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Police investigation technology may have other uses.

He then went to one knee before Queen Riyarra. Lysia followed his lead, believing herself one of his Discarded. Eola seemed uncertain, so she gracefully excused herself a step backwards and curtsied again. Riyarra gave Twenyl a faint smile.

"Rise, friend Tamain." Riyarra said. Her suspicion was not completely put to rest, and yet she helped him up. "For now, let us test this new alliance in uncovering the answers these humans have. Please, invite your people to join us for a meal tomorrow night," Riyarra said at last. "Let us drink, sing, and dance together. To celebrate a unity that has not happened in ages."


Dusk fell and night brought with it song and laughter. A fire pit had been built in the center of the clearing, and a roaring fire was well ablaze. Three barrels of wine had been stacked together and the first was already half emptied. A deer and a boar had been carved up and spitted near the bonfire with two picky light elves fending off hungry hands until the meat was ready. Riyarra had ordered a half dozen guards to remain on the perimeter and maintain watch. Not to be put out they would be relieved half way through the night so that all could meet their new guests and friends. Ut'van and Faosen were already there. They had been Tamain's escort, and had stayed back while he met with the Queen. Ut'van was more the wary, but was sociable enough to linger around the wine barrels and chat up a few Knights. Introductions were uneasy at first, almost cold, but the wine soon helped. Faosen, Corella's young apprentice magic-user, was listening in on Twenyl and Eola's conversation about demons and corruption. He had always been the curious sort, but polite enough to know he was little more than an observer to their conversation. But on more than one occasion he was caught staring at either of them, and had to straighten himself up. Tamain and Lysia sat on one of the many logs that had been hauled out to encircle the bonfire.

"You don't have to sit with me, my mouse. These are your friends, your former comrades, you should go talk to them. I will be fine." Tamain patted her leg.

"I doubt they are as friendly to me anymore. Leaving them was one issue, joining your group could almost be seen as treason... but sharing your bed." she whispered that last part. "No, I think it safer for me to sit here."

"Does it really bother you what they think?"

"Not really," She sighed. "They are not truly my kind. I'm no noble."

"You should go find Valel and make amends for the other day."

"He has guard duty."

"Oh? Later then," He smiled and stared at the bonfire. "I can almost see the light it gives off... It's still blackness, but some of it is less black." Lysia leaned her head against his shoulder. She caught a few stares from the Elthairins, but she ignored them. Riyarra came to join them, she was carrying three wooden cups of wine.

"Tamain, I must complain." Riyarra started. "Your man Ut'vek would not let me have three cups. I told him I needed as much to stomach all this, but he made me promise to share with you. The nerve!" Lysia giggled. But the rose in Riyarra's cheeks said she had already had more than three cups. Lysia took the extra wine from Riyarra, and handed one to Tamain.
"A small toast," he declared. "The first of many this night - To trust." He lifted his cup.

"To Trust," Riyarra agreed and clinked their cups together.

"I came to realize a few nights ago, as I lay awake trying to write my speech for yesterday," Tamain started as he carefully sipped from his cup.

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