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In which Soma learns that the cock doesn't lie.

Julie's lithe body had been built for swimming and he drank in the sight of her in her red swimming costume which showed off the gentle curves of her body and the enticing small bulge of her pubic mound just below the slight indent before one worked up to the faint bulge of her firm stomach. Her parents were sitting in the front row and he was close enough to overhear Julie when she ran up to them between heats.

"Did you see the time I got for that heat. Winchester are closest to us and they can only catch us if they get all perfect scores in the next round."

After the delight of the swimming gala he had to leave it for three weeks before the final act as it would be suspicious if the girl vanished just after the contest. Such a coincidence would focus attention on everyone at the event although, of course, he was untraceable. It was three weeks of enjoying the product of the surveillance but also of planning where and when his target was most vulnerable. He followed her routine not just electronically but also physically using a variety of vehicles and disguises so he was regularly very close, although invisible, to the prey.

On one Saturday morning he was standing behind her on a crowded bus so close that he could breathe in her delicate perfume. As the bus jolted along he reached out a hand in the crush of standing passengers and gave her neat little buttock a firm squeeze. She attempted to turn around to see who had violated her but it could have been anyone and he revelled in the thought that he had so intimately molested her and there was not a thing which she could do about it.

There were not many opportunities to take the prey but a professional can always find a way in. On a Thursday evening Julie helped at the Guide troop and, sitting in a parked van in the darkness, he had observed that she came out of the guide hut and walked the short distance to her home. He watched this routine from different hides on three occasions and on the fourth night he struck.

His Transit van was parked beside the street in such a way that Julie had to pass between the van and a brick wall as she hurried along the pavement with her raincoat over her Guide officer's uniform. Just as she passed the side door of the van it slid open and his aerosol can enveloped her head in a cloud of anaesthetic spray. Unconsciousness was not instant but she sank to her knees feeling weak and confused as, all dressed in black complete with ski mask, he jumped out of the vehicle, scooped her up in his arms and deposited her on the metal floor of the vehicle. The whole operation took seconds and no-one saw anything.

When Julie awoke she had a headache and the light hurt her eyes. After several attempts to open her eyes she found that she her coat was missing and she was still in her Guide uniform. She was lying on a narrow bed. She looked around and saw two wooden chairs and no windows; the light came from a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling. It was a very dim yellow light. Her uniform was dusty and crumpled and, as she tried to sit up, she heard a clanking sound and felt a pull on one ankle. It took her a while to grasp the horrifying fact that her ankle was chained to the metal bed frame and her black shoes were missing. She was very frightened and her mind refused to focus.

After an indeterminate period she heard the sound of a key in the door and the door came open to let in a big man in black jeans and a black t shirt which showed the shape of his big powerful chest. He was like a monster coming to hurt her and she tried to move back away from him but all she could do was to hunch against the wall behind her.

He stood towering over her and told her to get undressed.

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