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In days of olde, when sex was bold...

" Wilma said, quickly licking her tongue at Lorna and smiling. It was Lorna's turn to suppress a laugh. "You did? To be honest Roger I always thought you didn't like me? You were just nervous? For gods sakes why? Oh that's so sweet Roger, that you think I am beautiful." Wilma said, and Lorna's eyes popped open and mouthed "what are you talking about?" Wilma just smiled at her and held up her finger. "No Roger, you're just being honest, I don't think it's too forward. Ok, well here's Lorna again." Wilma said, offering the phone back to Lorna.

"Roger what was that about? Yes, what you said to Wilma. Oh ok. Its just you never said anything about you finding her attractive. No I guess you wouldn't normally bring that up to a spouse." Lorna said smiling. "Well you don't have to be nervous around her. You can be as open with her as with me honey. She's my best friend. Ok, well Ill see you tomorrow then when you get home. Ok, at about 3 then. Bye Roger. You too." Lorna said hanging up the phone and Wilma started laughing. Lorna looked at her puzzled.

"What's so funny Wilma?" Lorna asked, having not a clue why her friend was now laughing. Wilma stopped after a few seconds and looked at Lorna.

"Your husband has a crush on me. That's what's so funny silly." Wilma said smiling. Lorna looked at her like she was crazy.

"What are talking about? He said he found you attractive, but that's it. He didn't say he was....what you're thinking." Lorna said in reply. Wilma raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"Honey you have to read between the lines. When he talked to me it was clear he was nervous around me for more then thinking I was good looking. Trust me Lorna; Roger is nervous around me because he is really attracted to me. Its just kinda funny is all." Wilma said, seeing Lorna getting red-faced, though weather from anger or embarrassment she wasn't sure.

"Well that's not how it sounded to me, but we'll just drop it for now." Lorna said, feeling quite flustered. Why was she getting so upset she thought. Even if Roger did like-like Wilma, they had never done anything. And hell, look at what she had done these past two days. Lorna shook her head to clear it. Wilma put her arms on Lorna's shoulders.

"You ok sweetie?" Wilma asked hoping she wasn't mad. Lorna shook her head yes.

"Yes I'm fine. Hey you want anything to eat, I'm starved." Lorna said, suddenly feeling ravenous.

"Honey you know what I would like to eat right now." Wilma said with a laugh, but continued before Lorna could reply. "But if you're talking food, then ya I'm a bit hungry." Both she and Lorna laughed as Lorna led them into the kitchen. They fixed sandwiches to eat as they went into to watch TV. Then just as they were finishing up Lorna had a thought. Fep may not want to show himself to Wilma, at least if he thought she didn't know about him. But Lorna had told her, so maybe just maybe he might if he knew she knew about him. Lorna quickly leaned over and told Wilma her concerns.

"Well, what are we going to do then?" Wilma said, giving Lorna a small pouting look. She really would be disappointed to not see this "fairy." Lorna had an idea and quickly told Wilma about it. Wilma left as agreed too spend the night in the guest bedroom. She wasn't happy about not being with Lorna or seeing this Fep, but it was part of Lorna's plan. Lorna then got undressed as if to go to bed, not even putting on a nightgown to cover herself. Why bother she figured, if her plan worked, she wouldn't need it for long. She lay on the top of the covers and soon drifted off to sleep, even though she hadn't planned to so soon.

Lorna was awoken soon after to the feel of many tingles moving through her nipple and through her body. She opened her eyes to see Fep, in his small fairy form, in between her large breasts and leaning over and having both hands over one nipple and licking across it with his tongue. She moaned at the sight and Fep turned to look at her.

"Well hello me lady, I hope ye like the way I choose to wake thee.

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