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An unexpected exploration of femdom and bondage.

I licked all over her face running my tongue over her nose, eyes, forehead and chin covering them with my saliva. Harlina's beautiful face glistened like a shiny metal in the wetness of my tongue. Hungrily I licked all over her face again and again and moved over to her lips again to drink her sweet nectar. To stimulate my sexy Singapore Malay darling, I rolled and swirled my tongue in her ear lobes and she let out a loud moan that turned me on again. I kissed Harlina's ears and gently nibbled her ear lobes and this further intensified the fire of lust deep that had been burning deep inside her.

As we had been locked tight in our kiss, Harlina unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed my chest with her hands. She grabbed my chest and pulled my small nipples sending goose bumps all over my hard body. Hurriedly she unbuckled my trouser and tried to force her hand into my underwear to grab my cock. The Singapore Malay women are known for their admiration for big dicks and Harlina was no exception to that. From the hurriedness that her hands showed I was pretty sure that she loved big and hard dicks. I did not want to give that at once to my beautiful Malay darling; I wanted her to beg for my 10-inche cock desperately and it will all be hers after that. I held her hands and pulled them up to my chest and denied access to my throbbing cock that waited to be released.

"My darling Harlina, you have to wait for that...," I said to her and kissed her lips again.

"HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Harlina moaned loudly and the intensity of her erotic voice went higher and higher.

Her lips tasted sweet and we continued to kiss while I moved my hand down to her beautiful breasts. I cupped them and kneaded her nipples in small circular motion and pulled the hard nipples. I broke my long and wet kiss and trailed down my wet tongue to her breasts through her neck. As my mouth cupped her erect nipples Harlina's nipples began to bulge out like a balloon. I moved her to the bed and she dropped on it with a thud giving me full access to her wonderful body. I sucked in her nipples and teased with my tongue. The extremely sensitive nipples made Harlina to buck her hips up and let out a sharp cry. I opened my mouth fully and tried to take in her breast. I sucked on her lovely breast and her nipples and alternated between them. Harlina pressed my head over her breasts and forced them in my mouth.

"Oh! Yeah! Suck it baby!" Harlina cooed as my tongue moved all over her sensitive breasts.

Having feasted on this sexy Singapore Malay woman's luscious jugs I moved down to her belly. The moment my tongue flicked around her round navel, Harlina jumped up in sheer ecstasy. I kissed her flat belly and licked her hips. The juicy hips were awesome and I took my time to enjoy my darling Harlina to every inch. As I moved down to her silky smooth thighs, I noticed that her panties were moist between them. Our long foreplay had made Harlina's pussy to ooze its nectar. My tongue roamed over her thighs and she lifted her legs up.

"Take off my panties," she said in her erotic husky voice.

"Not now, my darling Harlina! There is time for that," I told her and went on licking her smooth thighs.

Harlina was a real beauty as I had mentioned a couple of times.

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