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Arri thought it was just a bizarre dream.

Dark magic has that effect on mortals. Simply being in its presence could freeze you in terror.

"It's a monster!" screamed a crew member as he drew his sword and looked about, wild-eyed, wondering why no one else was moving.

Captain Adrien found his voice. "Men!" he shrieked, "they're not just thieves! They are the damned! They've made deals with the Devil and his spawn! Burn that thing! Burn it!"

The Captain pulled one of the lanterns off the ship's cabin and hurled it at Ezrih. A dark wing unfurled and slapped the lantern away. It tumbled overboard.

"Those two are my companions, brother," I said as I pointed out Maria and Daniel to Ezrih. "The rest are yours."

The Bra'rul's unnaturally long tongue slithered out and licked his pointed teeth. "Very well," he said.



Shrieks of pain echoed loudly on the ship, followed by the moans of dying men and the sound of hot gore dripping on wooden planks. The demon was fast... too fast to see. He would disappear for moments at a time, and then materialize on the other side of the ship, where he would rend another sailor into shreds with his claws.

I tried to close my eyes and tell myself that these were wicked men. But the sounds of pain are the same from any man or woman. Tears dripped down my face.

Daniel put a hand on my shoulder, offering me an awkward embrace. It was sweet and I appreciated it.


It was over in about a minute.

Ezrih stood before us amongst a scattering of bodies, his arms stained with blood up to the elbows.

"Come now," the demon said in a dry, raspy voice. "We've spent too long here, already. I must have you returned before sunrise."

I tried not to look at a severed hand that was still curled around a sword.

I decided to talk...it might distract me from the eyes that were still open but unseeing.

"How are we going to get there? You can't carry all of us," I said. It unnerved me to speak to a creature that had just slaughtered twenty men.

"I will transform," Ezrih said patiently, "and you will all get on my back."

"What do you-?" I stopped as Jon held up a hand.

"Watch," Jon said.

Ezrih glowed red, until his entire form was outlined in a malevolent scarlet. His body grew outward, his wings larger.

When the light died down, a true monster sat before us.

It had a massive black body covered in thick fur. It had a long serpent-like neck and head that ended in a snout that looked as if it belonged to a wolf. Both its forelegs and hind legs ended in massive black claws. The wings were still made of black feathers, but they were larger now.

These descriptions were accurate, yet also woefully inarticulate. In short, the monster in front of us looked like nothing I'd ever seen before, and nothing I had ever imagined.

"Climb on, Maria," Jon said softly. "He'll take us back to Devnik."

I nodded and took his hand.

Chapter 10


Hush now my baby you're safe where you lay,

The forest is napping, now sleep and let be.

Hush now my baby you'll wake all the fae,

The forest is stirring, you must hear my plea.

Hush now my baby they seek out young prey

The forest is moving, they'll steal you from me...

-Forgotten Lullaby-


The dark iron chains felt cool against my heated flesh.

That was the first sensation that came to me... as my mind slowly clawed its way out of the deeper place it had fled to. I could still feel the pieces of that place in my mind... and I knew it would only get easier. I knew I would find myself there more often.

That was the place where submission was as natural as breathing. Where obedience covered all thought with a thick warmth that felt like safety and acceptance.

I could feel Devnikolus' hot seed leaking from my still pulsing sex, and then slithering down the inside of my thigh. It slid over one of the welts the belt had inflicted, and the sting of it made me jump in my bonds.

"You look exquisite, little one," said the demon in the

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