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An odd story about learning to care for another.

When he pulled her clit into his mouth and nibbled it gently her orgasm washed over her in a wave of pleasure. Carl kept his mouth on her slit riding her through her orgasm and bringing her down slowly.

Barb rested on her couch in bliss with her eyes closed for a few moments. When she opened them Carl was standing in front of her and he had stripped naked. Even though he had fucked her silly twice before Barb had never really seen his body. Just his cock. Now she got a good look. Thick, muscular and very hairy chest and arms. A little bit of a pot belly but not fat by any means. And that rock hard cock. That cock was right in front of her face now a small drop of pre-cum on the head. She leaned forward and licked the drop and then totally engulfed it in her mouth.

Carl let her suck for a minute then he pulled her head off of his cock. She looked up at him with cock still in her hand. He leaned down then to pull her t-shirt over her so she was now completely naked. This was the first time the were both naked together even though they had sex three times before this. He took her hand and pulled her towards the recliner close by.

"Is this your husband's chair," he queried?

Barb nodded yes and Carl sat down in it pulling her to her knees in front of him as he did. Barb knew what he wanted and thought of how dirty it was doing it here in her living room, in her husbands chair. It was also different. It was the first time Carl didn't have his fingers tangled in her hair pulling her head up and down. He leaned back and let her suck. Barb licked the hard cock up and down. Dipping down to his balls and she saw how big they were as she tongued them. No wonder he cums so much, she thought.

Barb licked back up and the took his cock deep in her mouth, swirling her tongue as she did so. . Oh how she loved how hard it was. Bumping the back of her throat, pulsing as she bobbed her head up and down. Carl let her suck on her own without the usual hand on her head and Barb was savoring the moment. She had always enjoyed sucking cock, but this was a whole new level for her. Her nipples were hard as pebbles, her pussy so wet. She was getting off on the hard rod in her mouth. This cock had given her so much pleasure already and she was making love to it with her mouth.

Carl noted this and said to her, "that's a good slut, show that cock how much you love him."

She should have been offended at his name calling, but it just spurred Barb on. She kept taking him deeper with each stroke until her nose was brushing his pubic hair. She peeked up at him as she sucked and noticed his eyes closed, head thrown back. For the first time she had this dominant man under her control. She worked his cock good. Head bobbing, tongue caressing. His pre-cum was flowing freely as his cock swelled larger and Barb prepared herself for what was to come soon. She wanted his cum in her mouth she thought to herself. She wanted to please him.

Carl was breathing hard and gave Barb no warning this time. His cock throbbed and she could actually feel the cum rushing up from his balls to explode in her mouth. She tried desperately to keep up with the flow as the thick fluid pumped from the head. Some leaked out from her lips and dripped down her chin and neck to trickle between her breasts. Barb kept sucking slowly till his cock finally stopped spurting it's load and let it slip from her lips to lick it up and down cleaning off any excess cum. Barb stayed on her knees kissing his cock till Carl finally came out of his orgasmic fog.

"Outstanding," Carl told her. "You are going to be doing that a lot. I have found myself a hot cocksucker. You loved that didn't you my slut?"

"Yes I did," Barb admitted, "but we'd better get dressed so you can get going now"

"Why? We have lots of time," he said and stood pulling her to her feet too. "

" No this is too dangerous. Not here in my house," Barb pleaded. "Surely you've had enough today?"

Carl pulled

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