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Greg's thick, callused hands perspired with anxiety.

I can't tell you what kind of a whore the guard made of me, I just can't. Please just get your worst implement and spank me hard, you should spank me so hard my ass will bleed and be sore for weeks."

"Sweetie I can't do that to you. I can't and won't ever do that to you. Not that I wouldn't spank you and spank you hard to the point of bruising that beautiful bottom you have. But making it bleed and cut it is just wrong." His hands were still rubbing her butt but now his hand slipped between her legs as he let his finger caress her ever moist pussy.

She moaned as her body responded to the pleasure of his touch. "No, I can't. Please just whip me for the whore that I am," she cried in a pleading tone.

His arm went under her and scooped her up as he sat back in the chair with her in his lap. He caressed her body with a touch of soft caring adoration. He cuddled her to his face and kissed her teary cheeks, her eyes and her nose. He just held her to his warm body and rocked her as he looked at her eyes staring blankly into his. "Nothing can be so bad that you can't tell me. I know the urges of the body can make one do things they never dreamed they could do. Now please tell me what happened so we can move past this and find a way out for you. You do want to get out of this hold he has over you don't you? Of do you like the life of a whore and cock slut?"

Her arms rose to encircle his neck as she responded to his touch. How she wished he would just take her body and use it for their lustful passions rather than continue this interrogation on her. She buried her face in his chest and said, "Ok, I'll tell you what I can but so much of it is so humiliating I can't ever admit to what I did. The guard is in league with the mystery man, he stops me and delivers messages from him, he takes perverse pleasure in humiliating me. The day he searched my purse he knew about the mystery man so he took me to a private office and stripped me, then he spanked me to get me horny and made me suck his cock, then he whipped me until I was begging for a fuck so he fucked my ass and his cock is huge. Then when I was supposed to meet the mystery man the guard stopped me at the gate and made me strip in my car. Another time he reached through the window and finger fucked me until I came -- it was so humiliating. And then he knew I would need cock so he told me to go to the Poop Deck on Saturday afternoon. I can't tell you what happened there. All I can say is they treated me like a whore and I acted like a whore and then I asked for more. They sold my body to the highest bidder and when I left they stuffed the roll of money from the auction in my mouth and gagged me, making me drive home like that -- like the common whore I am."

"So the guard used the information about you and the mystery man to blackmail you into submitting to him here in this building?" He asked.

"Well sort of. At least at first but once he stripped me naked in that office it was so exciting to know that a few feet away there were people that might discover us. It got me so aroused he didn't have to do much to make me do what he wanted. He only wanted the same thing I did -- to cum." She buried her face in his chest and cried some more.

"So you liked the exhibitionism and the fact that someone might catch you.?"

"Yes it was so arousing and erotic."

"So does it arouse you now that you are naked and cuddled in my lap?"

"No, this feels so natural and loving. It did arouse me when the cleaning person was in your office and I was naked by the door. That is why I sucked your cock. I just was so horny I couldn't help it." She tightened her grasp of him and looked up at his eyes.

"So you don't want to fuck me now as you lay here, naked, in my lap?" he asked her.

She became alarmed at the question and quickly replied, "Oh no.

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