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The real fun only begins after her late-night Talk Show.

I mean, they would if yo' asshole joined up wid yo' baby chute, sweetie. Geesh! Don't they teach yo' anything at school these days honey"?

"How big was yo' poo ag'in sweetie? Next time yo' feel yo' gonna take a dump like that agin', jus' drop everything sweetness, an' come an' git Uncle, Jessie. I'z jus' gottsa watch that birth fir myself, Okay honey - O.K then: Promise? Good girl."

"The only reason I ask, though, honey child, is that there is a humungous skid-mark running from way back in yo' panties, all the way from the rear, to the front. Then it joins up with a massive beige skid-mark from yo' little hairy muffin' I guess, which, in turn ends up at the terminus of where yo' sweet clitoris lives, in a bunch of yellow pee pee stains and a bunch o'black pubic hairs stuck to the gusset with what smells like some kind of fish glue - the larger skid sporting a pong of burnt muffings , stale coffee and a a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese - hold the pickles."

"Uncle Jessie thinks yo' must have been in a rush. What wid strugglin' to give birth to such an enormous Christmas chocolate log an' all, an' that it took longer than yo' expected, and in yo' haste, yo' firgot to wipe yo' ass! Is Uncle Jessie right on this account, or not, sweetie? Thought so."

"Honey. Listen to yo' Uncle right now. No matter how late or rushed yo' are, yo' have to take the time to wipe yo' bung-hole - ya' hear me, sweet thang? An' here's a tip fir yo'. Always wipe yo' ass-hole from the front to the back sweetie, instead of the other way 'round. Yo' don't wanna git a clout full of mud, now do ya'? It spoils the taste fir yo' boyfriend sweetie, yo' hear yo' ole Uncle talkin' baby? Good. Now practice with yo' Uncle a few times so that I knows yo' gots the message. Yes, that's good. Front to back, front to back - one more time honey. Yes, that's right. Jus' like that - front to back. Okay, sweetie, that's enough fir now: Uncle jess thinks yo' gots it now. What time is it missie? Oh, my Gawd! Yo' mom could be home any minute now. Where's me pants? Give ole' Jessie his pants now honey, an' stop messin' around like this baby: It disrespectful, honey."

Chapter 9.

"Honey, who taught you to suck balls like that? I know married women of forty years who can't do it that good. Good honey, yo' doing real good now. Let Uncle Jessy kick off his boots, an' get his feet outta these pants ag'in, that way he can open his legs wide, so as you can get right in there and do whatever yo' want, see. Hell, I'z had these boots an' pants on an' off three times already, but Ole' Jessie can't seem to git to the door yet, what wid your lickin' an' suckin' an' fingerin' an' all, hon. Jessie like!"

"Ahh, let me open my legs fir ya' honey. Ole' Jess likes to have his salad tossed. Oh. Yes honey, jus' like that. Yo' tongue must be all of five inches long baby, with a good four wriggling up Jessie's hole. Jessy likes honey. Jessy really likes!"

"Yes, Baby lick Jessie's shaft, all the way from the bung-hole, around the balls an' up the pole to the eye of the helmet, Ummm. Yes, siree. Uncle Jess is one happy camper t'day baby."

"What you mean honey? Oh, yes, the creamy sticky stuff oozing out of Jessie's cock and running down the back of his shaft, why that's jus' baby cream overflowing out of Uncle Jessie's ball sack, hon. Jus' lick it up and swallow it, sweetie, it's good fir ya' full of good protein, an' all. Why, a gal like you could live on cock custard if ya' got enough of it down yo' neck. That's it honey, suck the eye dry. It's only the pre-custard. The full load is waiting to be delivered soon. Feel Uncle Jessies balls hun. See how full they are. Well, all of that cream is fir Uncle Jessie's good little gal. Are you hungry sweetness, 'cuz there is a lot of blancmange getting' ready to be served up real hot, and sticky? Uncle Jess hopes you will like it, your mom does."

"Yes, honey, that's good gal.

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