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Naughty girl gets punished.

The inexperienced woman quickly gave up, and moved to allow the next person to try. This one - I was too busy to determine his or her gender - inserted several fingers inside me, and located the spot that sent an electric thrill through my body. I stifled another squeal, and braced myself for the tongue to join in on the fun. Oh Gods! I was perilously close to orgasming, and this Prince still resisted my efforts!

I felt my body start to shake, and had to close off the part of my mind that thoroughly enjoyed the raging inferno. I did not falter in my efforts and was finally rewarded with the second Prince's copious gushing. He firmly held my head in place, and I had a hard time determining who orgasmed longer. It felt like we both climaxed for hours, but I knew that was impossible.

The moment my orgasm stopped, I felt someone sucking on my breast. Strike that, two someones sucking on my breasts. I really loved the feel of it, especially when someone else focused on my clitoris. Oh boy!

The third Prince took his time climaxing too, but he seemed to be trying to finish quickly. I think he wanted me to pass my test, and thrust his hips lightly in encouragement. I ignored the soreness in my jaw, and vigorously pumped his shaft with my hands while sucking on him.

I lost track of what the volunteers were doing to me - thankfully - and praised myself for doing so well. I was definitely passing the test so far! Then, I remembered that Lenora claimed to be the hardest challenge of them all.

Finally, the final Prince took his turn in the chair. I think he planned to hold out as long as possible, but just then the volunteers pushed me over the edge again, and my whole body shook violently despite my efforts to ignore what was happening. I squealed with his shaft in my mouth, and judging by the look on his face, watching me get off was sheer bliss for him. He rewarded me with a mouthful right then and there.

I congratulated myself as I was given a small amount of time while the Prince vacated the throne and the volunteers made room for a new bunch. I tried to calm my breathing. One more of those devastating orgasms, and I was going to be in serious danger of failing the test! I kept my eyes closed as I tried to reinforce the walls in my mind.

"I'm ready," the Princess announced, her legs spread wide open before me.

I nodded, and took a few moments to taste her before diving in. I wish I could give a good evaluation of her taste, but I was thoroughly distracted at that moment by a man pushing me off the chair and entering me. I ignored him, and inserted a couple of fingers into the Princess.

She made my task fun by moaning in appreciation, and squirming closer to me. Her head rolled back, and soft gasps echoed around the room. She definitely wasn't trying to resist me, and I was grateful.

The volunteer seemed to be trying to break my concentration by ramming into me as forcefully as he could. I will admit that it did make my task much more difficult, but the rhythm he created seemed to help the Princess reach climax all the sooner. She dug her nails into my head, and pushed into my mouth.

"Oh Gods, yes!" She announced her orgasm for all to hear. "Oh yes! Don't stop!"

Normally, simple penetration didn't get me anywhere near ready to orgasm, but my body was extra sensitive at the moment, and this ramming felt wonderful. I used the brief time that the Princess lounged in the throne recovering to bring my body under control. My test was nearly over, and I couldn't let the volunteers make me fail now.

Frederick stepped in front of the throne, and I saw a faint orange glow surround his body. Oh no! If a God possessed him now, there's no telling how long he could last!

I stroked his shaft to prepare myself, and felt a zing of energy race into my fingertips and along my arm. The energy kept going until it hit my root chakra, and that set me off once again.


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