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Man learns of his cuckolding.

When I finally come in, you are dressed in a satin teddy that hugs every one of your sensuous curves and accentuates your breasts in all the right places and fits perfectly. I feel as if I am about to cum right there in my boxers. You see the hard-on that I am sporting and grab my dick and pull out a leather leash from behind your back and attach it to the collar you had put on my dick previously. You then grab my boxers and quickly rip them right off of me saying that I won't need those anymore. Then grabbing my dick, you pull me in closely and kiss me ever so softly on my lips for the first time in more than a month. My dick already hard for an hour is aching for release and I just want to jump on you right there. Then you push me back against the wall and tell me to put on a pair of leather panties you pull out of your bag. They are bright red with a hole for my dick and balls and skin tight. I just look at you and see that stern look at which point I know I should just do it and of course, I put on the panties.

I slip into the panties and then stand there in just the panties and leash attached to my dick. You grab the leash and lead me to the bed and tell me to lie down. I do as I am told. You then tell me to spread eagle and attach each of my ankles and wrists to the four bedposts of the bed. I can no longer take it I am so horny. I want to pounce on you and make love to you all night. You sense this by looking deep into my eyes and noticing how they are all glazed over and shining in my desire to do unspeakable things to you.

Then you step back and grab a bottle of warming oil. You spread it all over my chest and dick and legs and massage the entire bottle into my body. My body is burning after only a few minutes from the oil and my dick feels like it will explode at any moment. I am literally burning with desire. Then you untie me and tell me to step off of the bed and to stand at the edge. You lay down in the middle grabbing my leash and pull me to you handing me a bottle of massage oil. After untying your teddy and letting it uncover your back and ass, you tell me to give you a head to toe massage and to not miss a spot or I will be punished severely for not doing as I was told.

I open the bottle and squeeze a large glob of it onto the small of your back. I start by massaging your lower back in slow, deep circles. I then move up to your upper back and massage in almost half the bottle into your back. Slowly I trail down to your incredibly tight ass and massage it firmly making sure to touch every last inch. I can't help but move down to your thighs and attempt to turn you on by rubbing your inner things knowing that does all kinds of things for you. I then move all the way down to your feet and massage your feet and toes. Finally I finish and wait for you to say something. I notice the clock on the nightstand that reads 9:15 now and pray for it to be 12 so I may finally cum. You grab my leash and tell me I did a good job but point to your neck and say that since I missed a little I am to be punished.

You go over to your bag and pull out a small paddle that you would use for Ping-Pong. You sit over the edge of the bed and tell me to lie on my stomach in your lap. I obey and wait for the pain that was coming. I clench my ass in anticipation of the pain and you pull on the g-string going down the crack of my ass and snap it causing me to jump a little. You then massage my ass a little till I calm down and am finally comfortable in this position. You pick up your arm with the paddle and bring it down hard onto my ass. I jump up in the air from the pain and yell. You push me back down and hit me again on the other ass cheek. You repeat this another 4 times on each ass cheek. At this point my eyes are really glazing and my dick has calmed down from the pain and I quickly forget all of my perverted thoughts.

As the clock turns to 10 p.

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