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More discovery in the garden of Eden.

I have to control myself as I find myself stroking in rhythm with my wife in the shower, don't want to cum too soon.

Finally, she had a massive orgasm that I was sure the boys out front must have heard. She slumped over, but doesn't slide off her toy...my turn now.

Fully naked and erect, I open the shower door and say "Hi honey, I'm home!"

"Fuck, you scared me!" she screamed.

"Sorry," I say, not meaning it, "I would have said something earlier, but you were, er, occupied."

"I was thinking of you, how much did you see?" she said breathily.

"Enough. I just wanted to come home and repay you for the other night." I emphasize my point by tugging at my now purple member.

"I see that..." she said licking her lips. She starts to bend down to get close to my prick when I stop her and pull her back up.

"Hold that thought babe, today it's about you." I get down on my knees and get a closer look at her swollen pussy. Her lips are looking as engorge as my cock and I can smell her precious perfume wafting from them. Her clit is beautifully erect, taunting me, begging me to lick it. Wanting to take my time, I continue my examination.

"I see you cleaned up a bit before you started in with your fuck buddy." Her pussy was as smooth as her delicious breast, except for a carefully groomed patch of hair right about the fun zone.

"I know how much you enjoy eating a clean pussy, hungry?" With that, she reached down and spread her labia wide with one hand and finger fucked her hole with the fingers of her other.

That was the last straw. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her snatch to my face. My tongue flicked out and I gave her clit a licking that sent shivers through her body. Pulling her finger out of her twat, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer. Up and down I sucked her cunt, her sweet juices coating my face. I would first suck one of her lips into my mouth, then the other. She started to buck against my mouth, especially when I would slide my tongue down the length of her glory hole to her other hole. Bathing her asshole in my saliva, I started pressing my middle finger against her tight anus. This almost brought her to climax, but I eased the pressure just a bit to keep her hanging on.

"Not yet" I murmur from between her legs. She moans as I remove my fingers from around her ass, disappointed that I didn't go further. Little did she know of what was to come next. Sliding my finger forward, I start finger fucking her drench cunt with two fingers. I turn my oral attentions solely to her clit, lashing lightly with my tongue. After she realized that I meant to keep her going, I felt her relax so that I could drive deeper with my fingers. In turn, I slip three, four, then all five of my fingers into her pussy. I could feel the spasming of her twat, clenching and unclenching on my fingers. Up to my knuckles, she pushes harder, desperate to get more of my inside her. She suddenly explodes with an animal snarl as she cums for the second time today. I gasp as her pussy literally squeezes the shit out of my hand. Her cum juices are running down my forearm as I reluctantly pull out.

"I'm not done with you yet." I whisper as she starts to clean up. Her eyes widen at first, then soften into a dreamy "bring it on" look. Expectantly, she waits.

"You seemed disappointed earlier when I didn't stick my finger in your ass. Well, let me make it right." I reach over and pick up the purple pseudo cock she was impaling herself on earlier. I looked at it questioningly, she had never had something this big in her ass before, but when I looked up at her, she had a hungry look in her eye that told me it was just what she wanted.

I reach under the sink for the lube we keep there and slather a generous amount up and down the dong.

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