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French Canadian BBW falls for East African Prince.

C__tia was amazed at the size of the place. It was an ultra-modern construction, with huge windows and open airy spaces. Although it looked out onto the sea, it still had a large swimming pool that snaked all the way into the main living room. The d__cor was minimalist, but reeked of sophistication and wealth.

C__tia saw dozens of devilishly attractive boys and girls lounging around the pool. Miss Ferreira briefly announced C__tia's arrival and that she would introduce her formally before dinner. C__tia was reassured by the genuine looking smiles and the words of welcome. She just felt so humiliated in her school uniform. What would they think of her? She almost felt like stripping-off then and there. She was an escort not a na__ve schoolgirl.

But C__tia knew she didn't have the courage, so meekly said 'hello' and followed Miss Ferreira, who proceeded to showed her to her room. It was wonderful, it was positively palatial with a great view of the sea. It was a million miles from the shanty town that had been her home up to now. One thing C__tia did notice was how feminine it was, although the walls and carpet were beige or light yellow all the accessories were pale pink. The most obvious being the large double bed covered in pale pink satin sheets, but the colour scheme also ran to the sofa, chairs, bathroom and towels. Miss Ferreira briefly showed C__tia the closets, saying they had taken the liberty of getting her some evening dresses, bikinis and underwear to be getting on with. C__tia would be given a clothes allowance so she could choose her own clothes in future. She also showed C__tia her computer, which would allow her to stay in contact with her family but more importantly act as her electronic diary for 'dates'.

C__tia was made to feel welcome. She found she had been put in the girls' wing and as soon as Miss Ferreira left a dozen of them piled into her room. She was immediately the focus of attention as they asked about how she became a ladyboy. They were fascinated. C__tia learned she was the first ladyboy who had ever been employed at B__zios and the girls became very possessive of her. Each one had some advice and stressed that C__tia could call on them night or day.

C__tia's next-door neighbour was a stunning girl who introduced herself as 'Safira'. She readily took C__tia under her wing showing her around the villa, introducing her to everyone and generally explaining what to expect of life as an escort. She even went through the list of sexual services C__tia had promised Miss Ferreira she would perform. C__tia wished she had thought more carefully before agreeing to some of these things. The pain and humiliation would be indescribable. But she had signed and there was getting out of it.

Each evening C__tia checked her computer to find out her schedule for the following day, only to discover she only had more makeup, deportment and elocution lessons. So much of the girls' gossip revolved around clients, their foibles and the presents they gave, that C__tia almost inevitably felt left out. She was nervous about prostituting herself, but anxious to start all the same.

Now that C__tia's tits were totally healed, Miss Ferreira decided that she needed to get some high quality photographs done for her webpage.

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