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A girl is surprise twice.

This day happened to be my training day with Jose, the personal trainer assigned to me by Dr. McEvoy. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cheech Marin had a love child and you can picture Jose. We were performing our normal routines when I stumbled on my first "victim".

I should start by saying I have always had a thing for Latina women, even though I ended up married to a pale Dutch Irish woman who could manage to get sunburned in Seattle... in winter. Maria is the embodiment of Latina hotness. Maria was the club manager who doubled as a fitness model. She was about 30, had the face of a Mexican soap opera star and a body that had made the cover of several fitness and men's magazines. Maria had always been polite to me, but never really friendly. She was hot, she knew it and I was married and out of her league.

When she worked out Maria dressed to impress. Today she wore a dark pair of booty shorts that showed off those well sculpted buns and plenty of her long firm legs. I am a leg and butt guy. Anyone with a few thousand dollars can buy boobs but it takes work to get a great butt and legs. Speaking of boobs, Maria was doing her best to change my opinion. She was wearing a skin tight tank top with a low neck that showed plenty of C cup cleavage. In my head, I knew they were store bought but other parts of my anatomy enjoyed the view. I was not paying more than the usual attention to this hot body when I brushed against her as I put a dumbbell away. I hear her gasp. "Oh, sorry Maria. I spaced a bit." Really I had only brushed against her arm... why the big reaction?

Her eyes lost focus for a moment then focused intently on me. She licked her lips and gave me a huge smile. "Hi!" she said brightly. "Its' ok, I was just ... well no matter. Wow, I just noticed how much you have changed your body. You are looking hot!"

Jose had heard this and saw the look of surprise on my face. "Madre de Dios" I heard him mutter. "No really!" Maria continued. "You need to come by my office and lets discuss you doing an ad for us. You know, the before and after thing... 'cause, you know, you are looking really... wow... really fine."

"Ahhh ok.... "I stammered. "Listen, Jose charges by the hour so I better get back."

"Oh dude you got it" Jose muttered when I got back.

"Got what?"

"The ink."

"The what?"

"Ok, dud I know you use weed for "medicine" Did you get some kind of shock while you were high recently?"

I blushed and he knew the answer.

"Ahhhh shit mano!" Jose said when he saw my face. "You got zapped when you were having sex while high?"

"Well it was just the batteries of a sex toy."

"Doesn't matter man. It just takes a bit. The combination of the weed, the stuff Doc Mac is ginvin' you and the jolt, particularly if you were all up and fucking when it happened... You're an ink dude, just like me."

"So what is an ink?"

"An incubus. Look it up on Wikipedia man. They get the myth right. You are now a sex demon... or a sex god. I guess it depends on your point of view. Basically the glands that produce your pheromones have been altered. I saw all the women I this place looking at you when you tonight. The smell gets them going. When you touch a woman and your sweat hits their skin... well forget it man... they will be very hot for you. The more you transfer the hotter they get. Bet your wife can't get enough now, right?"

"Well, now that you mention it, she's been a bit over the top since it happened."

"Dude, your gonna need to learn to control it. Still it has advantages."

"Such as?" the only thing I could see coming was big trouble.

"These women will do anything and pay you for it man. I work for Doc Mac to keep the meds coming, but that Jag I drive? My house? Dude that is not from personal trainer money. These women pay me to do them. Smart guy like you could make millions because you can turn it into a bigger business."

"But what about my wife?"

"Dude as long as you keep doing her she'll play.

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