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As we were pulling into the movie theatre parking lot, Kevin grabbed hold of my arm, looked at me with his piercing green eyes and deep voice saying, "I want to kiss you so passionately like you've never been kissed before." It made me giggle to think of how serious Kevin was, but I leaned in anyways and gave him a huge kiss with a little tongue included. Kevin was quite surprised. He hadn't expected my tongue, and it was my pleasure!

We got out of my car, and made our way to the front of the movie theater, with Kevin grabbing my ass every few steps. I blushed often and finally had enough and smacked his tight ass back. He let a laugh out and grinned at me like he was up to no good. We stood in the movie line, holding each other's butt-cheeks and made it to the front of the line and bought our tickets. We glanced behind us to see an older couple, I'd guess around their mid 40's who stared at the two of us like we were perverts. I nodded my head at them and winked my eye, slowly strutting into the movie theatre with Kevin.

It was very dark and the previews had just ended, meaning the movie was soon to begin. Kevin and I made our way up many rows of seats, finally deciding on two seats that were in the farthest most private corner where it was heavily darkened. I pulled my skirt out from under me and smoothed it before sitting down. Kevin put his arm around me as the movie started, and I snuggled into his broad, bear-like shoulders.

The theatre darkened and the movie began. I felt myself (being in dark places makes me really horny) and noticed I was wet. I was pleased with myself, knowing this night was only going to get better. Kevin finally stretched, giving me some time to reposition myself. I sat up, and stretched my hips open, giving Kevin enough room to play around in. He gently placed his large, oversized hand on my leg, and gently caressed my leg. My God, I couldn't believe how wonderful that felt to me. I could feel my clit get wet with pleasure, and grinned, knowing what was next to cum. Kevin slowly moved his hand down my leg, stopping mid-thigh before snatching a glance at me. Our eyes met, and we both grinned and leaned in close for a kiss. Kevin grabbed my breast, and gave it a gentle, yet forceful kiss, and I sucked on his neck. His hand finally reached my juicy lips, and he found my "love button."

Kevin must have played with my love button for 20 minutes or so, because each time he squeezed my clit with his three fingers, I moaned and wiggled in ecstasy. I instinctively spread my legs; wanting him to finger fuck me until the end of the movie. Kevin reached into my sweet hole, and pressed his fingers against my vagina. I couldn't take this excitement too much longer; I wanted him inside of me. I told Kevin how he was making me so hot, and he offered to get on his hands and knees and suck on my hot pink pussy. I grabbed his hair, and breathed into his ear, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah... Lick my wet pussy... lick it all night until you collapse on the ground and you can't stand it anymore."

And as ordered, Kevin got on his hands and knees and slid my skirt off, tugging at my underwear with his teeth. I propped my feet up on the chairs in front of me, with my and slid my body into the chair. Kevin brought his head slowly into my thighs, breathing in my scent as he leaned forward and brought his warm tongue to my wet pussy. He licked ever so gently at first, tuning into my needs, and then speeding up as he felt necessary. I arched my back, twirling my nipple in one hand, and pinching Kevin's nipple in my other. Oh God, I was so turned on. Having a man down at the most intimate spot, sucking in my sweetness was insatiable. I could feel myself so incredibly wet, that I bent forward to touch myself. I pushed Kevin's face away from my swollen pussy, and slid 2 of my fingers inside. I gasped at how horny I had become. Faster and faster I went, nearing the point of orgasm. There was no turning back now.

I slowly undid Kevin's pants, allowing them to fall to the floor, and I easily found his erected cock.

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