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Continuing the story of an aunt and her nephew.

As she got up she looked around.

The party had turned into an orgy. There were folks fucking everywhere. Gloria sat in the kitchen, only wearing her scarf. She was having a glass of water. Debbie put on a bathrobe and carried a T-shirt for Gloria.

"Put this on, or you won't stop fucking tonight."

"Who says I want to?"

They caught up on the week. Debbie didn't like the Tony gig just because it was random, but she liked the fact Gloria wasn't being paid to be Tony's girlfriend. She thought Tony was soft, and the kind of man who paid to fuck women, instead of learning to treat them right. Gloria told her about Manuel, and asked about the mystery man.

"I don't know who he is, he came in with Mickey, but we didn't get to talk very long."

They both agreed he needed to be on the menu again, and Debbie agreed to get his number. Mickey walked over and said hello. He and Debbie had a cigarette, Gloria had some more water. She liked Mickey, but he seemed distant, and if he wasn't going to be a friend he wasn't as good a fuck as some of the younger boys.

She would need to take him aside. Maybe he had performance anxiety. But who cared? She put her hand on Mickey's chest.

"Don't stop talking about what you're talking about. Keep talking to Debbie."

She dropped to her knees, and pulled his shorts down. His cock was red and raw, and she took it in her mouth, sucking and licking, until it was hard. It didn't take long to get hard. She sucked him as he stood, and he reached down to squeeze her boobs. It felt good, and she closed her eyes as he milked her, soaking Debbie's shirt. He and Debbie continued their conversation for a while, until Gloria started stroking his balls.

His cock got really hard, and as she squeezed him gently he filled her throat and mouth with cum, and he stopped talking. Gloria swallowed every drop, and felt better about their relationship. He was a nice guy, he tasted good, and he was hung without being too big to fuck on a regular basis. If she fucked Manuel every day she would end up walking funny.

Not good. She could make something work with Mickey. Next time. She stood up, and kissed Mickey. She went to get her clothes in Debbie's room. It was late, and she had to get going. More work the following day, and if she was good, more Manuel. Gloria was sore on her ride home, but it was a good day.

Gloria didn't know how to feel. Tony sent her to collect from a small convenience store near Woodlawn. Not a great neighborhood, and really an annoying client for Tony.

As she walked in the young woman behind the counter looked at her bored. She was lean, really light skinned, and had cornrows and lots of tattoos. She wore jeans and a white fitted t shirt, with no bra. Her breasts were just D cups, but firm and perky. Gloria wondered what had happened here. She could see her nipples hard under the t-shirt. She felt wet just looking at the girl.

"Hi. I'm from Tony."

"Why isn't he here?"

"Because I am. He sent me."

"Well, what are you gonna do, Sister? Pray for me?"

"Would you like that?"

The girl stared at her. She was out of sorts. Manuel was driving her around, and he was in the car. She wondered. Maybe..."What's your name?"


"Do you know how much you all owe Tony?"

"MMmmyeah I do."

"What do you expect him to do? "

"Come by and give me some dick and leave me alone about it."

"You gotta give something though, pussy can't be your rent."

"I don't make money."

"Store isn't busy"


There was silence between them.

"Tony figures you owe him ten thousand dollars. I think your door is worth ten thousand dollars. Manuel!"

It was a solid metal security door, probably cast iron and steel. He got out of the car as she gestured, and walked over.

Gabby stood straight.

Gloria pointed to the door.

"Manuel, bring the tools, we're gonna take this door."

Manuel looked at her and then Gabby, and walked to the car.

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