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Steven dirty talks Todd's wife as he fucks her sister.

I put him ten pounds lighter than myself, but his dick was long. My cock was thicker, but at least two inches shorter than his. I could imagine him making his way into Cho's ass if she was in the anal mood.

Later that morning, around ten, Cho called on the phone and without wasting time said, "What you think?"

I played coy, "About what?"

"About what you say you do for me." She sounded a little anxious, like maybe she feared I was having second thought."

"Well..." I drew it out, having a little fun with the moment.

She was silent.

"What about Jim or Emilio?" I proposed.

There was a pause on her end. Then she spoke, "You talk to them already?"

"No," I said, "not until you tell me what you think."

"I call you back," she replied.

I assumed she wanted to think her selection over. It would not be until later, much later, I would learn she wanted to discuss it with her friend, Dae. It turned out Dae had sex regularly outside her marriage. Her husband was gone on temporary duty (TDY) frequently. I had no clue at the time, but the two women shared all their secrets, past and present. They spent a lot of time talking about sex, their past exploits, husband's sexual preferences, and their own cotial likes and dislikes. I should have figured some of this out, because after that day, Dae seemed different in her attitude towards me. It was not hugely apparent, but subtle. She held eye contact, something she rarely had done before. Most Korean women, are quiet around other's husbands, seldom engage in conversation, and even avoid being around them. Most of the time Korean wives excuse themselves to another room if men are around. Go to a GI's home during a Korean get together and all of the women are apart and away from the men.

An hour later she called back. "Okay," she whispered, "we do for Friday night." She hung up.

Friday night? This was Wednesday. How was I going to make this happen? More important, with whom? She had told me basically nothing. I fought off temptation to call her back, but decided to wait until I got home and discuss it with her in person. For the rest of the day I kept having thoughts of Jim and Emilio screwing my wife. I could not believe how hard my cock was throughout most of the day.

After the whole day of thinking about it, I decided that when it happened, with whichever of my friends it happened with, I wanted to be there to see it. I thought the best scenario was to tell Jim or Emilio that I was interested in getting Cho drunk and sharing her with him. Hell, every guy is curious about seeing his best friend fuck his wife. Of course, I would lead up to it, be subtle, and see what his reactions would be.

That night, I shared my plan with my wife. She immediately thought it was a good plan and was willing to play drunk. The guy would drink scotch or beer and I would serve her Hong Kong Tea. Hong Kong Tea is a drink Korean whores have when soldiers buy them drinks. The bartender mixes the first one with gin or vodka, in case the GI sniffs or samples it, but makes continued drinks almost alcohol free. The bar gets a huge profit, the girl stays sober, and the soldier has no clue.

It took her longer to decide on which guy to chose. She eventually decided for me to make the pick, but she had let enough comments slip out that let me know she would like my pick to be Jim.

Getting Jim over to the house was much easier than I thought it would be. He got the picture instantly. I guess my choice of words gave it away. I went up to him after our company run the next morning. Everyone was catching their breath. Four days a week, after stretching, the entire company ran at least two miles in formation, as a group.

"Jim, wanna come over for drinks tomorrow night?"

He looked at me quizzically.

"Cho thought it would be fun to have you over."

His expression changed to a broad smile, "Sure, I'd like to cum." He didn't sneer, but his expression embarrassed me and I averted my eyes and looked down on the ground. That must have confirmed it for him.

"Hey," he said, "It'll be fun.

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