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A Year And A Day.

.. well, it's the same all over let's just say."

"Well I like the hair on your head Susan."

"Does that mean you don't like the hair elsewhere?" she asked leaning over and bumping her shoulder against Harry.

"Your eyebrows are nice," he replied.

"But the other?"

Harry didn't say anything.

"Why Harry, are you saying you like it shaved?"

Blushing, he smiled, but didn't move his head.

"Oh you are a kinky one aren't you Harry?"

"I wouldn't say kinky, not exactly," he replied.

She moved her hand over his face and said, "Well you are clean shaven, I can barely tell you have a five-o'clock shadow. I tell you what, why don't we go and you shave your face and I'll shave my... ah, whatever and see what happens."

Immediately reaching to his wallet, Harry pulled out a credit card and waved to the bartender. He looked back at Susan and replied, "Okay, you can watch me shave if I can watch you."

She grabbed her drink, swallowed the last bit and replied, "That sounds fair to me."

It was still light when they left the bar, but it was quite a bit later than Harry wanted to head home. Walking out to his car in the fresh air had him feeling pretty good, he'd had several drinks but they really didn't seem to be affecting him. Susan wasn't drop dead drunk, but she was feeling pretty good, so he held her arm just in case she stumbled.

Once in the car she buckled herself in, but slid over close to Harry, placing a hand on his thigh. He started his car and carefully headed home. It was just getting dark as he pulled into his neighborhood so he drove slowly to his house, pulling the car into the garage and immediately closing the door behind them. As he walked her into the house he made sure the lights at the front of the house were not on.

Before walking back to the master bathroom, he peeked out of a front window and saw several kids in costumes on the street. He then grabbed Susan's hand and said, "Okay, time to shave."

Once in the bedroom, Harry took off his shirt and then went into the bathroom. He quickly lathered up his face and while Susan leaned against him running her hand over his chest and watching him in the mirror he shaved his face. When he finished he wiped it off with a towel and let her run her hands over it.

"Oh so smooth, but I guess it's my turn," she said. "Do you mind if I do it in the shower?"

"Wherever you like," Harry replied, opening his medicine cabinet and pulling out another razor. As he opened the package he watched her slowly undress.

She pulled off her blouse and was wearing what looked to be little more than just a training bra, which when she took it off he saw only the slightest swelling of her chest, marked in the center with dark areolas and nipples which seemed large in comparison to her breasts. Her pants and panties slid down over her slender hips and thighs and she stepped out of them, grabbing Harry's arm to steady herself.

Standing naked in front of him she asked, "Well how do I look now?"

Harry smiled while admiring her, letting his eyes roll down her nubile body, finally stopping and staring at the thick, dark patch of pubic hair. She looked down and ran her fingers through it asking, "Do you have some scissors?"

Opening a drawer he pulled out some scissors as Susan reached into the shower and turned on the water. Harry then watched as she grabbed a mass of fur in her hand and then carefully sheared it off, tossing the dark mass into his waste basket. She did this several times more removing almost all of it. Holding out her hand she said, "Could I use some of your gel?"

Harry grabbed his gel and pushed the button watching it ooze out into her fingers. She moved her hand down and spread the gel over what was left of her pubic hair, massaging it into a lather. She then grabbed the razor with the other hand and stepped into the shower, making sure to leave the shower door open.

Feeling his erection tightening in his pants, he watched as she took the razor and carefully pulled it over her pubic mound.

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