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The Imam comes around; Joseph may have found a plot.

"Cum in her pussy," Amy whispers sliding her lips to his ear. "I want to lick it out of her."

After a few moments Amy climbs off Liz and moves behind Tom. She gets on her knees. Tom's cock continues to pummel Liz's hot cunt. He can feel juices seeping out from her gash and down his balls. Amy buries her face between his ass cheeks. Her tongue shoots out and coats his sphincter with saliva. She flicks it up and down across the tight knot. Her fingers reach up and massage his testicles as she continues to lick his asshole.

Cum is churning in his balls. Amy pushes the tip of her tongue into the opening of his sphincter pushing him over the edge. He thrusts his cock deep into Liz's pussy and grunts. Hot cum sprays into her quivering cunt in a series of spurts until he is drained. Tom pulls out. Seconds later Amy clamps her mouth over Liz's pussy and sucks his creamy seed from her body.

Tom leaves the bedroom and goes into the living room to get another drink leaving the two girls to do whatever it is they are going to do. He pulls on a pair of gym shorts and turns on the TV. He finds a basketball game. A few minutes later Amy walks out of the bedroom and joins him. She is completely naked.
"Liz is out cold," she says.

"I guess that leaves you and me," Tom replies. "What do you want to do?"

"I'll do pretty much anything," Amy answers with a twinkle in her eyes. "I'll suck your cock. You can fuck me in the ass. You can fuck my tits. You can cum on my face. Anything you want."

Tom knows from their internet chats that Amy has very few inhibitions. She would let him do all that and more. She would gladly lick his asshole which she has already done. He could pee on her. He could even be a little rough with her as long as he didn't hurt her.

"Let's go outside."

Amy follows him out through the glass slider. He directs her to lie down in a lounge chair next to the small pool. Tom removes his shorts and stands in front of Amy with his cock hanging between his legs.

"Play with your tits," Tom orders.

Amy keeps her eyes locked on his. Her fingers dig into the soft flesh of her huge globes. Her hands move them around on her chest. She rubs her thumbs across the hard nipples. Then she lifts one of her nipples to her mouth. Her tongue snakes across the hard nub. She repeats the ritual with the other nipple. Tom can see the lust in her eyes. She loves playing with her tits. His cock begins to grow.

"Now move a hand to your pussy," Tom instructs her. "Keep squeezing your tits with the other hand."

Amy pulls her knees up with her feet on the lounge chair. She spreads her thighs and moves a hand down between them. Tom watches intently as two fingers part her folds exposing the pink opening to her pussy and the swollen clit poking out from the top of her slit. Amy slides a fingertip across the hard nub. Tom's cock continues to grow.

"Push two fingers up your cunt," Tom demands and watches as her index and middle finger disappear into her body. "Fuck your pussy. Dig your fingers deeper."

She does. Tom watches her fingers plunge in and out of her cunt in short rapid jerks. Her other hand squeezes her breast and pinches her hard nipple. Her fingers go faster and faster. Tom can hear faint squishing sounds from the juices sloshing around inside her body. His cock is now poking out from between his legs.

"Now smear cunt juice across you nipple and lick it off with your tongue."

The throbbing in Amy's pussy is intense. She loves being controlled like this. She loads her fingers with cunt juice and smears it across her right nipple. Her tongue circles the erect nub poking out from the top. She sucks it into her mouth. Tom's hard cock is pulsing with excitement. He resists the temptation to touch it. Amy crams two fingers back up her cunt. She coats them with more pussy juice and repeats the ritual with the other nipple.

"Put a finger in your ass," Tom orders.

Amy pulls her knees back by her tits.

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