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I trade Collen for two girls.

Empty booze bottles littered the end table next to him. Harriett left the room almost immediately without a word.

"Where's Erica?" asked Ed.

"She had an errand. She'll be up soon," I said.

"I've got reservations at a five-star -" Ed stopped when Erica walked in. Her face was flushed.

"Daddy, I think I'm sick."

As she went weak in the knees, he put his arm around her. She grabbed him in a bear hug. "Daddy, don't let go. Please."

She wasn't just hugging; she was rubbing her body against him, up and down. A nice sex simulation, with their clothes on.

"Splash some cold water on your face. I'm sure you just got too much sun." He had to peel her off and turn her around. I got a surreptitious wink as she ran for her bedroom. Harriett came in from the kitchette, munching an apple. "Fruit is a good appetite suppressant," she mumbled.

Moans and groans came from the women's bedroom. We all ran to the door, but Ed got there first. Erica was under the sheet, writhing side to side. Her t-shirt and shorts were on the floor. Her knees, spread, elevated the sheet.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, Daddy, I can't help it. I'm all hot, and I itch."

Ed turned to me. "What happened at the beach today?"

"Nothing," I said. I just ate your daughter to orgasm, because she was so horny after you wouldn't fuck her. "We just laid out and got some sun."

He sat next to his daughter. Her knee kept thumping his arm.

"Make it go away," she cried. "Make it stop." Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I'm calling the house physician." Ed dialed the number with no hesitation, which meant he memorized it, or it was displayed on the plastic card adorning the phone keypad. "Could a doctor come up right away? My daughter is, well, she's not feeling well."

We stood and watched Erica thrash under the sheet, which was now slipping down. Erica didn't seem to notice, but Ed kept pulling it back up.

There was a knock, and Harriett ran to answer. In walked Rene. Aha, here comes the ruse! Guy even had a black bag. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked.

Erica came out of her mindless babble. "Doctor! Oh, please. I'm hot and I itch. I can't stand it! Make it go away. Pleeeeze!'

Erica sounded like Annie when she wanted something real bad.

"Let me take a look." Rene pulled down the sheet Ed had tried so hard to keep in place. Erica's breasts were bare, sagging to the sides. Her hand had a firm grip on her thighs, as she bucked her hips, bikini bottoms on.

"Harvey, look away!" commanded Harriett. Yet, she hadn't turned, staring at the plump young woman, so I didn't turn away either.

Rene put on latex gloves and slid Erica's panties down. Erica thrust one, perhaps two, fingers into her pussy, poking and out at a furious pace. Without sufficient lubrication, she'd be irritating the hell out of herself. And, raw pussy is no fun. At least, from the female's perspective. Rene pulled Erica's hand from her privates. Her cunt lips were bright red, and not just from finger frigging.

"Don't touch yourself down there. It will only make things worse." Rene ran a swab through her cunt lips and held it up, coated with juices he'd taken from Erica's leaking pussy. "I can send this to a lab, but I know what your daughter has. I've seen the symptoms before. Furor Uterinus."

"What's that?" asked Ed.

"Uncontrolled libidinous feelings, manifesting themselves physiologically. Classic case. High temperature, inflamed genitalia, itching."

We all looked at each other. I struggled to turn my withheld smile into a shocked expression. Erica's act was an award winner. If I didn't know better, I'd have believed her display of physical distress.

"What causes such a thing?" asked Ed.

Harriett stood frozen. At least she wasn't throwing her hands over my eyes.

"It is a psychosexual disorder, which must be treated as such," said the phony doctor.

"How?" Ed asked.

"Eventually, therapy. But now, she must have a significant orgasm, like the kind achieved through sexual intercourse."

Ah-ha! Erica must have persuaded Ren

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