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Recieving and giving.

We began to undress and feed each other; playing and getting more silly with each other all the time. Officially, dessert would be much later, but I had not planned the bowl of whipped cream for dessert. Somehow, a nude Carrie began to get dots of whipped cream on herself and I began to search them out and lick her clean. She decided to help. I was pleasantly amazed surprised at a few of the spots where the little vixen put dabs of the cream, testing if I would lick it off. I never missed a spot.

I made the room very dim and I had pushed her into a sitting position at the top of the bed. "Rub yourself for me Carrie. Let me watch you make yourself cum." She hesitated, "Please, Carrie, rub your beautiful cunt. I want to watch you." She started to rub her clit softly in little circles. She began to pull at her pussy lips with the other hand. Her hips were moving now. After a few minutes, she sighed in frustration, "I can't with you watching me."

"Let me help then." I grabbed her by her ankles, pulled them to the foot of the bed and reached under each edge of the mattress for the stocking rope I had there. A quick slip loop over each ankle and she was open wide. I moved up her body, pinning her as I did the same stocking tie trick to her hands. She was tied spread eagle. Carrie pulled hard to get free but quickly found she was helpless. As I blindfolded her with another stocking and gagged her with the last one, I leaned close and whispered very softly, "Carrie I will never hurt you but I am going to scare you a little." I stepped completely away, giving her a moment to struggle against her ties and realize she could not scream or see what was going to happen. Much louder and roughly I said, "Carrie, you are helpless now. I can do anything I want to you. You will have to endure any pain I want to inflict on your body." My whispered message was now confused in her mind. She did not know if I would hurt her or not.

I started by spanking her pouty pussy and clit with my hand. About eight strokes, the last two were on her clit and stingingly hard. I pulled her nipples and twisted them until she tried to get away. Now, for more confusion, I began to softly kiss her body. For a full ten minutes, she relished my tongue and lips sucking her as her body the way she had taught me last night. She was wet and moaning. I twisted her nipples again. This time she did not pull away, just moaned again. I went to her feet and spanked the bottom then kissed the bottom, bit her toes and then sucked them. Back to her nipples, twisting them lightly while I licked her neck. Her body was on autopilot, moving to get both the pain and the pleasure, starting to search for a way to release the sexual tension building in her body. That release would be a long time coming.

I moved away from Carrie. Her body kept moving and she made a low groaning sound. Her body went rigid when I pressed the vibrating rabbit directly onto her clit. I held it there until her belly tightened. I turned off the rabbit but put the head into her and worked it back and forth letting the little ears determine depth as they bumped into her proudly standing clit. I was hitting her G-spot. I turned on my torture tool again. Carrie's body rose to make sure the toys did not get away and to increase the pressure on her little button.

She was right there when I took everything away again. Her body was frustrated and settled down onto the bed slowly. The rabbit returned. Thrust into her fully powered, on high, this time twirling on its own inside her, the rabbit's ears flapping her clit.

I could hear her sucking air through her nose, unable to get more though her mouth.

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