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Boyd takes a liking to Ava's new friend.

I knew that I just pissed off the hornet's nest, and I was going to get stung for my actions!

In a blink of the eye, Melanie grabbed me by my shoulders. I didn't even fight back as she pulled me to the ground. I felt sorry, ready to repent, but couldn't even say anything at first.

Melanie was so dominating in those moments. She had me lying on the ground, sitting on my torso. I knew I wasn't going anywhere, and had my brain not been so scrambled in that moment, I'd have realized just how much of a turn on that was. My girlfriend was actually holding me down for my horrible behavior, right there in the middle of the party.

So when she said, "Oh, so you like showing bras off, do you? Why doesn't everyone see what you have on, if you do that is!" I didn't even say anything or fight, or realize what she planned. After that, her hands were digging into the bottom of my top!

Her hands easily found my bra. Thanks to the lack of straps on it, she gave it one tug and it began to lower on my body! It was a bit rough coming down, but I was too shocked still to stop it or anything.

Everyone saw the white material slip out from the bottom of the shirt. Melanie adjusted it until she could find the clasp and undid it. I was now catching on that she was possibly going to actually strip me all the way possibly! IN the very least I was down my bra, which I knew was important to hiding my breasts. In the small top, I knew their shape was obvious. I was too busy to notice though that my hard nipples were also obvious thanks to the lack of bra now.

"Melanie, please!" I beg. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I don't know if I was playing a roll anymore, or if I was trying to fight back, worried that she was going to strip me.

"Hm, what does everyone else think? Should my flirtatious girlfriend here be let go? Or should I help her out with showing off?" she asks.

Well, just as you would suspect from a crowd at a party, they chanted, "show off, show off!" I probably honestly deserved it. I was an awful tease, I was flirting when I already had a girlfriend, and I had ruined her shirt. I was in the wrong.

So Melanie stuck with the show. She suddenly turned around, so her back was to me. She still hadn't closed her shirt; she didn't seem to care much, as she grabbed my skirt again. She found the zipper and undid it.

I began to kick my feet and fight back. She was going to take my skirt off! I wasn't about to spend my time at the party walking around in just my underwear below my waist! I was even able to almost get free, but I only managed to flip around so I was lying on my stomach. The struggle made Melanie lose a little balance, but she was able to stay stable enough to stay where she was.

She had the zipper lowered on the skirt, trying to push it down my legs. I felt my pantied butt come into view, people hollered at the sight.

I reached behind myself and I grabbed at her shirt, trying to pull her. I lowered it off her shoulders a little even. That gave her the excuse though to do what she did next.

All you could hear was a loud ripping sound. I felt the tight fabric that had been around my waist loosen. I could still feel it under me though. Everyone else watched on in amazement as they saw my skirt get torn!

My Gf had pulled the two ends of the zipper hard, tearing the skirt at the seam at the bottom and all the way through. The ends fell to either side of me. My bare legs up to my panties were exposed. My panties themselves were exposed, and half my back wasn't even covered by my top, which wasn't going to help me cover up at all!

My girlfriend actually stripped me of my skirt at the party! I had nothing I could wear to hide my lower half now! I was actually stripped like this in front of everyone. Melanie had proven her dominance over me in front of everyone.

"Ohhh!" I moaned out, half of it in fake anger and frustration, part of it from the excitement of the situation.

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