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A dancer's first time with her best friend's cousin.

The man slid his hand under her, still standing aside so the others could get a full view of the front of her body bared for them, and began to prod around her pussy with his rough fingers. It was slightly painful the roughness he touched her with, but her pussy made his fingers very wet just from feeling around the outside of her.

Without warning the man dug his middle finger into Colleen's pussy and his thumb into her virgin tight ass. Colleen groaned so loud it was audible even through her gag, and with just a few acute jolts of his hand with his fingers deep in her, Colleen's body jerked and heaved as she violently climaxed. The man was pushing his hand up so hard he lifted Colleen's feet a few inches off the floor. Colleen clenched her thighs together to hold the man's hand in place to prevent him from stopping his digital assault because she was not going to tolerate being teased again. Her breasts shook and heaved as she rocked and twisted her hips to fuck the man's fingers as best she could from the position she was suspended in.

All the men burst into uncontrolled laughter as Colleen made it obvious how much pleasure she was getting from what was supposed to be torment. A man grabbed both Colleen's elbows and lifted her to remove her wrist bonds from the hook on the wall, and she was laid on the hard wood floor. Tears of embarrassment soaked Colleen's blindfold as her left arm was held firmly against the floor. Colleen was so focused on her humiliation that what was she was being positioned for never even crossed her mind.

The sting of a cold needle tore into a vein on the inner side of her elbow, followed by a searing burning going up Colleen's arm. For the briefest moment she tried to fight back. She screamed and thrashed on the cold floor, but within moments a strange feeling washed over Colleen. Her head felt light and dizzy, her arms and legs felt as though they were weighted down and she couldn't get her muscles to work, and she felt warm all over. Very warm. She was burning. And all her inhibitions were gone. Never had Colleen felt so relaxed and carefree.
A man carried Colleen into another room and laid her on a bed. The sheets were rough and scratchy but Colleen just plain didn't give a shit. The man attached the rope holding her wrists to the headboard of the bed and removed the gag from her mouth. Colleen wasn't going to bother screaming now.

Though Colleen had no thoughts of fighting back, the man tied her legs anyway just for the sake of making her helpless. These "games" were more fun the less control a woman was given, and there was no way to be sure she wouldn't try to kick someone again. Her blindfold was left in place. Colleen's legs were tied individually with cloth instead of rope. Her left ankle attached to the left post of the bed's footboard, and her right ankle tied to the right post. Enough slack was left so her feet could be brought closer to her body if one of the men wanted her knees bent up to spread her pussy open more easily. But that's not what this captor wanted. All women had pussy, but Colleen had the most incredible tits the man had ever seen and that's what he intended to play with.

He had removed his pants and was kneeling close to Colleen's face. He held his cock and pressed it up against Colleen's lips and at the same time pushed a knife to her throat. He muttered something that sounded threatening, and Colleen thought she understood. She was going to be expected to suck his cock and she had been warned not to bite.
As the man began to introduce his tightly swollen cock to Colleen's mouth, he reached to her chest to grab as big a handful of her tits as he could manage with one hand, as he had to use his other hand to keep his balance.

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