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After Vegas, Lee drops Carol off and calls Lora.

I could tell that my mouth was no more than an inch or so from her wet lips. She was simply using her fingers to scoop cream from her pussy into my mouth. I knew it, of course, but I just kept licking and sucking. I was almost lulled into a trance by the way she spoke to me, and the way she touched my face and all.

I knew she was making me taste and swallow her vaginal fluids, but didn't really care. They tasted stronger than mine ever had, and there was something intoxicating about the flavor. So when she moved her fingers to the back of my head and pulled me forward until my lips met hers, and whispered "lick, baby," I just started licking her pussy.

She used one hand to spread open her labia, and the other to direct my mouth to her clitoris. She alternately told me to lick or to suck. I knew what I was doing, you know, she didn't "trick" me into anything, I guess. I just allowed myself to fall into it, is the way I remember it. I'd never done this before, but it happened so gradually it just didn't seem like that big of a deal. Anyway, we were far away from civilization and no one would ever know.

We did this for awhile, and she kept talking to me, only louder than before. She started saying things like, "That's right, lick Joanna's pussy," and "Ohh, you like sucking on Joanna's cunt, don't you..."

It was her words that finally brought me out of my reverie. She started getting really rude in her comments. "Why Rachel, Rachel! My, how you love to eat cunt! Yeah, go on, eat my twat, you little lesbian cunt-licker!"

That did it. I sat up and moved back to my end of the sofa. I just looked at her.

"Why are you talking to me like that?" I asked.

She smiled. "It makes for a better home movie to have dramatic dialogue."

"What are you talking about?"

I have two video cameras in this room, both focused on the sofa, mostly on my end. One's above the fireplace. See it? What did you think that was? And another one over there." She pointed to a coat rack with some device about the size of a pack of cigarettes taped to it. I hadn't even noticed it before.

"The recording equipment is in the closet off the small bedroom. Don't bother, the bedroom and closet doors are locked."

"You mean you taped what we just did?" I had a very unpleasant sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh yes. And I think the tape is going to be a best seller around the office!"

"Joanna, no. No. You can't!' I was panicking now. The tape would ruin me. I'd probably get fired. Years of work and climbing the ladder would be down the toilet!

"Well, I don't have to bring the tapes in to work. You'd probably prefer that I gave them to you before we even left the cabin. I might do that, but you'd have to be pretty damn nice to me."

"Oh, I will be!"

"Well, I'm not sure you know exactly what I'm talking about, yet. But you're going to find out real soon."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen, you'll have to do whatever I tell you to do, no matter what it is. Without hesitation. Without argument. Do you understand?"

"And if I do you'll give me the tape?"

"Yes. Do we have a deal?"

I nodded.

When I had agreed to her plan, she said "Good girl! Now let's get these clothes off you." She made me strip slowly, and when I was naked, to stand in front of her and turn slowly around to show her everything. I'm 33 and a little on the skinny side, but I have respectable breasts, and my hips are wider than my tummy. Nothing like the voluptuous Joanna, though.

She told me to go get the suitcase I had brought to the cabin and to make sure everything of mine was in it. It was a soft-sided overnight bag, and when I brought it to the sofa she had me open it and put my cutoffs and panties and tee shirt into it. Then I had to carry it out to my car and lock it in the trunk.

When I returned she explained that I wouldn't be needing clothes for the rest of the weekend because she preferred to have me nude the whole time.

She had me stand in front of her again and she hel

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