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More Spanking at extraordinary interview.

We started out on fire, scoring on our first two drives. We had a 14 point lead at half time. Then on the very first play of the third quarter I was sacked and landed awkwardly on my hurt wrist. I had to come out of the game. I wanted to get back out there and play but the coach wouldn't let me. He said it was hurt too badly, and there is no need to risk it. As you can imagine I was pretty ticked.

The Rattlers went back to playing how they had been playing the last few years before I showed up. The back up quarterback was awful. In one of the ugliest halves of football I have witnessed, we gave up 28 points and lost our first game of the year.

I was pretty angry with the team and after the game quickly got out of there. I just wanted to go back to my old school, or at least a school with some decent players. After the game I got a ride home with Laura and Rose. It was a pretty quiet drive. After I showered and got dressed I went out to the kitchen to get some food. Laura said "I know you must be upset, but we need you to come with us to the airport to pick up my friend."

I asked if I really had to and Rose said "Remember the deal Zane, if you guys lose you are out servant for the weekend." I did remember. "So put on a smile and get in the car."

I really didn't have anything else going on so I wasn't too upset. I walked out to the car and opened the door for Rose. I jokingly said, "Here you go Mam."

Rose said "Thank you honey. That's the behavior I like."

I hoped she was just joking. We got to the airport and went to sit down at the gate. Laura said she was hungry and asked me to go fetch her some food. I guess my servant duties were already starting. I brought back food for them both and Laura said "Thank you. Now sit down here next to me Zane."

Their plane ended up being delayed and we walked around the stores in the mall for a while. There was a beach store that sold stuff for tropical vacations. We all went in there. Rose and Laura were looking at swimsuits. They found the Speedo section and started giggling again. I was getting nervous. Rose called to me "Hey Zane I think you would like this one. Why don't you try it on?"

I told her threes not a chance. "I don't wear banana hammocks."

"Zane we made a deal. We have lived up to out deals and now it's your turn. Try it on for us."

Reluctantly I went to the changing room and put it on. It looked ridiculous. At least it wasn't really tight. Laura and Rose barged into the changing room. Laura whistled and said, "You look great Zane. I think you should get it. Oh and here are a couple more to try on. This one is smaller, because that one looks a little too baggy."

I tried on a few more. Each time Rose and Laura would come in and be all over me. I can't lie about it not turning me on having tow beautiful woman flirting with me. And the Speedo certainly couldn't lie that I was turned on either. Luckily it was time to go back to the gate and we didn't buy a Speedo. Rose bought a swimsuit for her self.

We were at the gate when a smoking hot woman walked off the plane. She was a lovely Latin woman, with a very curvy body. I couldn't believe it when Rose and Laura went up and hugged her. What a sight.

These were her college friends. Oh boy I could only imagine the trouble they caused in college. We were all introduced. The Spanish woman's name was Maria. She was really gorgeous. She had strong Texas accent, and told me she was actually from Reyando. She said she had heard about the football team from friends in town.

We went to get their bags. I felt like The Man, walking through the airport with all these jaw-dropping women. Rose said the "Zane will get your bags. He is going to be our servant this week." All the woman were excited about this and someone gave me a pinch on the butt.

I loaded their bags into the car and had opened the doors for them.

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