just about to ask Roxie if I could see her again when she asked if I would like a cup of coffee, "My place is only ten minutes from here." I accepted and followed her to an upscale subdivision.

She parked in the driveway and I parked on the street. The house was dark except for a light at the front door and a dim light in the living room. We met at her car and walked hand in hand to the front door. Unlocking the door quietly we entered the foyer and quietly closed the door. The dim light of the living room to the left cast a romantic glow into the foyer and we fell into a passionate kiss. When we broke, she looked at me with half closed eyes and in a husky voice asked if I wanted to skip the coffee and follow her upstairs. I nodded eagerly because she knew she had the desired effect on me. We started up the stairs when we heard a rustling from the living room couch.

In a sleepy voice and a combined yawn we heard, "How was your night out with the girls?"

With sudden realization, Rick and I looked at each other in shock! I was in a near panic as Roxie

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