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Five 18-year-old friends on a trip to paradise.

In the center of the room was a tall canopy bed with dark-grey iron posts and soft black sheets. He gently laid his princess upon the bed, covering her up with a thin sheet from the bed. The Man in Black had every intention of letting her rest at this late hour and returning in the morning, but could not resist her beauty. He could not resist her charms. He could not resist ...anything about her. He leaned down to kiss her once again.

He quickly started to take off her thin white slip, lifting it over her head. In only a thin white see-through bra and matching panties, his hands rubbed lightly against her body. The lightest touch of his fingers warmed her insides and made the princess damp. She reached forward to take off his black outer garments. The more passionately she kissed him, the harder she ripped his jacket and shirt off of his body. His muscles flexed against the soft glow of the torch. The only time her eyes broke away from his was to stare at his amazing pecks. She couldn't help but touch them lightly -- they were so hard. He moaned quietly, trying to control his breath.

He held her hands tightly and above her head with one hand. With his other hand, the man quickly unfastened her bra and began to feel her soft delicate breasts. The princess moaned as he threw it to the floor.

"My princess, you promised to be mine. Are you sure you are willing? Do you trust me?"

She nodded yes to both questions. "I know there is no going back, my love. My Master," she cooed.

Momentarily letting go of her wrists, he reached into the drawers of the black night stand by her bed and pulled out a set of iron black shackles with only a few inches from cuff to cuff. He saw her passionate face turn into a wicked, erotic smile.

She thought to herself, he must have placed them knowing I would say yes -- or hoping that I would say yes.

He also couldn't help but smile an evil grin. Taking his time so each moment would last, savoring it as if she was his last dinner, he cuffed one of her wrists and locked it tightly. He looped the chain around the vertical steel posts of the headboard and fastened the remaining cuff to her other arm. She was such a gorgeous sight, cuffed tightly and arms stretched out. Now she was his, and now she was helpless.

Her hips slid closer to him. The man pulled her white panties off of her, leaving her completely naked. As they slid off of her, she wiggled her legs just enough to assist him taking them down. She also savored this moment, knowing this was the best moment of her life and that it may never happen again should the world suddenly stop, should it end tomorrow. Her gorgeous body glistened in the light and they both knew that she would be his.

Shirtless, the man crawled upon the princess. He unzipped his pants. As she saw his hard cock come out, the princess began smiling greedily, realizing how hard he was already.

There is one sure way to tell how a man feels about his girl, she mused to herself.

Squirming in place, playing as hard-to-get as one could in her position, she wanted to feel him deep insider her body. She needed it, she craved it. Her body ached for it. Finally, he plunged it into her. The princess thought she would explode right then and there and let out a loud moan that echoed off of the chambers walls. His cock penetrated her sweet wet pussy and his body held on to hers tightly. Holding her body, he shoved himself deeper inside of her, rocking his hips back and forth. "Oh, Master," she cried out.

Her legs opened up wide, allowing him further access to her secret treasures.

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