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A pair of kinky felines invites others in to play...

I look down to see you smile and move over to my other awaiting flesh. As you work your mouth over it, your hands lightly touch me, running along my abdomen, pressing me harder into the soft blankets; you know how to make me want you.

You have known every wicked secret of my night, every guilty pleasure. Have touched every inch of flesh on my body. Driven me crazy with craving you and pushed me beyond any limits I thought I could have ever found alone. Have done unimaginable things to my mind, body and soul that have bound me to you perpetually; I writhe under your hands.

Your tongue drags down my ribs, and you delicately kiss me there, nibbling at the tender flesh, sending waves of electricity through me. Moving further down you reach my hips and begin to press your tongue hard and bite the skin, I immediately shift under your weight as my muscle where your tongue touches, spasm. I let out a frustrated giggle when your hands steady my waist under your mouth and the tickling sensation all but drives me mad. My skin tingles and shivers run through my body.

With one last bite you lift your head to look up at me; my breasts full, the small mound pulled tightly together on each one, beckoning your mouth. Crawling up my body, you wrap your lips around one taught little bud while your hand firmly covers the other. I love how you touch me, knowing every spot, every move you have strategically planned out in your mind. Swirling your tongue around my nipple, I barely notice your hand has left my other breast, trailing quietly down my belly. It slips almost unnoticed until your fingers reach between my legs.

Freezing almost without delay in anticipation, I await what feelings your hands will arise out of my body. You know I would never deny anything you could offer me at this point, looking into my eyes I'm on the verge of begging your fingers to inch on. Nearly holding my breath as your hand just lies over my lips, you begin to stroke them ever so lightly. I let a breath escape, knowing your just teasing me before the main event. Fingers begin to part the lips, exposing my pink flesh. You run it along my opening slowly, almost painstakingly up to the hood that covers my sensitive little bud.

You start tracing circles around my clit and I let out a moan as my eyes shut to embrace the feeling its bringing to my aching body. Your mouth sucks on my breast still, and your hand picks up pace, faster it touches my sensitive flesh and my breathing quickens; look how hot you've made me, my body quivers under you.

Suddenly your hand stops, and you look at me with an almost devious grin. I whimper at you wanting you to continue, however you just lick your lips, then pull your hand up to devour the juices I've left on you. You stare at my swollen sex, and slowly back down till your face hovers directly above it. Pushing my legs apart you start to tease me again, letting my body come down off the high of your hands. You won't let me reach climax yet, that would be too easy, you'd prefer to linger and touch me till I'm literally begging for you to give me release.

You kiss my legs, run your lips along mine, and use your tongue to lightly lick the crease of my thighs. Pulling your head back, you spread my lips exposing all of me, and you look at it for a moment in admiration. Gently you place a kiss directly on my clit, just barely enough pressure, but enough to drive a moan up from my throat. "God!" I say in a loud whisper, clenching my hand and hitting the bed feebly. As soon as my small fist hits the duvet, you pull it into your mouth, quickly flicking at it, sucking it and kissing it as if it were me. I moan and a small scream leaves my lips. Harder you tease me, until you can feel the tension building up; you stop, and your tongue licks slowly up and down my pussy, taking me back from my high. You flick my clit faster again with your tongue, my hips shift forward to let you reach every spot that makes me hot. You lift your head, and I can feel my escape from this fading again.


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