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Finally, Peggy sucks him.

She ignored all of them and fiddled with stuff in her bag until everyone had left the room. Daren just stood behind his desk, watching her as she played the innocent student looking for something in her bag. Her brazenness was unimaginable, and he wondered what kind of havoc she'd caused in high school, or if this was a more recent thing.

When the room was empty, except for the two of them, the irrepressible redhead grabbed her things and skipped down to stand beside him; breasts bouncing prettily as she moved quickly down the stairs.

"Hi Professor Daren," she said, but then he interrupted her before she could get any farther.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" his voice was harsh, angry even, and she took a step back looking very surprised.

"Doing?" voice full of sweet innocence, it was a little hard to pull off with her body barely covered like that.

"Doing in my classroom dressed like that. Doing whenever you come and tease me with your slutty little body. Just what do you think you are doing dressing and acting like a whore for me." His eyes were hard as stone as he glared at her, even as his dick was tenting his pants.

Karla dropped her bags and bent over his desk, her ass completely uncovered because her skirt was so short, "Please Professor, don't be angry at me! I'm just a dirty slut, and I want you so bad... I'm sorry I tease you like I do, but I just need you to punish me... I can't help myself." She was pouting and pleading prettily, big green eyes and the braids making her look years younger than her actual 18 years.

"Well, if you want to be treated like a real slut, that's what you're going to get," he almost couldn't believe how harsh and menacing his voice sounded, he hadn't realized that he had this cruel person in him, but he was really looking forward to causing her a harsh amount of pain before filling her needs. "Take off your clothes."

As the pretty redhead quickly straightened and rolled the tube top off and shed her tiny skirt, he reached into the desk drawer and pulled out the paddle, turning it so she could clearly see the word "SLUT" on it. Her eyes got very big and wide, and she looked up at him with anticipation and fear as she bent her pale, sweet body back over his desk. It was a very pretty picture, with her braids on each side of her face, soft breasts hanging like heavy fruit, ass high in the air with her legs slightly spread.


Karla's body jerked as the first hit came down, a large red print appearing on her ass as the flesh jiggled with the impact. In the middle of the reddened flesh, standing out stark and pale against the bright print, was SLUT. Daren brought the paddle down hard on her other cheek, making her whimper as the paddle slammed into her ass.


In a frenzy, Daren started really laying into her ass, hitting her over and over until there wasn't any part of her ass that was able to show the word SLUT, her entire ass was a burning glowing red. The pretty teen was no longer propped up on her forearms either, instead her head was buried onto her arms, a good portion of her upper body resting on the desk as she sobbed. Finally Daren stopped, her legs were quivering with the effort of holding her abused body up.

Stepping back, he watched as she turned her head, looking at him through tears, pleading for her release. Instead he told her, "Sit on the desk." Moving carefully, she turned and sat down on the desk, letting out a small cry as her weight was put onto her burning ass. She wriggled a little, trying to get comfortable, but Daren had made sure that wasn't going to be possible. Chances were, she wouldn't be able to sit comfortably for quite a long time.

Impassively, Daren looked at her tearstained face, he pushed the braids behind her shoulders and placed the paddle beside her on the desk.

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